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10/23/2011 #2,971
Brave Soul RMS

That was... Sudden. I hope everything's okay.

10/23/2011 #2,972
Shadow Minamino

Hmm... triple exclamation marks make me think trouble. Or Lola emergency. Hopefully everything's okay.

So Brave, how've ya been today?

10/23/2011 #2,973
Brave Soul RMS

Read the therapist thread.

10/23/2011 #2,974
Shadow Minamino

Right. I should probably be slapping myself right now for even asking such a dumb question. ^.^;

Uhh... alright. I'm not so good at this kinda stuff, so bear with me. I'm gonna make a post in the therapist thread to reply and not clog up the main chat.

10/23/2011 #2,975
Brave Soul RMS

It's fine...for now, Shadow. Just tired. How about you, bud? Good day?

10/23/2011 #2,976
Shadow Minamino

Eh, typical work day. Pre-work relaxation ( Played brawl with Sophie, and we went 6-6. I'm not sure whether to be proud, sad, or amazed that she went from losing to me 6-2 to going even with me in after the timeframe of a week. ), really slow day at work, and I've got to edit this final draft by tommorow. So I'll be up late tonight. T.T

Chances are I'll be dead on my feet tommorow.

10/23/2011 #2,977
Brave Soul RMS

Same. Have to study for two tests, one this week and the other I think is next week according to the class schedule I got on Friday. I dunno. These tests are important, though. My legs are shot...

10/23/2011 #2,978
Shadow Minamino

Senior Year be killing ya, or so far so good? Also, what're the tests for, subject-wise?

And that makes two sets of legs shot..

10/23/2011 #2,979
Brave Soul RMS

Bio and math. Both super-important for this quarter. Would help if I knew when my Bio test is, though. Nobody else seems to. -__- And it's.... Decent so far, I guess. Senior year, I mean.

10/23/2011 #2,980
Shadow Minamino

Blech, Math. I'm really bombing Pre-calc this semester. One of those things I've never been amazing at, Math. Still, I wish you good luck on both of them.

And good to know that it's not going... completely horrible, at least. ^.^

10/23/2011 #2,981
Brave Soul RMS

Oh, lord in heaven, a beacon of hope. Thank you, Outasight, for existing and creating awesome music.

10/23/2011 #2,982
Shadow Minamino

Music: The savior of all students.

Seriously, shit really helps out a lot.

10/23/2011 #2,983
Brave Soul RMS

You're telling me, man. ...Actually, you should check him out. You might like his music. Want me to send you a link?

10/23/2011 #2,984
Shadow Minamino

Leave it here for tommorow or put it on my FB page. I'm heading out for the night. Talk to ya later Brave.

10/23/2011 #2,985
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Knockitty knock knock knock...

Anyone here?

10/23/2011 #2,986

Hey, everyone, new Northern Oaks chapter is up!

Here's the link:

10/24/2011 #2,987
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Saw it, read it, LOVED IT!!!

10/24/2011 #2,988


10/24/2011 #2,989


10/24/2011 #2,990

Hi! How are you?

10/24/2011 #2,991

Decent. xD

10/24/2011 #2,992
Shadow Minamino

Break inbeetween classes = Always a good thing.

So, how is everyone?

10/24/2011 #2,993

I'm doing just fine!

Just updated a story today. :D

10/24/2011 #2,994
Shadow Minamino

I noticed. :D

I'll check it out later tonight when I've got more time though, we've gotta go to some mandatory colloquium really soon about the code of conduct... 2 months in... and we're in college. *Sigh*

10/24/2011 #2,995

That sounds fun...not. xD

10/24/2011 #2,996

I already checked it out. :D

10/24/2011 #2,997

What'd you think? :D

10/24/2011 #2,998

I LOVED the Kofi X Mia scene...And the part where Annika met the Terrible Trio. xD

10/24/2011 #2,999

Yeah, I kinda felt I introduced too many characters at once, but I'm gonna try to divide them up so everyone's not in one chapter section at the same time unless it's a big event.

But yeah, I'm glad you liked it. Poor Annika being mistaken for French twice...xD

10/24/2011 #3,000
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