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Ever wanted to chat with members of the Santiago family besides Lorena and Sebastian? Well, now you get the chance because coming soon, my older sister, Aurora Santiago will be chatting from time to time. Ask her anything and she'll answer it.

Good luck! You'll need it...

9/22/2011 #1

the title is the best thing about this so far xD

9/22/2011 #2

Go ahead and leave your questions for her if you'd like and I can get her to answer them. Unless you prefer asking her when she's here.

9/22/2011 #3
Shadow Minamino

Heh. I can sense that this is gonna be fun... Will you be telling her about us beforehand, or will we have to introduce ourselves? XD

I'd think the latter would lead to more hilarity, considering who we all are.

9/22/2011 #4

I'll tell her a little bit, but you guys gotta introduce yourselves. It's common courtesy. xD

9/22/2011 . Edited 9/22/2011 #5
Shadow Minamino

Works for me. XD

9/22/2011 #6

Oh, and she may ask you guys some questions too.

9/22/2011 #7

I call giving a brief summary of the group :D

9/22/2011 #8
Shadow Minamino

Be my guest Ricki.

9/22/2011 #9

Feel free to leave me and Sebastian out of the summary considering she already knows us. xD

9/22/2011 #10

nope you are included as well! but i have to help my friend so i'll be back in a little bit.

9/22/2011 #11

Lolli: Hey guys, I'm here with a special guest!

A: Hey I'm Aurora. You guys need advice or something

9/23/2011 #12
Brave Soul RMS

Not at the moment. Lorena and friend Ricki thought it'd be nice to meet you. She said to intros, so I guess I'm first.

My name's RJ and I'm 17. Everyone here calls me Brave. Nice to meet you. :D

9/23/2011 #13

A: Nice to meet you too. Here's some info about me. Picture Lorena, but taller, brown eyes, curlier hair, bigger tits, a fatter ass, and all around better-looking and you'll get me.

Lolli: That's just lovely. You basically didn't tell him anything about yourself, only your appearance. She's making me type all of this too. DX

A: You're such a little crybaby.

9/23/2011 #14
Brave Soul RMS

So that's what it's like to be a younger sibling xD Glad I'm the oldest. The others need to hurry the hell up and get here. They know it's rude to keep a lady waiting.

Anyway, Lolli tells me you hate wimpy guys.

9/23/2011 #15

A: Yes, I hate punk bitches. I want a man, not a girlfriend. When I want a girlfriend, I'll give the little bitch boys a call and then they can come over my house so I can fuck them with my strap-on. But I wouldn't be having this issue if my baby daddy wasn't in prison.

Lolli: You make a wonderful impression, Aurora...

9/23/2011 #16
Brave Soul RMS

Oh, is it gonna be fun having you around xD So why's K2's dad in jail?

9/23/2011 #17

A: Armed robbery. Well he drove the getaway car, but he didn't know the guy went in to rob the place. He's got a couple of years before he's eligible for parole. But my K2 is pure-blooded Colombian.

Lolli: What the hell is that suppose to mean?

A: That wasn't a shot at you stupid. I love Lola. I was just pointing it out.

Lolli: Whatever...

9/23/2011 #18

Sup bitches .__.

9/23/2011 #19

Lolli: Aurora, this is Ricki. Ricki, why don't you tell us a few things about yourself and the other members here?

9/23/2011 #20
Brave Soul RMS

Shit, dude, that's heavy. So they got him on accessory charges, huh? And, dude, mixed babies are freaking adorable. My cousin is like a miniature AJ, half white with green eyes. Lucky little bastard's gonna get laid nine times a week.

9/23/2011 #21

Hey, i'm Ricki

18, from michigan, basically crazy, in college.

I'm that one guy who always gives advice and gives girls emotional support but in Michigan apparently guys who help you never want sex and just want to be friends forever.

Me and your lil sis are the only non virgins in this group of misfits and geekdom.

-Rayan (Brave) is a black version of me but younger and stupider

-Fred (Shadow) is a mexican version of me but younger and stupider...

-Kina (Mysteryless) is the youngest at like... 13? Her parents are the "arranged marriage" kind so her life is kinda suckish at the moment

-Kelly (Kelly) is the oldest at... 26 i think? She takes things a bit literal but shes a good person

-Lolli (your sister) is that girl who types your messages for you and made the forum. You can see her if you look down and squint. PS: She's kinda aggressive and is either here, with her kid, or on AJ

-Sebastian (your brother) is on here sometimes. He's pretty funny. And 90% stoned and/or drunk when's he's here.

I think that's everyone if not then fuck you, you're not important enough for me to remember :P

9/23/2011 #22

Aurora: My punkass brother comes online? Didn't know that.

Lolli: You know that you're the only one who doesn't have training in a specific martial arts, right?

Aurora: That's because I have a gun. That trumps anything you all do so keep doing your Bruce Lee shit, I'll just shoot you.

Lolli: She has shot someone before.

Aurora: He was breaking in my house and he's still alive. Come on my property, get shot.

9/23/2011 #23
Brave Soul RMS

Aurora, meet Ricki. One of my best friends and possibly the only person I know more blunt than Lorena says you are.

9/23/2011 #24

You have that right Aurora, anyways how about you tell us about yourself, cause all we know about you is from lolli and seb.

9/23/2011 #25

Aurora: I'm 29 years old. I'm the oldest and was the only girl until that midget came along when I was 12. I got pregnant when I was 20 and I graduated from Lone Star Community College. I work as a receptionist at a nursing home. Now, my brother and sister might have told you guys that I'm a crazy bitch huh? Well, it's true. I am crazy, but I know what I'm talking about most of the time. I'm not a slut either. I just like dick.

Lolli: That's her life story.

9/23/2011 #26

well you have a good point, liking dick or just fucking in general, usually gets one labelled as a slut or whore. that's wrong though, liking something pleasurably is perfectly ok. i mean if you like sex you may be easy, but that's not a bad thing for you. well lolli did you think my summary of the group was fairly spot on?

9/23/2011 #27

Lolli: The summary was spot on, Ricki (although you seem to think that Brave and Shadow are not as good as you. xD) and Aurora you are a slut so :P

9/23/2011 #28
Brave Soul RMS

Please, Shadow and I kick Ricki's ginger ass up and down the pavement.

So, Aurora, why'd you decide not to learn a martial art like your siblings?

9/23/2011 #29

everyone needs sex lorena, your not so innocent yourself.

lol, i can only image after fred or rj get laid they'd play "i just had sex" by lonely island.

speaking of getting laid, i need to sometime soon.

9/23/2011 #30
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