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Claude: Well-

Katrina: We're bored.

9/18/2011 #31
Brave Soul RMS

Riley: *laughs* Way to finish his sentence. Kat, you have a house full of video games to play and you didn't think to go there first?

9/18/2011 #32

Katrina: I already finished most of them, though! The only ones left are dumb puzzle games and I hate puzzle games!

Carly: Ugh, I know right? I lost a lot of bets to Jay-Jay because of those...

Claude: Which is weird, Trina, considering the fact that your Mom and Dad were in the top five when it came to school.

Carly: But seriously, only puzzle games?

Katrina: Fighting games, too, but Claude sucks at them so they got boring after a while.

Claude: Hey!

9/18/2011 #33
Brave Soul RMS

Naomi: Claude, don't even try. You know you're really bad at those games.

Riley: Out of respect for my buddy, I'll stay out of this. But I will say anyone at this table could kick your ass at BlazBlue.

Naomi: And that one fighting game with the ninjas.

Riley: And Death Match.

Ian: Must you guys torture him? *says this despite laughing himself*

9/18/2011 #34

Carly: Ian! When did you get here?!

Claude: *tries not to laugh but fails* Okay, you got me. I do suck at them and I admit it. *to Ian* Hey, what's up?

9/18/2011 #35
Brave Soul RMS

Ian: Just got in a good workout so I decided to meet up with the Terrible Thomas siblings.

Riley: That name will never stick! Except maybe with Seth's dad.

Ian: Eh, probably. So, the plan for today is what? I've got all day free since I dropped off my team at Grey's clinic.

(A/N: Gotta go mow the lawn. BRB)

9/18/2011 #36

Carly: We can go shopping?

Katrina: No way! If you couldn't already tell, the rest of us are either guys, or girls who don't like shopping.

Carly: It was just a suggestion...Jeez...

9/18/2011 #37
Brave Soul RMS

Riley: Chill, Kitty Kat.

Naomi: What about the battlefield? Kain looks itchy.

Riley: If everyone else is up for it. I know Carly's not exactly the fighting type.

Ian: Since I just got back from training, I'd rather watch.

9/18/2011 #38

Carly: Yeah, I'm a dancer, not a battler. But...I guess it wouldn't hurt to watch with Ian, though.

Trina: To the battlefield!

9/18/2011 #39
Brave Soul RMS

Ian: Alright, who's entering?


Riley: Me and Kain, I guess.

Naomi: Same, I'm in!

9/18/2011 #40

Katrina: Sibling vs. sibling? Awesome!

9/18/2011 #41
Brave Soul RMS

Naomi: Anyone else wanna join in?

9/18/2011 #42

Katrina: I guess I'll join, too.

Claude: Yeah, same.

9/18/2011 #43
Brave Soul RMS

Naomi: Okay, so we have to register 3 Pokemon. Charmeleon, Stoutland, and Ampharos for me.

Riley: Blaziken, Bronzong, and Golduck here.

9/18/2011 #44

Claude: Swampert, Breloom and Galvantula.

Trina: Typhlosion, Shiftry and Excadrill.

9/18/2011 #45
Brave Soul RMS

Riley: Right. Kat, you're my opponent and Naomi's with Claude after us. Let's put on a show, guys!

9/18/2011 #46

Katrina: You are going down, Ri!

(AN: Timeskip? XD)

9/18/2011 #47
Brave Soul RMS

(A/N: Timeskip!)

9/18/2011 #48

Katrina: *recalls her Typhlosion* Damn, you're good, Ri. *grins* But you seriously are going down next time!

9/18/2011 #49
Brave Soul RMS

Riley: That's why I am the undisputed KING!

Kain: *kicks the air*

9/18/2011 #50

Claude: *facepalms*

Trina: Alright, it's Claude and Naomi's turn.

9/18/2011 #51
Brave Soul RMS

Naomi: Alright, Stoutland! You're up first!

9/18/2011 #52

Claude: *laughs* Someone is enthusiastic. *releases his Breloom*

Breloom: Bring it, big guy. *smirks*

(AN: Timeskip! :D)

9/18/2011 #53
Brave Soul RMS

Naomi: C'mon, Ampharos, bring the pain!

(A/N: BRB, dinner time)

9/18/2011 #54

Claude: *laughs* Ampharos, Naomi? *smirks* I'm sure your Ampharos is tough, but I highly doubt any of its attacks will have that great an effect against this big guy. *releases his Swampert*

Swampert: Ah, Ampharos. It's been a while since we last battled.

(AN: 'Kay!)

9/18/2011 #55

(AN: So, what's going on?)

9/18/2011 #56

(AN: Riley and Katrina battled, and now it is Naomi and Claude's turn. Carly and Ian are watching.)

9/18/2011 #57

Lola: *to Carly* Hey, what's going on?

9/18/2011 #58

Carly: Naomi and Claude are battling!

9/18/2011 #59

Lola: Cool. I'll watch...

9/18/2011 #60
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