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Aurora: Lorena's just screwed up cuz she walked in on me and two guys. Big whoop.

Lorena: It traumatized me!

Aurora: Whatever. Brave, the reason they all learned that shit in the first place is because I used to kick their asses for my amusement. Ask Sebastian. I used to beat him and Lorena up all the time. I already know how to fight, so I don't need all that fancy shit.

9/23/2011 #31

Brave, what do you mean "kick my ginger ass?" you grew up in fucking long island, you don't knwo how to fight

9/23/2011 #32
Brave Soul RMS

The more I watch the sibling banter, the more I want to visit Texas... Ricki??

9/23/2011 #33

Aurora: You guys smoke weed?

Lolli: The people here are vanilla to the max...

9/23/2011 #34
SOS Radio

What's up, A-whore-a? xD

Are your lights out again, Sis?

9/23/2011 #35

ya brave, this summer (with lorena's permission of course) me, you, and fred need to take a trip to texas.

and no i don't think any of us smoke, or drink. i've been offered both and only do the latter with family. but never felt like doing them and they fucked up a lot of my relatives.

9/23/2011 #36
Brave Soul RMS

And you grew up in Michigan! There's really no comeback for that, dude. Correction, though, I grew up in Central. If you wanted to live in Central, you had to know how to fight at least semi-decently. That or do what Aurora does and carry a gun. Seeing as how I was 11...

Never smoked it, I have smelled it, though. It involved potheads in a tree under my cousin's apartment. Funniest night of December.

9/23/2011 #37

exactly brave we have bears wolverines, drunks, assholes, and people from detroit. and i live the ghetto of ann arbor. I'll kick your stringy haitian ass back to the 3rd world!

9/23/2011 #38

Aurora: This little bitch is online. That's why I took some of your weed the other day, you stupid fuck.

Lolli: Things are about to get hectic now. Can you guys handle it especially if this were in person?

9/23/2011 #39
Brave Soul RMS

And I lived in the ghetto of Long Island. No angry wildlife but we do have drunk assholes and MS13 running around. I can keep this up all night, dude, so bring your bean pole self over here and I'll knock your Irish ass all the way down to the end of the rainbow 8D

I could handle it. If shit gets thrown my way, I'll either ignore it or throw it back.

9/23/2011 #40

i went to ypsi highschool and i deal with peoples emotional shit everyday. nothing phases me anymore .___.

9/23/2011 #41
SOS Radio

Gonna have to speak louder, Aurora. Couldn't hear you over the sound of you slurping all those dicks.

9/23/2011 #42
Brave Soul RMS

Seb, if I had a little brother like you... I'd either be very proud of him or knock him the fuck out xD

9/23/2011 #43

Aurora: Sebastian, I'm ten years older than you, so I'm not gonna get on your little level. I changed both you and Lorena's nasty ass diapers so don't forget about that...

Lolli: This is gonna go on all night. Sebastian, don't you have something to do?

9/23/2011 #44

just pretend your little brother said something funny and hit him anyway brave, your parents are already asleep and he wouldn't dare wake them up to tattle on you. by morning if he complains, feign ignorace, make a story about how he walked into the doorknob when taking a piss, or he'll forget after waking up :D

9/23/2011 #45
SOS Radio

Yeah, I'm heading out. Just wanted to drop in to say hello to my dear sisters who I love so, so much...xD

9/23/2011 #46

Aurora: So what the fuck do you guys do on here?

Lolli: We talk about all sorts of things story-related and whatnot. You kind of remind me of Dahlia from my story, Northern Oaks, Aurora.

9/23/2011 #47

we bitch about our problems and try to help each other. lorena makes story ideas and neglects the stories she already has xP

9/23/2011 #48

Lolli: Well Ricki, maybe you finally know why I do. Look at this shit I have to deal with in my life. xD

9/23/2011 #49

meh, she's not a bad as you talk about her, then again that's playful sibling banter so you can't talk it seriously. Anyways i'm off to sleep i have class in the morning. It was nice meeting you Aurora, and be sure to come on whenever, we need more opinions on topics and shit. Night

9/23/2011 #50

Lolli: Be aware that she was high tonight. Wait until she sobers up and you're in for some shit. You take care now! Later

Aurora: Nice meeting you.

9/23/2011 #51
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Oh crud, I totally missed the close out of the last thread... Man, I'm never gonna be the one to make post 5000 *sad face*

Oh well, new chat and new person... I think... I must have missed a lot... Who's Aurora? It's a pretty name but who is she? Is she Lolli's sister or is she just Lolli's alter ego? I'm wicked confused...

Anyway, I think I'm in a superpost mood so everyone bare with me... XP Suddenly I want wine... that's a new one... it's like after five in the morning and I want wine... well... I'll settle for ice tea instead.

