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Brave Soul RMS

Any more scenes?

9/12/2011 #661



*Fred and Annika are at the clinic*

Fred: Thanks for coming here with me, Annika.

Annika: No problem, Fred. Hey, if it helps you feel any better, I'll get tested too.

Fred: Cool. *goes up to the desk and grabs a piece of paper and a pen*

Annika: What's that for?

Fred: My brother said that I should write down my sexual history, so that I'd be more aware when I get tested.

Annika: Oh, that's a good idea...

Fred: *starts writing*

*Several moments pass*

Fred: Finished...

Annika: *takes the paper and sees it filled, front and back* Dear God, you are such a whore!

Fred: Hey, I like to have a good time...

Annika: Fred, there's got to be like over twenty-five names on here...

Fred: And?

Nurse: Frederick Locke?

Fred: Well, time for me to go. Wish me luck...

9/12/2011 #662
Brave Soul RMS

.....Fred Bigalow, Male Gigolo.

Had to make the joke.

9/12/2011 #663

While Fred has clearly had the most 'unholy' situations out of the gang, the others aren't so pure either. xD

9/12/2011 #664

Yeah, like Drayden. xD

9/12/2011 #665


Drayden has the second-longest rap sheet when it comes to doing the unholy. xD And at least Fred is somewhat nice while Drayden is an asshole.

EDIT: Check my post number!

9/12/2011 . Edited 9/12/2011 #666

More scenes?! :D

9/12/2011 #667



*Kofi and Mia are in Mia's bedroom*

Mia: Hey, boo, check out my new reading glasses.

*picks up the glasses and puts them on*

Mia: What do you think?

Kofi: Pretty sexy...Makes you seem smarter.

Mia: *takes a seat in his lap* Let's read... *grabs a book and opens it*

Kofi: We have got to be the nerdiest couple in Northern Oaks.

Mia: True, but I like it that way... *kisses him on the lips*

Kofi: *glances out the window* It's raining hard...

Mia: Yeah, it is. Hopefully Ash isn't wandering about. You know he almost got struck by lightning last time...

Kofi: Oh, Ash...

9/12/2011 #668

Cute. :3

But Ash nearly got struck by lightning last time? Oh gosh...xD Hopefully, he's not even outside.

9/12/2011 #669


There's one guy in every group that just won't shut up...


*The gang is at Northern Lakes*

Drayden: Hey, watch out for these Lake kids. They're a real work...

*Notices a few girls staring at them*

Drayden: Hey ladies, is there a problem here?

Girl 1: No problem. Just you know, a bunch of Oaks losers in our town.

Drayden: Yeah, whatever bitch.

Girl 2: Who are you calling a bitch?

Drayden: I calling you and your friend a bitch, bitch.

Annika: Um, Drayden, maybe you should-

Drayden: No, fuck them. They started it.

Brendan: Man, if there's one thing I hate more than Drayden, it's Northern Lakes...

Drayden: Back at you, Steele.

Girl 3: Why don't you rejects go crawl back to where you belong before we go get our boyfriends?

Drayden: Go get your boyfriends. Hell, go get your brothers and your dads and see if they don't get their asses kicked...

9/21/2011 #670

Why are they at Northern Lakes anyways?

9/21/2011 #671

A game. Why else?

9/21/2011 #672

A game?

9/21/2011 #673

Yes, a game.

To be honest, Drayden said the first words...

9/21/2011 #674

Another scene anyone? :D

9/21/2011 #675


9/21/2011 #676
Shadow Minamino


9/21/2011 #677



*Yuri's at lunch, looking around nervously*

Drayden: *takes a seat with his lunch* 'Sup, Yuri? Want to buy an 'I hate Annika' shirt?

Yuri: ... *still looking around*

Drayden: What the hell is wrong with you? Other than the usual?

Yuri: E-Every Thursday, Maureen Irving comes and takes my dessert...

Drayden: She's huge...

Yuri: Here she comes...

*A tall and slightly muscular girl approaches them*

Maureen: Are you going to eat that, Yuri?

Yuri: Y-You c-can have it... *grabs her dessert*

Drayden: *takes it from Yuri and puts it back on her plate* Nah, it's cool. She's gonna go ahead and eat her dessert today and every Thursday from now on, so fuck off.

Maureen: Really?

Drayden: Yeah, you dumb bitch. You look like a caveman, so I guess you'd have the brain of one too. Yuri, go ahead and eat your dessert.

Maureen: Well maybe I oughta take your dessert?

Drayden: Bitch, you can't have my dessert. That's for damn sure. Don't make me call my Dolly to come over here and beat your mammoth ass. Or maybe since you look so much like a dude anyway, I might lay you out myself. Try me...

Maureen: *glares at him*

Drayden: *doesn't back down*

9/21/2011 #678

What did you guys think? :O

9/21/2011 #679
Brave Soul RMS

Jack Drayden laying down the law, sticking up for little Yuri. Jerkass With A Heart of Gold.

9/21/2011 #680

He was still trying to sell an 'I hate Annika shirt' to her though. xD He's nice to one person while being a dick to another.

9/21/2011 #681
Brave Soul RMS

Okay, so the heart of gold is bronze-plated. Still counts!

9/21/2011 #682

"Don't make me call my Dolly to come over here and beat your mammoth ass..."


9/21/2011 . Edited 9/21/2011 #683



*Drayden and DJ are outside the dance collecting tickets as punishment, all the while Drayden is dissing Annika*

DJ: Here she comes...

*Annika approaches in her dress with her hair and nails fixed up*

Drayden: Ready to apologize, Germany? That's the only way you're getting in this dance even with a ticket.

*small crowd forms*

Annika: Well-

Drayden: *interrupts* On second thought, don't apologize to me. What you should be apologizing for is your shitty taste in men, music, video games, and your retarded hair extensions. *snickers*

Annika: Real funny, Ginge Shady...

Crowd: *laughs*

Annika: Look you don't need to be worried about my taste in men or anything else. Kay? Kay.

DJ: Oh, shut up. *laughs* Look at you, Annika. Hair done, nails done, everything did. Oh you fancy huh?

Drayden: *laughs* Take your ass inside the dance, Germany...

9/23/2011 . Edited 9/23/2011 #684

Oh boohoo, they hurt her feelings so bad! I think she's gonna cry!

9/23/2011 #685

They're the ones on punishment as the ticket guys, so she definitely got the better end of the stick. xD

9/23/2011 #686

The way Drayden keeps dissing Annika, you'd think he liked HER instead of Dahlia. XDD

9/23/2011 #687

He does like her. And Dahlia. And Angela. And Stacy. And all the other girls. xD

He likes Annika (and Angela, etc.) in a sexual way, but not in a romantic way. Like he disses them, but still tries to come on to them. xD

Drayden is...strange...

9/23/2011 . Edited 9/23/2011 #688
Brave Soul RMS

Wow, that almost sounded like friendly banter.

9/23/2011 #689

I bet Noah will like cleaned up Annika. ;D

9/23/2011 #690
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