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Brave Soul RMS

...I apologize in advance but I have to do this.

10/29/2011 #1,081

Next Drayden interview is shorter, but even funnier. Whose ready? xD

10/29/2011 #1,082
Shadow Minamino


10/29/2011 #1,083
Brave Soul RMS

So Ash turned Drayden's interview on its head and against Drayden himself. The only victorious one so far and he's too baked to realize. The kid's a real... *puts on sunglasses* Highlander.


10/29/2011 #1,084



*Brendan is at the trophy case admiring all the sports trophies he's won*

Brendan: More to come soon.

*Drayden approaches him*

Drayden: Hey, Steele, I was wondering if I could have a word for the school newspa-

*Brendan immediately punches him in the face, sending him to the floor*

Brendan: *smirks and walks off*

Drayden: *in a daze from the floor* Thank you for your time...

10/29/2011 #1,085
Brave Soul RMS



CONTINUE?! 8...7...6...

10/29/2011 #1,086

It takes a while to get up from a STEELE PUNCH!!! xD

10/29/2011 #1,087



*Noah's on his farm rounding up animals when Drayden's car pulls up*

Drayden: *hops out* So much dirt...Noah! Sup, bro?

Noah: Sup, Dray.

Drayden: Nothing much. What are you doing?

Noah: Just rounding up these roosters.

Drayden: Well, you sure do love cocks don't you? *grins*

Noah: *facepalms*

Drayden: You make it too easy.

Noah: Whatever. How's your advice column project going?

Drayden: Good. I think people are really taking my advice. Here, read the latest question.

*Drayden hands Noah his phone*

Noah: *reads* Rocksolid275 wrote - How do I ask out this girl that I really like?

Drayden: Read my response.

Noah: *reads* JD wrote - Find the girl, take out your dick, put it on a table and say "take it or leave it..."

Drayden: I should be a therapist.

Noah: No, you should be in therapy...

Drayden: Don't hate...

11/1/2011 #1,088
Brave Soul RMS

Drayden: Don't hate

^ You should have added "cuz I'm a genius" xD

11/1/2011 #1,089

So you're agreeing with his advice, Brave?

11/1/2011 #1,090
Brave Soul RMS

I'm agreeing with the general idea, which is "bronze your huevos and go ask her out". I'm not seriously going to encourage a guy to whip it out in front of a girl and tell her to "take it or leave it" xDD

11/1/2011 #1,091
Shadow Minamino

Heheh. Drayden, you maniac. XD

... I'm liking the whole Drayden - Noah slingback.

11/1/2011 #1,092



*Everyone is in Hawk's class making noise, all over the place*

Hawk: Hey, settle down.

Drayden: Yeah, go ahead and settle down, losers.

Hawk: Now, everyone get out your journals.

Drayden: Journals! You heard him!

Hawk: Jack, I appreciate you helping me out, but I really don't need it.

Drayden: Come on, Hawk.

Hawk: You want to be like second-in-command?

Drayden: Isn't that how it always is? Besides, they all listen to me.

Brendan: No we don't!

Drayden: Suck my balls!

Hawk: *facepalms*

Drayden: I'm just saying, Hawk. I'm like the Stalin to your Hitler.

Annika: *frowns*

Hawk: That's an awful comparison...

Drayden: Really?

Hawk: Yes...

11/1/2011 #1,093
Brave Soul RMS

Y'know, Stalin traded sides, Dray-Dray... :P

11/1/2011 #1,094

That's why it was an awful comparison. xD

Not to mention offensive.

11/1/2011 #1,095
Brave Soul RMS

He didn't even have to pull the Hitler card out! He easily could have called out the Mussolini card just as easily xD

11/1/2011 #1,096

You honestly think Jack Drayden has an A in History?

11/1/2011 #1,097
Brave Soul RMS

...Depends on what kind of history we're talkin'.

11/1/2011 #1,098



*Brendan is going around doing a survey when he approaches Yuri*

Brendan: Hey, Yuri, help me with my survey for Hawk's class?

Yuri: Sure, if you help me with mine.

