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Carly: Hey, where's Seth?

9/18/2011 #61

Lola: Talking to his dad on his new phone...

9/18/2011 #62
Brave Soul RMS

Riley: When did Lola get here? Whenever Lola's around, that means Evan is, too...

Naomi: Ampharos, don't let him scare you. Focus Blast!

9/18/2011 #63

Carly: Well, he's missing out.

Claude: *calmly* Protect.

Trina: Damn it! I hate that move! Kick his ass, Mimi!

9/18/2011 #64

Lola: He'll be here in a sec...

9/18/2011 #65

Carly: Cool. *to Ian* Who do you think will win?

9/18/2011 #66
Brave Soul RMS

Riley: Right. Hiding now.

Ian: They both have two left but the way things are going, it looks like Claude's gonna win.

9/18/2011 #67

Lola: I gotta go with Claude too.

--- Meanwhile ---

Seth: Alright, Dad, talk to you later. *hangs up the phone*

Evan: Hey, Seth!

Seth: What?!

Evan: *pours his water on Seth* That... *walks off*

9/18/2011 #68

Carly: Well, he did start off with Breloom, which had a type advantage. And now Swampert...Oh boy, Naomi's gonna get owned.

Trina: Well she still has Charmeleon which has an advantage against his last Pokemon...But if Swampert isn't taken down first then...Yeah.

9/18/2011 #69
Brave Soul RMS

Naomi: Quick, Ampharos, one last combo! Toxic and Cotton Spore!

Riley: ...I sense evil. I sense...Evan...

9/18/2011 #70

Seth: *approaches them still wet* Hey...

9/18/2011 #71

Claude: Dig.

Swampert: *digs into the ground to avoid the Toxic*

Carly: Seth! What happened?!

9/18/2011 #72

Seth: Calm down. *lets out a laugh* It's just water...

9/18/2011 #73

Carly: You could catch a cold...or something like that!

9/18/2011 #74
Brave Soul RMS

Naomi: Aww, fudge....

Ampharos: *hit by Dig and knocked out* Amphaaaa....

Naomi: Okay, I forfeit! No way I can win now. Nice battle, Claude.

9/18/2011 #75

Lola: In ninety degree weather, Carly?

Seth: I'm cool.

9/18/2011 #76

Carly: Oh yeah...

Claude: *recalls Swampert* You, too, Naomi.

9/18/2011 #77

*Evan approaches*

Evan: 'Sup everybody? *looks at Seth* You could use a towel...

Seth: *glares at him*

9/18/2011 #78

Carly: Hey, Evan.

9/18/2011 #79
Brave Soul RMS

Naomi: Guys, why are you all...? *sees Evan* I knew I sensed evil.

9/18/2011 #80

Evan: Ouch! My feelings are so hurt, Nina or Nana or whatever your name is.

9/18/2011 #81

Carly: *rolls her eyes* Her name is Naomi, Evan.

9/18/2011 #82
Brave Soul RMS

Naomi: I think I'm gonna cry! The great Evan forgot my name! *fake sobs* It's Naomi.

Ian: What up, dude?

9/18/2011 #83

Evan: Whatever you say, Carly-Bunny. 'Sup, Ian. *to Lola* Mom made you lunch... *hands it to her*

Lola: Oh...that's sweet of her... *drops it in the nearby trashcan*

9/18/2011 . Edited 9/18/2011 #84

Carly: When will your Mom realize that her cooking sucks?

9/18/2011 #85

Lola: She knows it does, but she tries to 'improve' if you can call it that...

Evan: Seriously, at this point, Mom should be the husband and Dad should be the wife...

9/18/2011 #86
Brave Soul RMS

Riley: When our mom realizes that jalepeno sauce does not go with everything.

Naomi: I think she actually taught your mom that trick... *both sibling shudder*

9/18/2011 #87

Carly: Who's your mom again?

9/18/2011 #88
Brave Soul RMS

(A/N: The only girl that's ever been interested in Grey, Kina xD)

Riley: Dad calls her Thorns but your parents might know her as Rosita.

9/18/2011 #89

Carly: Dad mentioned her once or twice...

Claude: Yeah, she's a friend of my dad's.

9/18/2011 #90
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