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Brave Soul RMS

Okay, two things. One, I don't want to know where he got German Shepherd blood. Two, don't do it, Annika! There are better ways to get even!

9/26/2011 #721

All of these little scenes that seem to be non-important are really just foreshadowing how much of a psycho Drayden's brother is.

9/26/2011 #722

Alright, here's a humor one...


*Drayden and DJ are working at the kissing booth at the charity fair*

Drayden: This is so lame...

DJ: Well, you got us in this mess. Besides, we at least get to kiss some girls...

Drayden: That's true. Hey, here comes Germany.

Annika: *approaches and sets her books down* A kissing booth?

DJ: Put a dollar in there and you get a kiss. It's for charity...

Drayden: Yeah, we're trying to feed starving kids so pucker up, bitch...

Annika: Well, if it's for charity... *puts two dollars in the jar* Alright, then... *grabs DJ by the shirt and pulls him closer before giving him a kiss on the lips*

Drayden: *smirks* My turn...

Annika: Alright. Close your eyes.

Drayden: *closes his eyes*

Annika: *thumps him on the head*

Drayden: Ouch!

Annika: *grabs her books* Later!

Drayden: *calls after her* Hey, good thing you didn't kiss me because these lips have been on your aunt all day long! Ha! *gets hit in the head by the book Annika throws at him* Ouch!

DJ: *laughing at him*

9/26/2011 #723
Brave Soul RMS

Headshot! 20 points! xD

9/26/2011 #724

Drayden just got OWNED!

9/26/2011 #725

Laser-Guided Karma! xD

Talk about book smarts! LOL

9/26/2011 #726



*Mia's making sure everything is in order at the cash register*

Mia: *counting the money* One-hundred and fifty...

Kofi: *wraps his arms around her waist*

Mia: *without looking away from the money* Leave me alone, I'm trying to work...

Kofi: *starts kissing her on her cheek*

Mia: *sighs* Baby...if you would just give me a couple of minutes...

Kofi: *continues kissing her*

Mia: Are you listening to me?! *glances at him and sees that he's listening to his iPod* Seriously?

Kofi: *takes out his earplugs and steps back* You were saying something?

Mia: I lost count! Now I have to start over! It's all your fault!

Kofi: *starts kissing her again*

Mia: *giggles* Okay, you're forgiven...

9/26/2011 #727

Awww! x3 They're soooo cute together!!! 8D

9/26/2011 #728



*Drayden is on his computer*

Dahlia: Hurry up! There's something I need to check out!

Drayden: Hey, chill. I'm waiting for my brother. He told me to get online at this time...Take a seat...

Dahlia: *rolls her eyes and sits down on his bed*

*Webcam comes on*

Dahlia: Why is it so dark? I can't even see your brother's face.

Drayden: It must be his webcam. Wade?

Wade: Hey, Jack...whose the Latin chick on your bed?

Drayden: That's Dahlia. She came over here to have sex with me.

Dahlia: *slaps him on the back of the head*

Drayden: Ouch!

Wade: Didn't know you came down with a case of jungle fever, little bro...but whatever, she's pretty. Anyway, my friends and I were in Shadow Point the other night and we saw a dead body. You and your crew should go check it out. *lets out an almost sinister laugh* I gotta go. Later... *signs off*

Dahlia: A dead body? Wow...I've seen like ten of those.

Drayden: Yeah, but I'm taking everyone to see it tomorrow anyway. Maybe it'll freak out Angie or Mia...

9/27/2011 #729
Brave Soul RMS

....I'm getting a major "Eddy's brother x10 Creepiness" vibe from Wade Drayden...

9/27/2011 #730

I deliberately had his webcam 'not working' so that his face would be in the shadows. Makes it a little bit creepier. xD

Also, LOL at his 'jungle fever' comment.

9/27/2011 #731


This is probably going to be one of the funniest chapters when it happens. xD


*The entire group is gathered around in Hawk's class after school*

Annika: What do you all want to do tonight?

