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Six months after the death of his partner Maia, Beck has just started to move on with his life, having opened a restaurant with his friend and former exploration teammate Cyro. However, when he meets Mallory, a Misdreavus with unknown intentions, he not only starts to regain his spark for adventure but also discovers the mystery behind Maia's death...

What I Need:

Love interests, rivals and friends for Beck, Mallory, Cyro and any other characters that I post here. :P I might also need employees for Beck and Cyro's restaurant.

OC Submitting Rules:

~ASK about a certain species before you submit a character of said species. I mean, if that species is underused, that's cool, but with rare ones like Eeveelutions or pseudo-legendaries or Riolu/Lucario, you HAVE to ask first. Also, the character HAS to be able to move on land.

~No Mary Sues. If your character is a Mary Sue, I won't use him or her or it.

~OC forms HAVE to be at least moderately detailed.

OC Form:

Name: (Your character MUST have a name, and a decent one at that. It CAN be made up, just don't make it too ridiculous.)

Gender: (Straightforward)

Species: (No shinies or legendaries. Only the mods here are allowed pseudo-legendaries or Eeveelutions, because I KNOW they can make non-Sue characters, but even then, they have to ask first. Also, try not to make a character from a species that is already reserved, and no Pokémon that can't walk on land. Basically, make it reasonable.)

Personality: (Be DETAILED. Read "Flaaffy's Guide for OCs and All That Jazz" if you don't know how to make a decent, non Sue character. Include likes, dislikes, hobbies, talents, weaknesses, fears, motivations, etc.)

History: (Tragic pasts are okay, as long as they'rereasonable. Again, read the aforementioned guide on how to make decent histories. The character's history should influence their personality in some way.)

Attacks: (At the beginning and by the end. Optional.)

Strategy: (Battle strategy. Optional.)

Distinguishing Features: (Do they wear a Pecha Scarf? Do they have a scar? A different coloring that is NOT shiny?)

Other: (Anything else?)

8/4/2011 #1

Name: Beck

Gender: Male

Species: Krokorok

Personality: Before Maia's death, Beck was a very idealistic fellow with big dreams and a big heart. However, he was also very shy, easily frightened and gullible, and wasn't able to stand up for himself. He was insecure of his somewhat 'intimidating' appearance, which scared others off. Then he met Maia, his sassy and adventurous partner; at first, he was overly dependent on her, but as she helped him grow into a stronger and more confident Pokémon, he became more independent. As you can tell, they were very close friends and he cared about her deeply. As a result, he was devastated by her sudden but tragic and bloody death, and is still haunted by it.

At the beginning of the story, Beck has put up a mask. He pretends that he's moved on with his life, but he really, seriously hasn't. However, he refuses to dwell on it as he doesn't want to let his guilt overwhelm him and prevent him from living a normal life. He has become more cynical, serious and bitter, but he keeps his biting remarks to himself, and keeps up a calm, serene façade. He's not exactly shy anymore, but he rarely talks to anyone besides customers and his friend and co-worker Cyro.

He tries to keep his emotions bottled up, but this causes all his negative emotions to be released in one explosive burst when he's finally reached his limit. When this happens, he either suffers an emotional breakdown or goes on a rampage of rage. His emotions occasionally cloud his judgment, which causes him to make bad decisions sometimes.

Despite all that's happened, Beck is still a compassionate Pokémon. He still feels genuine happiness from time to time, and can crack a joke or two in more lighthearted times. He's pretty oblivious to love and romance, and is practically immune to flirting as a result.

History: Beck was the middle child out of three, raised by his mother, a large Krookodile named Terra; his older and younger brothers were Ruben and Dillan respectively. They were a vicious, powerful bunch when it came to defending themselves and their least, the others were. Beck was the odd one out, the weak one who was always getting picked on by his brothers and the meek one who loved to daydream. Though his mother loved him (though she didn't exactly show it), she was very disappointed in him.

One day, when he was old enough, he collected his few belongings and simply left his family behind, thinking that they didn't care for him. He travelled around and eventually arrived at Eneres, an exploration team base and city. The first Pokémon he befriended there was a Shinx named Maia, the rebellious daughter of an influential and wealthy Arcanine, who helped him out. The two eventually formed a rescue team. However, we all know what eventually happened to Maia…

Beck now runs a small but fairly popular restaurant with his friend, Cyro.