Brendan: Alright.

Yuri: Okay, so who do you think has the best voice in the class?

Brendan: Annika or Dahlia. They both have that whole foreign accent thing going on, but I have to give the edge to Dahlia, so she gets my vote.

Yuri: Okay, Dahlia, it is.

Brendan: Just don't tell Angela. She'd kill me.

Yuri: Your secret is safe with me. Now, your question.

Brendan: Oh yeah. Which person do you think has the best hair in the class?

Yuri: Best hair?

Brendan: Yep.

Yuri: Hmm, I'd have to say...Jack Drayden.

Brendan: *frowns* Drayden?! Are you serious?! I said person, Yuri. He's barely even human...

*Drayden suddenly comes up and dumps his chocolate shake all over Brendan's shirt*

Brendan: My shirt!!!

Drayden: Humanity is overrated... *smirks*

11/4/2011 #1,099


11/4/2011 #1,100

What if that was your shirt? xD

11/4/2011 #1,101

Then I'd beat the crap out of him...Plain and simple. xP

11/4/2011 #1,102

You wouldn't be scared? xD

11/4/2011 #1,103

No. It's not like he's a seven foot tall, muscular drunk guy. He has a knife, but he won't actually stab someone like Vic did. Just throw something - like a book or a heavy backpack - at him and problem solved.

11/4/2011 #1,104



*The boys are lounging around Hawk's class while the girls are in an assembly*

Hawk: Guys, just talk amongst yourselves. I'll be back in a second. *leaves the classroom*

Drayden: Alright, question time. Which Disney Princess would you all fuck?

*Everyone just stares at him*

Drayden: Well?

Fred: Snow White. She was getting it from seven dwarves, so you know she's freaky.

Brendan: Rapunzel. She's got that long hair that you can pull on while you're doing it.

Drayden: Alright, Kofi, you're up next.

Kofi: I'd have to say...Mulan. Beautiful and she kicks ass.

Ian: Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Drayden: Why?

Ian: Well, I can show her who the real beast is... *grins*

*Everyone pats Ian on the back*

Drayden: Alright, DJ.

DJ: Go ahead and give me Pocahontas. John Smith don't have shit on me.

Zeke: Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. She'd be doing everything except sleeping if I was there. *grins*

Drayden: Nice. Noah, your turn.

Noah: I don't really-

Drayden: Dude, just pick one.

Noah: Fine, Cinderella. She just seems like a sweet girl.

Drayden: You and your horrible taste in women. Anyway, with me, it's a tie between the Arab one and the black one.

Brendan: Jasmine and Tiana?

*Everyone looks at him*

Brendan: Hey, my little sister is into this crap okay.

Drayden: Anyway, yeah, you guys know I like taking a dip in the caramel and the chocolate... *grins* Oh, Ash, we almost forgot. What about you?

Ash: Ariel. I'd definitely want to screw her. She's always got that awesome crab around...

*Everyone looks at him and laughs*

Ash: What?

Drayden: Ash, the bitch doesn't have any legs, let alone a vagina. She's a mermaid. How are you going to do anything with her?!

11/6/2011 #1,105
Brave Soul RMS

Simple. You pay a visit to Ursula, aaaaand... xD

But, God, does this make me think of that one Asher Roth song.

11/6/2011 #1,106
Shadow Minamino

Bahaha! This scene.... so many things I could say. So hilarious. XD

So Brave... who would YOU pick? XD

11/6/2011 #1,107

Drayden is false, Ariel becomes human and regardless, if they are able to make merpeople, there are bound to have a vagina, i don't see no mereggs around. Regardless, my choice is Alice, cause she'd be used to everything xD

11/6/2011 #1,108

Noah: Fine, Cinderella. She just seems like a sweet girl.

Drayden: You and your horrible taste in women...

^^ Was that a shot at a certain character? xD

11/6/2011 #1,109
Brave Soul RMS

Belle. She'd help me practice French in some interesting ways. Shadow?

EDIT: That was a horribly-veiled shot at Anni xP

11/6/2011 . Edited 11/6/2011 #1,110
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