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Kelly of the midnight dawn

Alrighty, two more for the Beginners

Name: Tyler Liam Sanders

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Hometown: Hearthome City, Sinnoh

Role: Student

Appearance/Clothing: Tyler has dark brown hair in a buzz cut.His skin is a medium tan and his eyes are brown.His build is a heavy set one but not quite to the point where you would call him a "roly poly" and he's a little bit muscular (not all that noticeable but he definitely has muscles compared to some of the other boys).Normally he wears a white t-shirt and a pair of baggy denim shorts along with a pair of black sneakers.

Personality: Tyler is a boy of few words though he will speak when he is spoken to he will keep his answers short and to the point.He is a loner, acting aloof towards other students.If he is approached by a student who attempts to strike up a conversation with him he will answer their questions in short curt one or two or perhaps even three word sentences.Very rarely will he offer up information to keep the conversation going unless it's a student or Pro trainer that he's especially close to.Tyler tries to keep a low profile.His closest relationships are with his parents and Pokémon.

History: As a boy Tyler was made fun of for being over weight (he was far fatter when he was little) and he learned not to open up to people for fear of ridicule.

View of Main Characters:

Marcell: "He's alright."

Jeff: "He's alright."


Piplup – Male, first Pokémon and best friend of all his Pokémon.Piplup is often sitting on Tyler's lap or on his shoulder or next to him.

Seel – Male, caught on the way to the Institute and quite a playful friend to Tyler.Not much for battling though and kind of lazy.

Vulpix – Female, the prima donna of Tyler's team.Loves to be pampered and groomed.She respects her trainer's relationship with Piplup though and does not jockey for attention.She has been known to wander off and seek attention from the girls, prompting Tyler to become more sociable than he is used to when he asks people to help him find her.

Gloom – Male, because Gloom is a boy, Tyler has no plans of evolving him any further because he doesn't want to curse Gloom with a girly appearance.

Noctowl – Male

Koffing – Male, a rather melancholy little poison cloud.Koffing wishes he could have been born as a less hated Pokémon. This view stems from Koffing's early years before he met Tyler, when people were always shoving him out of the way and shoeing him.Tyler was the first human who didn't tell him to get lost.

Other: Tyler may come out of his shell a bit as the story progresses, especially if Vulpix has anything to say about it.

Name: Caleb Matthew Jenkins

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Hometown: Cinnabar Island, Kanto

Role: Student

Appearance/Clothing: Caleb has curly brown hair that is about an inch long and covers his head.His skin is fair and his eyes are a light brown.Normally he wears a red t-shirt, a pair of medium wash blue jeans and a pair of red and white sneakers.

Personality: Caleb is a boy with a bit of a temper.He can be just wonderful normally but if prevoked he can be a force to be reckoned with.He will start fist fights if he feels that he's been made fun of.He has a code of morals that he learned from his dad.He never hits girls or people with glasses.Or at least he tries not to but if a girl really pisses him off… But despite his temper he's not anti social by a long shot.

View of Main Characters:

Marcell: "He's great. I like him, most of the time…"

Jeff: "He seems like he's alright."


Squirtle – Male, first Pokémon and Caleb's strongest Pokémon. Squirtle is very close to evolving into a Wartortle.

Growlithe – Male, Caleb's second strongest and incredibly loyal. Growlithe takes on the role of watchdog and protector of Caleb and his friends.

Diglett – Female, the youngest and most recently caught of Caleb's Pokémon.

Shinx – Male

Snover – Male

Eevee – Male, a Christmas gift from his aunt when he was ten. Caleb is almost entirely sure that he wants Eevee to become a Umbreon but it hasn't happened yet.He might accidentally end up with an Espeon and that might make him angry.

Other: His favorite color is black.He enjoys banana strawberry smoothies.

7/6/2011 #31

lol, my cultist has half her head shaved and is a recent druggie xD

7/6/2011 #32

Well one of Jeff's requirements is letting your hair grow for several months until you have "found your place in the Gates of Arceus."

7/6/2011 #33

one half is grown xD

7/6/2011 #34

That's actually kind of badass, Ricki.

7/6/2011 #35

Damn, so many beginner trainers! D:

7/6/2011 #36

Yeah, there are a lot now that I've noticed. You guys are aware that they're not going to get as much page time as the Pro Trainers and the GoA members.

7/6/2011 #37
Shadow Minamino

Yeah, I figured. I only really planned on making 1 beginner, the other two being a pro and a wanderer.

7/6/2011 #38

I only have like two beginner trainers, but I have like three pros. xD

7/6/2011 #39

Well I'm just going to put the beginners in groups with one pro each, so it'll be neccessary to have a bunch of them.

7/6/2011 #40

Got it. :D I'll see if I can think of some more.

One of them is the average-looking sweetie we were talking about a few days ago and another is an example of a hot guy who is NOT a jerk, since I know you find hot jerks annoying. xD

7/6/2011 #41
Shadow Minamino

And here's my second OC, the pro trainer! I'll have the Wandering trainer in tommorow.


