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Oak: *hands them the items*

Mercedes: Okay, Squirtle, let's go...

Squirtle: Squirt!

8/30/2011 #31

Sana: *puts the items in her bag and turns to Bryony* Let's go, Bry~

8/30/2011 #32
Brave Soul RMS

Hiro: Thanks, Professor. Anything I should know about this little guy?

Charmander: *tosses the apple core and burps*

8/30/2011 #33

Oak: He eats quite a bit...

8/30/2011 #34
Shadow Minamino

Raoul: Thanks professor. * Turns to Bulbasaur * Well then, should we get going, lil guy?

Bulbasaur: Bulba!

Raoul: Right then. How about the name Sage?

Bulbasaur: Bulba!

Raoul: Sage it is. Now come on, lil buddy!

8/30/2011 #35
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Serenity: Thank you Professor Oak *puts the items in her pockets* *looks at Squirtle* *snaps her fingers* I've got it! The perfect name for you! Raphael!

Squirtle: Squirtle Squirt! *nods approvingly*

Serenity: Alright Raphael, let's go!

8/30/2011 #36
Brave Soul RMS

Hiro: Huh, he does... Well, thanks. Later on, Professor! *to Charmander* I think I should nickname you...

Charmander: Char?

Hiro: How's... Ardha sound?

Charmander: Charmander... *nods* Char char!

8/30/2011 #37

Sana: *cheerfully* You don't talk very much, do you, Bryony?

Bryony: ...

Sana: That's okay! You'll become more social after I catch some more Pokemon~

8/30/2011 #38
Bangohan Sensei

Jarrod: *bursts out of his house* I'm late! I'm late! *trips through the doorway of the lab*

8/31/2011 . Edited 8/31/2011 #39
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Serenity: Where did that Smitty guy go? I wanna give him a piece of my mind for shoving Raoul back there...

8/31/2011 #40

Sana: He left...

8/31/2011 #41

Smitty: *Already at Route 1* Well Spits, we are moving ahead of those losers back in town since i was put in the group to receive a pokedex in a week, and i already got plenty of these *shows the Squirtle a handful of pokeballs* from some kids that left yesterday

Spits: *laughs like a Squirtle does*

Smitty: Let's train up partner!

8/31/2011 #42
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Serenity: (to Sana) I'll catch him! (to Raphael) Come on partner, let's run!

Raphael: Squirtle! *runs alongside Serenity*

Serenity: *over her shoulder at the others* See you later!

8/31/2011 #43

Sana: Bye, Serenity~! *waves, then turns to Bryony* Let's start training! You and me are gonna make an epic team!

8/31/2011 #44
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Serenity: *pauses out of breath* *bends over and places her hands on her knees* We've... been... running... for... over... an... hour... Where... the... fudge... is... he?

Raphael: *collapses to the ground next to Serenity* Squir...tle squir...t... squiuuuuiiiiiiirrrrrtttttllllllleeeee....

Serenity: Yeah, I could use a rest myself *drops onto the grass* Are you hungry?

Raphael: Squirtle!

Serenity: *starts rummaging through her seemingly bottomless backpack* Yeah... here they are! *pulls out some poffins* I knew I didn't forget them!

8/31/2011 #45

*At Route 1*

Sana: Alright, Bry, let's train!

Bryony: *rolls her eyes* Saur...

Sana: Don't give me attitude! *looks around while shading her eyes from the sun with one hand*

Bryony: *notices a wild Rattata and crouches, ready to attack*

Sana: *follows Bryony's gaze to the Rattata and grins* Ready, Bryony?

Bryony: Bulba...

Sana: *fumbles for her Pokedex and fiddles with it for a second, then looks at the screen* Alright, so far you know Tackle and Growl. Umm...So use Tackle!

Bryony: *takes off running and tackles the Rattata to the ground*

8/31/2011 #46

Smitty: -And finish it off with Bubble

Spits: *shoots the bubbles in a jet stream, KO'ing a pidgey*

Smitty: Good job Spits. That should be enough for now since we are almost in town, hop up *bends down*

Spits: *Climbs onto Smitty's Shoulders*

Smitty: *Gets on his bike that was against a tree and rides into Viridian*

8/31/2011 #47

Sana: Tackle, one more time!

Bryony: *sighs and then tackles the wild Rattata once more, knocking it out*

Sana: Yay~ We won!

8/31/2011 #48
Brave Soul RMS

Hiro: *route 22* Nidoran, Nidoran... Where can we find a Nidoran?

Ardha: Char char?

Hiro: Small, purple, big-ass ears. You've never seen one?

Ardha: *shrugs*

Hiro: Well, then. ..Hey, over there!

Nidoran: *looks up with an oh-shit look on his face*

Ardha: Char! *rushes it*

8/31/2011 #49

Sana: *as she exits the Pokecenter; to Bryony* So you know Leech Seed now...What a sucky move. Let's keep training until you learn something more useful.

8/31/2011 #50

Smitty: *Bikes past a Bug Catcher and scares away the caterpie he was battling* Nuhahaha, sucker!

Spits: Squir-tle-tle-tle-tle!

8/31/2011 #51
Brave Soul RMS

Hiro: Ardha, don't attack it directly. Stick with Ember attacks!

Ardha: *blasts the Nidoran with Ember*

Hiro: Alright. Pokeball, go!

Nidoran: *hit by and absorbed by the ball*

Hiro: One... Two... *ping!* Three! Yes! First capture!

Ardha: Charmander! *jumps in celebration*

8/31/2011 #52

Sana: Alright! Let's get back to training!

Bryony: Bulba...

Sana: Use Tackle on that Rattata!

Bryony: Saur...*turns back to Sana after knocking the Rattata out*

Sana: Oh, right! You're hungry aren't you? *grins and tosses her some berries*

Bryony: *catches them in her mouth and smiles a little*

8/31/2011 #53
Brave Soul RMS

Hiro: *on his way back to Viridian* So, we take you and Kaiser to the Center and have you rest up. Then we try and find out where some of the others are -- HOLY SHIT, SMITTY! *is almost run over by Smitty*

Ardha: Char cha-char char! *torches his tires*

8/31/2011 #54

Smitty: *Slide brakes his bike and puts out the burn marks* Hey twerp, keep your lizard on it's leash, i got places to be and badges to win.

Spits: *Glares at Ardha*

Smitty: *Grins* I see, hey shrimpy, how bout a battle? 1vs 1.

(I'll be back in like.. 2 hours guys, see ya)

8/31/2011 #55
Brave Soul RMS

Hiro: Ardha's not a lizard and I don't have time to be wasting on you. I gotta get my new capture and Ardha to the center. Peace, jerk. *walks off*

8/31/2011 #56

Smitty: Fine then "Mr. Hero" see you never. *pedals off towards the forest but not before Spits Bubbles Ardha*

8/31/2011 #57
Brave Soul RMS

Ardha: *growls and torches Smitty's back tire out of spite* Char!

Hiro: No, Ardha! Bad! We don't torch the douchebag's tires. ...At least not until I say so. *smirks*

Ardha: *grins*

8/31/2011 #58

Spits: *waters down the tire*

Smitty: Good job Spits, lets roll through the woods and stop at Pewter. We'll train tomorrow and take down the gym leader the next morning while all the toddlers are stuck in the woods crying for their mommies. *laughs with Spits before riding faster*

8/31/2011 #59

Bryony: *knocks out a Rattata and smirks*

Sana: Good job, Bry! *checks her Pokedex* Hmm. Still no new moves. Okay, let's go a little further into this route...

8/31/2011 #60
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