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This thread is if you want to write a 'journal' or a 'diary' for your character in any of my stories. Basically your character is the one doing the 'writing'. I'll post my first one when I get the chance. Any questions just ask me.

10/19/2011 #1

I think my first one is gonna take place a little bit before Y1...Like a day. xD

10/19/2011 #2

A day? xD

A single day?


10/19/2011 #3

Well yeah. The day before the first day of school. xD

Either that, or a few days. IDK. XD

10/19/2011 #4

I may do some Saul Vella-period characters as well.

10/19/2011 #5

That would be awesome! :D

10/19/2011 #6

Well we meet one next chapter anyway...:D

10/19/2011 #7


10/19/2011 #8

She's a very nice lady. :D

10/19/2011 #9

That's good. xD We have enough meanies.

10/19/2011 #10

Hey, doing one for Rus after I do ZK's. :D

10/19/2011 #11
Brave Soul RMS

I have, like... 5 Characters xD So this'll be easier on me than you guys :P

10/19/2011 #12

I'll probably only do Rietta's as far as LE characters go. xD To be honest, I don't really care about my other characters...

10/19/2011 #13
Shadow Minamino

I've got it the easiest. I've got all of James, Louhearst-wise. XD Carlos for SoO.

So I may just sit back and watch.

10/19/2011 #14

(AN: Finally finished!)

Zoey Kross

So hey, it's Zoey. Most of my friends call me ZK, not that they have a choice…I'm going to tell you all a bit about myself. I haven't had an easy life, that's for sure. It started out decently enough. I lived with my mom, dad, and my older brother, Luther. We were flat broke, but we made it work for a while and then everything fell apart. Mom abandoned us and Dad went to prison soon after. Luther and I pretty much roamed around with his gang from Cherry Drive, a street in our old neighborhood.

When I turned eleven, I realized that boys were starting to notice me and that I liked the attention. The less I wore, the more they paid attention to me. The trashier I acted, the more they wanted to be around me. Luther never really seemed concern about the fact that his entire gang was having sex with his little sister even though they were between three to five years older. I guess it's because he was too busy thinking about other things. He loved being a thug, so whatever.

I didn't really care myself though and that's the sad part. I've spent so much of my life around boys that I'm pretty confident around them. I actually like those ugly scowls the other girls give me when I'm flirting with a guy. It's definitely easy at Louhearst where everyone is super sensitive. It was hilarious in our first year when I made Jett Mitchell a man and looking back on it, I'm still laughing. No matter which random chick he hooks up with, Zoey Kross was his first and there's nothing they could do about that.

Yeah, I know I'm not a good person and I don't try to be. Don't get me wrong, I'm not evil, but at least I can admit that there may be some reasons why people don't like me especially females, but there lies the problem…

I think I'm attracted to females…

Now that I think of it, it's been present in my mind for a while. When Luther and his gang would bring girls over, I always caught a few glimpses of them. I didn't really take any notice to this, but things my attraction to females started becoming more noticeable as time went on.

Another time I can think of was when I was trying to help Emma ask Logan out and had her try on that yellow bikini. That color looked really good on her and I just couldn't keep my eyes away and I even gave her a couple of compliments. Luckily, she didn't really pay attention to any of that. It doesn't even really matter now. The bikini is back in my possession and Emma is dead so I'll never see her in it again.

I may be going off track for a bit, but whatever. Emma was one of the few people here who didn't judge me on first sight. Can't say the same for the 'Magnificent Trio' but they're so fucked up themselves that it's hard to really care what they think about you. But yeah, getting back to Emma, it's been a couple of months, but it's still unreal. I used to jump on her bed if I woke up before her and scream in her ear just to bother her, but now…the bed is just empty.

It especially sucks considering one morning when it was time for classes, I yelled:

"Hey, Emma, get your ass up! Classes are about to start!"

My roommates just looked at me like I was crazy and then I remembered that she was dead. She was dead because I wanted to have a party and had used Logan's birthday as a reason. I didn't keep the party under control and I paid the price. The one person who had been nice to me from the beginning was dead. It's just so random though. Emma was just stabbed for no reason…but I'll tell you all more about Emma next time.

Where was I? Oh yeah, my attraction to chicks. I could have lived the rest of my life going from one guy to the next, but she wouldn't let me. Every time that Becca looked at me with those big beautiful blue eyes, I just turned into a pile of mush. It's her fault we're in this situation in the first place, but she's all "Let her show the video to everyone. Then we won't have to be sneaky anymore."