Name: Harrison Ryan Scaramuzzi

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Hometown: Goldenrod City, Johto

Role: Pro Trainer

Appearance/Clothing: Harrison is a pretty tall trainer, standing at about 6'2. He's a generally lean guy, with a sprinter's muscle build( the legs, torso, triceps, ect. ). He's got long, dark red hair, the color of an apple's skin, that reaches down to the top of his back. It gives him a slightly effeminate look, which is only even more asserted by his emerald green eyes and smooth white skin, with absolutely no facial hair. His face is almost always topped off with a knowing smirk of some sort, which serves to irratate a lot of people. His normal clothes consists of a long sleeved, white, button-up dress shirt and a pair of kahki trousers with a rose belt buckle adorning his belt, along with black socks and a pair of black loafers. His alternate outfit is a simple red T-shirt and blue jeans, topped off with a pair of blue sneakers. His formal wear is a lot like his normal outfit, only he trades in the kahki's and loafers for a pair of black dress pants and some formal dress shoes, and throws a nice black suit over his dress shirt, with a rose pinned to the front. His swimwear is pretty basic, just a pair of green swim trunks... patterned with roses. His sleepwear is also basic enough, just a pair of whatever boxers he's wearing at the time and a T-Shirt.

Personality: Harrison is a pretty laid back person. He prefers to go with the flow of things and not let troubles worry him too much. He's a pretty jolly guy, and doesn't really hold ill-will towards most people. He's also a huge flirt, and will flirt with any girl that's around his age or older. He's a pretty charming guy when in flirt mode, and he'll treat ladies with respect. Under his charming and jolly exterior, lies a smart guy and a talented battler, having been able to make his way to the semifinals of the Johto Conference tournament. Be careful of him when he gets serious.

Despite these strengths, Harrison has a good amount of flaws to his personality as well. Inwardly, he's an extreme narcissist, and flips out if his face is scratched or his skin is otherwise marred. He's also a rather forgetful person: He'll forget to show up to class, to pick up dates, one time he accidentally left his pokemon at home when he went traveling! There's also his clumsiness: There was that one time he had tried to climb up Mt.silver, when he tripped on a stone and actually tumbled down the latter half of the mountain... he was in the hospital for a good month recovering. Oh, and let's not even get started on his gambling addiction...

History: Harrison's life hasn't been too hard. He lived with his father, who was a pokemon doctor in the Goldenrod Hospital. His mother had died of a heart attack when he was four years old, but his father was rather well off due to his occupation, so they never really had hardship.When he was young, he set off on a journey, a Heracross as his starter, and collected badges around Johto. He eventually entered the Johto conference and made it to the semifinals before getting knocked out. After the league ended, he continued his career as a trainer, challenging anyone he came across, whether they be beginners or experts, before deciding to go to Pewter to teach a new generation about pokemon at the beginner's institute.

View of Main Characters:

Marcell: " This guy's pretty serious... he's a good guy at heart, but I wish he'd lighten up a bit."

Jeff: " I don't know about this guy... he seems okay, but there's something off about him. No one can be that perfect..."


Heracross/Male/Guts – Heracross was Harrison's first pokemon, received from his dad as a kid. Much like his trainer, Heracross is very laid back and relaxed, and is one of Harrison's strongest pokemon, and the one he can trust in the most. The two have a very close bond, and are an extremely strong team. Is best friends with Harrison's Roserade.

Roserade/Male/Natural Cure- Roserade was captured as a Budew when Harrison was a kid, and eventually evolved into Roserade. Roserade is what some pokemon would call " A knight in silver armor", being very gallant and showy, and helping pokemon in need whenever he can. Being best friends with Heracross, Roserade normally drags the laid back bug along with him on his adventures in knightdom.

Swanna/Female/Keen Eye – Swanna was received in a trade, when Harrison had encountered an Unovian native trainer in Olivine city, having traded his Meowth for a Ducklett. Swanna is a very prissy pokemon, always preening herself and keeping herself in top condition. She loves battle and is proficient in distance attacks, preferring to fight at a long range. She's rather argumentative and narcissistic, always believing herself to be the most beautiful pokemon.

Magneton/Genderless/Sturdy – Magneton was captured as a magnemite on the way to Olivine city while Harrison was still a traveling trainer .Magneton's a friendly pokemon, who tries to make friends with any other pokemon it sees. While you'd think that it's is a cold and unfeeling pokemon, it's actually the most sensitive of Harrison's team, and is prone to emotional outbursts – even when battling. Dreams of becoming a Magnezone.

Litwick – Lampent – Chandelure/Male/Flash Fire – Litwick is Harrison's first capture since coming to Pewter, having brought his previous four pokemon from his past journey, and leaving his Weavile and Golem at home. Litwick is a very playful and mischevious pokemon, and retains the same personality as a Lampent. When he becomes a Chandelure, his personality changes to a very quiet and solemn pokemon.

Baltoy – Claydol/Genderless/Levitate – Baltoy is Harrison's second capture in Kanto. Baltoy was owned by a previous trainer and released into the foreign Kanto wilderness, and as such, is distrustful of humans, including Harrison. Baltoy is a cold pokemon that possesses a vast amount of intelligence, and he is the same once he evolves into Claydol.

