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Since Flamedramon is like ALIAS's Grovyle (who is also a Memetic Badass), I'm going to like him. A lot.

7/18/2011 #151
Brave Soul RMS

Next scene! :D


Vince: Hey, guys.

Tahlia: Oh, my god, Vince, what happened to you?!

Alex: You get into a fight or something?

Vince: Yeah, there were these jackasses spouting some crap about Digimon not belonging in our world and calling me a 'traitor to humans' for partnering up with one.

Alex: They do know that it's our Digimon protecting them from the ones that want to do real harm, right?

Hawkmon: Apparently not...

Vince: *pats him on the head* Don't worry, Hawkmon, they're just a bunch of idiots that don't know what they're talking about.

Gazimon: So what'd you do about it to set those assholes straight?

Vince: The rational thing.

Tahlia: ...You started the fight, didn't you?

Vince: Had to be done.

7/18/2011 . Edited 7/18/2011 #152

Vince is also a cool dude. xD

7/18/2011 #153
Brave Soul RMS

I just love that last line. "Had to be done" xD

7/18/2011 #154

Same. xD

7/18/2011 #155
Brave Soul RMS

Alright, Shadow. What do you want to know?

7/19/2011 #156
Shadow Minamino

Mmmm, dunno. I was just trying to start conversation. :P

Although I'm actually pretty curious about the antagonists. Haven't really heard much on them at all.

7/19/2011 #157
Brave Soul RMS

Right, the antagonists. There's not much I can really reveal at the moment but I can tell you this.

The Nightmare Soldiers don't speak for the entire Nightmare Soldiers Field. They're a terrorist group aiming to control both worlds and they're composed of mainly virus type Digimon as well as a few Tamers who defected from ALIAS. Their leader is currently unknown.

7/19/2011 #158
Shadow Minamino

Tamers who defected from ALIAS? Can't imagine who'd want to do that. I guess they're just some tamers who started out good and got warped morals along the way....

Anything else you can tell me? Not about the antagonists, but about other stuff about the story: Arcs, character development, exctera, ecetera. ^.^

7/19/2011 #159
Brave Soul RMS

The defected Tamers are basically the ALIAS equivalent of corrupt cops. They want power, plain and simple.

Arcs, you say? Well, this story's going to be divided into four different arcs, each with a central goal or event. From first to last, they are titled:

Formation of ALIAS, Rebellion of the Nightmare Soldiers, Digi-Memories, and Rage Against Heaven.

7/19/2011 . Edited 7/19/2011 #160
Shadow Minamino

Digi-Memories? That sounds familiar... but can't remember from where. Still, it sounds pretty interesting.

And Rage Against The Heavens? Letting your hate of angel-mons shine through, eh? :P

7/19/2011 #161
Brave Soul RMS

Little bit xD It's not exactly a hate, I just thought it'd be interesting to portray the Angel Digimon as the antagonists for once. When you think 'angel', you immediately have this image in your head of a holy, purely good figure. Then I thought of Lucemon and this idea was born.

7/19/2011 #162
Shadow Minamino

Or Remiel and Ygdrassil. Not really a spoiler since your past that point, but it goes to show that not all angels are good. :P

Also, you'll never believe what I found today: I was upstairs looking for my copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and I found my old Veemon pillow from when I was a kid. :D

Looks exactly like this, still in great condition:

just remove the percent marks.

7/19/2011 . Edited 7/19/2011 #163
Brave Soul RMS

Dude, I didn't even know they made Veemon pillows. Plushies, yeah, but that's just awesome o-o

Now, I think I should tell you of the main change I made that wasn't really done in the previous series.

7/19/2011 #164
Shadow Minamino

Oooh. Go for it, I wanna hear. :D

7/19/2011 #165
Brave Soul RMS

You remember at the end of 02, Digimon were common knowledge? They never really touched upon exactly what life was like post world-unity. I did.

