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blah blah blah Phoenix wright blah kina's a killer blah blah me and seb are lawyers blah.

7/5/2011 #1

I AM NOT A KILLER!!!! DX ;___;

7/5/2011 #2
Shadow Minamino


Anyway, deleted mine. So I guess this is the quasi-officialish topic for PW stuff. :P

7/5/2011 #3
Brave Soul RMS

You're a coldblooded murderer.

7/5/2011 #4
Shadow Minamino


*Desk Slam*

Where is your evidence, Mr.Brave? Without any evidence, this trial cannot reach it's proper conclusion!

7/5/2011 #5

If I'm the killer, you're the victim. xP

7/5/2011 #6

it's only cause shadow is too much of a pansy to murder and no one would suspect you until you were on trial!

7/5/2011 #7

Can I be a sympathetic killer then? :3

7/5/2011 #8
Shadow Minamino

... You know, I take offense to that.

Sleep with one eye open, Ricki. XD

7/5/2011 #9

Seriously, though, I think Seb should be the defendant or Phoenix. xD He's not as calm and serious as Edgeworth.

7/5/2011 #10
Shadow Minamino

I could picture Seb as either, honestly.

Still, someone has to be the Gumshoe. :P

7/5/2011 #11

Puff or Brave...? xD

7/5/2011 #12
Shadow Minamino

That could work. :P

So, who would you fit into these character slots, Louhearst verse wise. We could do Forum members too, but that would restrict the mass amount of roles unless we double up. :P

Phoenix = ?

Edgeworth = ?

Judge = ?

Gumshoe = ?

Maya = ?

Mia = ?

Pearl = ?

Franziska = ?

Godot = ?

Trial Defendant = ?

7/6/2011 . Edited 7/6/2011 #13

I see Rietta as Edgeworth or Detective Ema Skye. xD

7/6/2011 #14
Shadow Minamino

I could see Rietta as either of the two, yeah. ^.^

7/6/2011 #15

Shane would probably be the defendant just because I can see someone accusing him of murder. :O Either that or the Edgeworth.

Horace is TOTALLY the Judge! xD

7/6/2011 #16
Shadow Minamino

Oh yeah, I can see Shane in the defendant's chair big time.

Horace = Judge is the most logical comparison ever. :D

And I could see Tinnett being the Gumshoe if Shane was the Edgeworth.

7/6/2011 #17

Franziska = Rolen...? xD

Or maybe Agent Lang!! AHAHAHAHA! XDDD

Or maybe Shane = Edgeworth, Logan = Phoenix, Rietta = Ema, Jett = KLAVIER!!

7/6/2011 . Edited 7/6/2011 #18
Shadow Minamino

Oh god, Yes yes yes yes yes, a million times yes. You have a knack for finding where the characters belong, cause I agree with all of that. :P

Also, are we the only two still awake? XD

7/6/2011 #19

But since we can't have ALL of the PW characters in one trial, I think we should just use general roles. :P

Defense attorney, prosecutor, detective, defendant, witness, judge, killer, etc.

I think we are. xD

7/6/2011 . Edited 7/6/2011 #20
Shadow Minamino

It's only 3:30 AM... pansies. XD

So it's settled. We will make a Louhearst trial one of these days. :P

7/6/2011 . Edited 7/6/2011 #21

Yeah, we will. xD

7/6/2011 . Edited 7/6/2011 #22
Shadow Minamino

Eh, true. ... Oh! I have to show you the most awesome series of videos! You'll love em. :P

Layton vs Edgeworth

Layton vs Edgeworth 2: The reckoning ( Part 1)

Layton vs Edgeworth 2: The reckoning ( Part 2 )

Had me laughing HARD.

7/6/2011 #23

No one even told me you guys made a new thread! xD

7/6/2011 #24
Shadow Minamino

Well, we have at least 3 PW enthusiasts on the forum, and we almost completely derailed the PWPA thread, so we figured why not? :P

7/6/2011 #25

Cool, but you guys have to tell me what's going on.

7/6/2011 #26
Shadow Minamino

I'll explain what I can in the morning, if Kina doesn't beat me to it. :P

But for now, I'mma head off to sleep. 4 AM and such. G'night.

7/6/2011 #27

Lolli, if you're still here, I can explain. :D

7/6/2011 #28

If we're doing forum members, I tooootally want to be a forensic scientist/detective. Acting as a witness, sometimes. :D :D :D My friend thinks I would be a prosecutor, though. :/

For my Louhearst characters, I think Sadie and Lilly would be the most annoying witnesses ever. Lilly because, y'know, testifying as a mute could be weird. Sadie because she's Sadie. xD

They could probably make a pretty good duo on the prosecutor's bench, with Sadie as the prosecutor. :D

7/6/2011 #29
Shadow Minamino

Puff! Haven't seen you in a while. ^.^

7/6/2011 #30
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