Other: Harrison loves to gamble and is a bit of an addict... but he denies it. He also possesses a fixtation on getting to eat a good burger every once in a while, and will often go on a hunt for a good burger resturant.

7/6/2011 . Edited 3/5/2012 #42
Kelly of the midnight dawn

And here's my Pro Trainer to add to the mix. Enjoy!

Name: Caroline Faith Grant

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Hometown: Sunnyshore City, Sinnoh

Role: Pro Trainer

Appearance/Clothing: Caroline has long blond hair that she normally keeps in a long braid down the center of her back. Her skin is lightly sunkissed and her eyes are a warm brown.She is tall with an athletic build. She normally wears a pair of blue jeans, a white t-shirt with a red and black flannel men's shirt left hanging open over it like a spring jacket and white and black tennis shoes.On formal occasions she wears a white sundress that reaches just above her knees and white sandals. When she swims she wears a bikini that matches her skin tone almost perfectly.She sleeps in a pair of blue and white plaid pajama pants and an old Pokeathalon t-shirt.

Personality: Caroline is a no nonsense type of girl who has a soft spot for children. She often swears in ordinary conversations (not really big swears, just crap and damn and sometimes fuck) but she tries very hard not to swear in front of the kids.She's quite good at speaking her mind but she can also tell when a situation calls for her to hold her tongue. She is quite handy in a fight though she tries not to get into them.

History: Caroline was born and raised in Sinnoh.At a young age she expressed an interest in competing in the Pokeathalon.She trained and trained but found that she had more of a knack for coordinating.Though she continued to compete at a non professional level in Pokeathalon competitions she excelled in contests.After winning the Sinnoh grand festival she decided to go to the Institute to try and offer the young beginners their the wealth or her experience.

View of Main Characters:

Marcell: "He's alright I suppose. I just wish he'd do something about that damn Jeff always popping up everywhere the way he does. Marcell needs to grow a pair if you ask me."

Jeff: "That freak rubs me the wrong way. I don't know how he found out my middle name but when I do find out, they're going to get it."


Ponyta – Female, one of her best contest performers and her best Pokeathalon partner. She rides Ponyta whenever she can to make sure that they both get fresh air and exercize. Ponyta is the only Pokémon she brought with her to the Institute.

Other: She sends lots of postcards to Pokémon centers in Sinnoh for her little sisters.She has two younger sisters, Daniel Ellen Grant age 15 and Tiffany Shannon Grant age 13.Caroline enjoys dancing and her favorite food is spaghetti.

7/6/2011 #43

Name: Lysandra "L" Borello

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Hometown: Azalea, Johto

Role: Cultist

Appearance/Clothing: Once upon a time Lysandra (when she still went by that name) was pretty and not scary or looked like she'd kill you... that's not the case anymore ;__; Rather tall for a woman, she keeps a thin frame with plenty of unsuspecting muscle. Her hair is cut "unique" having the left half of her head bald, the right half covering her face and going down to the base of her neck and being dyed Electric Blue. Her eyes which don't require glasses have yellow contact lenses instead of her natural brown. She has metal toed biker boots, leather pants, leather fingerless gloves with spiked,metal knuckles, a beat up navy blue tank top with a bleeding red star drabbed on her body. However most of her body is infact completely tattooed (guesstimated at 76%) with various designs from quotes to tribal images to pictures. She has 26 piercings, only 21 being on her face (lips tongue, eyebrows, ears, nose)... I don't wanna say the other places. Sometimes she'll have a leather jacket on. She also has many scars from street fights or beating a few noticeable ones are from her eye to under her chin (J shaped) knife, over her right shoulder (biking accident), and around her wrists (handcuffs...). Rather pale and not a real make up wearing kind of person...

Personality: L is... just insane, to say the least. After living on the streets she's learned: to look out for herself, and the strong make the rules. She isn't one to be second in command since she's been able to lead and is rather power hungry and greedy. She isn't afraid of making blood appear and uses a mix of violence, intimidation, and charm to get her way... most often the first one just so she can enjoy it. Having a large and varied criminal background, L basically knows the ins and outs of the streets and the underground of the world, and is smart enough to not directly commit any crimes.

History: Once a nice cheery child of a farm family, Lysandra took a nosedive after the death of her single father. Trying to OD on meds several days after the funeral, she failed and was admitted to a nearby hospital in Goldenrod. Overhearing that she would be put into foster care (was 14 at the time) and a psyche ward, she fled the hospital and began living on the streets. For a place to sleep and food she began to live with gangs, druggies, pimps, you name it. It was around this time she simply called herself L and voided her previous life all together. Teaming up with a old acquaintance from the past, (Shelly, but she's unimportant) they formed a soon to be major gang involving drugs, smuggling, gambling, and prostitution (and it was sexist as hell, I mean only women allowed? Bitches....) when she was 19. It was recently broken up when Shelly (still unimportant), was gunned down by police in a hostage robbery. L already had her shit packed (not much mind you) and was across the border to Kanto by the end of the night.

View of Main Characters:

-Marcell: That "mr. helper" prick? He's nothing but a tool...