Kofi: Movies?

Mia: Did that last week...

Brendan: Park?

Noah: Yesterday.

Angela: I don't know then...

Fred: Yeah, no ideas here either...

Ash: Wait, I got it!

*Everyone turns their attention to him*

Ash: We should...get high!

*Everyone rolls their eyes at him*

Ash: What? *confused*

Drayden: You know what we should do? We should go skinny-dipping at Ruby Pond tonight...

Several of them: NO!!!

Fred: would be something new for us to do. The pond is pretty clean after all.

Drayden: Exactly. So you guys wanna do it?

Everyone: ...

Drayden: Come on. It'll be fun... *smirks*

Everyone: *mumble in agreement*

9/27/2011 #732

LOL! I can't wait to see this chapter. xD

9/27/2011 #733

You like Ash's suggestion? xD

9/27/2011 #734
Brave Soul RMS

Oooh, this should be fun...

9/27/2011 #735

Drayden's was better. xD

9/27/2011 #736

So basically everyone getting naked and jumping in water is better than getting high? Is that what you are saying?

9/27/2011 #737

Um, yeah. xD It's funnier!! And there's nothing wrong with jumping in the water! Sure, they're doing it naked but as long as they don't get caught, who cares? XD

9/27/2011 #738


A short scene depicting the Brendan-Drayden rivalry.


*Brendan and DJ are in an argument*

Brendan: I'm not scared of either one of you...

DJ: I'm just saying. Watch your back.

Brendan: That a threat?

DJ: I don't make threats that I can't carry out. Remember that. *knocks his books out of his hand and walks of*

Brendan: Asshole... *kneels down to get his books*

*Drayden suddenly runs up from behind and pushes him hard into the steel flag pole*

Drayden: I told you that I was going to get you, you stupid son of a bitch! *kicks him in the side*

Boy 1: Woah, dude, uncalled for.

Boy 2: That's enough, Drayden...

Brendan: *groans as he notices the blood coming from his nose*

Drayden: *to Brendan* How's it feel huh? *smirks*

9/27/2011 #739

Whoa...Those two are constantly going overboard when it comes to their rivalry...

9/27/2011 . Edited 9/27/2011 #740

Brendan's argument with DJ was an obvious distraction. Drayden's crafty as hell...

9/27/2011 #741
Brave Soul RMS

Jesus Christ, guys. Tone it the hell down o__o

9/27/2011 #742

Next one's a girl fight...

9/28/2011 #743
Brave Soul RMS

...Must resist. Urge. To cheer...

9/28/2011 #744



*Angela's at her locker doing her make up and applying lip gloss*

Dahlia: *approaches her and slams her locker closed*

Angela: *simply stares at her*

Dahlia: What's this I hear about you telling everyone that I switched the names on our tests?

Angela: Because you clearly did it. It was in your handwriting and your score was higher than mine. That's a dead give away right there.

Dahlia: Are you calling me stupid?

Angela: No. I'm calling you stupid and I'm calling you a cheater.

Dahlia: You better watch it. I'll take that silver spoon out your mouth and shove it up your ass, you stupid bimbo.

Angela: Whatever, ghetto trash. You should quit talking. Your mouth is only good for giving blowjobs behind the bleachers in the gym.

Dahlia: *shoves her*

Angela: *slaps Dahlia in the face*

*The two girls start fighting and a crowd forms*

Ash: Woah, should we break it up?

Drayden: Hell no. Angela's shirt is low-cut and Dahlia's wearing a tube top. There's an eighty percent chance that a tit is going to pop out...

9/28/2011 #745

Typical Drayden. xD

9/28/2011 #746

So, which girl is in the right? Hmm...

9/28/2011 #747

Depends on whether Dahlia actually cheated or not.

9/28/2011 #748

Wonder what Brave thinks considering he's like a semi-perv. xD

9/28/2011 #749
Brave Soul RMS

Shit, Anni, nice comeback! And how did Drayden make that calculation? xD

9/28/2011 #750
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