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Delacroix Preparatory

Alright, here's the summary. This is pretty much a standard academy fic that Sebastian (SOS Radio) has planned, but we've shaken things up a bit. Before we get into all the technicalities, let me give you a rundown.

Plot: Delacroix Preparatory is a place where teenagers come to learn about Pokémon in general and receive their licenses for special fields (Examples: Breeders, Pokeathlon, Rangers, Gym Leaders, Pokémon Doctors/Nurses, Poke Ball designer etc.)

There are 750 students and each student has a rank based on their overall performance as a trainer and a student as well as other extracurricular activities. The rank is: 1-750 with one being the highest and 750 being the lowest. It's always possible to move up or go down in rank if your performance increases/decreases. Rank can be seen by the color of the Student ID card. The higher your rank, the better privileges you get.


1-150 = Gold ID cards (Upper Ranks)

151-300 = Blue ID cards (Upper Middle Ranks)

301-450 = Green ID cards (Mid-Ranks)

451-600 = Red ID cards (Lower Middle Ranks)

601-750 = Purple ID cards (Lower Ranks)


OC Form:

Name: (Any nicknames to)

Age: (Between 14-18)

Gender: (Male/Female)

Hometown: (Town, Region)

Rank: (Pick a number between 1-750. Ranks 1-25 are off limits without permission from SOS Radio or Lolli-S. One of the two.)

Appearance/Clothing: (What they look like and what they wear normally/formal events/swimwear/sleepwear)

Personality: (What your character is like)

Aspirations: (What do they want to be when they finish school?)

Opinion of characters: (How your character feels about Roy, Chanel, Roman, and Vance)

Pokémon: (You must have six, no legendaries, and try to be unique. The usual. And try to have some that sort of suit your character(s) personality)

Other: (Anything else?)


OC Examples

Name: Roy Hart

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Hometown: Castelia City, Unova

Rank: 372

Appearance/Clothing: Roy has shaggy black hair that's slightly long, reaching the back of his neck. He has amber eyes and his skin is fair. He has a pretty lean build with some noticeable muscles due to his constant working on automobiles and the like. Roy is of average height as well and has a bit of stubble under his chin. For clothing he usually just wears a gray or black muscle shirt under an open button down black shirt, a pair of black or blue jeans and gray shoes. He also has a pair of dark shades that he keeps above his head or over his eyes depending on his mood as well as some fingerless gloves. He also wears a necklace with a pendant of a silver tire attached. Roy wears an all-black suit for formal events complete with black dress shoes. He swims in red and gray swimming trunks and sleeps in a blue t-shirt and white shorts.

Personality: Roy can definitely be defined as a realist. He tends to see things how they are and isn't easily fooled by scams or frauds. He has a large amount of common sense and uses his practical knowledge to his advantage in many situations. Because of the way he was raised and who he grew up around, Roy has a tendency to be blunt and sarcastic, but also witty since he does have a sense of humor. Roy is a relaxed person who doesn't get angered easily and tends to go with the flow a lot of the times although he can get annoyed rather quickly, but he doesn't show it. There are times where he can be extremely apathetic to situations preferring to let them slide by rather than doing something about them and there are a few things that he has trouble applying himself to. However, he's a decent student with average to above average grades and he doesn't take himself too seriously. The one thing that Roy really gets excited over is automobiles, planes, trains, any kind of transportation advice as he wants to be a mechanic. He can often be seen working on or discussing cars. In fact, the easiest way to become his friend is to show him that you are interested in cars. This falls over into his Pokémon preference, preferring Steel, Poison, and Electric types. He also tends to like Normal types for some reason as well. As far as romance goes, the quickest way for a girl to get to Roy's heart is through her knowledge of anything with wheels.

Aspirations: Mechanic/Gym Leader

Opinion of characters:

Chanel – "As irritating as she is, she's still my sister, so whatever…"

Roman – "I'll admit, this guy has got talent, he's in the upper rank, and he's rich with a nice car…and he gets a lot of girls. He even has his own personal butler. But it's all gone to his head. Dude's cocky as hell and I don't see what the issues are between him and everyone.

Vance – "Man, don't even get me started on this douche."


Klinklang – Roy's first Pokémon that he received from his uncle as a Klink. Roy studies it to help him with repairs and such and Klinklang seems to enjoy machines of all types as well.

Stoutland – Roy's first capture. He acts as Roy's guard dog and is a bit intimidating, but he's very friendly to those he knows well. He keeps Roy company during repairs.

Zebstrika – Zebstrika is a bit of a diva, taking after Roy's sister, Chanel. She takes pride in her appearance and is pretty vain. She often assists Roy with the electrical part of repairs.