-Jeff: That guy thinks he's Arceus' little chosen and can lead us all. Fat load of shit that'll do him...


-Weavile: Got as a sneasel through a legitimate trade (if pokemon for drugs is legit) he's only loyal because she evolved him and he gets to fight.

-Houndoom: Found on one of her starting days on the streets, he's probably the most loyal, actually looking out for her. Was once trained to be a guard dog but ran away.

-Gengar: Picked up during a break in at some abandoned house, he joined for shits and giggles.

-Hypno: Caught when he tried fucking with her dreams, she now turns that against other people. He doesn't complain.

-Fearow: Probably her oldest pokemon from back on the farm, he never really liked her until her criminal days. Now he's hopping for joy.

-Machoke: Won in a fight... you can probably guess how, he's a major muscle for her.

Other: Drives a harley, smokes, drinks, and speaks Spanish and Russian (don't know where she learned either o.o). She has 3 flasks and 8 knives hidden on her person at all times...

7/6/2011 . Edited 7/6/2011 #44

So like how did she join the cult?

She seems pretty badass though.

7/6/2011 #45

that's a good question Lolli xD

i'm gonna semi BS an answer and say she needed somewhere to crash and ran into them first, she isn't too keen on the cult/religion aspect but she thinks she can drum up a few followers to start a gang again.

7/6/2011 #46
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Definitely badass but... what's her opinion of Marcell and Jeff?

7/6/2011 #47

Actually, you don't have to BS anything. It's actually my responsibility to come up with a reason anyway.

7/6/2011 #48

thanks for reminding me Kelly, knew i forgot something xD

7/6/2011 #49
Shadow Minamino

Daamn, that's one badass cultist, Ricki. Nice job. :D

7/6/2011 #50
Kelly of the midnight dawn

No problem RickiRayRayRickiRickiRayRickiRay, that's what I'm here for :)

7/6/2011 #51

fixed it :D

7/6/2011 #52
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Kelly's gonna say goodnight now boys and girls.

7/6/2011 #53

Bye, bye, Kelly! :D

7/6/2011 #54
Shadow Minamino

Alright, last OC, the Wandering Trainer, James.... Well, this universes's James. I'm still planning the huge interdimensional meeting. :P

Hope he works alright.


Name: Jameson "James" Lancaster Rhodes

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Hometown: Fuchsia City, Kanto

Role: Wandering Trainer

Appearance/Clothing: James is an intimidating and tall person, standing at about 6'4. His body type is slightly muscular, having strong forearms and a strong torso. His hair is a scruffy black color and his eyes are dark brown and slightly narrowed, which compliments his tan skin. On his face is a scar on his left cheek in the shape of an X, obtained when he was training with his Scyther. His chin is covered in a thin and scratchy layer of black stubble, which he constantly shaves to make sure it stays as stubble. His entire body up to his neck is covered in a tattered brown cloak, with ripped holes all over it. Under the cloak is a black undershirt, which is covered up by a thin coat of chainmail and a dark brown survival vest. He also has a pair of gray sweatpants which is tatterered and fraying at the end of of the legs and a pair of cloth tabi and grey socks.

Personality: James's personality is rather gruff. He's extremely serious and wise beyond his years, although he's not above teaching kids about pokemon and life lessons, even having a bit of a soft spot for children. Otherwise, he's rather serious and cold towards anyone he meets, and doesn't completely trust them until they do something to earn his trust. He's also a huge hardass when it comes to training, always expecting the best out of everyone. He's got a rather strong sense of justice and will help out anyone in need. Of course, he'll try to do it secretly, preferring to stay behind the scenes, only coming out and helping with his presence known if he absolutely needs to. James is a powerful battler, both physically and pokemon wise, but due to some past troubles, isn't exactly allowed to battle legally at the moment, so he's technically doing so illegally and has to coax most people into not alerting the pokemon league of his whereabouts, since if they found him, they could very easily jail him and release his pokemon, so he needs to stay moving at all times.

James has two life goals: To find and befriend the legendary pokemon, the ultimate pokemon, Mewtwo.... which he will then use in order to complete his second goal, which will be elaborated on later. He wanders and travels to track down this illusive pokemon and become it's friend and partner. James treats his pokemon as his traveling companions and friends, as they're often the only living things he'll see for months, depending on how far on the trail of Mewtwo he is. He has a tendency to pop up when people want to see him... or in Jeff's case, whenever he DOESN'T want to see him. Ahahaha. He's also a bit of a cryptic bastard who seems to know more than he lets on... but who the hell knows, he might just be screwing with everyone's heads and not know a thing. He also has a peculiar quirk: James actually physically fights his pokemon in mutal agreement, as they believe it's a benefit for both of them, allowing them all to get stronger. It was a duel with Scyther that he had obtained the scar on his cheek.

History: James was born in Fuchsia city. He set off on a journey when he was ten, and was a great trainer, even destined to become champion at one point... until the accident. He was fourteen. After four years, he had finally made it to the finals of the Indigo Tournament... that was when it happened. James's Scyther... had accidentally not only killed his opponent, but also sliced up the opponent's trainer to ribbons with an exceptionally strong Razor Wind. The pokemon league was furious at the accident, and did their best to cover it up. However, you know how the media is... it got out of control, James was caught in the middle of a huge scandal, his Scyther almost had to be released, and his parents were swamped by reporters, until one day, the stress of it all caught up with them.