Distinguishing Features: He usually wears either a Def. Scarf or a Power Band.

Other: After arriving at Eneres City, he's learned to cook and is an amazing chef. He runs a restaurant with his friend Cyro, who he met on an exploration with Maia.


Name: Mallory

Gender: Female

Species: Misdreavus

Personality: Mallory is normally a very focused and driven Pokémon who almost always thinks ahead. She's intelligent and observant, and uses these two traits to manipulate others to her advantage or even just for fun. Highly sarcastic remarks hiding venomous insults, she absolutely loves those. Her sense of humor is rather dark and creepy, and it amuses her greatly when someone is freaked out by her somewhat cruel jokes.

It takes a lot to actually faze her, so even in bad situations she keeps her cool and acts rather unsurprised. In battle, she loves to taunt and rile up her opponents and manipulates their anger to her advantage. However, when someone finally manages to piss her off, her attacks become cruel and sadistic but she continues to keep up a nonchalant demeanor. She has a mysterious aura and she takes great care in making sure that no one finds out about her true intentions.

Despite her sinister demeanor, she isn't actually evil. In fact, she does show rare moments of empathy and kindness, and she does care deeply for her friends, though she shows it in her own "special" way. She tries to do the right thing, but goes about it the wrong way. She tries to distance herself from others so she doesn't get emotionally attached, but as the story progresses, she starts to develop a soft spot for Beck, Cyro and the others.

History: Can't reveal it. ;)

Distinguishing Features: Her pearl necklace is purple rather than reddish pink.

Other: She has an ongoing rivalry with Cyro.


Name: Cyro

Gender: Male

Species: Duosion

Personality: Cyro is a very lively, happy-go-lucky, somewhat overdramatic fellow who usually has his head up in the clouds. Due to having two brains, he tends to go from one thought process to the other, which usually confuses or irritates his friends. However, because of his double brains, he's also highly intelligent and has a sharp memory, though just by looking at him, you really couldn't tell. He is not gullible at all and can detect lies easily, which is why he is very suspicious of Mallory (though he has no idea what her true intentions are). He doesn't have much of a temper, but when you have angered him…well, just remember that he has a great memory and that he's extremely powerful. He won't forget what you have done to piss him off and he definitely won't forgive you until you make it up to him somehow. However, for the most part, he's a nice guy.

He loves to drag his friends into crazy situations, claiming it's "fun", which usually gets on their nerves. He is loyal to his friends, especially Beck, and always sticks by their sides through thick and thin. However, one of his flaws is that he is oblivious to other Pokémon's emotions, despite his intelligence, and can come across as insensitive at times.

History: Cyro was born to Rhys and Rianne, both Reuniclus, on the outskirts of the city. They were an eccentric bunch and were generally avoided by the residents of Eneres City. Cyro met Beck and Maia after they escorted him through a dungeon, and joined their team not long afterwards. Ever since then, he has been friends with them both and was devastated by Maia's death, though he didn't really show it. Nowadays, he runs a restaurant with Beck.

Distinguishing Features: N/A

Other: He has an ongoing rivalry with Mallory.

8/4/2011 #2
Brave Soul RMS

Is it alright if I make an exploration team myself, Kina? I'm thinking of using a Blaziken/Sceptile, Braviary, Umbreon, and Dewott. I may change it up a bit, though.

8/5/2011 #3

Sure, go ahead. :D

8/5/2011 #4

Oh shit, you got it up?

Cool. Reserve me for some OC's.

8/5/2011 #5

i'll try to work on one if i find some time Dx

8/5/2011 #6

You want to reserve some Pokemon or something, Lolli? xD Or certain roles?

Kina's Pokemon:

Sandile line

Misdreavus line

Solosis line

Buneary line

Shinx line




Brave's Pokemon:



Umbreon (I trust your OC making skills, Brave :P)


Lolli's Pokemon:


Ricki's Pokemon:




Shadow's Pokemon:




8/5/2011 . Edited 8/6/2011 #7

I want to use some underused Pokes.

8/5/2011 #8

That's great. :D Which ones?

8/5/2011 #9

I only have Mankey for now. I'll come back with more.

