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I need another girl on the Tyranitars.

6/21/2011 #91
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Will do. I'm far too good with female OCs.

6/21/2011 #92

Oh yeah, I reserved Captain for the Goldenrod Wigglytuffs, right? xD

Do you want a boy or a girl? :D

6/21/2011 #93

That's going to be an all-girl team with one boy, so make the captain a girl, Kina.

6/21/2011 #94

Okay! :D

6/21/2011 #95

And I see you posted the Dragon? :D

6/21/2011 #96

Correct! :D

6/21/2011 #97

She most definitely won't get along with Lee...xD

6/21/2011 #98

Um, who WILL? xD Get along with Lee, I mean.

6/21/2011 #99

You got a point. xD

But yeah, I like Hanna a lot. Perfect bff for Vanessa.

6/21/2011 #100

Thank you. :D

6/21/2011 #101

Are we allowed to submit OCs that are NOT athletes or coaches? :O

6/21/2011 #102

Can you give me an example? Like an obsessive fan or something? :O

6/21/2011 #103

Yeah, or a family member, friend, aspiring athlete, etc.

6/21/2011 #104

Sure, I'm cool with it.

6/21/2011 #105

Not that I have an idea for one. Just wondering. xD

Though if I were to make one, which form would I have to use? :O

6/21/2011 #106

Just use this one, but take out Stat and Team and some parts of the clothing section.

6/21/2011 #107
Kelly of the midnight dawn

I've got my OC as the Speed stat. Is that stat still open on the Tyranitars?

6/22/2011 #108

It's still open.

6/22/2011 #109
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Hope it's not too late, I've had her finished since this afternoon but then I got a bit distracted.

Pokethalon OC for Lolli

Name: Elizabeth "Liz" Marshal

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Hometown: Blackthorn City, Kanto

Pokeathalon Stat: Speed

Team: Blackthorn Tyranitars

Appearance/Clothing: Liz has shoulder length hair that is a medium shae of brown with copper red highlights. Her eyes are brown.She is slim with well toned muscles and a tan complexion.Her face is heart shaped and her nose is a bit on the long side.Her lips are full and pouty and her legs are long.

Normally she wears a blue and white striped tank top and a pair of white shorts with a pair of black andwhite tenis shoes.When in competition she wears a pink t-shirt with a picture of a Tyranitar on the front and a pair of light blue cotton shorts.She also wears her hair up in a ponytail held in place with a bright red hair band and her tenis shoes.When she's training with her Pokémon she wears a white sleeveless tank with a red stripe across the chest and a pair midnight blue khaki shorts.On formal occasions she wears a long flowing powder blue, sleeveless gown that reaches down to the ground.She sleeps in an oversized men's t-shirt that reaches just above her knees and has a picture of mount silver on it.

Personality: Liz is competitive and loves the thrill of winning.But she tries very hard not to let it interfere with her life outside of competition.She socializes with members of other teams to the chagrin of her teammates.Though sometimes she can't keep her competitive attitude out of social situations and sometimes lands herself in trouble with her friends for trying to turn ordinary things like a simple meal into a competition.She secretly wishes that her teammates were a little more accepting of people from other teams but she hides her feelings on the matter well.

View on Main Characters:

Andy: "He's a cool guy to hang out with and he's a fierce competitor."

Sandy: "She is cool like her brother and I like her."

Vanessa: "She's the captain and I've looked up to her and admired her since I can remember.She's the best captain that anyone could ask for but the way she talks about the Golducks is pretty harsh."

Coach Janek: "Andy and Sandy have good things to say about him.He seems like a nice guy but as far as him as a couach, I don't know."


Poliwrath – Male, first Pokémon as a Poliwag.Faster than the average Poliwrath by leaps and bounds and fiercely loyal to his trainer.

Rapidash – Female, the speed star of her group.Loyal and always coming to her trainer's defense even at unnecessary moments.Outside of competition, Rapidash has a tendency to pop out of her Pokéball when she gets restless and needs to go for a run.Liz tries to exercise her regularly but Rapidash doesn't tire from the normal training regiment the way Liz's other Pokémon do.

Bellasom – Female, loyal and obedient.Bellasom is prone to doing a little victory dance after completing an event.

Other: Liz's favorite colors are blue, pink and white.She collects Pokémon plushies and has been a super fan of the Blackthorn Tyranitars since she was in elementary school.She spends most of her time training to fast, upbeat music with her Pokémon or hitting the town with friends.She won't allow herself to go out on the town if she doesn't feel that she and her Pokémon have trained sufficiently for the day.

6/22/2011 #110

Well, then, let's discuss. :D

Any questions before I start?

10/4/2011 #111


10/4/2011 #112

Alright then, so let me go over things that will happen:

- They will learn how to manage money. Due to being professional athletes, they get paid millions.

- They travel a lot, so they'll spend some time on planes, buses, and at hotels in different cities in Johto.

- They CAN get fined for breaking rules.

- They exercise with their Pokemon whenever they have a chance

- They also have to do media stuff i.e. interviews, photoshoots, autograph signings, etc.

- I am thinking about making them canon in other Lolli-verse Pokemon stories, though I haven't decided which one(s).

10/4/2011 #113

Lee. xD

10/4/2011 #114

Lee? Lee what? xD

10/4/2011 #115

For your last point. xD

10/4/2011 #116

No, I meant which stories. xD

I'm gonna include them all.

10/4/2011 #117
Brave Soul RMS

The heck does she mean by Lee? o.O

10/4/2011 #118

Oh, okay. xD

EDIT: Louhearst! CdV!

10/4/2011 . Edited 10/4/2011 #119

CdV doesn't have Pokemon. xD

10/4/2011 #120
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