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A story by my brother - SOS Radio.


One-hundred and fifty years into the future, Kanto has been monopolized by a mysterious Pokemon Corporation known as 'Poke Corp' for now. The Corporation has a strict hold on everything dealing with Pokemon from items in the Poke Mart like Potions and Poke Balls...all the way up to the Pokemon League itself. The controversial ethical nature of Poke Corp has been questioned several times due to the effects it's starting to have over the environment, but the owners are simply interested in making more and more money. Their hold on the government has also been questioned.

The owner of Poke Corp is Stefan A. Van Ryan IV whose great-grandfather started the corporation. But he's like always busy and like in the shadows and stuff so it's his children who do most of the stuff. They are:

Stefan A. Van Ryan V - His son and his heir. He leads the day-to-day operations of the corporation. He is the Senior Vice President and is the leader of the "Seventeen Directors" specializing in Normal types.

Steffi G. Van Ryan - His daughter and Stefan V's younger twin. She is the first female born into the Van Ryans in several generations and is the General Manager of Poke Corp. She is the second-in-command of the "Seventeen Directors" specializing in Dark types.

(More info to be added later)

7/31/2011 #1

Sounds REALLY interesting! :D

7/31/2011 #2

More info:

'The Seventeen Directors' are seventeen executives in the company who focus on a specific type (I think Sebastian's allowing OCs for that) and enforce order.

Um, items, here's an example:

Poke Corp Poke Balls - Green on the top, black on the bottom (in place of the original red on the top/white on the bottom Pokeballs) with the Mega Corp logo on it.

I'll get to the main characters next.

7/31/2011 #3

Okay. :D

7/31/2011 #4
Shadow Minamino

Bug Type director is all mine. ( I kid, I kid.... maybe. XD )

But this does seem pretty interesting. ^.^

7/31/2011 #5

Psychic or grass for me. xD

7/31/2011 #6

Main Trio

Trent - A young man who once had a future as a top person in the corporation due to his friendship with Stefan Van Ryan V, but was betrayed. He is now hated by both the corporate world and the independent world, but is slowly building himself within the independent world by taking on the Corporate League. He's a realist and quite a witty person, though his jokes often fall flat.

Jasper - The badass redneck and Trent's eventual mentor with no regards to the rules and generally do whatever he pleases. Often curses a lot and drinks and is extremely rude. He can actually be considered the Token Evil Teammate at some points, but he also gives advice. Has a habit for calling Trent various nicknames.

Celia - A former rich girl who was disowned by her father who is a higher up in the corporation. She is still used to the fancy living of the corporate world and has yet to adjust. She irritates Trent and especially Jasper with her high maintenance. She and Zane specifically have a hostile relationship referring to each other as 'Princess' and 'Degenerate' respectively.

Other two main characters:

Eve – Trent's girlfriend - A dancer and a professional stuntwoman and stunt double for independent movies though she doesn't make much money since they aren't corporate movies. She met Trent shortly after his exile from the corporate world and the two became a couple. She has a tendency to in act the HSQ trope by jumping/doing flips from dangerous or high up places.

Zane – Trent's rival. A rebellious, tattooed, anti-establishment-type figure who has a personal history with the main character and doesn't completely trust him yet due to his past with the Corporation. Zane is against the corporation, but his problem is that he is a MAJOR asshole and is as smug as he can be about his skills.

7/31/2011 #7
Shadow Minamino

Ahahaha, It's always a trio. :P

But I'm going to like reading about Celia. Rich people adapting to normal enviroments is always funny. :P

7/31/2011 #8
Kelly of the midnight dawn

May I reserve the Water Type Director and possibly also the Electric Type as well?

8/1/2011 #9
SOS Radio





By the way, I'm way more strict than Lorena when it comes to OC Forms, so be prepared!!! *evil laugh* (I do a better evil laugh than Lorena)

8/1/2011 #10
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Strict OC forms huh? Bring it on :)

8/1/2011 #11

I would like to call Rock

8/1/2011 #12
Brave Soul RMS

Just popping in. Seb, sign me up fore Fire, Dragon, and Ghost.

8/1/2011 #13
SOS Radio





Alright, got it.

8/1/2011 #14
Kelly of the midnight dawn

So, when's the OC form gonna be up? I like a challenge. And once I have a form, I fill those things out like no one's business.

8/1/2011 #15

Oh yeah, Sebastian wanted me to tell you all about another character. Pretty hilarious.

8/2/2011 #16
Shadow Minamino

Fire away.

8/2/2011 #17

Julio Diez - He's kind of like the butler of the Corporation and he frequently appears throughout the story to provide news from the corporation and such like when a new product is invented.

However, he's so smug and a sarcastic asshole. He's always got a look on his face that says 'Bitch, please'...

8/2/2011 #18

Julio sounds...interesting...:P

8/2/2011 #19
Shadow Minamino

A smug and sarcastic butler? My god, that hits a lot of my " I fucking love this character! " points. Add him being a battle butler into the mix and Julio rockets to the number 1 spot of character awesomeness for this fic. :P

8/2/2011 #20

Here's who Seb said he resembles.

8/2/2011 #21

Anything else? xD

8/2/2011 #22

i'd also like to call ground and steel :O

8/2/2011 #23
Shadow Minamino

Dang, that's 10 out of 17 directors already claimed. At this rate, Seb won't get to create any for himself. :P

8/2/2011 #24

Well, he still has to accept them anyway...but even though he says he's going to be SUPER strict, he probably won't give a shit... :P

8/2/2011 #25

That's right. Three more characters I forgot to mention.

8/2/2011 . Edited 8/2/2011 #26

Rock= Old man, Steel= teenager, ground= adult or little boy, all related and family :D

8/2/2011 #27
Shadow Minamino

Fire away Lolli, we're all ears.

8/2/2011 #28

Well, they're a group under the Corporation, but so utterly incompetent (think this story's version of Team Rocket).

They call themselves 'MMA' and they're based off of the scumbags from that trashy Jersey Shore show.

8/2/2011 #29

So.. The Boss, Crookie, and Benny? lol i only know the names of the people from that show i don't watch from how much you guys mention it xD

8/2/2011 #30
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