In ALIAS, the Digital World has been common knowledge for seven years and there are Digimon citizens living all over the world. They can freely walk the streets and are treated just as well as humans are, so long as they wear an ID badge that marks them as registered. They've pretty much become a common sight. I figured this would be a lot easier than having to keep EVERYTHING a secret cuz, let's face it, how would you keep a Greymon a secret? God knows how Kari and Tai did it....

7/19/2011 #166
Shadow Minamino

Yeah, all that got accomplished was accidental Mars travel. :P

But that's actually interesting. Certainly fleshes out the world quite a bit more. Anticipation has risen. ^.^

7/19/2011 #167
Brave Soul RMS

Good, that means I did my job :D

But, yeah, I thought it would be a nice change. In every fic I've read, the Digimon were to be kept secret. In the shows, Digimon only became public knowledge AFTER the heroes' adventure was over and in some cases, they were feared, rather than respected or accepted. Just a bit of a left turn here.

7/19/2011 #168
Shadow Minamino

The left turn is quite refreshing, honestly. Having Digimon become common knowledge is actually a nice change of pace from the usual secrecy act. ^.^

7/19/2011 #169
Brave Soul RMS

Yep, but I still had to uphold tradition somehow. Alex, Vince, and Ellie are gonna have to keep their partners secret. But it's for a good reason. How would you explain to your parents that you're part of an organization that regularly fights super-powered beings from another dimension?

7/19/2011 #170
Shadow Minamino

Haha, that's true. :P

Although I would have thought ALIAS would have taken the Harry Potter style route, being a public organization and all. I thought they would have sent over some high ranking official like Flamedramon, HolyAngemon, or Angewoman to explain everything. :P

7/19/2011 #171
Brave Soul RMS

Well, Vince's parents kind of know. He told them he works there as an intern of sorts and that Hawkmon is sort of like 'standard issue'. He never told them he fights. Ellie's parents think it's a joke until they meet Gomamon and, surprisingly, let her keep it up, saying they're proud. Alex's mom worries WAY too much so he keeps Gazimon and ALIAS a total secret for as long as possible.

7/19/2011 #172
Shadow Minamino

Standard Issue digimon? :P

* Imagines Digimon coming off a production line and into a box. * Heheheh. Moo.

Still, that's pretty cool of Ellie's parents. ^.^

Although I'm worried about what Alex's mom will do when she finds out about ALIAS....

7/19/2011 #173
Brave Soul RMS

It won't be pretty. That's all I'm saying.

Now, on to character stuff. Ask me anything about anyone and I'll tell you.

7/19/2011 #174
Shadow Minamino

Hmm... I'd like to know about Matthias's relationship with the rest of his branch. He's a branch leader, and seems like a pretty interesting character. ^.^

7/19/2011 #175
Brave Soul RMS

Well... Hm. Gimme a minute, this'll take a bit.

7/19/2011 #176
Brave Soul RMS

As the leader of his branch, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that Matty's got a lot on his plate to deal with. He has to monitor field missions to make sure everything runs smoothly or else he runs the risk of losing his job and his partner. Holy Angemon, the overseer of Matty's branch, is constantly on his case to get things done fast but, thankfully, he's not always at the branch base. That and he has to deal with Angewomon being a bitch to Tailmon every time she's around.

But, other than that, he's pretty much undisputed as the leader. Not even Hale can take him on and win in a fight, same goes for Renamon actually being fool enough to fight Tailmon. He doesn't rule with an iron grip cuz he's laid back and cool-headed when shit needs to get done, Matty will get shit done. Count on that.

7/19/2011 #177

Matty sounds like a good leader. :D

7/19/2011 #178
Shadow Minamino

I agree. ^.^

Is he on good terms with his subordinates like Alex or Vince though?

7/19/2011 #179
Brave Soul RMS

Alex, yes. Vince, not so much. Alex, Vince, and Ellie are all new to ALIAS while Sam, Akira, Tally, and Hale are all veterans. Matty's the one in charge of the newbies. Alex gets along with Matty fine since Matty's a genuinely nice guy who's willing to slow down in order to let Alex adjust. Same goes for Ellie. Vince is the problem child...

7/19/2011 #180
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