8/5/2011 #10

'Kay. :D

Mankey's role? :O

8/5/2011 #11

What would you prefer? Friend? Rival?

8/5/2011 #12

Probably friend. :D

8/5/2011 #13

Friendly friend it is. ;)

8/5/2011 #14

If i could reserve Jolteon ( i know but i have a good idea!), Swellow, and Ivysaur?

8/5/2011 #15

Sure, Ricki. :D

8/5/2011 #16
Shadow Minamino

Umm... could I reserve Dwebble, Duskull, and Slowpoke?

8/6/2011 #17

Okie dokie. :D

8/6/2011 #18
Shadow Minamino

Without further ado, I present Allen the Duskull. Hope he's alright.

Name: Allen

Gender: Male

Species: Duskull

Personality: To put it bluntly, Allen is a lazy sack of ****. He only joined up with Matthew on his exploration team idea because he'd be damned if he let his best friend do something suicidal and stupid without him. He'd much rather take a sun-nap than go out in a dungeon and fight, but he'll go into dungeons when Matt wants him too – Generally because if he didn't, the damn crab would rush into a monster house and get himself killed. He's loyal to his best friend all right, and despite their apparent differences, they really care for each other in times of crisis, always having the other's back. Allen thinks of Tori in a rather low light, wondering what the hell had possessed Matthew to have a Slowpoke as their third member. Despite this, he does value Tori as a teammate, knowing that her control over Water and Psychic moves is a useful asset to the team. Doesn't stop Allen from teasing her relentlessly though.

Besides his loyalty and friendship with Matthew, Allen is known to be cynical and sarcastic, always ready with a biting or witty remark to fire off at enemies or friends alike. Besides his verbal remarks, Allen is a decent fighter when he can be bothered to fight. He's the stronger of the two friends, but he often holds a ton back due to " not wanting to waste the energy." He generally lets Matthew and Tori take on opponents, but he'll jump in when needed. And by needed, I mean " Damn it, you two are letting your asses get kicked? Fine, I'll clean them up."

While Allen normally has a calm demeanor and doesn't let very much shake him, he does have a few fears and weaknesses that he likes to keep secret. For one, he's always been afraid of Dragon types. He refers to them as " ungodly freaks of nature that some sick prick decided to give power out the ass. They're just not right." Unlike his teammates, he's also a pretty picky eater, and despises pretty much any food that's overly sweet, claiming that they "wreck my perfectly toned taste buds". He always enjoys a good nap and a game of cards, being a compulsive gambler at heart. That's also the reason why Matthew doesn't trust Allen with carrying the money: Chances are he'd blow it all in a casino or something.

History: Allen's actually had a rather easy life. His mother and father were really well off when it came to money, since his Dad's brother was a banker of some sort in a faraway town and always sent off most of the money he made ( "Uncle Dusk was always a minamalist, bless his ectoplasm." ) to Allen's parents. And since Allen was an only child... needless to say he got a lot of what he wanted. Allen lived in a neighborhood that was populated by pokemon of all different types for most of his life.

It was here that he met Matthew, a spunky, outgoing, and in his view, annoying Dwebble. Now, Allen may have been one of the richest kids in town, but his generally cynical attitude drove off a lot of other kids rather easy... but Matthew for some reason kept wanting to hang out with him. It was like he had no pessimism filter or something. Defeated, Allen just gave in and let the Dwebble hang out with him without trying to drive him away. Eventually, Allen started to see the good qualities in the otherwise annoying crab after a while. Yeah, he was an annoying pest who couldn't understand the concept of "alone time", but besides that, Matthew was a pretty good friend: Loyal, optimistic, peppy, and he was always spouting off something about " Justice! " ( " I was always under the assumption that he just watched too much Gligarman. " )

So, the two boys grew up together, and eventually left their parents to explore the big wide world on their own, kind of like nomads. And then Matthew learned about Exploration Teams ( " And I'd tried so hard to keep him from the fact that he could form one too..." ), and ran off to form one, with Allen as his unwilling teammate. So,they traveled, they explored, they made money ( " Which he never let me touch after that one time..." ),and eventually, they recruited a new member: Tori the Slowpoke. They're still pretty nomadic, but now they've actually got jobs to do. (" Sometimes I look back and ask myself: How the hell did I end up with an overexcited Dwebble and a might-possibly-be-Bipolar Slowpoke on a team of glorified Errand Boys? " )

