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If you are reading this, then congratulations, you have been drafted to the National Pokéathlon League. You are now a professional competitor and have finally been rewarded for all your hard work, but your journey is not yet complete. Have faith in yourself and your team and the NPL championship will be yours in no time.

--- Maximilian McAllister

Basically, your character has been drafted out of college to the NPL where they will be playing on the professional level and making millions of dollars.

Here are the teams:

Main Teams

Cianwood Golducks

Skill: Andrew 'Andy' Haven

Stamina: Reserved

Power: Reserved

Speed: Reserved

Jump: Sandra 'Sandy' Haven

Substitute/Other: Reserved

Blackthorn Tyranitars

Skill: Vanessa Valentino





Secondary Teams

Goldenrod Wigglytuffs






Olivine Skarmorys






Ecruteak Murkrows






Violet Arboks






Cherrygrove Ledians






Minor Teams

Other (Made-up) Cities

OC Form - Players

Name: (First/Middle/Last. Nicknames optional)

Age: (19-39)

Gender: (Male or Female)

Hometown: (Can be from anywhere. Just need Name, Region)

Pokéathlon Stat: (The stat you specialize in. Skill, Stamina, Power, Speed, or Jump)

Team: (Pick one of the teams above, but check to see if that position isn't already reserved)

Appearance/Clothing: (Make it detailed. On clothing include normal wear, competition clothing, training clothing, formal clothing and sleep wear. Yeah, it's a lot of different clothing, but just deal with it. Competition clothing must include your team's mascot somewhere on it.)

Personality: (This needs to be detailed as usual.)

View on Main Characters: (View on Andy, Sandy, Vanessa, and Coach Janek)

Pokémon: (Three for each player. They can be from anywhere provided your character is from that place...)

Other: (Anything else…like where they went to college, yadda, yadda, yadda…)

(NOTE: If you want the OC Form for coach, let me know…)


(Check my next post)

6/17/2011 . Edited 6/17/2011 #1

I call making a team for the Fushia City Scythers! Kanto league champions 8D

6/17/2011 #2

Yay! 8D The thread is up!

6/17/2011 #3

Examples - OC Forms

I will be posting all the forms for my characters on this post...


Name: Andrew 'Andy' Zeke Haven

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Hometown: Cinnabar Island, Kanto

Pokéathlon Stat: Skill

Team: Cianwood Golducks

Appearance/Clothing: Andy has long, shaggy dark blonde hair that he's constantly pushing out of his face and deep blue eyes that seem to have a cool and mellow look in them. Like his sun-streaked hair, his skin is deeply tan from spending a large amount of time on the beach over the years. He is tall with a lean build and (to his embarrassment) he has long eyelashes that he is frequently teased for.

As for clothing, his normal wear is a sleeveless blue t-shirt with a pair of tan cargo shorts and a pair of sandals along with a pair of black and blue gloves and a black necklace with what he claims to be a Feraligatr tooth. His competition outfit is a blue jersey with a Golduck on the front and the number '7' on the back along with black sport shorts and a pair of black running shoes as well as his black and blue gloves. Andy trains shirtless in a pair of gray sport shorts and gray jogging shoes. His formal wear is a black suit with a red tie and black dress shoes. He sleeps in a black muscle shirt and a pair of white sleeping shorts.

Personality: Andy is an easy going and mellow young man with the 'surfer dude' attitude right down to the lingo. He is a fierce competitor, but always does it for the fun of the sport instead of focusing on just winning or getting money. He is all about pushing himself to the limit and make sure to give one-hundred and ten percent at all times. Andy's easy-going nature and natural charisma allows him to make friends easily, something that's frequently commented on by his family and friends. He also seems to possess a type of natural leadership ability that helps him and whoever happens to be following him which is why he is captain of the Cianwood Golducks. A major issue that he has is that he can sometimes be a bit dense and take situations way too lightly which causes friction with his more serious teammates. He never really did well in college so his progress in academics was substandard, but once in a while he can do some pretty intelligent things. He hasn't exactly adjusted to the fancier side that comes with being in the NPL and has known to be a poor spender so much that his sister has to have control over his finances.

View on Main Characters:

Sandy: "What's up sis?! It's totally awesome that we both got drafted to the same team!"

Vanessa: "She's the captain of the best team in the league and she's smokin' in the looks department. That's like a double win…"



Sandslash: Male – Andy's first Pokémon that he ever received as a Sandshrew years ago. Sandslash is a loyal and fierce competitor much like his trainer, but tends to be a bit more intelligent than Andy, though the two get along just fine. He doesn't like splashing in the water due to his ground typing, but he loves playing in the sand at the beach.