The next day after, this was the headline of the papers: " Parents of controversial trainer Jameson Rhodes jump off of Lavender Tower! Dead on Impact!" And James was all alone at the age of fifteen, with no extra relatives so to speak of. Eventually it all ended when James turned 16, and a court trial was finally held, as he was being sued by the parents of the dead trainer for negligence and improper raising of pokemon. The trial ended with James having his trainer license revoked indefinitely. An outcast in the world of pokemon, his name is almost all but forgotten, having been lost in the storm of the media long ago. At the age of seventeen, James heard of a legend. The legend was of the extremely powerful legendary pokemon, Mewtwo. James decided he would search out the legendary pokemon and befriend it, hoping to be able to use it's immense power to help him regain his trainer's license by showing that James could responsibly handle pokemon, as shown by his befriendment of a legendary.

So now, James travels the world with his pokemon, searching for Mewtwo and helping out other people and pokemon along the way. He tends to show up a lot at the beginner institution in Pewter, eager to see how the younger trainers are doing with their studies. Sometimes he'll even crash a class to (illegally) help teach a lesson.

View of Main Characters:

Marcell: " Hurrm.... this kid has potential. He needs to work on a lot of things but... he's certainly got it. "

Jeff: " This guy is insane. I've met a lot of people on my travels, and I can tell when a person is off his rocker. This is one of those guys... best keep an eye on him. I don't like him, and I don't trust him. He's up to something... "


Scyther/Male/Technician – Scyther was James's first pokemon, and was the one that had caused the huge scandal with his Razor Wind. Regardless, the event did not strain their relationship, and James and Scyther are an extremely powerful team. Scyther is a very reserved and quiet pokemon, and extremely fast and strong. He still remembers the incident, and sometimes it will haunt him in his dreams.

Gengar/Male/Levitate – Gengar was a capture James made as a kid, when he was visiting Lavender town. Gengar is extremely mischevious, and loves to pull pranks and cause mischief. However, Gengar is a huge softy at heart, and is the best friend of Scyther. He helped both James and Scyther a lot when the incident first happened, allowing them to sleep better thanks to Dream Eater.

Garchomp/Female/Sand Veil – Garchomp is a powerhouse, a lucky capture when James lured it out with some pokemon food as a Gible. Garchomp is extremely vain, believing herself to be the strongest pokemon on James's team, despite being weaker than both Scyther and Gengar. Garchomp loves to pick fights and show her strength off whenever she can.

Starmie/Genderless/Natural Cure – Starmie is James's next pokemon, captured while fishing. Starmie is one of the most intelligent members of the team, and normally keeps the levelest head in tough situations. Starmie is James's main mode of both aerial and water transport, and is a strong battler, having access to a variety of moves, such as Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Recover, and other unpredictable moves.

Infernape/Male/Blaze – Infernape was given to him on his travels as an egg, which eventually hatched into Chimchar. Infernape is very rash, and always running off into trouble. He's very strong in both physical and special moves, and is a jack of all trades, attack wise.

Raichu/Female/Static – Raichu is the weakest of the team, although considering the rest of his team, that's not saying much, as Raichu is still strong enough to be considered a threat. Raichu is generally sent out to test the strength of other trainers. She's also a very shy and kind pokemon, always helping out others when they need it.

Other: As said, James's life goals are to both find and befriend Mewtwo, and get his trainer's license reinstated. James also physically battles his pokemon in order for everyone to get stronger. He has a tendency to call anyone younger than him "kid" and has a soft spot for young children. He's got a bit of a weakness for soup, as strange as that sounds. He loves the stuff.

7/6/2011 . Edited 7/9/2011 #55
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Here's my next batch of OCs. These include my runaway wandering trainer and my first cult member.

Name: Josephine Gabrielle Bryant (She goes by Josie Lewis and keeps her real name a secret because she's afraid of being turned in.Lewis was her mother's maiden name.)

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Hometown: Peddleburg City, Hoenn

Role: Traveling Trainer

Appearance/Clothing: Josephine has long, culry black hair, blue eyes and pale skin.She is slender and flatchested.Normally she wears a yellow sundress with a pattern of pink and blue flowers with green leaves.On her feet she wears a pair of hot pink strappy sandals and on her head she wears a wide brimmed white hate with a green ribbon encircling it.She carries a blue backpack with her everywhere.The bag contains her sleeping bag, spare clothes, money and toiletries.

Personality: Josephine is a bubbly teenager, obsessing about boys andclothes and can talk a million miles a minute.But her outward cheeriness hides her inner feelings about her turbulent life in Peddleburg City.She's a runaway and she's afraid that her parents will find her and make her go home and quit being a Pokémon trainer.If police are going by on the street Josephine will hide.