Distinguishing Features: Allen has a cross-shaped scar right in the middle of his forehead, courtesy of Matthew. ( " He told me " It'll come out! It won't hurt! It'll make that Kirlia you're always eyeing think you're super sensitive!" Yeah, all of that was a damn lie: It still hasn't come out, it hurt like hell, and it turns out that Kirlia was a guy! … He did have a pretty cute twin sister though. And then she thought I was in some sort of cult. " )

Other: N/A

8/14/2011 #19

...I'm gonna like Allen a lot. xD

8/14/2011 #20
Shadow Minamino

Thanks. I just finished the leader of the team, Matt the Dwebble.

Name: Matthew – Generally shortened to Matt, however.

Gender: Male

Species: Dwebble

Personality: Matthew is the best friend of Allen, and also practically his opposite: He's the de-facto leader of the three man rescue team ( Unfortunately, the three team members could never agree on a name... ), and according to his best friend Allen, "Read way too many action novels as a kid." Which is partially true: Due to his love of action novels, Matt developed an extremely strong sense of right and wrong, but never did understand things like the morally grey area, despite Allen's best attempt to educate him about it: So he never really understood the "Anti-Hero" type guys in his books. This results in a strong inability to understand actions that are morally questionable, and Matthew generally just lumps everything into either "right" or "wrong", and generally struggles if he has to put something in the middleground.

Generally, Matt is a really happy guy, always optimistic, peppy, happy, and trying to protect the little guys and citizens of the world. Strangely enough, he has a strong friendship with his cynical Duskull teammate, Allen, having known him since they were young. The two could be considered best friends, despite their strangely opposite personalities. Matt generally knows Allen is smarter than him, so he normally comes to the Duskull when he needs advice on things, although Matt can be really stubborn, so it's no guarantee he'll listen to Allen's advice. Matthew thinks of Tori like an older sister, and is his usual peppy self around her, the two being good friends. Matt has a large love for adventure and heroics, so he acts brave and courageous on the outside, and generally, he is. Even if he's shaking in his shell, he'll never back down from someone if it means he can protect another person, and his teammates will always back him up in situations like these.

Despite his brave tendencies, Matthew does have a few fears. In fact, Matthew is absolutely terrified of fire. The hermit crab pokemon always tries to leave fire-based activities to Allen or Tori, preffering to not even get close to the stuff if he can. Oh, he'll brave it if he needs to, but only after mass amounts of psyching up and coaxing from Allen. Otherwise, you might find him cowering in fear from the stuff. Matt's definently not a picky eater, he'll scarf down anything in sight, and shares this trait with Tori. In fact,sometimes he doesn't even pay attention to what he's eating, which has landed him in a hospital once or twice when he ingests something poisonous.

Matt just loves food, heroes, and adventure, and idolizes a lot of the heroes he grew up reading in books, such as "Gligarman" or " The Mighty Morphing Steel Squad. " The optimistic and peppy pokemon doesn't dislike much, until he comes across, in his words " An evildoer!" Then he gets serious and tries to take them down. Matthew's a good fighter, being adept at close range and long range fighting, as well as defense and speed ( Although the speed part only comes in when he discards his rock. ), but he's generally headstrong and rushes in without planning, which means he either gets accidentally overwhelmed if he rushes into a monster house or something and requires Allen to bail him out.

History: Matthew actually didn't grow up in the same town as Allen at first. He moved there with his mom and dad, after his older brother... Oh, right. I should mention, Matthew had an older brother named Issac. Emphasis on had. Issac and Matthew were as close as brothers could be, they loved reading superhero books together: They both loved them, and it was one of the things they looked forward to most. Until the accident.You see, there was an accident in their last home: an oven fire. Their previous house was wooden, and it was a little ember that caused it all: An ember jumped out of the flaming oven and the house caught fire. Matthew, his mother, and father got out okay, but his brother Issac couldn't get out in time: He had burned to death trying to get out. Matthew still remembers hearing his screams from inside the burning home, and it explains his fear of fire.