Ninetales: Female – The 'princess' of Andy's team that was caught by Andy back home on Cinnabar Island as a Vulpix. Ninetales is the only female on the team and is generally treated like a princess by the other two. She is a bit vain about her coat and about her skills, but she is generally a friendly Pokémon and seems to adore small children.

Hitmontop: Male – Hitmontop is arguably the best athlete on the three-Pokémon team, but that never stops him from going the extra mile when training with Andy, Sandslash and Ninetales. However, he seems to focus a bit too much on winning and as a result, he can be a sore loser, but Andy is trying to teach him that it's not all about winning.

Other: Is the captain of the new rookie team, the Cianwood Golducks. On the team is his twin sister, Sandy. As mentioned, he loves to surf and he lives with his sister in their expensive beach house which you can usually find them at during offseason. Although he believes he and Coach Janek are pals, Andy is completely oblivious to how much he annoys the coach.


Name: Sandra 'Sandy' Candace Haven

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Hometown: Cinnabar Island, Kanto

Pokéathlon Stat: Jump

Team: Cianwood Golducks

Appearance/Clothing: Sandy has long wavy golden blonde hair with the same deep blue eyes as her twin brother. Her eyes seem to have somewhat of an innocent look in them as well. Much like her brother, her hair is sun-streaked and her skin is pretty tan due to spending a large amount of time on the beach over the years. Sandy has a slender build and is fairly tall which can be attributed to her long legs which people comment on as much as her brother's long eyelashes although she doesn't get embarrassed. She paints her nails usually pink or blue

As for clothing, Sandy's normal wear is a short-sleeved pink top with a white miniskirt (or white short-shorts) along with long pink socks that stop at her upper legs revealing a bit of skin along with a pair of white flip-flops. She has a pair of pink and white gloves and can sometimes be seen with a pink or white cap. Her competition outfit is a pink jersey with a Golduck on the front and the number '3' on the back along with white sport shorts and a pair of white and pink running shoes as well as her pink and white gloves. Sandy trains in a black sports bra and a pair of black and white sports shorts along with black and white running shoes. Her formal wear is a deep blue dress with matching heels, makeup, and her hair put into a ponytail. She sleeps in a long bright green t-shirt that goes to her knees.

Personality: Sandy is a bubbly and energetic girl always looking for a good time. Much like her brother, she loves living life to the fullest and makes it her mission to do so each and every day. Although, she's a bit smarter than Andy, that's doesn't really say much considering she can be just as big an airhead as her brother. She doesn't use the 'surfer lingo' as often as Andy does, but she slips into it from time to time specifically if she gets very excited in which she also talks extremely fast which can annoy her friends. Despite being a generally nice and friendly girl, Sandy does possess a bit of a wild streak causing her somewhat dirtier side to come out and she gets a bit more flirtatious, but she doesn't get embarrassed about it and usually retorts with: "Everyone has needs…" She can also get a bit jealous at times if someone does better than her at something or they get the attention of a boy she likes. Sandy did a bit better than her brother in college, but didn't do too well. However, she has adjusted to her new life fairly well and has been making sure Andy saves his money.

View on Main Characters:

Andy: "Hey, bro, I can't believe we're on the same team! We're going to do major damage together!"

Vanessa: "She gets on my last nerves. Ugh, she just makes me want to scream!"

Coach: "Hey, Coach! *in a faster tone* What you doin'? What you doin'? What you doin'? Huh? Huh? Huh?


Venomoth: Female – Sandy's first Pokémon as a Venonat. Venomoth is a lot more mellow than Sandy and can usually be seen floating peacefully in the air. However, she still loves the Pokéathlon and always makes sure to put all the effort she can into it.

Crobat: Male – Captured as a Zubat, Crobat is a very intelligent Pokémon and although he likes to keep to himself, he is very friendly towards other people and Pokémon, although he's protective of the other Pokémon on the entire Pokéathlon team.

Jumpluff: Female – A complete ditz, Jumpluff can often be seen accidentally floating into places she has no business being. She is very trustworthy and loves competing in the Pokéathlon just for the sake of having fun. As such, she gets along with Andy quite well.

Other: She is on the Cianwood Golducks along with her twin brother as the 'Jump Specialist'. Sandy is also a very skilled surfer and lives in an expensive beach house with her twin brother that they purchased after being drafted to the league. She also tends to annoy Coach Janek, but to a lesser extent than her brother.


Name: Vanessa Valencia Valentino

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Hometown: Blackthorn City, Johto

Pokéathlon Stat: Skill

Team: Blackthorn Tyranitars

Appearance/Clothing: Vanessa has long straight black hair with piercing, seductive green eyes and smooth olive skin. She is a tall and slim woman and though she isn't particularly notable in the chest area, she is pretty attractive. Her nails are very sharp and she seems to almost always have a focused gaze in her eyes. She also has a tattoo of a black dragon on her lower back. She tends to wear black or purple eyeliner as well.

