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And why is that? xD

6/18/2011 #61

His older brother is more successful, but it's all played for laughs.

6/18/2011 #62

A lot of things seems to be Played for Laughs in this fic. xD

6/18/2011 #63

It's mostly with Coach being a Butt Monkey...

But yeah, you can consider this a light-hearted fic when compared to my other stories...

6/18/2011 #64

I'm guessing one of its genres is gonna be 'Humour'? xD

6/18/2011 #65

Possibly, but 'romance' is also an option...I know it'll probably be 'action' or 'friendship'...

6/18/2011 #66

Romance? xD

Between who?

6/18/2011 #67
Shadow Minamino

Well, so far there's 4 guys and 3 girls, so there are quite a few pairings.

6/18/2011 #68

...Love Dodecahedron...

6/18/2011 #69

Coach gets various romances.

As far as the team goes, the possibilities are: Andy/Lila, Lee/Lila, Lee/Sandy, Alex/Lila, and Alex/Sandy so any of those combinations are possible.

Throw in some possible Andy/Vanessa, Lee/Vanessa, or Alex/Vanessa as well...

6/18/2011 #70
Shadow Minamino

Indeed. Anyway, these are all the possible hetero pairings that don't involve Coach or Incest.

Andy x Lila

Andy x Vanessa

Lee x Lila

Lee x Vanessa

Lee x Sandy

Alex x Lila

Alex x Sandy

Alex x Vanessa

Were I to add Coach, yaoi and Yuri, and Incest into this... there'd be quite a few more. :P

6/18/2011 #71

Don't forget the Sixth Ranger! xD

Once the Sixth Ranger is submitted, there will be even more. :P

6/18/2011 . Edited 6/18/2011 #72
Shadow Minamino

Of course, but this is just what we have to work with right now. :P

6/18/2011 #73

There sure are a lot of pairings...xD

6/18/2011 #74
Shadow Minamino

Yeah, tons. XD

Lee x Lila would DEFINITELY be a Slap Slap Kiss romance. :P

6/18/2011 #75

Agreed. I think that would probably be my favorite. xD

6/18/2011 #76


Let's just hope they don't dance to the Masochism Tango. xD

6/18/2011 . Edited 6/18/2011 #77

Alex x Sandy would be Opposites Attract...

6/18/2011 #78


6/18/2011 #79

As would Andy/Vanessa.

6/18/2011 #80

Speaking of Vanessa, the Five Bad Band is still incomplete. xD

6/18/2011 #81

Those are open OC's. If you guys want to create characters for the Five Bad Band that is the Blackthorn Tyranitars or if you guys want to create characters for one of the secondary teams, feel free.

6/18/2011 #82

Okay. :D

6/18/2011 #83

ill make one for the blackthorns soon

6/19/2011 #84

I call The Dragon (or whoever Vanessa's second-in-command is xD) for the Blackthorn Tyranitars! xD

And also the Captain for the Goldenrod Wigglytuffs! 8D

6/20/2011 . Edited 6/20/2011 #85

Reserved for both.

6/20/2011 #86

Here's the Dragon. :D I'll probably add more later~

Name: Hanna Campbell

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Hometown: Blackthorn City, Johto

Pokéathlon Stat: Stamina

Team: Blackthorn Tyranitars

Appearance/Clothing: Hanna has shoulder-length, messy dark blonde hair that is usually kept in a high ponytail. She has brown eyes with a fierce glint to them, and skin that is slightly sun-kissed. She is pretty short, standing at around 5'2", and has a lean, athletic build. She has two silver studs in each ear.

For normal clothing, she generally wears a tight scarlet tank top under a black leather jacket, with skinny jeans; she usually has a red cap with the shadow of a Tyranitar on it, black combat boots and black and red fingerless gloves that extend to her elbows (not that you can tell, because of her jacket). Her competition wear consists of a blood red jersey with a Tyranitar on the back and black shorts with red shoes. For training, she wears a red sleeveless top and black shorts, with white ankle socks and red and black running shoes. She sleeps in a black camisole and gray shorts. Her formal wear consists of a red v-neck dress and red heels, and she lets her normally messy hair down and actually combs it until it's at least somewhat neat.

Personality: Hanna is extremely competitive and won't settle for anything but a win. She doesn't keep her scorn for the other teams a secret and takes every opportunity to insult and ridicule them. Unlike Vanessa, she rarely, if ever, uses sarcasm and doesn't beat around the bush. She doesn't try to sugercoat things either and generally words thing in an overly harsh way. She's fierce and aggressive, and often pushes herself to be the best athlete she can be. She has none of Vanessa's charm, but is very determined to the point that she can keep fighting even if it seems like the situation is bleak. She also doesn't bottle up her emotions like her leader does, though she does express more positive emotions in a more mild way.

However, she is second-in-command for a reason. She does care about her teammates, especially Vanessa, and is extremely loyal to them. Towards her team and Pokémon, she's somewhat gentler than usual, but still pushes them to be the best they can be andwilltaunt them if it means that they will try to prove her wrong. Like Vanessa, she isn't evil, just complex. She's fairly honourable, and defends those who can't defend themselves. She has somewhat of an inferiority complex towards Vanessa, but covers it up as best as she can.

View on Main Characters: Andy - "*scoffs* Him and his team of greenhorns aren't a concern to me. They have a long way to go before they become worthy opponents."

Sandy - "Someone shut that annoying girl up!"

Vanessa - "We've known each other since we were kids..."

Janek - "Ew, Coach's rival. Does he actually think his team stands a chance?"


Tangrowth: Tangrowth is pretty stupid and dense, much to the frustration of...almost everyone. He's very friendly and lovable, though, for a giant mass of vines and is actually very good at what he does and is the powerhouse of the team. He's good friends with Vanessa's Slowking despite the fact that Slowking is intelligent, and Tangrowth is the exact opposite.

Ampharos: Ampharos is very cheeky and loves to rile other Pokémon up. She's very easily amused, and often bursts into fits of hysterical laughter. She tends to make fun of other Pokémon from other teams and taunt them, and especially loves to make fun of Tangrowth. She's also extremely cunning.

Miltank: She's very sweet, but is a ruthless, formidable opponent when she needs to be. Her cute appearance and jolly, kindly personality often causes other Pokémon to underestimate her, which she uses o her advantage.

Other: She's of English, French and German descent. She's also a bit of a big eater.

6/21/2011 . Edited 6/21/2011 #87
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Is it still possible for me to reserve a Pokemon or two for an OC that I have in mind?

If so, I'd like to reserve Rapidash, Poliwrath and Bellasom

6/21/2011 #88

Got it! :D

6/21/2011 #89
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Thanks Lolli.

My OC will probably be up tomorrow afternoon or evening. Anything you need in particular in terms of gender or position?

6/21/2011 #90
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