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awww, ricki thought ricki do good... well i'm gonna look again cause i realized i only looked at reptile/dragons really xD

6/23/2011 #61
Brave Soul RMS

Okiedoke, then xD

6/23/2011 #62

but yeah i've only ever watched like... the first season (parts) and a movie that had flamedramon or the blue dragon guy in it .___.

6/23/2011 #63
Brave Soul RMS


6/23/2011 #64
Shadow Minamino

Hey Ricki, how about this line?

Kapurimon - Kotemon - Musyamon - Asuramon - Zanbamon

A line of badass warriors. :P

6/23/2011 #65

i dunno... (to both) i'll keep looking

6/23/2011 #66
Brave Soul RMS

Okay, I LIKE that one, Shadow.

6/23/2011 #67
Shadow Minamino

So do I. It's a pretty cool line. I'm Iffy on Zanbamon the Centaur, but he's still pretty cool for wielding a BFS.

6/23/2011 #68
Brave Soul RMS

Ricki, you could always choose the Gaomon line.

6/23/2011 #69
Shadow Minamino

Oh yeah, the Gaomon line is pretty cool.

6/23/2011 #70

Alright i went through all of them AGAIN these are what i came up with:

::Petitmon – Babydmon – Dracomon – Coredramon- Wingdramon/Groundramon – Slayerdramon/Examon

::Dodomon – Dorimon – DORUmon – DORUgamon - DORUguremon

::Fufumon – Kyokyomon – Ryudamon – Ginryumon – Hisyaryumon?

::Relemon – Pokomon – Renamon – Kyubimon/Sakuyamon

::Bommon – Missimon – Commandramon – Sealsdramon - Tankdramon

::Sunmon – Penmon – Firamon – Flaremon - Apollomon

::Botamon – Wanyamon – Gaomon – Gaogamon – Mach Gaogamon – Mirage Gaogamon


::Moonmon – Lunamon – Lekismon – Crescemon – Dianamon

::Pafumon – Kyaromon – Kudamon – Reppamon – Tyilinmon

::Puttimon – Cupimon – Lucemon – Lucemon Falldown Mode- Lucemon Satan Mode

::Puwamon – Pinamon – Falcomon – Yatagaramon – Ravmon

::Ketomon - Hopmon - Monodramon - Strikedramon – Cyberdramon – Justimon

::Botamon - Pagumon – Gazimon - Sangloupmon – Astamon/Matamon – Piemon

6/25/2011 #71
Brave Soul RMS

First: Gazimon's already taken as a partner so that won't work. Renamon is already a character but I can give her a Tamer no sweat. Slayerdramon is a little OP as are Dorumon and Ryudamon. Commandramon's okay and so are Lunamon and Coronamon. Gaomon is free as are Kudamon, Monodramon, and Falcomon. Lucemon. No. Not after Season 4.

6/26/2011 #72

So that leaves:

::Relemon – Pokomon – Renamon – Kyubimon/Sakuyamon (maybe?)

::Bommon – Missimon – Commandramon – Sealsdramon - Tankdramon

::Sunmon – Penmon – Firamon – Flaremon - Apollomon

::Botamon – Wanyamon – Gaomon – Gaogamon – Mach Gaogamon – Mirage Gaogamon

::Moonmon – Lunamon – Lekismon – Crescemon – Dianamon

::Pafumon – Kyaromon – Kudamon – Reppamon – Tyilinmon

::Puwamon – Pinamon – Falcomon – Yatagaramon – Ravmon

any personal suggestions out of these guys?

6/26/2011 #73
Brave Soul RMS

Gaomon, Renamon, or Lunamon. I need a Data type. Too many Virus and Vaccine types.

6/26/2011 #74

Quick questions, do digimon have genders because you keep calling Renamon a she .__. ?

6/26/2011 #75
Brave Soul RMS

They have genders in that they can identify themselves as male or female and act as such but they don't have male and female sexes since Digimon don't sexually reproduce.

6/26/2011 #76

but are any digmon specifically a set gender, like devimon wouldn't be female since there is already deviwomon (or ladydevimon can't remember)

6/26/2011 #77
Brave Soul RMS

Well... I guess you can say that since a lot of Digimon specifically look like a guy or girl (Angemon, Angewomon, Devimon, Sakuyamon) but none of them have a set gender. Which is why the idea of a male Angewomon makes me laugh like no tomorrow xD

6/26/2011 #78

So the renamon could be a guy or a girl? :O

6/26/2011 #79
Brave Soul RMS

Indeed, friend. At least up to Taomon. Male Sakuyamon... lulz

6/26/2011 #80

alright. i read up on the first 3 seasons. will this story be more like post adventure 2 or about tamers? also wouldn't a male sakuyamon be like.. just a male version .__. ?

6/26/2011 #81
Brave Soul RMS

There are no male 'versions'. Say you have a male Greymon and a female Greymon. They'll look exactly the same. And it'll be like Tamers and Adventure 2 with a bit of season 5 put in.

6/26/2011 #82

alright, well i will use renamon whom you said was a teacher or something correct?

6/26/2011 #83
Brave Soul RMS

Yep, for Beast type Digimon.

6/26/2011 #84

alrighty, hey you wanna hop on skype .__. ?

