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Shadow Minamino

Vince went a bit too far there. xP

Loving the reactions to all of this though. xD

12/12/2011 #2,941

Danica: Ooh, if a leprechaun and a vampire had a baby, it would be a Leprechire! Awesome!

^ Best line. xD

12/12/2011 #2,942
Shadow Minamino

^ Agreed with Kina. xD

12/12/2011 #2,943

Desiree's line was pretty funny too! xD

12/12/2011 #2,944
Shadow Minamino

Both were great. xD

And wait.... couldn't it also be referred to as a Vamperchaun?

12/12/2011 #2,945

Doesn't matter! xD

Both work!

12/12/2011 #2,946
Brave Soul RMS


12/12/2011 #2,947

Posted the Y4 scene!

Oh, hola, Brave!

12/12/2011 #2,948
Shadow Minamino

Heya Brave. What's up?

12/12/2011 #2,949
Brave Soul RMS

The usual. Posted one of those Challenger scenes I said I'd do last night but forgot about. How come you're here, buddy? You're usually at work right now.

12/12/2011 #2,950

Back in about an hour.

Got an errand to run. Hold the fort down!!!

12/12/2011 #2,951

Word for Sophie, if you get bootcamp on your mac, you can run most microsoft programs. it's pretty useful and only like.. 40 bucks :D

12/12/2011 #2,952
Shadow Minamino

Will do Lolli.

Brave, today's a monday. No work today. Did apply for a new job though at this hotel close by. Kinda hoping I get it.

12/12/2011 #2,953
Brave Soul RMS

Sweet. Sent my app to BJ's a while ago, too. Here's hoping...

12/12/2011 #2,954
Shadow Minamino

Then let us drink to getting new jobs! Or trying to, anyway! :D

12/12/2011 #2,955
Brave Soul RMS

And drink we shall!

So what's up?

12/12/2011 #2,956
Shadow Minamino

Persona'ing, mostly. You?

12/12/2011 #2,957
Brave Soul RMS

Homework. Ugh... Can it be Christmas already?

12/12/2011 #2,958
Shadow Minamino

Dude, I wish. The holidays are my favorite time of year! :D

Man, you know what I've REALLY been in the mood for lately? Honey Baked Ham. Some delicious stuff right there. But I haven't had the stuff in years. @.@

12/12/2011 #2,959
Brave Soul RMS

Ah, then you would have loved Turkey Day at my place. We had an entire rump roast of honey baked ham. So good...

12/12/2011 #2,960
Shadow Minamino

.... I'm jealous. @.@

I practically live off of Ramen and Microwaveable stuff. Or Wawa if I happen to have the spare money. You can say I'm not the healthiest eater around. ^.^;

12/12/2011 #2,961
Brave Soul RMS

You should be :DD

And don't sweat it, dude; you're 18. You don't have to eat healthy until at least 21 :D

12/12/2011 #2,962
Shadow Minamino

Eh. I have a metabolism to rival Jimi's. I think I can eat unhealthly for a while longer. xD

12/12/2011 #2,963
Brave Soul RMS

So can Ricki and I :DD

New scene!

12/12/2011 #2,964

Whose still here?

12/12/2011 #2,965
Brave Soul RMS

Me is.

12/12/2011 #2,966
Shadow Minamino

I am.

Sorry, fiddling around with this iPod. I've err... never owned one before. Kinda getting used to it. ^.^;

12/12/2011 #2,967

That's coolio. :D

I could've sworn Ricki popped in...

12/12/2011 #2,968
Shadow Minamino

He did for a second.

So what's everyone up to?

12/12/2011 #2,969

Nothin' much...

12/12/2011 #2,970
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