History: Josephine was born into a rich family who have a long held belief that Pokémon training is for lesser people.From an early age she was taught by her parents that education and proper manners should be placed above all else.But when she was eleven she met her future partner Ledyba.Josephine's parents were horrified when Josephine brought the bug Pokémon home and they called the local Pokémon Center to take Ledyba away.Josephine was crushed because outside of her family and a few people she'd had minimal time to socialize with during her lessons, Ledyba was her first true friend.That night she packed a bag and the next day, she went to the Pokémon Center, telling Nurse Joy that her parents had changed their minds and had decided to let her keep Ledyba after all.Then she ran away.

View of Main Characters:

Marcell: "He's a serious guy… He reminds me a lot of my older brother."

Jeff: "He's awfully nice but a little suspicious.Especially since no one here knows my real name except for him and I never told him."


Ledian – Female, Ledian befriended Josephine when she was eleven and helped Josephine to realize how wrong her family was.

Corsola – Female

Smoochum – (We all know what gender it is)

Flareon – Female, found as an egg in Ilex Forest and raised.Evolved into a Flareon when Josephine happened upon a peddler of evolution stones and her Eevee got excited at the sight of a Fire Stone.

Other: When Josephine left home she took a large amount of money with her and was able to set up a bank account under her assumed name.She's not an exceedingly amazing trainer but she does well enough and wins money in battles which goes into her account.She cares very deeply for her Pokémon.She came to the Institute to make some human friends but she's afraid that since Jeff knows who she is that she willhave to move on again soon.

Name: Nora Kate Baxter

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Hometown: Lavender Town, Kanto

Role: Student

Appearance/Clothing: Nora has short straight light brown hair, soft gray eyes, fair skin, an angelic face, button nose and a perfect cupid's bow mouth.She's about the height of the average nine year old and not many people believe her when she tells them that she's eleven.Normally she wears a pink t-shirt under a blue denim jumper dress and white sneakers with blue and white striped socks.

Personality: Nora is a lively and light hearted girl.She enjoys skipping through fields with her Pokémon and playing cards and board games with her friends.She's a bit on the naïve side as life and all its troubles haven't touched her yet.She is prone to staring out the window during classes and dreaming of thunderous applause as she steps onto a contest stage somewhere glamorous. She's a bright girl and believes that she doesn't need to pay attention in class because she already knows everything she needs to know.

View of Main Characters:

Marcell: "He'd be nice if he wasn't so serious and lecturing all the time."

Jeff: "There's a lot of rumors going around about him.He seems nice but I don't know what to think."


Gastly – Male, first Pokémon and rather tame for a member of its species.Gastly is obedient and prefers to stay in his Pokéball.

Krabby – Male, could be called a shy Pokémon, while Krabby enjoys time outside his Pokéball, he will run and hide if an unfamiliar person or Pokémon approaches.This has meant that Nora has had to search for him on more than one occasion.

Cubone – Female, Cubone is the one who assists Nora when Krabby runs off and hides.Cubone can can comfort Krabby much better than Nora can.Cubone is a competent and formidable opponent on the battle field.

Sunkern – Female

Growlithe – Male, not yet very powerful but very loyal.Growlithe will need some significant battle experience but his loyalty to Nora is unmatched.He loves being outside his Pokéball and running around in the great outdoors but he always comes back and never hides.He is not shy and is very brave, even though he has only won a handful of battles.

Other: Nora admires glamorous people and things.

Name: Joshua "Josh" Trevor Kingston

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Hometown: Blackthorn City, Johto

Role: Student

Appearance/Clothing: Josh has unkempt dark brown hair with bangs always in his face.His eyes are a warm brown and his skin is lightly tanned.Normally he wears a t-shirt with alternating horizontal stripes of a very blue blue and a lighter blue, a pair of grayish jeans and a pair of white and purple sneakers.

Personality: Josh is the typical shy kid.He feels a bit out of place, being relatively new to the Institute.He hasn't quite found his niche and though he is acquainted with most of the other children, he hasn't quite made real friends with any of them.He enjoys watching Pokémon and doodling in a purple notebook.He's a quiet observer of Pokémon and human behavior.He's a good student and pays close attention in class.He's been branded a nerd and a teacher's pet and a freak because of his quiet attitude and he is the target of some pranks.

View of Main Characters:

Marcell: "He is an excellent teacher."

Jeff: "He's quite helpful to some of the students but I've noticed him exhibiting some odd behavior."


Cyndaquil – Male, Josh's first Pokémon and best pal.

Pidgey – Male, the first Pokémon that Josh ever caught.Josh wishes he could afford to buy a small video camera that he could attach to a collar so that Pidgey could give him a closer view of the Pokémon that live in the trees and fly in the sky.

Other: Josh likes chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.His favorite color is purple.He cannot stand blueberries.

Name: Miranda Sabrina Donavon

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Hometown: Goldenrod City, Johto

Role: Cult Member

Appearance/Clothing: Miranda has very long brown hair that reaches her knees and hangs in curly clumps around her face and head.Her eyes are a sullen gray that appear to have lost any zest for life that they might ever have held.Her skin is pale and her lips are thin and drawn.She is thin and gaunt and appears malnourished.Her only clothing is a faded gray t-shirt that hangs loosely on her thin frame and a pair of old faded blue jeans that are worn through in some places.She has many old scars over her body that are mostly hidden by her clothing.

