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Because that used to happen at my school every other day when girls fought...

9/28/2011 #751
Brave Soul RMS

Oh, so like the bomb threats my school gets every year.

9/28/2011 #752

Let's jump right into it!


*Drayden is on the phone when Annika walks by him*

Drayden: *to the phone* Yeah, Fred gave me two tickets he had. It's a country band, so I'm not really into it. I'll just give the tickets to Noah. I heard it was his favorite band...

Annika: *listens curiously*

Drayden: *notices her* I'll call you back. I've got someone sticking their German nose where it doesn't belong. *hangs up* What the hell do you want?

Annika: You said you were going to give those tickets to Noah?

Drayden: Yeah, so...

Annika: Would you mind if I gave them to him?

Drayden: want to use the tickets to get a date with him? Is that right?

Annika: *sighs and nods*

Drayden: Alright, why not? *pulls out the tickets*

Annika: You know, for a second there, I thought you were going to ask for something in return.

Drayden: *looks at her and smirks as he yanks the tickets back*

Annika: *slaps her forehead* Shit. What do you want?

Drayden: *smirks* You know what I want?

Annika: No...

Drayden: Oh, well. I heard this band is playing in Shadow Point and they're not returning to this area for a couple of years. *pulls out a lighter and turns the fire on* Oh well, I'll be sure to tell Noah-

Annika: Wait...What do you want?

Drayden: I'm in a good mood today, so I don't want sex. Just...flash me and we'll call it a day.

Annika: ...

9/29/2011 #753

LOL That was really stupid of you, Germany. xD

9/29/2011 #754
Brave Soul RMS

Have you not learned yet, Annika? xD

9/29/2011 #755


It's with Brendan's 10-year old sister. I think it's pretty sweet.


*Annika rings the doorbell at Brendan's house*

Brittany: *answers it* Hi!

Annika: Hi! Is your brother here?

Brittany: Yep. He'll be down in a bit. You can come in.

Annika: *smiles at her as they sit down in the living room*

Brittany: *suddenly frowns*

Annika: *confused* Is something wrong, Brittany?

Brittany: Are you a troll?

Annika: Excuse me?

Brittany: Well, Holly told my brother that he shouldn't be friends with you because you're a troll. Do you live under a bridge?

Annika: *looks hurt*

Brittany: Don't feel bad, Annika. *sits down next to her and puts an arm around her* You don't look like a troll. I think you're really pretty. *smiles*

Annika: Thank you, Brittany. *smiles*

9/29/2011 #756

Aww. :) Brittany's not that bad, actually.

9/29/2011 #757
Brave Soul RMS

Children are demonic, yes. But then they do stuff like this and you can't help but smile :3

9/29/2011 #758




*Annika is on her way to Fred's house to give him the homework he missed*

Kofi: *on the phone with Annika* Don't go.

Annika: I'm not going to end up doing anything with him.

Kofi: Statistics show that ninety-five percent of the time, when a girl goes over Fred's house, she's getting it on.

Annika: Well, I'm in the five percent whose not going to do anything with him. I'll call you later.

*Annika hangs up as she approaches Fred's house and rings the doorbell*

Annika: Fred! Are you here?

*Fred answers the door wearing nothing but a towel as he has just gotten out of the shower*

Fred: Hey, Annika.

Annika: *starts fanning herself* Oh, God...

Fred: *stares at her in confusion*

Annika: *gazing at him* I-I...uh...b-brought you your homework... *fans herself*

9/29/2011 #759
Brave Soul RMS

And the media wants you to believe girls are asexual. Ha! xD

9/29/2011 #760

Scene before shower!


*Annika and Mia are talking about Drayden*

Mia: You can't just talk to him. You're acting like he's reasonable. Drayden doesn't have a filter between his brain and his mouth and he hears what he wants.

Annika: You're saying we can't come to a compromise with him.

Mia: Exactly. Come on, you'll see what I mean.

*The girls go over to Drayden*

Mia: Drayden, you are the biggest dick in the school.

Drayden: What was that, Mama Mia? I have the biggest dick in the school? Why, thank you. I'm sure it's much bigger than Kofi's. *lets out a laugh*

Mia: *rolls her eyes* See what I mean?

Annika: Yeah. *frowns at him*

Drayden: Can you two get out of my presence? Dahlia's bending over and I'm trying to snap pics of her ass and use them for my background on my computer.

Girls: *roll their eyes and leave*

9/29/2011 #761



*Annika and Kofi are at work*

Kofi: We'll show Mia that we can handle things here.

Annika: Ja. She may be the hardest worker, but we can work just as hard.

Kofi: Tell me about it! Up top!

*Annika and Kofi high-five*

Annika: Nothing can go wrong.

*A customer enters the store and comes up to the counter*

Kofi: Welcome. How may I help you, sir.

*The customer reaches in his coat and pulls out a gun*

Customer: You can help me by giving me everything in the register.

Annika: Damn it...

Kofi: You are the most unluckiest person on the planet, Annika. *starts emptying out the cash register*

9/29/2011 #762

Almost every protagonist in the Lolli-verse has a disease called 'bad luck' xD

9/29/2011 #763

She jinxed herself when she said "nothing can go wrong". xD

9/29/2011 #764

So i had thoughts today during my drive to the southern shithole known as Ohio :D

Basically how do you think your characters "skeleton in the closet" will be found out by the others kids?

Personally i think Ian would probably collapse in class or while everyone is hanging out and they'd learn he's DeathDate at the hospital.

For Stacy, i think (for some odd reason) she'd get involved in a fight somehow (trying to stop it maybe?) and get pushed down and her leg would break/come off.

9/30/2011 #765

I obviously can't list mine since it would give away the story. xD

9/30/2011 #766

xP spoil sport! wait.. what were your guy's again?

9/30/2011 #767

Only one that comes to mind right now is Drayden, who was physically and mentally abused by his older brother.

9/30/2011 #768


9/30/2011 #769

His is just that he hasn't spoken to his parents in years and that they regard him as a failure.

9/30/2011 #770

Ooh, I have an idea. :D

10/2/2011 #771

What is it?

10/2/2011 #772

Okay, you know the trope 'Animal Stereotypes'?

10/2/2011 #773


10/2/2011 #774

How about we give each of them an animal based on their personality?

10/2/2011 #775

Awesome idea, Lollikins! 8D

10/2/2011 #776

Alright, we can look through the page and see what fits who. Here's the link:

10/2/2011 #777

Well, I'm already there anyways. xD

Ash = Dog?

10/2/2011 #778

Down to either dog or otter for Ash.

10/2/2011 #779

Otter: Fun Personified. Joyous, playful, expert swimmers and acrobats, very similar to dolphins. Laid-back and optimistic, they "go with the flow" rather than worrying how things will work out. Think Surfer Dude, except that otters are usually portrayed as rather clever, rarely The Ditz.


10/2/2011 #780
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