For normal clothing, Vanessa generally wears a purple crop top with a picture of a black dragon on it, tight low-rise black jeans and a pair of purple flip-flops. She wears a pair of black gloves with purple straps and wears a pair of gold earrings along with a pair of dark shades that she keeps above her head. Her competition outfit is a dark purple jersey with a Tyranitar on the back and she wears black spandex shorts with purple running shoes. Vanessa trains in a black sports bra and black spandex shorts as well as black athletic shoes. Her formal wear is a short black dress with black heels and her gold earrings with her hair slightly wavy. She sleeps in black underwear and a black t-shirt.

Personality: Vanessa is the captain of the best team in the league and she knows it. Her attitude is generally that of a Smug Snake. She is extremely sarcastic and always has an arrogant smirk on her face when dealing with teammates and other teams alike. Despite this, she has a kind of seductive charm that usually attracts a lot of people. This coupled with her natural leadership abilities makes her a force to be reckoned with. For the most part, Vanessa can keep her cool under intense situations which has led her team to the Regional Championship for the past several years. She often bottles up her emotions and usually can put on a front for quite a long time, but when she gets too fed up, she unleashes her bottled up rage in an explosive manner. Vanessa expects the absolute best from her Pokémon and her other teammates and won't settle for anything less than one-hundred and ten percent. With all that said, she is not evil at all, being more of a very complex young woman that's very difficult to figure out.

View on Main Characters:

Andy: "The captain of that new rookie team coached by that has-been, Janek. *scoffs* Beach Boy and his crew don't stand a chance…"

Sandy: "Beach Boy's sister? Should I care at all about her?"

Coach Janek: "Coach said that he choked twenty years ago when they competed in the World Championship. Too bad, but you can't change the past. Janek is a has-been just like coach said."


Slowking: Male - Vanessa's first Pokémon as a Slowpoke that she caught at Slowpoke Well in Azalea Town as a young child. Slowking is very intelligent and unlike his trainer is a very graceful competitor, often making friends with the Pokémon of the other teams.

Ambipom: Female – Ambipom is a bit of a clown, always trying to make her usually stoic trainer laugh and usually succeeding. She loves competing and is generally friendly, but she is not a graceful winner and like her trainer, she loves to rub it in.

Gengar: Male – Gengar is the darkest member of the team in terms of personality. He's a very hostile Pokémon and is a bit of a bully often taunting other Pokémon. He seems to like pulling pranks as well, though he is friendly to his trainer.

Other: Was drafted out of college at age 18 to join her hometown team. She often pushes herself to the point of actually getting sick or seriously injured. Vanessa is of Italian descent…


Name: Fred Icarus Janek (Known simply as 'Coach')

Age: 43

Gender: Male

Hometown: Castelia City, Unova

Team: Coach of Cianwood Golducks

Appearance/Clothing: Coach is a tall man with black hair that draws attention to his receding hairline. He has dark brown eyes that seem to be full of indifference and apathy. He has a stocky build and despite being a bit overweight, he still retains a bit of the muscles he had as an athlete. He has fair skin and very bushy eyebrows. For clothing, he generally wears a white shirt with a blue outline around the collar with the Golducks logo on it tucked into khaki shorts with a pair of white tennis shoes. He always has a pair of shades over his eyes and a whistle around his neck. Coach's formal wear is a black dress suit with a white dress shirt underneath and black dress shoes.

Personality: Coach is a man who tends to be wallowing in apathy and self-pity. He is extremely sarcastic and very loud. He sometimes overestimates his abilities, but is quick to take a step back when he realizes he's gone a bit too far over the line. However, most of Coach's attitude comes from the fact that he tends to have extremely bad luck most of the time and always ends up in some kind of embarrassing situation. His behavior towards his team is usually sour with him calling them all sorts of demeaning names with him claiming that "it builds character". While on duty, Coach is often seen blowing his whistle and shouting instructions at the members of his team. He makes sure that they give it their all during every practice and won't settle for anything less. While off duty, Coach can usually be seen lounging around his office working on strategies for the team or at the local bar, drowning his sorrows or trying to pick up on women. He tends to actually be successful in the latter, but he usually finds some way to screw things up. He gets annoyed easily, something that the Haven Twins haven't quite figured out yet and he tends to over-exaggerate things. He does care about his team, but he doesn't show it claiming that "emotions aren't going to help us win the championship!" He is a heavy eater as well and loves pretty much any kinds of food.

