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Brave Soul RMS

At least Drayden's not racist...? xD

8/23/2011 #301

Hell, DJ's black and Earl says that black people can't be racist. xD

8/23/2011 #302

Wait, DJ is black?

Wow, I didn't even know that...xD

8/23/2011 #303

Yeah, we can't have a story based on real life without a black guy. It's like a rule!

8/23/2011 #304

True. xD

EDIT: The cast of Oaks is pretty diverse. We have a German, a Hispanic, an Italian, a black, a ginger, etc.

8/23/2011 . Edited 8/23/2011 #305

A Hawaiian/Barbadian too. :D

Just noticed that the black and the ginger are the bullies though...

8/23/2011 #306


8/23/2011 #307

But the rest of the characters are diverse, so it's cool.

Although, unfortunately, the second that I put this up on fictionpress, I'm pretty certain Drayden will gain fangirls...

8/23/2011 #308

XD Just ignore them.

8/23/2011 #309

I love fans regardless though, so it's good. Even though the girls on FP are attracted to bad boys for some reason...

8/23/2011 #310

I think it would interesting if we saw the reverse for once. xD Nice guy + bad girl.


8/23/2011 . Edited 8/23/2011 #311

Too many Jerkasses in general, guy or girl. But it just goes to show how society has gotten so low and cynical that it's 'cool' to go around treating others like crap.

8/23/2011 #312

Now, that's a good point you raised...

8/23/2011 #313



*A snake slithers up outside*

Dahlia: *screams* Snaaaaake!!! Aieyyyeeeeeee! *jumps on Drayden's back*

Drayden: Ugh, girls. DJ-

DJ: *shivering* M-Man, I hate snakes...

Drayden: Are you serious?

DJ: Hell yeah! Not everyone can be a psychopath who doesn't give a fuck about anything.

Drayden: My brother used to have a snake much bigger than this one. No big deal. Do you want me to like-

Dahlia: Kill it!!!

Drayden: *pulls out his blade* I either want to keep it as a pet or chop off it's head and keep it...

Snake: *simply stares at Drayden*

Drayden: *stares back sadistically*

Snake: *cowers away*

8/23/2011 #314

LOL Wow, Drayden must have one frightening stare!

8/23/2011 #315
Brave Soul RMS

He just scared a snake. What?

8/23/2011 #316

Extremely frightening...xD

EDIT: Even worse considering snakes can't even see well. It must have sensed how crazy he was. xD

8/23/2011 . Edited 8/23/2011 #317

LOL He should keep it as a pet instead! Then he can scare Dahlia and DJ whenever they piss him off. xDDD

Besides, killing an animal is cruel! D:

8/23/2011 #318

Like everytime you step on a bug?

8/23/2011 #319
Brave Soul RMS

Killing an animal is a necessary evil sometimes, Kina. But when it's senseless, that's where the line's crossed.

8/23/2011 #320

You can actually apply that to people if you think hard about it...

8/23/2011 #321
Brave Soul RMS

You mean war, right?

8/23/2011 #322

Hey, what was Noah supposed to look like again?

8/23/2011 #323
Brave Soul RMS

Medium height and build, long messy blond hair, fair skinned, brown eyes.

8/23/2011 #324


8/24/2011 #325

Ja. :D

8/24/2011 #326



*The group is hanging out at Hawk's class after school*

Noah: So how much detention did Drayden get?

Annika: A month. And he thinks I snitched on him...I'm dead...

Brendan: Hey, where is that asshole?

Angela: He hasn't been seen all day...

*The door opens and Drayden bursts in mad as hell*

Ash: Wow, I could've sworn I just heard lightning strike...

Annika: Oh, crap... *gulps*

Drayden: *approaches her* Do you remember what I told you the first day we met, Germany?

Annika: Um, I believe your words were 'nice ass'...

Drayden: We have a joker here, everybody. Look at my face. I'm not smiling. I meant the other thing. If you fuck with me, I will ruin your life...

Annika: *attempting to act brave* W-Well, b-bring it!

Drayden: *smirks* Oh yeah, I'm going to bring it... *shoves Ash out of his way as he exits the room*

Ash: *calls after him as he continues scarfing down the cookies* Hey man! What did you hit me for?!

8/24/2011 #327

Um...Why did he get detention...?

8/24/2011 #328

He got caught stealing the principal's microwave out of his office...and then read the principal's diary to everyone...xD

8/24/2011 #329

LOL I was expecting something more serious, but okay...xD

8/24/2011 #330
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