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Arm candy basically.

Do you know what arm candy is? xD

10/22/2011 . Edited 10/22/2011 #61
Brave Soul RMS

Hot chicks that hold onto a dude's arm as he walks. They make him look pimp.

10/22/2011 #62

What Brave said! xD

10/22/2011 #63


10/22/2011 #64

Hey, we're trying to separate his personality from Shane's. xD

10/22/2011 #65
Brave Soul RMS

Shane had a posse and one great girlfriend. Roman has a posse of arm candy like he's Gary Motherfucking Oak.

10/22/2011 #66

The main character's sister is a goldigger, so I assume that she would be one of his valets from time to time...xD

10/22/2011 #67
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Here you go. My first OC.

Name: Joanna "Jo" Harper

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Hometown: Violet City, Johto

Rank: 350

Appearance/Clothing: Jo has straight red hair that she keeps in pigtails that reach just above her shoulders. Her skin is fair and freckled and her eyes are gray-blue. She is petit, standing at about five feet. She is a solid B-cup but no one ever really notices because of her choice of everyday wear. Normally she wears a pair of blue-gray denim overalls over a white shirt with a pair of black sneakers. On formal occasions (which she prefers not to attend) she is unrecognizable in a knee length, V-neck purple dress and a pair of purple heals that add four inches to her height. She also wears her hair down and a simple gold chain with a gold Ho-oh pendent hanging from it. On formal occasions she also wears a perfect amount of makeup which evens out her skin and brings focus to her eyes. Her ability to do professional looking makeup is one of her secret shames. She swims in a pair of red shorts and a large baggy gray t-shirt and sleeps in a pair of blue and white plaid pajama pants and a black sweat shirt.

Personality: Jo's a tomboy. She enjoys battling, getting down and dirty, cars, video games and horror movies. She is also very smart and gets good grades in all her classes which is why she has been able to make it to the mid ranks after such a short time at the school. She prefers to hang out with kids who are a couple of years older than herself. She is full of sarcastic wit but also can be empathetic and caring, becoming a good shoulder to cry on for her friends. She will only let her friends see her more sensitive side though. She hates attending formal events and when at them sticks to the shadows and takes full advantage of the fact that no one recognizes her when she's dressed up. She has massive body image issues and doesn't like to show a lot of skin which is why she swims in shorts and a shirt instead of a bathing suit. She's never particulary thought of herself as beautiful and probably wouldn't believe someone who tried to tell her that. She's usually in a good mood even though most of her older friends use her as as a gofer, asking her to get things for them that they could easily get themselves. It could be said that certain people take advantage of her friendship.

Aspirations: Steel-type Elite Four Member

Opinion of Main Characters:

Roy: "Is there anything I can do to help you fix up cars today?" She idolizes Roy and considers him one of her best friends.

Chanel: "She's oaky, a bit annoying but okay." Chanel would probably be the one who most takes advantage of Jo's friendship.

Roman: "Well… I really don't have anything to say about him." Jo doesn't like him very much but can still hold a polite conversation with him.

Vance: "He sucks."


Magnemite – Genderless, first Pokémon, very strong and very close to evolving into Magneton.

Skarmory – Male, the frailest of Jo's Pokémon but still decently strong.

Bronzor – Genderless

Ferrothorn – Female, quite easily the most temperamental of Jo's Pokémon. Ferrotorn sometimes doesn't obey commands and will sometimes straight up leave a battle causing her trainer to have to look for her.

Pawniard – Male, the definite trickster of Jo's team. Pawniard is a strong battler and loyal to his trainer who will once in a while indulge Pawniard's prankster nature though this will usually land Jo in trouble.

Durant – Male, Jo's most recent capture and the latest addition to the team. Durant acts like the Tagalong Kid to the rest of Jo's Pokémon.

Other: Jo's mother wishes that she would be more ladylike and is the one who bought Jo the dress and taught her how to do her makeup. Jo keeps a Buneary plushy under her pillow and loves apples. She might have a bit of an attraction to Roy but he'd have to make the first move because she'd never jeopardize the friendship that the two share. And she knows that he'll never think of her as anything more than a friend.

