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(AN: Yeah, an RP based on the AU Next Gen. thread. Yeah, the only rule is that I want you to try and use your new characters more than your old ones...)

8/14/2011 #1

(AN: Someone start it off.)

8/14/2011 #2

*Lola gets in the lunch line*

Seth: *walks up* Hey, what's up?

Lola: Nothing much. You?

Seth: Just had a test. I think I did pretty good on it though.

Lola: Yeah, well I just skipped last period...

8/14/2011 #3

Carly: *cheerfully* Hi!

8/14/2011 #4

Lola and Seth: Hey.

Lola: You're in a good mood.

8/14/2011 #5

Carly: *grins* When am I ever in a bad mood?

8/14/2011 #6

Lola: On bad hair days...

8/14/2011 #7

Carly: Well...true. So anyways, what's up?!

8/14/2011 #8

Lola: I found ten dollars on the floor in first period.

Seth: Dad bought me a new phone.

8/14/2011 #9

Carly: Not much happened today, unfortunately...But, I heard my baby sister is gonna be born soon! I can't wait! Hopefully she'll be more fun than Jason...

8/14/2011 #10

Lola: How's Jason taking it?

Seth: Is he as excited as you are?

8/14/2011 #11

Carly: ...Probably not. He's not used to the whole 'older sibling' thing...

8/14/2011 . Edited 8/14/2011 #12

Lola: What do you two wanna do after school?

8/14/2011 #13

Carly: Shopping?

8/14/2011 #14

Lola: That sounds good.

Seth: Yeah, for you two girls. Eh...I'll tag along. I don't have anything else to do.

8/14/2011 #15

Carly: That's great! You can pay for our things, Seth! *giggles*

8/14/2011 #16

Lola: And hold our bags...

Seth: Whatever...

8/14/2011 #17
Brave Soul RMS

(A/N: So where do I jump in?)

9/18/2011 #18

(AN: We can timeskip to the next day...)

Carly: *talking to her mom on the phone* Don't push yourself too hard, Mom. You need to be all rested up so you're able to push out my baby sister.

Rietta: *laughs* Alright, talk to you tomorrow. Love you.

Carly: Later. *hangs up*

9/18/2011 #19
Brave Soul RMS

Naomi: I can't believe it, Carly! You're gonna be a big sister! I wish I had a little sibling. All I have is Riley.

Riley: *enters with drinks* Hey, I resent that, Mimi.

9/18/2011 #20

Carly: *laughs* Well, I already am a big sister, but I'm sure baby Violet will be more fun than Jason.

9/18/2011 #21
Brave Soul RMS

Naomi: Bigger sister, then. It still counts.

Riley: That aside, I'm happy for you guys but, damn, Jett must be having a hard time with the pregnancy hormones.

Naomi: I have never heard a woman screech that loudly. I mean, jeez...

9/18/2011 #22

Carly: Well, he's been there for two pregnancies already so he's probably used to it...Or maybe not. It's been like over ten years since her last pregnancy...*suddenly laughs* I'm guessing this one was unplanned.

9/18/2011 #23
Brave Soul RMS

Riley: Eh, you guys will be fine. Money isn't a problem for you, right?

9/18/2011 #24

Carly: Nope. We're not as rich as Seth, but we're still pretty well off. So anyways, what do you guys wanna do? And where's Ian?

9/18/2011 #25
Brave Soul RMS

Riley: Somewhere off with his Sceptile. They wanted to get a little training in before goofing off.

Blaziken: Blaaaze...

Riley: You are way too focused on fighting, Blaziken. Chill. *sips his drink*

Naomi: Hrm. Wonder if I should catch a new Pokemon myself.

9/18/2011 #26

*Claude and Katrina approaches*

Katrina: Yo, Ri. What's up?

Carly: *to Riley and Naomi* Um, who are they?

9/18/2011 #27
Brave Soul RMS

Riley: Claude's parents are an old friend of the family and Katrina's one of my friends.

Naomi: Claude, Jaden, and Ian have all been Riley's "bros" since forever. But I always forget who Katrina's parents are... *sheepishly* Sorry.

9/18/2011 #28

Katrina: *laughs* My parents are old friends of your parents as well. How could you forget?

Carly: Wait...Katrina...Vitalis right? And Claude...Cooper...Oh! I remember you two now! Katrina's daddy is that videogame developer guy and her mom is...Well, I forget who her mom is...*to Claude* And your dad is in the same band as mine!

Claude: *laughs* Right.

9/18/2011 #29
Brave Soul RMS

Riley: *lightly taps Naomi's head* Her mother is Juniper Vitalis, the woman who is practically Dad's other big sister! Seriously, Mimi, your memory leaves a lot to be disired; Dad never stopped talking about Cecil, June, Mike, and Petra when he reminisced!

Naomi: Auntie June and Uncle Mike! *facepalms* D'oh! Of course!

Riley: So, Claude, what brings you two around?

9/18/2011 . Edited 9/18/2011 #30
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