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Kina, what'd you think of the Yuri scene before?

9/23/2011 #691

I thought it was really sweet. :3 It seems like Yuri is a Morality Pet of sorts for Dray.

9/23/2011 #692


They're completely drunk...xD


*Drayden is sitting down in a chair, drunk*

Dahlia: *wobbles by with a bottle of acohol in her hand and takes a seat on his lap*

Drayden: *drunken* Ash, get off of me...

Dahlia: I-I'm not, Ash...

Drayden: *feels her up for a couple of seconds* Ash, when did you get hips and tits?

Dahlia: *drunken* I'm not...Fred...

Drayden: No, you're Ash...

Dahlia: No, I'm Ash...

Drayden: That's what I said. You're Ash...

Dahlia: No, I'm not...

Drayden: Where's Dolly?

Dahlia: She' getting drunk somewhere...

Drayden: I love her so much...

Dahlia: She loves you too... *passes out*

9/23/2011 #693


9/23/2011 #694

Yeah, this counts as 'romantic' for them...

9/23/2011 #695

I love how Ash's name pops up in this scene so many times. xD

9/23/2011 . Edited 9/23/2011 #696

Ash is hilarious when he's not even there. xD

9/23/2011 #697

Agreed. xD

9/23/2011 #698

Wonder where Dolly was? xD

9/23/2011 #699

Off getting drunk somewhere. xD

Come on, Lolli! "Ash" already told us that!

9/23/2011 #700

Never drink, kids! xD

9/23/2011 #701



*Annika is trying to comb Ash's hair*

Ash: *eating a sandwich*

Annika: *glances at it* Ash, what all is on that?

Ash: Ham, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, fries, peanut butter, jelly, ice cream, and I took some of your oatmeal and made one mega-super sandwich!

Annika: Gross!

Ash: Hey, I don't tell you how to live your life.

Annika: Whatever. *keeps combing his hair* Do you ever think about cutting this?

Ash: Nah. I'm like that guy from the bible, Simpson. My strength is in my hair.

Annika: First, his name was Samson and second, you don't even go to church...

Ash: Whatever. *offers her a bite* Try it. It's good...

Annika: I'd rather not...

Ash: Come on!

Annika: Fine! *takes a bite of the sandwich and immediately spits it out* Ugh!

Ash: *laughing* Can't believe you actually did that. I'm telling everyone.

Annika: *hits him hard on the back of the head with the comb*

Ash: Ouch!

9/24/2011 #702

I can't believe she actually did that either. xD Gross!

9/24/2011 #703

You don't eat stoner food, Annika. xD

9/24/2011 #704

Okay, the next scene takes place in a chapter where everyone discovers tropes and they spend the whole chapter arguing about who are 'Those Two Guys'...

We have:





In the end, Mia has to inject them with some common sense.

9/24/2011 #705


I have to go with Ash/Fred or DJ/Drayden. xD

9/24/2011 . Edited 9/24/2011 #706

That's because you're seeing it through Annika's eyes which is what Mia tells them.

Your life is your own book so while you and your friend may be the main character of the book, you two may be 'Those Two Guys' in someone else's 'book'. :D

LOL, look at me getting all psychological. xD

9/24/2011 #707

Are they ONLY going to look at the Those Two Guys trope or others as well? :O

9/24/2011 #708

Others as well and everyone not involved in Those Two Guys will be arguing about other ones and at the end, they realize that there's thousands of tropes and that they'll ruin their lives if they keep it up. xD Though, I think DJ and Drayden agree that they are Those Two Bad Guys.

9/24/2011 #709

TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life. XD

9/24/2011 #710



Annika: *to Kofi* Let's go check out Drayden's survey.

Kofi: Sure...

*Annika and Kofi walk over to Drayden's table*

Kofi: Sup, Dray? What's your survey about?

Drayden: *pushes it forward* The red bar is all those who voted for A, the blue bar for B, and the green bar for C.

Kofi: The green bar looks like it's the longest.

Annika: Ja, looks like C is winning.

Drayden: Go ahead and read it.

Annika: *reads the survey*

Do you care about girls sports at NOHS?

A) Yes.

B) No.


Annika: *stares at Drayden in disbelief*

Drayden: *smirks back at her* For the record, I voted B, if that makes you feel better.

Annika: *frowns*

9/24/2011 #711

LOL...Wtf? XD

9/24/2011 #712

It was supposed to come off as sexist, but it came out funny...xD

9/24/2011 #713

More scenes? :D

9/24/2011 #714
Brave Soul RMS

I love how "TITS" is in all caps xDD

9/24/2011 #715



Drayden: *gets on Kofi's computer*

Kofi: Why are you here again?

Drayden: Dolly posted a new picture and she wants me to check it out...

Kofi: What's wrong with your computer?

Drayden: Well, I just wanted to use yours to see if there were any naked pictures of Mia on it.

Kofi: Well, you're going to be disappointed. My Mama Mia is a classy lady.

Drayden: She can't be too classy if she's with you.

Kofi: *frowns*

Drayden: Here it is. *clicks on the picture of Dahlia* That's what a woman looks like. I'm gonna go ahead and give her a rating.

Kofi: A rating you mean like something out of 10?

Drayden: Yep. She gets Dahlia/10.

Kofi: Dahlia/10? Does that even make sense?

Drayden: Yeah, that's my rating for her, so it makes sense.

9/24/2011 #716

What'd you guys think?

Unrelated Note: It's way too hot here...

9/24/2011 #717
Brave Soul RMS

EVERYTHING makes sense in Drayden World! :DD

9/24/2011 #718

Oaks scene! Time for a morality issue with Annika...


*Annika and Kofi climb the ladder to the scaffold where Drayden is waiting with two buckets filled with something*

Drayden: *notices them* Alright, Germany, you ready to get your revenge on that bitch, Holly Jocelyn?

Annika: What's the plan?

Drayden: Look in these buckets...

*Annika and Kofi look into the buckets to see a red substance*

Kofi: Is that blood?!

Annika: *wide-eyed*

Drayden: *nods* It's German blood...Well, it's German Shepard blood. My brother sent me some of it.

Kofi: How'd your brother-

Drayden: Nevermind that. Alright, when Holly goes on stage to accept her award, Germany and I will pour these buckets of blood on her head...

Annika: *gasps*

Kofi: Annika, you can't...You know what, it's your choice...

Annika: I-I-

Drayden: *holds up a picture of Annika that has a Hitler-stache drawn on it* Remember that she did this...

Annika: ... *looks at Kofi*

Kofi: Your choice... *climbs down the ladder*

9/26/2011 #719

German Shepard blood?! :O

That's just...Damn...

9/26/2011 #720
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