But he doesn't dwell on it because his brother wouldn't want him to: He'd want him to live FOR him. But that was what caused Matthew and his family to move away, into Allen's neighborhood. Now, Matthew always thought Allen seemed pretty cool: After all, he was a ghost! What was cooler than that? So, he tried to make friends with him, which... didn't work out at first. Eventually though, his happy, rightous, and optimistic nature got to the cynical ghost, and they got to become close friends. Matthew even told Allen about what happened to his brother Issac. This only strengthened their bond, and they became best friends, even leaving home together and at the same time.

Then Matthew found out he could form a rescue team at that age: He could finally protect others as a job, he could live out his dream! So, Matthew ( and an unwilling Allen ), formed a rescue team, and eventually created a new member: Tori the Slowpoke. Now they travel, helping people in need, just like good heroes should! ( Or at least that's what Matthew says. Allen would probably say differently. )

Distinguishing Features: Matthew wears a Power Band as a headband on his head. ( "I think it makes me look like a real hero! Allen says I look like an ig-nor-a-mus though." )

Other: Matthew is actually the youngest member of the team, being a year younger than both Allen and Tori, who are the same age.

8/14/2011 . Edited 8/14/2011 #21

I like Matt, too. ^_^

However, you might want to change the TV shows thing to books/stories/live shows or something, because I don't think there are any televisions. :P

8/14/2011 #22
Shadow Minamino

Right. I'll change em to books. Makes the most sense. :P

8/14/2011 #23

Can't wait to see Tori's profile. :D

8/14/2011 #24
Brave Soul RMS

Name: Kite

Gender: Male

Species: Blaziken

Personality: On missions, Kite focused, driven, calm under pressure, and efficient. Off-duty, he's a pretty chill dude, to say the least. Laid back but not without his lazy moments, Kite is a cool Pokemon that's always up for a sparring match or a friendly drink at the local restaurant. He's able to make friends easily thanks to his amicable personality and he takes care not to rub anyone the wrong way. His philosophy is "a stranger's just a friend you haven't met yet" but if someone directly and purposely antagonizes him, he will defend himself, verbally or physically if need be. Kite is staunchly loyal to those he considers friends and the creed he lives by is the creed he was brought up on, so anyone that knows him can tell you he never leaves a man behind and always fights with all he has. Having no crippling fears to speak of, Kite is motivated simply by his desire to do his best on every mission.

He absolutely hates people that don't try or give up too easy and tends to beat himself up after a particularly bad failure but is always back to his old self in no time. His favorite food is any meat he can grill himself as well as grilled corn and has a talent for using his flames to cook, a favorite hobby of his. Another is his research of different fighting moves and styles used by other Pokemon but his default and currently only mastered style is Blaziken Shotokan.

History: Kite was born into a tribe of Fighting Pokemon that prizes honor and respect above all others. Growing up with a loving mother Blaziken and a distant but wise and caring Scrafty father, Kite had a fairly normal upbringing. He was taught that fights should only be waged for three reasons and three reasons only: to protect oneself, to protect one's friends, and for the sport of it. As expected, Kite takes the teachings of his tribe to heart, never fighting to outright kill an opponent or show that he is the strongest, but sometimes has his Honor Before Reason moments as a result. However, Kite is a more than competent and effective leader of his exploration team and keeps a cool head under pressure. Having been with his team members since his days as a Combusken, Kite knows all their strengths and weaknesses and plans missions accordingly.

Attacks: Brick Break, Quick Attack, Blaze Kick, Bulk Up, Shadow Claw, Rock Slide, Flamethrower, Hi Jump Kick, Double Kick, Acrobatics

Strategy: Study the opponent before making a move. He does this by dodging and blocking while moving as little as possible and then unleashing his full strength. His other method is to restrain himself until he has a good grasp on the opponent or finds an opening.

Distinguishing Features: Wears a Defense Scarf like a karate belt.

Other: Kite has a weird habit of ending some of his sentences "-shamo" and when he does get startled, he squawks like a chicken.

8/30/2011 . Edited 8/30/2011 #25

"When he does get startled, he squawks like a chicken."

^ That made me laugh. xD

Good job, Brave! :D

8/30/2011 #26
Brave Soul RMS

Thanks :D So next up, I have Braviary, Umbreon, and Dewott. I might sub out Dewott for another Water-type, though.

8/30/2011 #27

Okie dokie. :D

8/30/2011 #28
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