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As the title says. This is about the story version of the Northern Oaks RP. :D

Any questions, comments, complaints, ideas. Just let me know.

7/27/2011 #1


That is all.

7/27/2011 #2
Kelly of the midnight dawn

When was this RP?

7/27/2011 #3

At the beginning of May.

7/27/2011 #4

We started it while you were gone. ^^;

It's under all the pinned threads, BTW.

7/27/2011 #5
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Okay cool. I'll look it up later.

7/27/2011 #6

I want to revive it sooner or later. xD

7/27/2011 #7

First scene and it's an action one...


Brendan: *approaches Drayden with fire in his eyes* You got me kicked off the team, you piece of shit!

Drayden: No, you got yourself kicked off the team, Steele. But if you want to give me credit for your misery, go ahead. *smirks* It makes me even happier.

Brendan: *points his finger at him* I'm about to kick your punk ass!

Drayden: *scoffs and knocks Brendan's finger away from his face* No, you got it wrong. After I kick your ass, I think I'll go behind the school and fuck your little cheerleader girlfriend under the bleachers.

Brendan: *growls and shoves Drayden hard against the brick wall*

Drayden: *punches Brendan in the face*

Brendan: *punches Drayden in the face*

Drayden: *tackles Brendan and puts him in a sleep hold*

Brendan: *slams his back against the wall repeatedly until Drayden releases the hold*

Drayden: *growls and reaches in his pocket to retrieve his switchblade*

7/27/2011 #8

Well, you said he doesn't actually use it anyways so I'm not that worried about Brendan...

But still, that is one intense scene...o.O

7/27/2011 #9
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Cool action scene.

7/27/2011 #10

So, whose side should we take? Hmm...

7/27/2011 #11

Brendan's. xD

Even if Drayden won't actually stab Brendan, threatening someone in a fight with a knife is still dishonourable...

7/27/2011 #12
Kelly of the midnight dawn


I'm totally on Brendan's side.

7/27/2011 #13

Lol, Brendan gave Drayden the pointer finger...8D

7/27/2011 #14

Good because Drayden DID in fact get Brendan kicked off the team... :P

7/27/2011 #15

How? :O

7/27/2011 #16

By continuously harrassing him. The coach warned him if he got in any physical altercation, he'd be kicked off.

Brendan tried to remain calm, but Drayden knew about the warning from the coach and kept pushing Brendan over the edge...

7/27/2011 #17

Awwww. D:

Um, anyways...I WANT ROMANCE SCENES! I don't care about the pairings in them, I just want to see some fluff! 8D

7/27/2011 #18
Kelly of the midnight dawn

That dude should take a chill pill or something what with all his messing with other people. Doesn't he have anything better to do with his time.

7/27/2011 #19

@Kina - Let me see if I have any.

@Kelly - Brendan and Drayden are arch-enemies...

7/27/2011 #20
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Okay, but still... teenagers can be real idiots, present company excluded of course.

7/27/2011 #21

Scene!!! xD


*Annika and Kofi are at the arcade at night*

Annika: You're going down! *presses the buttons on the machine furiously and moves the joystick around*

Kofi: In your dreams, Nik! *does the same*

Reemer: Hey, dudes!

*Annika and Kofi don't pay any notice to him*

Reemer: Annika! Kofi!

Annika and Kofi: WHAT?!

Reemer: I'm about to close the arcade! Save your game and go home. You can restart it tomorrow.

*Annika and Kofi ignore him*

Reemer: *sighs and simply turns out the lights before leaving the arcade and locking the door behind him*

7/29/2011 #22

Ahh, videogame rivalries. xD

7/29/2011 #23
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Locked in the arcade all night :) Fun, until you run out of cash.

7/29/2011 #24

Hey Lolli, have any romance scenes?! 8D

7/29/2011 #25
Brave Soul RMS

Damn it, Kina, every time xD

7/29/2011 #26
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Let her be Brave, she's passionate about romance.

7/29/2011 #27

But the pairings in Northern Oaks are the best IMO!

SoO is just starting and almost none of my favourite pairings in LE are working out and I obviously can't have a relationship in real life. D: Can you blame me?

7/29/2011 #28
Brave Soul RMS

No. If I did, I'd be a jackass :/

7/29/2011 #29

Yes, you would be. xD

7/29/2011 #30
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