View on Main Characters

Andy: "Leave me alone, Captain Dunce! I'm off duty!" *trips over the bridge and goes splashing into the water*

Sandy: "Beach Barbie, take your brother and go!"

Vanessa: *to his team* "Dragon Girl is the type of competitor that's ruthless! She will devour you and leave your carcass for the scavengers to eat!"


Machamp – The only Pokémon with Coach at all times. Machamp is pretty much the 'assistant' coach, though he's much friendlier and frequently helps out the team with their more rigorous trainer.

Other Pokémon – Coach has captured dozens of Pokémon over the years and brings them in when he needs them for specific training.

Other: Competed in the World Pokéathlon Championship only to 'choke' and lose to his hated rival. He retired from competing and moved (or in his eyes he was 'banished') to Johto. He only recently decided to coach the new team of rookies after an old friend threw him a bone. As mentioned, he tends to nickname the members of his team.

6/17/2011 . Edited 6/18/2011 #4


This thread is for Pokemon that are reserved so that means try not to pick one someone else already has.

Jolteon - Shadow

Starmie - Shadow

Ninjask - Shadow

Rampardos - Kina

Typhlosion - Ricki

Wobbuffet - Ricki

Drifblim - Ricki

6/17/2011 . Edited 6/17/2011 #5

May I also reserve Heracross and Torterra? :D

6/17/2011 #6
Shadow Minamino

Woo, Heracross! :D

6/17/2011 #7

I can start now that Andy is in but i'll hold submitting it until after Sandy is in as well. xP

6/17/2011 #8

Luckily for you, I'm working on Sandy as we speak...or type.

6/17/2011 #9

hooray :D cause i'm gonna read some manga to pass time and touch up his appearance. quick note this is what he looks like:

(dot )beautifulbeings (dot) co (dot) uk/news/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/asiandimples (dot) jpg

(but less smiley)

6/17/2011 . Edited 6/17/2011 #10

Finally gave my OC a name. :D

It's Lila.

6/17/2011 #11

Right when I finished posting Sandy's. :D (I edited it in my first post under Andy's...)

Excellent timing, Kina.

Did you decide her ethnicity?

6/17/2011 #12

Persian. :D (Not the Pokemon xD)

6/17/2011 . Edited 6/17/2011 #13

Ooh, I bet she'll be pretty!

And Ricki's guy is HOT!!!

EDIT: LOL, I knew it wasn't the Pokemon. Silly Kina!

6/17/2011 . Edited 6/17/2011 #14


Just making sure. xD Plus, I didn't want any snarky comments from Ricki. xP

6/17/2011 . Edited 6/17/2011 #15

Is Ricki still on? I finished Sandra's, so he has all the info he needs, but I forgot the name of his character...

EDIT: Good call. We know what a snarky-ass he is! xP

6/17/2011 . Edited 6/17/2011 #16

I think his name is Lee...xD

6/17/2011 #17

Lee Jameson-Stryker, douchebag extrordinair xD

6/17/2011 #18

I actually think Lee will be the coach's favorite...xD

6/17/2011 #19

but lee hates the coach since he can't keep order! xD

6/17/2011 #20

Coach CAN keep order. He choose NOT too because he's pretty much a douchebag as well. But when it's time to actually train, he gets off his ass to bark out commands. LOL

However, it's justified due to some bitterness of a past event and the fact that the Haven Twins can be extremely annoying...xD

6/17/2011 #21

well between coach and lee, i'd say lee is the bigger ass xD

6/17/2011 #22

Probably so, but just be sure not to make him too much of an ass. xD

As someone whose been on various sports teams, teamwork is so much harder when one of your teammates is a douche.

But actually I like that aspect of Lee's character. I can imagine a scene with him asking why he wasn't made captain with everyone replying "Because you're an ass..." xD

6/17/2011 #23

You seem awfully proud of the fact that Lee is an ass, Ricki...xD

6/17/2011 #24

i just like that fact i can make people "realistic" which also tends to make them an antihero and most commonly, an ass xP also i didn't go super in depth with his physical appearance since i found and posted that picture :D

6/17/2011 #25

Well he is the Lancer, so it fits. xD

He's also hot, so he may get some 'Draco in Leather Pants' treatment in (and out as soon as Sebastian finds out about this) universe...

6/17/2011 #26

I don't want to be conceited but i shall refer to him as "Asian Jett" with Oliver attitude xD

6/17/2011 #27

Well he sounds like he probably has the whole 'bad boy' image going on (well at least from the fangirls in-universe) so that gives him an edge as well. :D

6/17/2011 #28

Wonder how Sandy feels about him. xD

6/17/2011 #29

Well she's kind of boy-crazy anyway...

6/17/2011 #30
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