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Virtual Reality Project

The Game

Simply known as 'The Game', it is a virtual reality game with 100 different levels or 'worlds' as they are referred to. At the beginning of the game a person must answer a few questions and have their palms read to decide on which type of powers they will receive. They are then given the choice to play for the side of good or for the side of evil. It is rumored that if someone reaches the end of the game, they are granted three wishes that can have an actual effect on real life.


'Worlds' are the various levels of the game. Each world is unique from the last and will either be saved or conquered depending on what alignment the winning player has chosen.


An alignment is the player's choice of being good or evil. There are certain times in the game where a player is allowed to change his/her alignment.


A player is granted powers based on his/her personality. While they seem to be mostly elemental, there are rare cases where they are not. As the player levels up, they are able to learn new techniques and get upgrades.

Player Levels

As a player advances through the game, they get more powerful. Doing various tasks within a world gives players points to level up, but winning a world automatically raises a player's level.


A player usually gets one life within a world, but there are frequent events that allow a player to gain extra lives. If a player is 'killed' while in the game, they are immediately kicked out of the virtual reality and cannot re-enter for two hours.


A player is given a different costume in each world so that he/she may blend in with the Virtual NPCs. However, the costumes generally have the same color scheme. When someone changes alignment, their costume gets a drastic change.

Virtual NPCs

Virtual none-playable characters of just NPCs are often involved in whatever is going on in a specific world. Some are good, some are evil, and some are just apathetic. The player's duty is to either help them or conquer them.

6/22/2011 . Edited 6/22/2011 #1

This is gonna be awesome. :D

6/22/2011 #2

I'm going to post the characters. I want everyone to know that I'm pretty much using ALL of the next gen. characters as well as others and if you guys have an idea for a character just let me know.

6/22/2011 #3

Okay, Lolli. :D

6/22/2011 #4
Brave Soul RMS

Wootness OwO

In case you can't tell, that's my excited face.

6/22/2011 #5

Brave, your excited face looks weird! xD

6/22/2011 #6
Brave Soul RMS

I take offense to that! xD

6/22/2011 #7

If you're evil, you get to kill virtual NPCs! xD

6/22/2011 #8

Yay! 8D

6/22/2011 #9

That's a disturbing reaction, Kina.

6/22/2011 #10

Hehe~ ;)

6/22/2011 #11
Brave Soul RMS

Get me a battle axe and some armor, maybe a horse to ride on, and let the slaughter begin.

6/22/2011 #12

Damn it, you guys sound JUST like Evan right now! xD

6/22/2011 #13


6/22/2011 #14
Brave Soul RMS

He shall join me in my bloody crusade!!! Muahahaha!

6/22/2011 #15

I need you guys to have some reason considering Sebastian is already going to be worshipping Evan...xD

6/22/2011 #16

Damn, another jerkass? xD

Anyways, I'm just kidding anyways.

6/22/2011 #17

Actually, I really want you guys to cheer for whoever you want. It makes things more interesting that way.

There's also a literal 'age barrier' on this game which is why only the two older Martin siblings could play.

6/22/2011 #18

I'm personally cheering for the good guys. xD I always do, even though I have my 'evil' moments.

Anyways, what will the younger kids be doing? :O

6/22/2011 #19

The younger kids will be off having their wacky misadventures. xD

6/22/2011 #20

I'm guessing their adventures will be more lighthearted. xD

I like the younger kids a lot. :D They're so adorable~

6/22/2011 #21

Yep. There's this one funny plot with a lemonade stand.

And there's this other hilarious plot where Minnie and Jason keep trying to tell their new friend Sheldon to quit annoying Evan and Nico before he gets his ass kicked. xD

6/22/2011 #22

Sheldon? xD

6/22/2011 #23
Brave Soul RMS

Evan wouldn't hit a little kid, would he? D:

EDIT: Oh, wait, I keep forgetting how old everyone is. My bad.

6/22/2011 . Edited 6/22/2011 #24

Yes, he's a goofy kid and a self-claimed 'bully hunter'.

6/22/2011 #25


Reminds me of Grey, except Grey doesn't actually call himself a 'bully hunter'. xD

6/22/2011 #26

Evan - 15

Sheldon - 12

6/22/2011 #27

I'm guessing Jason, Minnie and Sheldon are in the seventh grade? :P

Either that, or early eighth grade...But I doubt that since the first two have relatively early birthdays.

6/23/2011 #28


Evan - 10th

Lola - 9th

Minnie - 7th

6/23/2011 #29
Brave Soul RMS

He still shouldn't hit Sheldon :/

6/23/2011 #30
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