10/22/2011 #68

Actually, I can see her being the Bumblebee. She can be like an apprentice to Roy. xD

10/22/2011 #69
Kelly of the midnight dawn

That was something of my goal XD so I'm glad you can see it that way.

10/22/2011 #70

And she's a steel type trainer. Nice. :D

10/22/2011 #71
Kelly of the midnight dawn

That wasn't easy to pull off XP I had such a hard time finding worthy Pokemon for her team. You'll notice that none of them are Pure Steel types so that there's still a good variety even with one single type that binds the team together. You've got elements of Bug, Fire, Electric and Psychic in with the Steel so she'll stand a chance in battle.

10/22/2011 #72

Next time you need help finding Pokemon, ask me! xD

10/22/2011 #73
Kelly of the midnight dawn

I will but I find that even as much of a pain in the ass as it is to look them up myself it generally helps me in the long run because I'll know a little more about that particular Pokemon next time. But I'll make sure to keep you in mind.

Now, if you excuse me I feel a bit sleepy.

Thanks for being there for me and make sure to thank Brave if he comes back. I'll see you later.

10/22/2011 #74


10/22/2011 #75

Finally done with Piper!


Name: Piper Rainsborough

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Hometown: Accumula Town, Unova

Rank: 305

Appearance/Clothing: Piper is short and has a slightly stocky build; not enough to be considered overweight, but she's not considered skinny either. She has shoulder-length, straight dark brown hair, slightly tanned skin and earthy brown eyes. She could be considered attractive if you look at her right, though she doesn't exactly grab the attention of a lot of guys.

For normal occasions, she wears a pink button up cardigan sweater over a black tank top, with jeans, a knit pink beret and pink flats. For formal occasions, she wears a long silver halter dress with a silver belt around the waist, along with silver pumps; she also curls her hair and applies some makeup. Swim-wear is a pink and red tankini and sleep-wear consists of a white tank-top and pink sweatpants.

Personality: If you had to use one word to describe Piper, it would be "odd" or any of its synonyms. One second, she could be rambling about how tangerines are better than oranges, the next, she could be slapping herself for no particular reason. There's nothing actually wrong with her mind - okay, well, she's book dumb, really book dumb, but she doesn't have a mental illness or anything. She just enjoys being random and crazy, and is perfectly aware that other people think she is. She's very cheerful and lively, and enjoys having fun and just living life. As far as romance goes, she doesn't really have a preference, as she believes that there's no way of knowing for sure which personality will fit yours and that you have to 'find it'. She also cannot understand sarcasm and tends to take things literally.

Despite being book dumb, she's actually quite skilled when it comes to music. She specializes in aerophones, such as clarinets, trumpets and harmonicas, and can often be found playing tunes for a small audience or practicing. She takes great pride in her music and as a result, the quickest way to piss her off is to insult it. Or to insult her friends when she's around. Aside from those two things, not much pisses her off and her anger doesn't even last for long. But when someone or something has truly pushed her buttons, her anger is violent and she has trouble controlling herself, and her friends usually have to hold her back. When this happens, she tends to say a lot of things she may regret later.

Sometimes she may also say something with hidden meaning/wisdom, but nothing she says is ever taken seriously because she's so weird.

Aspirations: Gym Leader/Musician

Opinion of characters: Roy - "Do you like airplanes, too? I love airplanes! An airplane is like a metallic bird! Like a...not-alive Skarmory! Except it doesn't look like a Skarmory....But airplanes are still awesome and so are birds!"

Chanel - "This girl is legit awesome. Yeah, she can be kind of bitchy at times, but it's not like she's the only one. Plus, she's got a lot of swag and I love her hair!"

Roman - "Roman? Like the Roman gods? ...What a weird name! Though I shouldn't be the one to talk. *giggle* His Xatu is so adorable!"

