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Well she's initially attracted to him because of that. Eventually, she realizes that him being the Blue Oni and being pretty insightful intrigues her.

10/2/2011 #811

Any other pairings? :D

10/2/2011 #812

I think there's an Ash x Stacy x Fred triangle...

10/2/2011 #813

Details, Lolli!

10/2/2011 #814

I said I think. I need to look into my notes. xD

I know for sure that there's the Booton Twins x Fred love triangle though.

10/2/2011 #815

Is it an actual love triangle? Emphasis on "love". xD

10/2/2011 #816

Well, it's more of a lust triangle with both of them fighting over him...xD

10/2/2011 #817

Thought so. xD

10/2/2011 #818

Anyway, it's early, but I'm exhausted.

See you later! :D

10/2/2011 #819


10/2/2011 #820



*Annika and Kofi are the arcade*

Annika: What do you wanna-

Kofi: Oh, no...

Annika: What?

Kofi: It's them?

Annika: Who?

*points at the two nerds approaching them*

Liam: Hello, Kofi.

Wendell: Surprise to see you here. Don't you have a basketball to kick into the endzone?

Kofi: You shoot basketballs into a hoop...

Liam: Whatever. You jocks don't belong here.

Annika: Kofi* Wait, they're picking on you? This is pretty backwards...

Wendell: Who is she?

Kofi: This is a girl. I know you've probably never talked to one beside your mom.

Annika: Hi, I'm Annika. *smiles* I'm a gamer too...

*Liam and Wendell burst out laughing*

Annika: What?

Liam: A girl gamer? *laughs* An attractive one at that? Yeah, right?

Annika: Well, I'm on the tennis team too and-

Wendell: Wait! An attractive, gamer, jock girl?! This is hysterical! *laughs*

Annika: *frowns*

Kofi: Come on, Annika, let's get out of here...

10/3/2011 #821

She should've kicked their asses!

10/3/2011 #822

This pretty much proves that nerds can be just as bad as jocks.

10/3/2011 #823

Well yeah, they definitely can be. xD

10/3/2011 #824



*Kofi is in History class reading when Annika taps him on the shoulder*

Kofi: *whispers* What?

Annika: *points to the window on the door* Mia wants you.

Kofi: *turns his attetion to the window*

Mia: *making kissy-faces*

Kofi: *blows a kiss back*

Mia: *continues making kissy faces and points forward*

Kofi: Hey, Coach, can I go to the restroom?

Coach: As soon as you finish your assignment...

Kofi: *mouths to the door* Sorry, babe...

Mia: *pouts*

Kofi: *forms a heart with his hands*

Mia: *waves goodbye flirtatiously*

Kofi: *hurries with his assignment*

10/3/2011 #825

Awww! :D

10/3/2011 #826



*Annika is in the theater rehearsing for her part in the play*

Director: Alright, Annika. Give me a good scream.

Annika: *screams at the top of her lungs*

Director: *claps* Good! Good! *massages his ear* Everyone take five!

*Annika goes to the back and starts chatting with the stage crew*

Noah: Hey, Annika.

Annika: Hey, what's up?

Noah: Kofi told me that you were here. So I decided, why not bring you some lunch.

Annika: That's so sweet. Thank you. *smiles* What are you doing here?

Noah: Drayden and DJ texted me.

Annika: Ja, they're working on the crew as punishment for some prank they pulled.

Noah: They wanted me to see if I could get them out of it, but anyway, do you have a pretty big role in the play?

Annika: Not exactly...I have one line...and it's just me screaming.

Noah: Well, let's hear it.

Annika: Really?

Noah: Go ahead.

Annika: Okay... *screams at the top of her lungs*

Noah: *massages his ear* Yeah, that's convincing.

Annika: *smiles*

Drayden: *massages his ear as he walks by* Damn, bitch, stop screaming. We aren't in bed... *laughs*

Annika: *rolls her eyes*

10/4/2011 #827

LOL Wow. xD I'm glad I wasn't there to hear that.

10/4/2011 #828

Leave it to JD to ruin a potentially sweet-ish moment...xD

10/4/2011 #829

Typical Dray. xD

10/4/2011 #830

Short scene.

I called this "House Littered with Teenagers". Just depicting a typical day after school. This is usually what happens at one of the gang's house. xD


*Annika walks in the house*

Marla: Did you have a good day?

Annika: It was pretty good.

Marla: Great. Where are all your friends? You're welcomed to invite them-

*Kofi enters*

Kofi: Hey, Mrs. Schneider.

Marla: Oh, hi Kofi. *smiles*

*Mia enters*

Mia: Hi.

Marla: Hi, M-

*Noah, Ash, Fred, Brendan, Angela, Yuri, Stacy, Ian, Zeke, Dahlia, DJ, and Drayden all enter*

Marla: Oh my. You certainly have a lot of friends. I better make some snacks...

10/4/2011 #831

If I were her Annika's aunt, I'd just kick them all out. xD

One friend? Great. Two? Cool. Three, four, five? Fine. But over a dozen? NO WAY!!

10/4/2011 #832

She actually likes that Annika has a lot of friends though.

This happens at everyone's house though. One person shows up and then the whole crew's there.

Kinda makes me go "aww" because no matter what kind of shit they do to each other (though it mostly comes from Drayden), they're still friends at the end of the day. :3

10/4/2011 #833
Brave Soul RMS

Two words:


10/4/2011 #834

Well, that's what I like about the Northern Oaks teens. xD

They have their own issues, but they're not way over the top. I mean, just compare them to the Louhearst teens.

Annika - Logan

Kofi - Jett

Rietta - Mia


10/4/2011 #835

Exactly. The Oaks teens may fight amongst themselves, call each other names, etc. but they're the only ones allowed to do that to each other. Someone else messes with one of them and they will have hell to pay from the other members of the circle. Hell, Drayden called Annika a bitch in the last scene, but he's willing to dump German shepard blood on a girl whose been harassing her.

10/4/2011 #836

Drayden really is a good friend, even though his methods are...odd. :)

10/4/2011 #837
Brave Soul RMS

So it's safe to say that even though the NO kids have some scarring elements to their pasts while the LE kids are, for the most part, relatively well-adjusted, the NO kids are more stable. Irony at it's finest xD

Those kids are gonna stay friends for a long time :)

10/4/2011 . Edited 10/4/2011 #838

Well this is based on real-life so it'll be a bit more realistic than LE.

Who wouldn't kill to have a friend like Kofi? He basically became best friends with a stranger in less than a day in those last two chapters. xD

10/4/2011 #839

I would LOVE to have a friend like Kofi! :) He's just so chilled out and friendly!

10/4/2011 . Edited 10/4/2011 #840
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