Personality: A cult leader's dream to put it mildly.Years of drug abuse in order to mentally escape from memories of physical abuse have left Miranda a melancholy and dependent person who cannot think for herself.What remains of a once vibrant and happy child is buried under years of physical and emotional scars.

History: Miranda was born to a happy young couple who lived in Goldenrod City.But her young mother died soon after she was born and her father remarried when she was three.Her stepmother was nice enough, perhaps a little strict and not altogether loving but she wasn't by any means evil.But when Miranda was six, her biological father died and her stepmother changed.Bills were piling up and Miranda's stepmother was bitter that her husband had left her to raise an ungrateful child.Whenever Miranda misbehaved she would be beaten.The beatings got worse and worse until one day her stepmother beat her so severely that she ended up in the hospital.Johto Child Services took her away from her stepmother after that and her stepmother went to jail.

Things were starting to look up for Miranda, now age eight, and she went to live with a very nice foster family.She lived with them for two years until she was ten when she set out on her Pokémon journey with her first Pokémon, a Chikorita.But while she was away another one of the foster family's foster children set the house on fire and killed the family in their sleep.When Miranda heard about this she was devastated.Johto Child Services searched for her to place her with a new foster family but Miranda refused to allow her heart to be broken again.At age eleven a drug dealer in Cherrygrove gave her her first taste of heroine.She like the feeling it gave herand she was soon hooked.At age fifteen she, in a desperate state, unable to afford the drugs, she traded her Chikorita, her dearest friend and only Pokémon, to a drug dealer.After the fact she realized what she'd done and was overcome with overwhelming regret.

After this incident, Miranda turned to prostitution to feed her habit.Many years later she met Jeff and he helped to get her off the drugs.He sat with her while she went through withdrawl and told her comforting stories about faith being rewarded which helped get her though.He gave her an Oddish to look after as her own Pokémon and gave her a place to live with the Gates of Arceus.She owes everything to Jeff and she has let her heart open up to another human being after shutting her emotions off from the world for so many years.

View of Main Characters:

Marcell: "As Jeff says, Marcell needs faith."

Jeff: "My savior, I owe him my life and so much more.If I live a million years I will never repay him for all he's done for me."


Oddish – Female, given to her by Jeff so that she would have a Pokémon to care for and to help keep her on the path of faith and truth.

Other: When she speaks it's usually in a sweet but unfocussed sounding voice.She never seems to be all there. She has a soft spot for children.

7/8/2011 . Edited 7/8/2011 #56

I have mixed feelings about this OC, but here you go. :P

Name: Lydia Marlene Sullivan

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Hometown: Driftveil City, Unova

Role: Pro Trainer

Appearance/Clothing: Lydia is of average height and average weight, with average looks. Just all around average. She has straight shoulder-length brown hair with choppy bangs, fair skin and plain earthy brown eyes. Her regular clothes consists of a white top under a black cardigan, as well as jeans, a backwards blue baseball cap and blue fingerless gloves. She tends to avoid any formal events, but on the rare occasions shedoesattend one, she wears a sky blue dress with a darker blue sash and blue heels. She swims in a turquoise tankini, and she sleeps in purple PJs.

Personality: Lydia is a very sweet and hyper girl who has her head up in the clouds; silly, eccentric comments are her specialty and most of the time it seems like she's high on sugar, which makes sense considering her sweet tooth. She absolutely loves to have fun and tries to live life to the fullest; this often results in her doing crazy awesome things and getting into odd situations. She appears to be ditzy, stupid and easy to manipulate, but though shemaybe the former, she's definitely not the latter two and is actually a pretty good judge of character. Her intelligence doesn't cover many areas, but she's a battling genius and is a formidable trainer and strategist. She has a soft spot for the beginner trainers and gives them advice and pointers so that they can improve.

As far as negative emotions go, she tries to bottle them up as best as she can, though when pushed too far, she tends to release all her bottled up emotions in an 'emotional explosion'. She does have her serious moments as well, though when Lydia Marlene Sullivan is acting serious, you KNOW something is up. She's obviously not serious often and in most bad situations, she's usually the one to try and lighten the mood. However, her hyperness hides one of her insecurities: she doesn't want to be 'just average'. Underneath her ditzy facade, it seems like she's more aware of things than she lets on...

History: Lydia was born to a middle-class family consisting of her, her parents and her sixteen year old sister Ivy. Her father works at the local gym and her mother is a retired trainer, which led to her picking up many battle tactics from them. Though her parents were loving, they seemed to favour the more talented and beautiful Ivy over plain old Lydia, which caused the latter to try and stand out more. Like Marcell, she travelled around Unova and collected all the badges and ended up in the Top 16 during the league. After that, she decided to go to the Institute.

View of Main Characters: Marcell - "What kind of crazy situation can I drag him into today? *grin*"

Jeff - "Eh. Can't say I like him that much. (There is definitely something wrong with him)"

Pokémon: Excadrill: Lydia's first Pokémon. She is very serious and is somewhat annoyed by her trainer's antics, though she is very loyal and is a formidable oppponent during battles.

