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Yeah, we're like going on a journey guys. Let's get in the game!!!

8/30/2011 #1

(AN: Yay! Someone start it off!)

8/30/2011 #2

Mercedes: *heads out of the door* Today, I become a trainer! *speeds towards the lab, but trips over her feet and lands face first on the ground*

8/30/2011 #3
Brave Soul RMS

Hiro: *looks at Mercedes on the ground* How's the dirt taste this morning?

8/30/2011 #4

Sana: That's not very nice, Hiro! (to Mercedes) Are you okay?

8/30/2011 #5

Mercedes: Yes, I'm fine. *dusts herself off*

8/30/2011 #6
Shadow Minamino

Raoul: Alright, are you done being a klutz? We've gotta get to the lab or else everything's gonna be taken...

8/30/2011 #7

Mercedes: *puts her sunglasses on* Alright, let's get going!

8/30/2011 #8

Sana: This is gonna be so much fun!

8/30/2011 #9
Shadow Minamino

Raoul: Haha, yeah! I can't wait to get my first pokemon...

8/30/2011 #10

*Everyone arrives at Oak's lab*

Oak: *gives a long speech* Pick a Pokemon.

8/30/2011 #11
Shadow Minamino

Raoul: Finally done talking? I choose Bulbasaur!

* Raoul picks up a pokeball containing Bulbasaur *

8/30/2011 #12

Sana: You picked Bulbasaur, too?! That's awesome!

8/30/2011 #13

Smitty: *Pushes Raoul aside* Move it shrimp. *Grabs a Squirtle*

8/30/2011 #14

Mercedes: *takes a female Squirtle*

8/30/2011 #15

Sana: Are you guys gonna nickname your Pokemon?

8/30/2011 #16

Smitty: *already walking out the door*

8/30/2011 #17
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Serenity: *glares at Smitty* *takes a male Squirtle*

8/30/2011 #18
Brave Soul RMS

Hiro: Well then... I choose Charmander. *takes the Pokeball and looks at the little guy inside of it* Cool.

8/30/2011 #19

Sana: Can we release them?! I want to see my Bulbasaur!!

8/30/2011 . Edited 8/30/2011 #20

Oak: Yes. Feel free.

8/30/2011 #21

Sana: Yay! *releases a female Bulbasaur*

8/30/2011 #22
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Serenity: *throws Pokeball*

Squirtle: *pops out*

Serenity: Aww! *picks Squirtle up and hugs him* You're so cute!

8/30/2011 #23
Shadow Minamino

Raoul: Alright little guy, time ta come out!

* Releases his male Bulbasaur *

Raoul: Well aren't you a cool little fella? I think we'll be good partners.

8/30/2011 #24

Sana: I think I'm gonna name you...Umm...Wait, I need to think about this. I can't give you a lame name...

8/30/2011 #25
Brave Soul RMS

Hiro: Come on out, Charmander.

Charmander: *glares up at Hiro*

Hiro: Hey, don't be like that. We're friends now. *takes out an apple and hands it to Charmander* I heard you guys like these.

Charmander: *eyes it warily but softens up and takes the apple*

8/30/2011 #26
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Serenity: *smirks at Hiro* Having a little trouble?

8/30/2011 #27
Brave Soul RMS

Hiro: Doing just fine here.

Charmander: *munches the apple and moves a bit closer to Hiro*

Hiro: So, Professor, do we get our Pokeballs and Dex now?

8/30/2011 #28

Sana: Clover? Yolanda? Berry?

Bulbasaur: *ignores her*

Sana: Lea? Lynn?

Bulbasaur: ...

Sana: *sighs* How about Bryony?

Bulbasaur: *looks up at her curiously*

Sana: Bryony it is! *grins*

8/30/2011 #29
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Serenity: (to Hiro) So you are *smiles* *hugs Squirtle* I feel like I should give you a name little guy but I'm just not that imaginative or good with names...

8/30/2011 #30
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