Yeah, right. I'm already ridiculed for being a slut and being labeled a lesbian slut would just make things worse. Dealing with Sadie is a pain in the ass, but it's worth it to keep the secret. Besides, now Becca and I can pretty much go all the way so long as we're alone and well I'm spitting in Sadie's food every time she makes me get her something…;)

Catch you later…

10/27/2011 . Edited 10/27/2011 #15
Brave Soul RMS

Grey Thomas

First time I've ever done anything like this outside of keeping training logs. Worth a shot, I guess. That Slowking Psychiatrist said this might be a good way to gauge the overall mood of the students. So, my name's Greyson but everyone usually calls me Grey since that's how I introduce myself to people. I live up in Blackthorn with my mom, dad, big sister, and fourteen Pokemon besides the six I usually carry with me. Eight of them belong to me. I've been a Trainer since I was twelve and I've gotten real good at it; enough to probably be the best Trainer at Louhearst. But I probably shouldn't say that out loud until I've proved it. I haven't battled everyone in school yet, after all, and there's probably someone better than me.

Then again, even if I do prove it, people here tend to get petty or jealous or douchebaggy fast. Like when I tell them I can sorta talk to Pokemon, they all make fun of me or just tell me it's my Gardevoir, Anna, doing the work. But I can; it's true! I can't outright talk with them (yet) but I sort of feel these ripples of thought and emotion coming from them like I'm a Riolu or something. I dunno; I never really thought about it. Guess I don't have to, either. Anyway, I'm getting off-topic. Supposed to be talking about the school and my experience here and crap.

My first year was pretty uneventful, really. I didn't make too many friends cuz of the whole "talks to Pokemon" thing but the ones I did make are great people: Mike's a chill guy with real talent at piano, Cecil's a game geek but he's got a good heart, June's just a total sweetheart, and Petra is...difficult. To elaborate, she's a drama queen. A real drama queen, too. Never seen anyone act like she can, but that kinda makes her a diva at the same time. She gets on my nerves sometimes but, whatever, she's still my friend. I can deal. Besides my friends, the other kids at the school seemed really nice, barring Shane and his crew. That kid gets me so riled up. He picks on everyone and anyone just because he thinks he's better than us.

Oh, and there's Henrietta Mackenzie, too. She's friends with Jett Mitchell and Logan Martin, the dudes with the reputations for basically being a legendary manwhore and a bad luck magnet respectively. I have NO idea why but she just seems to hate me. I hardly ever talk to her... I think I started to see how petty my classmates are after the first time Henrietta snubbed me out. Almost everyone is so sensitive about everything and fights break out for no reason and the teachers don't do anything to stop it. The beatings here are brutal, too, and the battles they get into are pointless and unfair. Unfair to the Pokemon, I mean; they shouldn't have to fight to settle their Trainers' petty arguments when their Trainers can do that on their own. It's really immature. I mean, okay, we're, like, 200-something teenagers on an extended trip living in close contact with one another but, Arceus, they just take things to far. I know I have my fair share of immature or stupid moments and I know I can be competitive and temperamental, but at least I don't go around beating people up. And nobody owns up to their shortcomings, either. I think they acknowledge that they have flaws but when they're pointed out, all hell breaks loose. If people just owned up to that and talked things out, things wouldn't be half as bad as they are now.

I'll give an example: Jett's having a great year so far what with being in a band that just got signed and having Sonia Barrett (a really cool 3rd year Seathroul) as his girlfriend. What does everyone do? They start making him feel like crap or like it's his fault that everyone else is having a shit time of things around here. Henrietta even called him a bad friend and tried to make him choose between Sonia and her like Jett was leading her on (he might have been; I dunno. Doesn't seem like it to me and I really don't know (or want to know) Jett that much, anyway). Putting the fact that Jett's generally kind of icy to me for some reason, Henrietta's not even that good a friend to him, especially considering Jett saved her life once. You think she'd be grateful. And then there's what happened with Seathroul this year.... They called it 'the War'. It started at a back to school party where Jett's band first played. The Seathroul kids started some shit with us and Emma slapped Duncan Mendoza, the leader of this small gang of Seathroul jerk-offs. I don't blame Emma for the war; she was just standing up for us but we could have just ignored Seathroul after that initial contact. But Louhearst as a whole got way too into the war, my buddy Ethan got jumped and put in the ICU, and Emma was....murdered by one of the Seathroul gang members at a party at Henrietta's place in Goldenrod City. I wasn't there but when I heard...