But that is not what I came here to talk about. Prepare for a little bitching mixed with a little shameless self premotion and hopefully some humor.

I wish I wasn't such a nice person sometimes... I mean, if I were a total jackass I wouldn't think twice about making a shit list of stories on here that have been written by morons. I mean, I understand that they are probably written by like ten year olds but still, it makes me weap for the education system in this country.

I mean, how hard is it to use spell check? And even if you don't have access to spell check, how hard is it to know that you always capitolize proper nouns? I mean that's like a first grade English lesson. So if these stories are really being written by kindergarteners than I am actually impressed...

But I'm really revolted by some of the stuff that I see on this site sometimes and it isn't just about stories written in script form or the odd misspelled word because not everyone who forgets to use spell check has completely illegible writing...

Honestly, it's when all of those things come together that it gets really frustrating and nausiating. Honestly it really gives me a sinking feeling when it looks like the only word an author can spell is "REVIEW"!

Seriously, I just read a summary of a story that actually said:

"doofenshmirtz inater spells trabull"

...Okay so all I really remeber is the "trabull" part... even phonetically that doesn't work out... oh and just in case you didn't figure it out, this was a Phineas and Ferb fic, it was actually a crossover with Power Rangers.

Now here's where the self premotion part comes in. I've actually been working on Power Rangers stories and it seems like the only one I've actually made any progress on is a PR/P&F crossover.

So I was checking the crossovers section for Phineas and Ferb because I enjoy a good crossover from time to time and I noticed that there was a Power Rangers crossover which there hadn't been the last time I checked. So I got all excited and think "Oh this is gonna be awesome" ...Yeah, not nearly what I thought it would be.

Anyway, now I'm thinking that it's okay that my PR/P&F crossover has some massive plot holes because the bar seems to be set kind of on the low side...

Well, sorry that this was low on the humor but I'm in a hurry because I haven't taken my night time medications yet. Which I don't know why I've put off taking until it's almost sunrise but time got away from me while I was writing.

Also, Ricki, I was thinking today that I might need your help with something but I'd appreciate it if you PM'd me because I feel silly talking about it here because I might just look like an idiot asking for this favor.

Good night all.

EDIT: Actually checked the author's profile and he/she actually is ten so I sent him/her a PM giving him/her some helpful hints in a friendly way. I told him/her that his/her story interested me but because of its spelling and grammatical errors it was nearly impossible to read.

Now I'm gone for real, I promise.

EDIT2: Just finished reading the eentire thread so far. So Aurora is Lolli's big sister... Okay well nice to meet you Aurora. I like your name. What Ricki said about me was pretty dead on (though I'm not sure where he got that part about me being a good person LOL) except for the fact that I am 27 not 26 but that's not a big deal so...

I'm visually impared, had a kidney transplant when I was twenty, live with my parents, have a non existant relationship with my little sister to the point where we don't acknowledge each other's existance, love writing and use fiction as an escape and hang out with these crazy dudes a lot but not in the past couple days because of writing.

Oh and I can't fight for squat so I'm never, ever going to go to Texas because all the stories I hear from Lolli make me scared of the entire state.

Also, thought your line about how you had a gun so you don't need to know a martial art was classic! It's so true: gun beats fist.

Oh yeah, one more thing, I like to talk and on here that translates into typing a lot. I may piss you off at some point because as Ricki said I tend to take things leterally, though I'm trying not to so much these days.

Looking forward to chatting with you.

9/24/2011 . Edited 9/24/2011 #52

Lolli: Well, we're here...

9/28/2011 #53
Brave Soul RMS

Yo, Aurora.

9/28/2011 #54
Shadow Minamino

Don't think I've met your sis yet. I won't be around for long tonight, I've got a hella a lot of homework to do. Still, might as well introduce myself while I'm here.

The name's Fred, but people here just call me Shadow. I'm an 18 year old freshman in college, hobbies include gaming,tennis, and karate, and I currently have a long distance girlfriend. I'm the guy that evens Ricki and Rayan out and completes our multicultural skinny dude trio. That's all the basics about me. Nice ta meetcha Aurora. ^.^

9/28/2011 #55

She says hey. I'm going to type for her again, just so I can sort of censor out some of her comments, if you know what I mean.

9/28/2011 #56
Shadow Minamino

You think she'll be too much for us? We're not THAT sensitive. XD ... I think. ^.^;

9/28/2011 #57

censorship is boring and do we really censor anything we say here -3-

4th ammendment lorena!!

9/28/2011 #58

She wants to know if any of you have any questions for her. I'll let her type out her own responses...

9/28/2011 #59
Brave Soul RMS

So, you doing okay, Aurora?

9/28/2011 #60
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