Volcarona: A mischievous trickster and compulsive liar. He's not the most reliable Pokémon around, but he's certainly a powerful battler.

Vullaby - Mandibuzz: Evolves to Mandibuzz early on due to being very close to evolving. She is extremely insecure of the fact that others find her somewhat creepy and tries to be nice to everyone she meets; however, she does have a bit of a short temper and tends to scare off others when she loses it.

Slowpoke - Slowking: He's rather laid-back and relaxed but he's very intelligent and wise and will occasionally offer advice to others.

Gastly - Haunter - Gengar: She's calm and extremely level-headed, though she can have some fun every once and a while.

Tyrogue - Hitmonchan: Hitmonchan is very battle-hungry and is a major hot-shot who constantly shows off. He has a simply horrid temper that flares up a lot especially when someone interrupts him while he's training.

Other: She has several other Pokémon that are currently in storage. She likes to draw in her spare time, but she's not very good at it...

7/8/2011 #57

Good job both of you.

Kelly, your member is just the type of member we need in Jeff's cult. :D

Kina, fuck yeah, a ditz! 8D Ditz's rule!

7/8/2011 #58

Yes they do!! xD

And she's that plain sweetie we were talking about the other day, too! 8D I thought this was the perfect time to make that OC.

7/8/2011 #59
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Here's Scott! And of far less importance, the 12 year old Miss Priss.

Name: Scott Tristan Tate

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Hometown: Fuchsia City, Kanto

Role: Pro Trainer

Appearance/Clothing: Scott has medium brown, neatly kept hair, lovely deep blue eyes and a rugged tan complexion.He is tall and athletically built with noticeable muscles. Normally he wears a black, gray and white plaid shirt, a pair of blue jeans and brown boots. On formal occasions he wears a pair of gray slacks, black dress shoes, a navy blue button down dress shirt and a white bow tie. He swims in a simple pair of blue trunks and sleeps in a pair of green plaid boxers.

Personality: Scott is a rugged outdoorsman and a nice guy to boot.He's often willing to help out the youngsters at the Institute.But he cannot always help out because he still has to find time for training his Pokémon and he is taking college courses online so he is very busy. He over extends himself and sometimes stress will get to him. At those times he will lock himself in his room and avoid most human contact as he knows he will snap and say something he will regret. However, he mostly is the eternal optimist and believes that there is good in everyone.

View of Main Characters:

Marcell: "I really like the guy."

Jeff: "I don't like him coming around all these impressionable young minds."


Venusaur – Male, first Pokémon as a Bulbasaur.

Electabuzz – Male

Magmar – Male

Dewgong – Male

Persian – Female, Scott's only female Pokémon and the only one to be always outside her Pokéball and at her trainer's side. While she is a ferocious battler, outside of battle she's a attention whore. She absolutely loves getting petted by the studentsand often rolls onto her back to get her tummy rubbed. When she is around friendly people she is as gentle as a kitten but when suspicious people like Jeff come around she switches to guard mode.

Scott has several other Pokémon but these are the ones he chose to bring with him to the Institute.

Other: He prefers for the kids to call him Scott.He plays the guitar and sets up sing along nights and other activities to keep the kids entertained when his online classes permit of course.

Name: Melanie Anne Redman

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Hometown: Rustboro City, Hoenn

Role: Student

Appearance/Clothing: Melanie has pretty straight blonde hair that she always keeps in two very neat braids that reach just past her shoulders.Her braids are tied off with pink ribbons.Her skin is fair and her eyes are green.Melanie has many pretty dresses with her at the Institute.She has a white satin long sleeved dress with buttoned cuffs and a lace collar.She also has a lovely cotton pink dress with half length sleeves.Another of her dresses is a turquoise silk oufit with a skirt that reaches almost to her ankles and has an inordinate amount of ruffles.She also has several pairs of shoes to go with her dresses.Black patent-leather maryjanes, white kitten heals, gold high heals, pink sandals, and for hiking and outdoor situations she has a pair of white sneakers, a plain denim skirt and a pink t-shirt.

Personality: Melanie is a Miss Priss.She cannot stand dirt.She considers bug type Pokémon disgusting and offers her opinion on them known far and wide.She is a snooty little snob who brags about her parents and her older sister.She is known to start sentences with "Mother says…" or "Father once…" She is very well spoken and stuck up.She proclaims herself to be the most popular and strongest trainer at the Institute though her snobby attitude is a turn off to a lot of the other kids.

View of Main Characters:

Marcell: "He's a good man. I suppose that Father and Mother would approve of him as an instructor."

Jeff: "He's the sort of person that I'm sure Father and Mother would strongly disapprove of. All this faith nonsense that he keeps talking about…"


Glameow – Female, first Pokémon, given to her by her parents.

Sunflora – Female

Ninetales -Female


Other: Melanie prefers Pokémon who are attractive. Her mother taught her how to knit when she was little and Melanie's Pokémon all sport beautiful scarves in colors that compliment the colors of their bodies. Melanie's favorite beverage is lemonade.

7/9/2011 #60
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