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Annika (to Yuri): Ja, I am. (to Noah) Germany...?

Mia: *as she walks in* Fitting nickname, huh? Hi guys.

9/4/2011 #31

Kofi: Clear the runway! My future bride has just walked in...

Hawk: Where are Ash and Fred?

9/4/2011 #32
Brave Soul RMS

Noah: Doing something stupid somewhere stupid. You'll get used to them quick.

Yuri: Noah likes to nickname people. I guess it's obvious wh-why he n-n-named you Germany.

9/4/2011 #33

Mia: *rolls her eyes* Quit with the future bride stuff, Kofi. *to Mr. Hawk* I highly doubt they'll get here on time.

9/4/2011 #34

*Brendan and Angela walk in*

Brendan: Hey, Ash, just set his jacket on fire accidentally.

Kofi: Doing what?

Angela: What do you think?

Kofi: Is he alright?

Brendan: Yeah, Fred managed to get the flames out. They're on their way now.

9/4/2011 #35

Mia: *facepalm* Those two are such idiots...

Fred: No, we're not! ....Well, I'm not, at least.

9/4/2011 . Edited 9/4/2011 #36
Brave Soul RMS

Noah: See? Something stupid. Called it.

9/4/2011 #37

Ash: *comes in, jacket still smoking* Whew, those 'Stop, Drop, Roll' lessons from elementary school really paid off. Thank you, Smokey the Bear. 'Sup everybody?

Mr. Hawk: And now we're just missing...of course...

9/4/2011 #38

Mia: *facepalms again when she sees the smoke*

Fred: *notices Annika and smirks* You must be Josef's cousin. Damn, I heard you were hot but-

Mia: Fred, don't scar the new kid with your perverted thoughts...

9/4/2011 #39

Hawk: I probably shouldn't ask this because I do everyday, but has anyone seen Jack or DJ or Dahlia at all this morning?

Kofi: Nope.

Ash: I texted Drayden earlier, but he didn't reply and then my jacket caught on fire and then it just went straight down from there.

*bell rings*

9/4/2011 #40
Brave Soul RMS

Noah: Saw Drayden and DJ hangin' around somewhere. As for Dolly --

Dahlia: Don't call me Dolly, Mom.

Noah: *dryly* Hark, the witch's voice sounds from the east.

Dahlia: Smart-ass...

9/4/2011 #41

Mia: Well, at least Dahlia's here.

9/4/2011 #42

*Drayden and DJ enter*

Hawk: *sighs* What's the excuse this time?

Drayden: DJ and I were busy tag-teaming Steele's mom in his room.

DJ: *laughs*

Brendan: *gives them the middle finger*

9/4/2011 #43

Mia: Ugh...

Annika: *confused*

Mia (to Annika): Drayden and DJ, the resident delinquents...

9/4/2011 #44

Hawk: Okay, everyone take a seat. Since we have a new student today, we're going to go around and introduce ourselves and give some facts about our lives.

9/4/2011 #45

Fred: *groans* Do we have to?

9/4/2011 #46

Hawk: I'll start and I'll give you muffins after we finish. Does that sound like a plan?

9/4/2011 #47
Brave Soul RMS

Noah: They're pretty much harmless.

9/4/2011 #48

Fred: Muffins? Sweet.

9/4/2011 #49

Ash: Cool, I'm starving.

Hawk: Okay, I'll start. My name is Steve Hawk. I'm into extreme sports and I also have a degree in English. I have a girlfriend named Imogen who lives in Northern Shore. Kofi?

Kofi: I'm Kofi Burke. I'm on the basketball team, I play tons of video games, and I work at a mini-mart.

Hawk: Alright, keep it going everyone.

9/4/2011 #50
Brave Soul RMS

Yuri: Yuri N-Nathan. I'm half Japanese, my favorite food is pasta and I'm going to be a big sister.

Noah: Noah Mather (I think. Forgot his last name). I know everyone so if you need to know who's who, ask me. I hate fighting and I like watching what happens around here. It's kinda funny.

Dahlia: Dahlia Nunez. Don't call me Dolly or Doll and we'll be fine.

9/4/2011 #51

Mia: I'm Mia Luciano. I'm of Italian descent and I work at the same mini-mart as Kofi...

9/4/2011 #52

Brendan: Brendan Steele. Captain of the JV football, basketball, and snowboarding teams.

Angela: Angela Lamb. You can call me Angie if you'd like. I'm a cheerleader and I'm straight edge which means I don't destroy my body with drugs or alcohol.

Ash: Ashton Sharpe. Everyone calls me Ash. I'm an artist and I'm not straight edge which means I do destroy my body with drugs and/or alcohol. Nice to meet you.

Hawk: *glances over to Drayden and DJ*

9/4/2011 #53
Brave Soul RMS

Noah: Dray, you alive in there?

9/4/2011 #54

Ian: I'll cut in if you don't mind, sorry. M'names Ian Jones, i'm a surburban farmer, a outdoorsman, and can bench 240. Nice to meet you.

Stacy: Ooh ooh, me too! Uh, I'm Stacy, Stacy Franks, and i am really fast and really awesome. Oh and nice! Really nice too!

9/4/2011 #55

DJ: *groans* Darren Douglass. I just go by DJ. I fight and sleep. When I finish fighting, I go to sleep. When I finish sleeping, I go to fight...

Hawk: *to Drayden* Jack?

Drayden: I'm Jack, but it's Drayden to everyone or else. I work on cars and I'm into MMA...

Hawk: Thank you. Now, let's chat for a bit. *takes a seat at one of the couches*

9/5/2011 #56

Fred: Hey, where are the muffins?

9/5/2011 #57

Hawk: They're in my car. *tosses Fred his car keys* Bring them in. Just don't eat all of them and don't steal anything.

9/5/2011 #58

Fred: Fine...*leaves to go get them*

9/5/2011 . Edited 9/5/2011 #59

Hawk: Alright, so we've all talked about ourselves. Annika, anything you'd like to share about yourself?

9/5/2011 #60
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