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(AN: Like yeah, this is the canon one. If you don't have a character, just make one up or ask me and I'll give you one.)

9/4/2011 #1

*Time for school*

Kofi: *to Annika* Alright, let's swing by the office and get your schedule.

9/4/2011 #2

Annika: *nods* Ja, let's go.

Mia: Hi guys!

9/4/2011 #3

Kofi: Hey, Mia. I was just looking for you. *hands her a five dollar bill* That's what I owe you. *hands her another five* And that's a treat, courtesy of yours truly.

9/4/2011 #4

Mia: *smiles* Thanks.

Annika: *looks from Mia to Kofi* Are you two...?

9/4/2011 #5

Kofi: *playfully puts an arm around Mia's neck* (jokingly) Mia wants to marry me and wants us to live in a big house by the beach. Isn't that right?

9/4/2011 #6

Mia: *sarcastically* Yeah, and we're going to have lots of babies together.

Annika: Well, you two would make a cute couple.

9/4/2011 #7

Kofi: Yep, Mia loves me. Alright, let's go talk to the sophomore counselor, Mrs. Qwerly. We can get Annika's schedule from there.

9/4/2011 #8

Annika: Cool, let's go.

9/4/2011 #9

*At the main office*

Kofi: Alright, we're clear to go in. *walks in the counselor's office*

Mrs. Qwerly: Good morning, Kofi. Can I help you with something? *smiles*

Kofi: This is Annika. *gestures her to come in*

9/4/2011 #10

Annika: *walks in* Um, hi, Fraulein.

9/4/2011 #11

Mrs. Qwerly: German? *smiles* Impressive. What is your last name, Annika?

9/4/2011 #12

Annika: It's Becker.

9/4/2011 #13

Mrs. Qwerly: *types the information into the computer* Okay, your aunt gave the office all of your personal information, so everything's all set. *prints out the schedule and hands it to her* First period is the longest because it's homeroom.

Kofi: *glances at the schedule* Oh, cool, you have homeroom with me. I'll show you where Mr. Hawk's class is.

9/4/2011 . Edited 9/4/2011 #14

Annika: Thank you, Fraulein. *smiles at Mrs. Qwerly, then turns to Kofi* Lead the way.

9/4/2011 #15

Kofi: *as he leads the way* It's in the back of the building, on the outside in the portables.

9/4/2011 #16

Annika: I'll try to remember that...Is Mr. Hawk nice?

9/4/2011 #17

Kofi: Let me put it this way. Mr. Hawk may be the coolest teacher that mankind has ever seen.

9/4/2011 #18

Annika: Really? Can't wait to meet him...

9/4/2011 #19

Kofi: Yeah, and pretty much everyone I introduced you to this weekend is in there with us like Mia and a bunch of others...

9/4/2011 #20

Annika: Oh...Well that's good.

9/4/2011 #21

Kofi: Here we are. No one's here yet except Mr. Hawk, so I'll introduce you to him.

9/4/2011 #22

Annika: Okay...

9/4/2011 #23
Brave Soul RMS

Noah: What do you mean, "Nobody's here yet"? I'm insulted, Kofi. *smiles*

Yuri: H-Hello, Kofi... Who's your friend?

9/4/2011 #24

Kofi: Hey, Mr. Hawk?

Hawk: Hey, Kofi. *high fives him* Class doesn't start for a while. What you need?

Kofi: Just wanted to introduce you to a new student. This is Annika. Oh, Annika, this is Noah and Yuri. I think you might have met Noah earlier.

9/4/2011 . Edited 9/4/2011 #25

Annika: *smiles* Hi.

9/4/2011 #26

Mr. Hawk: *to Annika* I'm Steve Hawk! No, I'm not related to Tony Hawk in any fashion, but I tell people that to get me into big parties whenever I go to LA. Welcome to 'The Nest', Annika. *holds his hand up for a high-five*

9/4/2011 #27

Annika: *laughs and high fives him* The Nest?

9/4/2011 #28

Mr. Hawk: *nods* The Hawk's Nest.

9/4/2011 #29
Brave Soul RMS

Noah: *to Mr. Hawk* I still think you're lying. Nobody unrelated to Tony Hawk can pull off BMX moves like that. *to Annika* Yo, Germany.

Yuri: You are J-Josef's cousin, right...?

9/4/2011 #30
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