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Shadow Minamino

Yeah, he is.

Maya and Franny were both born in 1999. Henceforth, she's thirteen.

8/6/2011 #2,971

*shifty eyes*....Maybe...

Okay, yeah, he's right. xD

Whew, finally got that off my shoulders! :D

8/6/2011 #2,972

You know, this actually explains a LOT...

8/6/2011 #2,973
Shadow Minamino

So you're a little younger than we thought, so what? Still the same old Kina. :P

... It does explain your aversion to the After Dark thread though. XD

8/6/2011 #2,974
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Well Bango, you can feel better that you're not the youngest. However Kina, it may have just been your age but I can't help but feel a little betrayed... I've been quite honest about all my medical issues with you guys since way back when... And I don't even like to tell people in real life about that stuff.

Of course, because of the long white cane, they can usually guess about the visual imparement...

8/6/2011 #2,975

Sorry, Kelly. T__T

8/6/2011 #2,976
Brave Soul RMS

In all honesty, I called this. Saw it coming from forever away.

8/6/2011 #2,977

Really, Brave? xD

Though I DID drop several clues. :P

8/6/2011 . Edited 8/6/2011 #2,978
Shadow Minamino

Well, it was rather obvious if you thought about it... looking back, there are quite a few clues that add up.

8/6/2011 #2,979
Brave Soul RMS

Yep. Your aversion to the After Dark thread and the fact that you said you couldn't start dating yet if you were allowed to tipped me off. Even if you do have strict-ass parents, I'd assume a 15 year old would be allowed to date.

8/6/2011 #2,980
Kelly of the midnight dawn

It's alright Kina. I won't hold it against you. You're still Kinakinz and I LOVE you :)

8/6/2011 #2,981

Yeah, like the complete naivety of adult words/topics. Any high schooler would know all those terms. xD

8/6/2011 #2,982
Bangohan Sensei

After Dark? Is that what I think it is?

Anyway I'm kinda 13 aswell, but I say I'm 14 because I'm in a year full of 14 year olds. The truth is I'm more mature than most of them. yay for screwing up first impressions.

8/6/2011 #2,983

Yeah, those clues were intentional. xD But none of you said anything about them, so I just decided to not fess up. :P

EDIT: Awww, thanks, Kelly! *hugs*

8/6/2011 . Edited 8/6/2011 #2,984
Shadow Minamino

Well, we didn't see any need to say anything. I kinda just figured you'd fess up whenever you felt like it. :P

8/6/2011 #2,985

So, why'd you decide to do this today? xD

8/6/2011 #2,986

I dunno. :P Just felt it was right, I guess.

...I'm weird. xD

8/6/2011 #2,987
Brave Soul RMS

Shrug, no big deal to me how old you are. My ex-girlfriend had me thinking she was a year older than me for a long time. Aside from her face, the way she acted had me totally fooled. All is well in the universe, my friend. :)

8/6/2011 #2,988
Bangohan Sensei

78% of people lie about there age on the internet

8/6/2011 #2,989

And by the way, remember when I said middle school sucks? :P

I really meant it. It's horrible. XP

8/6/2011 #2,990
Shadow Minamino

And 95% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

But yeah Kina, it's really no big deal to us. :P

Edit: Yes, yes it is. I transferred out of my original middle school... the resulting one was MUCH MUCH worse. :P

8/6/2011 . Edited 8/6/2011 #2,991
Brave Soul RMS

Sensei, did you make that up or is it true? xD

Kina, it's cool. Middle school always sucks. All those in agreement, say 'aye'.

8/6/2011 #2,992

So can we change the topic...? xD

It's getting kind of awkward for me. :P

8/6/2011 #2,993

Anyone has ANY secrets they'd like to share?

EDIT: Nevermind, Kina's right. Topic change. Now.

8/6/2011 . Edited 8/6/2011 #2,994
Bangohan Sensei

We don't have middle school in my country... Being new it doesn't matter to me seeing as we just met adn the people here seem nice enough to accept you for you.

8/6/2011 #2,995
Bangohan Sensei

Brave, it's using the 98% of statistics are made up on the spot logic.

8/6/2011 #2,996

Yep, Bango, we accept all. :D

So, I guess I'll ask you a few questions about Louhearst. Are the rest of you guys up for that before we get started?

8/6/2011 . Edited 8/6/2011 #2,997


8/6/2011 #2,998
Brave Soul RMS

I think Lolli can accommodate us in that regard. Scenes, milady!

8/6/2011 #2,999
Kelly of the midnight dawn

lol Shadow, like I've never heard that one before *sarcastic smirk*

EDIT: Sounds good to me Lolli and damn, I'm such a slow typist...

8/6/2011 . Edited 8/6/2011 #3,000
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