Vance - "Meh. I can see why everyone dislikes him, but I personally don't mind him that much. As long as he doesn't insult my music, we're good...Hey, it's a male Unfezant! So cute!"


Unfezant: Unfezant is an extremely vain little female birdy. She is constantly seen preening her feathers or flirting, but when it comes down to a battle, she becomes extremely determined and focused. She's also extremely sarcastic and intelligent, and usually serves the role as Only Sane Pokémon for Piper.

Vullaby: Vullaby longs to evolve so she can finally learn to fly. The fact that she's the only one on Piper's team who hasn't evolved is a sensitive spot for her. Personality-wise, she's sassy, tough and rebellious. Oh yeah and she has an uncanny obsession with bones, and tends to chase after any Cubone that may be around on her stubby little legs.

Skarmory: Skarmory is a bit of an Ice King. He's cold, seemingly apathetic and generally reserved, but has a soft spot for humans and baby Pokémon.

Swanna: Swanna is generally calm and peaceful, and is the friendliest Pokémon on Piper's team. However, she tends to clash more often than not with the hyperactive, battle-hungry Altaria.

Crobat: Crobat is the joker of the team and is generally laid-back and relaxed. Even in battle, he tends to make funny faces at his opponents, something he wasn't able to do as a Zubat. He also tends to make jokes about the fact that he's the only one on the team who isn't a bird.

Altaria: Altaria is lively and hyperactive, much like her trainer. She absolutely loves battles, craves for them and tends to pick fights with other Pokémon, much to Piper's chagrin. She's absolutely ruthless and focused in battle, and is the powerhouse of Piper's team.

Other: She comes from a family of musicians: her mother specializes in chordophones (strings), her father in membranophones (such as drums) and her older sister in idiophones (such as cymbals and xylophones).

10/23/2011 . Edited 10/23/2011 #76

Oddballs are always fun. xD

Good job on Piper! :D

10/23/2011 #77

Thank you! :D

Now I just need to finish Mr. Bodyguard...Meh, I'll finish later. xD

10/23/2011 #78

Take as much time as you need.

Oh yeah, everyone, let's try to get some more Gold, Blue, Red, and Purple rankers and stay away from the Green for a bit.

10/23/2011 #79

Yeah, I'll probably make a Red and Purple rank, too. xD Bodyguard is Blue.

Anyways, how are your OCs coming along? :D

10/23/2011 #80

I'm working on my tall girl as we speak. I'll likely have her up today. :D

Also working on my ventriloquist. What kind of Pokemon dummy should he have? xD

Nearly done with Roman's butler.

10/23/2011 #81

Grovyle! *shot*

10/23/2011 #82

Too big. Something smaller like Treecko for example would work.

10/23/2011 #83

Then go with Treecko!!!! :D

Or Jigglypuff, Chatot, Whismur, Anorith, etc.

10/23/2011 #84
Kelly of the midnight dawn

I'd like to add the number 710 to my list of reserved numbers if that's alright.

10/23/2011 #85

Name: Bishop Kenton

-Age: 16

-Gender: Male

-Hometown: Boon Island, Sevii Islands, Kanto

-Rank: 8


Bishop Kenton is the most average of the average, just the way he likes it. He's a 5'8 brunette with short curly locks and the typical body you see on a teenage boy. He has some thin round frame glasses over his brown eyes and usually some headphones on his ears. He's got some tan from living in the Kanto tropics but it's not well seen thanks to his long sleeve white T, green plaid button up, khaki cargo shorts, and green converse.

When formal occasions arise, Bishop busts out the dapper gear with a black pinstripe vest, white dress shirts underneath, solid black tie, black pinstripe slacks and some fancy leather dress shoes.

For sleep and swim Bishop doesn't wear anything fancy, just a shirt and boxers, and some green and grey swimtrunks.