Lampent – Lampent is a bit of an odd girl. She is very random and is often doing strange things for no reason. She usually assists Roy in the wielding part of the repairs and serves as a lamp when needed. She wants to evolve so Roy's been looking for a Dusk Stone.

Garbodor – Garbodor is a bit on the dim side. He's very fun-loving despite not being very smart. He helps Roy with the waste and oil that comes with repairing cars.

Palpitoad – Palpitoad is the mischievous one of the bunch and is often up to trouble. He means well, but he has a tendency to get caught up in things. He helps Roy when it comes to washing cars. Palpitoad is close to evolving as well.

Other: As mentioned, Roy has a half-sister through his father named Chanel. She is also his first cousin because their mothers are sisters and they are frequently embarrassed by this. He is comfortable as a mid-ranker, though he wouldn't mind moving up to the more luxurious upper rank level.


Name: Chanel Hart

Age: 15-16

Gender: Female

Hometown: Castelia City, Unova

Rank: 490

Appearance/Clothing: Chanel has long, multicolored black and blonde hair that falls down her shoulders in ringlets (her hair is naturally black so the blonde shows more on the top of her head while the black shows up below it). She has amber eyes and fair skin like her brother. She has an average bust size and her waist is small, but her hips are a bit wide. She wears eyeliner and a lot lip gloss with a fair amount of make-up. Her nails are often well-done and she paints them whatever color she's feeling. For clothing, she generally wears a yellow top with a black skull logo on it, black Daisy Dukes and a pair of yellow sneakers. She keeps her shades on a loop on her shorts and wears black and yellow gloves as well as large hoop earrings. Chanel's formal wear is a red dress that stops a few inches above her knees with red heels and her hair tied up. She wears a yellow and white polka dotted bikini and she sleeps in a long gray t-shirt.

Personality: Chanel is very temperamental and confrontational. She has a huge problem with authority and is generally a disruptive rebel. She has a habit of rolling her eyes constantly and is constantly doing her make up in her small mirror. She's not the most intelligent academic-wise, having 'street smarts' as she refers to them. She's not completely nasty to anyone unless they've wronged her first and she's generally decent towards her friends. Most of her attitude stems from Roy being preferred to her by a lot of people, but she's confident in being herself. Confidence is definitely something she possesses. Chanel has confidence in her abilities as a trainer and as an aspiring beautician. Unfortunately, she's a major slacker and is constantly procrastinating which is a reason that she's still stuck in lower-mid rank. She loves working on people and Pokémon's hair or face and is constantly trying to 'fix' them up or 'make them pretty'. As far as boys are concerned, Chanel's a bit of a gold-digger when it comes to a guy that she doesn't really fancy, but she can be really sweet to a guy she likes. Overall, she's a decent girl despite not being perfect.

Aspirations: Human/Pokémon Beautician

Opinion of characters:

Roy: "Hey, bro, I need a ride to the store. Now! Oh and I need some money to get what I want from there…"

Roman: "Ooh, he's rich! Me like…" *grins*

Vance: "He would be cute, but he's too cocky for my taste. It's a major turn-off…"


Scrafty – Chanel's first Pokémon and he's a fierce protector of her. He acts like a big brother would protecting his little sister and is generally suspicious of all males except for Roy. However, he also is a bit of a flirt as far as females (humans and Pokémon) are concerned.

Leavanny – Chanel's first capture. She's very kind, but extremely shy and spends most of her time with Chanel's other Pokémon or Roy's Pokémon.

Simisear: A very intelligent monkey, Simisear is the voice of reason amongst his comrades, but no one ever really listens to him. Chanel uses him to dry her hair.

Jellicent – A very elegant and queen-like Pokémon, Jellicent acts like she's royalty and can be pretty arrogant, but noble as well.

Bouffalant – Chanel's strongest Pokémon. He has a temper just like she does and doesn't like it when anyone accept for Chanel touches his afro. Chanel often tests various new hair styles by working on his afro.

Drilbur – Chanel's 'baby'. He's her youngest Pokémon and she babies him to no end even though he wants to prove to her that he can handle himself. However, he often bites off more than he can chew.

Other: As mentioned, Chanel has a half-brother through his father named Roy. He is also her first cousin because their mothers are sisters and they are frequently embarrassed by this. She has a knack for unlocking things as well and is always down for a good prank.


Name: Roman Del Serrano

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Hometown: Five Island, Sevii Islands

Rank: 100

Appearance/Clothing: Roman has neatly-kept black hair that is slicked back with gel. He has light brown eyes and smooth light bronze skin. He is a well-built young man with noticeable muscles, broad shoulders, and an above average height. He also has pearly white teeth. For everyday clothing, he almost always has a fancy suit. The jacket and pants to the suit in question are usually black or navy blue, but the dress shirt underneath is usually a multitude of colors (white, red, blue, gold, pink, etc.) depending on what Roman feels like wearing. His dress shoes are usually black or brown and he often wears a white scarf with his suits. Around his neck is a diamond (or gold) necklace and he has several rings on his fingers. For formal events, he usually goes with his all black suit and black since he claims it compliments his skin well. He swims in gold and white trunks and sleeps in a white robe.