I mean, Emma was probably the only genuinely nice person at Louhearst besides June and she got stabbed for standing up for herself. I never once saw her talk back to Clarke all last year when he was picking on her and the one time she doesn't want to take someone's crap, she dies... Emma never judged anyone. She never fought with anyone or started anything; she would accept you as you are and find you when you were down and do her best to cheer you up. Emma was really cute, too... I just... Don't know anymore. I thought this school would be a fun way for me and Soul to get out and meet new people since we... Well, I'm not really all that good at talking to people. I'm better with Pokemon. But most everybody here is too caught up in their own petty problems to even try and be nice. Mom's even talking about taking me out of Louhearst if things get too bad and I might not object if she ultimately decides on that... The only thing, though, is that I'm worried about my friends. We all try to avoid conflict whenever possible but everyone has a breaking point. What if something happens to them when they decide they won't take it anymore? What if June ends up like Emma? I'd never be able to get over that...

I'm just depressing myself by thinking about this now. I should probably stop for the day. ...Wow, reading this over, it kind of sounds cheesy from an outside point of view. But whatever. It's my journal, so I'll be as cheesy as I want. Guess I'll write more as things go on, and definitely during the Whirl Islands tournament. Hope I make it to the main event. Wish me luck, er...Book full of blank pages.

Oh, and Emma? You probably can't hear this but it sucks what happened to you. Hope you're happy up there and you don't miss us, er... Your friends too much. Reposer en paix. Oh, yeah, Soul says hi, too. He really liked you and Ninetales.

10/27/2011 . Edited 10/27/2011 #16

Asher McConnell:

I guess I just start writing I guess. My name's Asher McConnell, I'm [xx] years old, I don't really have a purpose for writing this other than Dr. Slowking suggested it all of the students since Emma passed away, kinda of like a stress release and just let out.

Well, the reason why people were asked to write I'm not really as connected to. I knew Emma but didn't really KNOW her... She was always really nice to everyone and school seemed a lot more... alive, when she was... lately it's been kinda tough getting from class to class without being shoved or asked for money, but that might just be me. The only time I really was with Emma was the party and when Jett asked me, Mark, and Jericho to help his brother and Emma's sister on their date.

The date thing was nice cause I met my slowpoke Felix there. He's the only pokemon on my team with a name, which I feel a little bad about, but he told me name (psychic types can talk, it's so awesome!). I had him talk to Anorith and Bulbasaur but they said they were fine without names... Oh yeah, funny thing, turns out Felix is Dr. Slowking's nephew. No one would have thought that, but it's a really funny coincidence.

I should bring them up since I mentioned them a minute ago. Mark and Jericho are my best friends and my first friends really. We meet in Mr. Talon's class on the first day. He had us do a little test to put us in groups. I got most of the questions and Jericho aced it. I guess Mark spent the entire time waiting for a girl's chair to undo her bra so the three of us got put into a group. I was a bit nervous but Mark was really fun and Jericho made sure he didn't do anything to crazy. The two of them bicker a lot and I ended up mediating between them, but nothing ever gets too out of hand.

Grey Thomas is another friend of us three. There was some big brother program that we had during the first week where a 2nd, 3rd, or 4thyear showed us around and since we were already in a group me, Jer, and Mark got placed under him. Mark didn't listen much to what he said and pantsed him one time but that was Mark being Mark. Jericho talked to him more on equal footing than a younger student, but he helped me out a bit, especially with some training tips and info on the teachers.

My mother was happy when she heard I made some friends but my father wasn't to glad since I wasn't hanging out with Shane as much as he thought. Shane Clarke and his father have been friends to our family since I was little. He's a year older than I am but he was kind of like a big brother to me growing up. I heard he did a lot of mean stuff in his first year but he's changed a lot and I know he's not as bad as people make him out to be.

He taught me an important lesson back when I was younger. Father, Mother, and I were visiting the Clarke's in Celadon during a summer and I went to play with Shane and his friends while father talked to Mr. Clarke and mother went shopping with Mrs. Clarke. Shane, Rolen, Jewel, and Tinett had all decided to play hide and seek and told me to go hide first while Tinett counted. I thought I'd be a good idea to hide in one of the cars but I fell asleep and woke up in the middle of the city. Rather than wait for the driver, I got scared and ran out of the car getting even more lost. It was nighttime when I got trapped in an alley by a Persian. Right before I thought I'd be catnip Shane scared it off with his Wartortle. After I calmed down he taught me that everything has a reason. Turns out in my hysteria that I knocked over a box with some meowth kittens and the Persian thought I was attacking her kits.

When I got back my mom was concerned and my dad was apologizing to Mr. Clarke about my "antics". I guess Rolen got distracted in a bathroom and Jewel was walking with Shane through the garden that they forgot we were playing hide and seek until Tinett tagged them, and they realized I was missing. Jewel told my parents while the guys split up and searched for me, until Shane found me about 2 hours later.

I've kept that lesson as my motto since that day and I like to think I've grown more since coming to Louhearst, so I hope this whole Seathroul/Louhearst thing dies down and we can get along better next year...

10/30/2011 . Edited 10/30/2011 #17
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