Bishop is a lazy, sarcastic, semi-pessimistic guy, who would rather sleep than speak to you and purposely listen to music to drown you out. Not exactly self-centered but more of a self-interest kind of guy, Bishop prefers his own personal world than the lives of others. He doesn't care about the importance of a person or the reasons they have, Bishop will just go with the path of least effort to him and leave others behind. It's not that he's rude, it's just his life to live. Despite his centered and slacking personality, when it comes to battling, Bishop is naturally talented. Getting seated at 23 originally, Bishop quickly climbed the ranks out of nowhere, staking a seat at 8th and simply stopping. He's a natural strategist on the field and tends to use the terrain to his advantage, adjusting it with his pokemon to suit the next one to fight.

-Aspirations: Regional Champion

-Opinion of characters:

Roy: "Motorhead? He's alright, pretty easy to talk with as long as you don't mention vehicles."

Chanel: "Respect seems awkward with her. If you show it to her, she'll show it back, but she'll never show it first. Other than that she's alright."

Roman: "That rich kid who's at 100? He's got some talent but should work on stepping up his game instead of throwing around his cash."

Vance: "Loudmouth? He's alright for his rank, nothing special.."


Shuckle: The youngest on the team, Shuckle is Bishop's newest capture and is the most common out of it's pokeball, usually resting on his trainer's shoulder or head. Is rather playful and oblivious to it's surroundings, also a bit of a crybaby.

Swampert: The strongest of his team, Swampert is rather battle-centric and would rather self train then relax like the rest of the team. Tangrowth usually keeps him in line if he gets to battle crazy.

Tangrowth: Bishop's first pokemon, Tangrowth has been with him the longest. He has adopted his Trainer's attitude very closely and acts like a big brother to Shuckle.

Electrode: Probably the odd one out for the group, Electrode is rather emotionless. It always has a straight face (.___.) no matter the circumstance. Creepy bastard....

Mandibuzz: Was traded onto the team for a Murkrow that Bishop caught, Mandibuzz has well adapted to the attitude of the other pokemon over the years. Prefers to relax and perch itself when it's out of it's pokeball.

Porygon Z: Along with Swampert, Porygon is one of the few who take battles more seriously then it should. This may be due to it is in the internet most of the time. Because of that it will reference many meme's and viral videos.

-Other: Bishop has an addiction to energy drinks that has developed enough that he has at least one per hour, and tends to be seen with one within reaching distance at all times.

10/24/2011 #86

Here's Roman's butler.

Name: Franco Pernel

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Hometown: Celadon City, Kanto

Rank: Butler to Roman Del Serrano

Appearance/Clothing: Pernel has slicked-back short black hair with streaks of gray running through it and dark eyes. He's a tall and thin man with pale skin and a goatee. His clothing always consists of the standard butler uniform: a black suit and black dress shoes with a white dress shirt and a black bowtie along with white gloves.

Personality: Pernel is a calm and mostly stoic man and doesn't cause much commotion as he's usually in the background whenever Roman is around. He doesn't talk much except when he receives an order. Pernel is also the typical Servile Snarker and tends to have a sarcastic remark for all of Roman's rivals and when he is not stoic, he has a smirk on his face. He is a faithful worker for Roman and will generally do underhanded tactics to help Roman win if Roman requests it. He is very neat and tidy and is definitely a germaphobe as he's constantly carrying around anti-bacterial spray and cleaning things that don't need cleaning. He is always proper and gentleman-like with the elite though he won't hesitate to give his opinions on the not so upper-class.

Aspirations: He's already a butler

Opinion of characters:

Roy – "Mr. Hart? Well, I will certainly give him credit and say that he is an excellent mechanic and a much better member of society than that sister of his is."

Chanel – "Miss Hart? Why, she reminds me of those tacky reality stars…"

Roman – "Ah, Master Roman. An excellent young man. Very sophisticated and a pleasure to serve."

Vance – "Mr. West. He certainly has a large ego, but he is a skilled trainer…"





10/25/2011 #87

Pernel is awesome. xD

10/25/2011 #88

Yeah, now I can finally work on my OC's.

10/25/2011 #89

News on a secondary antagonist!

10/26/2011 #90
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