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Rus: I'm telling you guys. It's love...or at least like...

Logan: Rus, not everyone who argues like each other. Some people really just hate each other...

8/27/2011 #301
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: Jeez, it's like talking to a wall. You and Jett at least have that in common...

8/27/2011 #302

Rietta (to Rus): He's right, you know. The day I like him is the day I get superpowers and learn to fly...

8/27/2011 #303

Rus: That would be so awesome if it did happen though!!!

Logan: I know you want to be a superhero when you grow up, Rus, but try to go for something a bit more realistic...

8/27/2011 #304

Rietta: You want to be a superhero when you grow up...?

8/28/2011 #305
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: If Rus gets to be a superhero, I want to talk animals!

June: Dr. Doolittle or Eliza Thornberry?

Grey: Doolittle; Thornberry was boring.

8/28/2011 #306

Logan: Grey, they're both lame.

Rus: Yeah, but my dad says that I'd be better off in the circus.

8/28/2011 #307

Rietta: Seriously, Grey?

8/28/2011 #308
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: Yeah, seriously.

June: What superpowers would you guys want?

8/28/2011 #309

Rus: Wow, that's the toughest question anyone's ever asked me. Logan?

Logan: I don't know. The power to send someone out to get a pizza and make sure they actually bring it back to me.

8/28/2011 #310

Cecil: Power over technology!

Rietta: *deadpans* None. I'd rather be normal.

8/28/2011 #311
Brave Soul RMS

June: Instant analysis sounds like a fun power.

Grey: You have pizza now, Logan.

June: Being normal is kind of boring, though. You have to admit, nothing interesting ever happens around here.

8/28/2011 #312

Logan: Yeah, but I had to step into this gross pizza place to get it.

Rus: Yeah, I wish for once something would happen around here.

8/28/2011 #313

Rietta: Wherever there are superheroes, there are supervillains. I'd rather not have to deal with them...

8/28/2011 #314

Rus: Well, it's not like anyone we know would want to be a supervillian...

Logan: I'm not so sure about that, Rus...

8/28/2011 #315

Rietta: Yeah, I know a few people who would want to be a supervillain...

8/28/2011 #316

Rus: Like who?

8/28/2011 #317

Rietta: Like the thugs around here...

8/28/2011 #318

Logan: Yeah, Rus, you underestimate a lot of the bad people around here.

8/28/2011 #319
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: Two words, buddy. Oliver Wheatley...

Gino: *gives Logan a look* ...

8/28/2011 #320

Rietta: Serena Winters isn't exactly a saint either...

8/28/2011 #321

Rus: Hey, where have they been anyway?

Logan: They just got out of juvie like two days ago.

8/28/2011 #322
Brave Soul RMS

June: Who in their right mind let them out?!

Grey: We're boned.

8/28/2011 #323

Rietta: What?!

8/28/2011 #324

Logan: I heard Luther Kross got out too, but he's all changed and stuff.

8/28/2011 #325
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: *gulps* L-L-Luther Kross...? No freakin' way!

8/28/2011 #326

Logan: Who cares? His little sister is hot.

Rus: She is quite the looker...

8/28/2011 #327

Rietta: *to Grey* Well, if he did change, it shouldn't be too bad...

8/28/2011 #328
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: Yeah, okay, ZK is smokin' hot but with Luther out, nobody's gettin' anywhere near her. *to Rietta* No offense, but I kinda doubt that.

June: I trust you still remember the destructive reign of terror he and his friends brought around to the middle school.

8/28/2011 . Edited 8/28/2011 #329

Rietta: *shrugs* It could still be true. People change.

8/28/2011 #330
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