Personality: Roman is extremely wealthy and flaunts it to no end. On the outside he appears to be cheerful and friendly as he is generally very polite (to adults and other authority figures) and cultured. He often uses big words when speaking and because of his Latin background, he can also speak Spanish very fluently. Roman almost always has a smile on his face and considers himself a sophisticated member of society. However, he is extremely arrogant and smug about his wealth, physical appearance, his rank, intelligence, and his other achievements and particularly delights in rubbing it in the face of his rivals. He can be very crafty and calculating and when particularly angered, he tends to curse in Spanglish. Roman is also a bit vain when it comes to his appearance, often referring to his skin as 'golden' and such. Because of his physical looks and wealthy background, Roman has little trouble in attracting girls, something he is all too aware of. He tends to be a bit of a romantic, sending them flowers and chocolates and other things. However, Roman's also a bit of a heartbreaker and gets bored with a girl fairly quickly before moving on to the next one. A small reason for this (though he won't admit it) is because he worries about the fact that they like him for his money and not for himself. Always accompanying Roman is his personal butler Franco Pernel who Roman treats as both a servant and as his best friend. Roman claims to be descended from royalty and tends to call other students "campesinos" which is Spanish for "peasants".

Aspirations: Elite Four

Opinion of characters:

Roy: "Tch. Talented guy. I would allow him the opportunity to repair my vehicle if there was a way to make sure he would not try to take it out for a joyride. Maybe he can shine my boots. Grasa Mono! *laughs*

Chanel: "What a very uncouth perra. I suppose she would do for my usual escapades." *grins*

Vance: "He is sometimes a decent ally. More often than not though, he is a complete and utter idioto." *laughs*


Kingler – Roman's first Pokémon that he had captured with Pernel's Jolteon. Kingler seems to have learned how to enjoy the finer things in life and is generally relaxing in his trainer's wealth.

Nidoking – Roman's first capture. The powerhouse of the team, Nidoking is incredibly proud of his strength and is very boastful. He tends to throw his weight around when he's in the bullying mood.

Magnezone – The emotionless one. Magnezone never seems to show much of any kind of emotion and reacts to things in general indifference.

Houndoom - She is Roman's guard dog, his pride and joy having raised her from an egg. Houndoom is very protective of Roman and has a love-hate relationship with Roy's Stoutland.

Xatu – Xatu is pretty odd. She always has her head in the clouds and is by far the friendliest of Roman's Pokémon.

Serperior – Received as a Snivy during Roman's visit to Unova. Serperior is basically everything Roman wants in a Pokémon with a superior attitude to boot. Serperior is the most intelligent of Roman's Pokémon and slithers with his head up high.

Other: Roman's family owns a ranch with hundreds of Pokémon. As mentioned, he's always accompanied by his butler Franco Pernel (who has his own set of Pokémon).


Name: Vance West

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Hometown: Rustboro City, Hoenn

Rank: 299

Appearance/Clothing: Vance has medium brown hair that is kept in a fauxhawk, spiking it up a bit. He has dark green eyes and slightly tan skin. Vance is a bit taller than average height and has a bit of muscle which is exaggerated by the types of t-shirts that he generally wears. For everyday clothing, he generally wears a white v-neck with black lighting stripes going down or a reverse with a black v-neck and white lightning stripes going down (he also has a red one with black lighting stripes). Along with that, he wears a pair of white or black cargo shorts and a pair of black and white sneakers along with black (or black and red) fingerless gloves. For formal events, he wears a gray suit with a navy blue tie. He swims in black trunks and sleeps in a gray muscle shirt with red shorts.

Personality: Vance is well to be as honest as possible, a douche. He is extremely arrogant and very vocal about his opinions of himself and others. While he is a skilled trainer, he often overestimates his position. He also tends to overestimate his rank position as well as his luck with the ladies as he comes off as an immature frat-boy. While they tend to find him attractive, his overly-cocky attitude usually is a turn off although that doesn't discourage him from trying. His absolute fatal flaw is his inability to shut his mouth. Vance tends to dig himself deeper and deeper into trouble the more he insults his rivals which usually end with them snapping on him. He is very pragmatic and often uses dirty tricks both on and off the battle field and is generally a dirty coward bully. No one really takes Vance seriously as they see him as more annoying than a threat. However, that is his Berserk Button: not being taken seriously. When he feels that someone's not taking him seriously, Vance becomes extremely determined and aggressive which shocks his enemies. Despite all of these negative qualities, Vance tends to believe almost any sobs story thrown at him and he's willing to listen to someone rant about their problems and even give (harsh) advice and has a soft spot for little kids and Pokémon as well as people with disabilities. He also cannot say 'no' to a pretty girl.