6/26/2011 #85
Brave Soul RMS

Sure. You okay?

6/26/2011 #86

ya i'm fine was just wanting to chat .__.

6/26/2011 #87

Name: Hale Rin

Age: 21

Grade: College Senior

D-Cipher Color: Violet and White

Partner Digimon: Renamon

Alias: Foxtrot

Personality/History: Hale is a rather aloof and lazy adult, currently working on his doctorate in medicine. Having been with ALIAS for 5 years since the tamer program began, Hale had been a tamer for two years prior, with Renamon as his partner. On the way home from highschool a digital field appeared which Hale simply took as fog on the rainy day. He came to see Renamon fighting a Rhinomon in a losing battle. Not one to pass up a brawl (being the top fighter of the school at the time), he quickly jumped into the fight, completely turning the tide almost singlehandedly.

After beating the rampant digimon, Renamon and Hale when their separate ways with not a word but acknowledgement of each others strength. Waking up the next day, Hale found a D-Cipher with his belongings, and Renamon on his balcony suggesting an alliance. Two years later, Rin received and invitation to ALIAS, becoming one of the first tamers and the first leader in the group of originally tamers.

Hale has been an avid fighter of tai chi and jujutsu, being trained in both from a young age. In middle school and high school, Hale was a big fighter and a common target among those who wished to become renown for strength, yet he remained undefeated. Though he is the direct opposite of his younger self (was violent and short tempered, now aloof and gentle), his violent side comes out only when he and Renamon fight, having grown sadistic and more powerful than before.

Renamon is the second combat trainer, able to train both human-type and beast Digimon thanks to his ability to reach his Adult form, Kyubimon. A "Sink Or Swim" Mentor incarnate, Renamon is cold and harsh. He does not tolerate failure and only holds back enough to avoid killing the new recruits. Since Gazimon is currently the only one with the potential to be a beast Digimon, he'll be the one to train him when that time comes. When not in a teaching environment, Renamon still keeps the sort of "Sink or Swim" mentality and judges people accordingly to it. He also hates being confused with a female and gets heated when it is mentioned (though he has a feminine voice).

Digivolution Road: Relemon – Pokomon – Renamon – Kyubimon – Taomon/Sakuyamon

6/26/2011 #88
Brave Soul RMS

Motherfker punched out a Rhinomon. Badass is as badass does.

6/26/2011 #89
Brave Soul RMS

"And now, you die!" A demented grin formed on Devimon's pale lips. He raised a claw over Alex's wide-eyed head and flexed them out menacingly. "Death -- !" A glob of viscous spit splattered dead in Devimon's face, stopping his attack short. He roared out in rage and his eyes flew around the area for his assailant.

"Jeez, you just love hearing yourself talk, don't you?" Gazimon said from a few feet behind his Tamer. He was battered and was barely managing not to sway on his feet but stared the stronger Virus type dead in the eye with as defiant a grin as possible. "As a fellow Virus Digimon, I'm ashamed of you, Devimon."

Devimon snarled in pure indignation. "You RODENT!" he spat. "Death Claw!" The fallen angel's claw shot out like a lance, stretching to catch Gazimon in its grip and slam him into the fountain statue. There was a groan of protest from the metal artwork as Devimon pressed harder forcing it to bend over backwards. Gazimon refused to show any weakness. He bit back a strangled cry and instead sunk his tiny fangs into his attacker's spindly fingers.

"Gazimon!" Alex screamed frantically. He staggered back up, disheveled hair falling in his eyes as he shook his D-Cipher and desperately willed it to work. "Come on, come on! Make him digivolve already! Do something!" he pleaded.

He cycled through the various Adult level silhouettes on the screen and hastily chose the one nearest to completion. He picked up one of his scattered cards off the ground -- a Gabumon -- and swiped it through without a second thought.

'Anything,' he thought desperately as Gazimon finally released a cry of pain. Tears began stinging at his eyes and he immediately blinked them out. He couldn't let his vision blur; not now. 'Please! Anything! Just save him!' As if answering his pleas for help, the D-Cipher's computerized voice spoke out:

Data Input Sufficient.

A thankful grin spread across Alex's face. "Yes!" he hissed.

Please enter name.

DigiCode letters appeared on the screen and Alex's smile slid off his face as fast as it had come.

"What?! No! What name?!" There was a sound of stone breaking as Gazimon's limp body was thrown into a brick wall.

"Alex..." he croaked weakly. "Now would be a good time..."

"I'm trying!" the Tamer shouted in a high frantic voice as he tried recalling the lessons in DigiCode Renamon put him through. "Damned phonetic computer language! Where's the 'ru'?!" Alex found it and, thanking the gods he memorized the symbols for 'mon', entered the last code and pointed his D-Cipher at Gazimon.

"Now digivolve!" he screamed at the very top of his lungs.

DigiCore Cipher Broken.



Right as Devimon went in for the kill, black light and DigiCode erupted out of the D-Cipher's camera lens and encapsulated Gazimon in an ebony sphere wreathed in a line of DigiCode. The fallen angel's digital heart sank into the pit of his stomach. Knowing he was powerless to stop it, he retreated into the air and braced himself while Gazimon's digivolution began.

6/28/2011 . Edited 6/28/2011 #90
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