Aspirations: Gym Leader/Movie Star

Opinion of characters:

Roy: "Hey, Hart, my rank is higher than yours! Suck on that!"

Chanel: "Hello, sexy." *grin* You can have my 'hart'.

Roman: "Del Serrano? Whatever. We're cool. *smirks* He says that I'm one of his closest friends."


Aggron – Vance's first Pokémon. Though he is large and intimidating, Aggron is actually very kind and friendly and prevents his trainer from crossing the line.

Exploud – Exploud is loud and brash just like his trainer although Exploud takes it up to eleven. He is pretty arrogant to boot, but not very intelligence.

Shiftry – Aggron's rival. Shiftry is the exact opposite. He is very wicked and mean-spirited only being held back by Vance's other Pokémon.

Swalot – A ditzy genius if there ever was one. Swalot is incredibly smart, but is so odd that others have a hard time understanding him.

Magmar – Magmar is a very strong girl and wants to prove that she's just as tough as the male Pokémon on the team.

Whiscash – The relaxed almost hippy of the team. Whiscash doesn't take himself too seriously and loves chilling out, though he is a bit afraid of Shiftry.

Other: Vance's attitude is really something he inherited from his older brothers though his younger sister doesn't seem to be picking up on the habit. He's pretty decent to his friends despite being a douche to just about everyone else.

10/20/2011 . Edited 10/20/2011 #1

Which character needs a love interest?! :D

10/20/2011 #2

All four of them need 1 or more. xD

10/20/2011 #3

Well who do you think needs one the most? XD

10/20/2011 #4

I'd say Roy.

Roman is a Casanova and Vance will probably be attracted to bitchy girls.

Chanel is...well yeah, Roy needs one the most.

10/20/2011 #5

Well, I do have an idea for an Alpha Bitch. xD

But anyways, yeah, I'll make a love interest for Roy. :D Any specific personality type or something?

And I'm guessing she should have some knowledge when it comes to automobiles? XD

10/20/2011 #6

Not really. All she needs to do is say "Nice car" and he'll be smitten. xD

Actually, Kina, and this just struck me since you mentioned it. How about the Alpha Bitch as Roy's main love interest?

10/20/2011 #7

Sure! One Alpha Bitch, coming up! :DD

10/20/2011 #8

Random question about her.

Hair color? xD

10/20/2011 #9

Not blonde. xD

Brunettes FTW!

10/20/2011 . Edited 10/20/2011 #10
Shadow Minamino

Hmm... I've got an idea for a Trickster chef that I'm thinking about cooking up... no pun intended. I'll start working on him soon enough...

10/20/2011 #11

Thumbs up! xD

One for you too, Shadow. :D

10/20/2011 . Edited 10/20/2011 #12

Yeah, my girl is half Asian half Italian and she's not a bitchy Brainless Beauty. xD

I like sophisticated Alpha Bitches! XD

10/20/2011 #13

Unique. Nice. :D

Santiagos love unique.

10/20/2011 #14

Better go work on her!

I'll be back in hour? (Or as soon as I start to get lazy)

10/20/2011 #15

I have to edit these other forms so I'll be gone for an hour or so as well.

10/20/2011 #16
Brave Soul RMS

Alright, let me get in on this! One "kid everyone knows" coming up!

10/20/2011 #17

Btw, the main characters are like sophomores/juniors so they've already been at the academy for a while and know people.

10/20/2011 #18
Brave Soul RMS

Wait. Delacroix. De la croix. Of the cross? Why did Seb give the school that name?

10/20/2011 #19


He was likely high.

10/20/2011 #20
Kelly of the midnight dawn

I would like to call the numbers 350, 329, 132, 488 and 737 if you don't mind.

Expect a Bumblebee tomboy redhead. It may take me a couple of days to get up though. Also, I may not make OCs for all those numbers but I would like to reserve them until further notice.

10/20/2011 #21

My Alpha Bitch's number is three sixty something. xD

10/20/2011 . Edited 10/20/2011 #22

Kelly those are very specific numbers, but reserved. :D

You too Kina.

10/20/2011 #23

Almost done!

10/20/2011 #24

Roman's starting to remind me more of Samuel than Shane...

10/20/2011 #25

Why is that?

10/20/2011 #26

The politeness.

10/20/2011 #27


10/20/2011 #28

But there's some Rolen thrown in there too. xD

10/20/2011 #29

Yeah, the whole Casanova thing...xD

10/20/2011 #30
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