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Kat: Well, he'll at least call me back after we hang out unlike you...Now, excuse yourself...

Was she...actually standing up for Roy?

I'm so proud. T__T

11/9/2011 #31

I'd be offended too if some guy came in and invited me somewhere only because I was his THIRD choice...

11/9/2011 #32
Brave Soul RMS

What if you were his second? :o

11/9/2011 #33

I'd still be pissed.

I am Lorena Santiago and I am NO ONE's second choice. xP

11/9/2011 #34
Brave Soul RMS

Lorena Santiago MAKES the choices. Bitch!

11/9/2011 #35



*Vance is on his way to the soft drink machine when he sees Chanel*

Vance: Hey, Hart, don't you have a battle later on?

Chanel: Yeah and?

Vance: Shouldn't you be preparing?

Chanel: Shouldn't you be doing a victory lap?

Vance: No...because I lost to that talentless Amanda Tate.

Chanel: Well she isn't so talentless if she beat you. *smirks* Just sayin'.

Vance: *frowns* Whatever...

*Vice-Dean (and Sadist Teacher) Marius walks up to them with an angry look on his face*

Chanel: Ooh, someone woke up on the wrong side of the dungeon.

Marius: What are you two children doing?!

*Chanel and Vance just stare at him*

Marius: Get to class!

Vance: We'll go when we're ready...

Marius: What?!

Chanel: You heard him. We'll go when we're ready!

Marius: You'll go now!

Vance: Or what 'Vice' Dean? *smirks*

Chanel: In case you haven't realized, you ain't running shit... *smirks*

Marius: Well then, I'll just go get the Admiral.

Vance: *mockingly* I'll just go get the Admiral...

Chanel: Off you go then...

*Marius storms off as Chanel and Vance high-five*

11/13/2011 #36

Marius is a loser. xD

11/13/2011 #37

There's something you should know about children. They know when adults hate them and when you think of them as annoying animals, that's how they're going to act. It's why Marius has no respect because he gives none.

11/13/2011 #38


11/13/2011 #39



*Kat is sitting at a table texting when Dave approaches her*

Dave: Hey, Kat, guess what I got?!

Kat: *without looking up* Get out of here, dork...

Dave: *continues anyway* It's a new bowtie! Made of the finest material. Roman Del Serrano even complimented it.

Kat: *without looking up* You're still here?

*Roy approaches*

Roy: Hey, buddy, you ready go get some lunch?

Kat: Of course I am... *smirks*

Roy: I was talking to Dave.

Kat: Well Dave and I were bonding over his new bowtie so it's only fair if I join you for lunch.

Roy: Seriously?

Kat: Seriously.

Dave: *pats Roy on the back* Some people just can't take the hint that you don't want them around.

Kat: Seriously, Dave?

Dave: Yep...

11/13/2011 #40

I didn't even notice this. XD

Kat: *without looking up* You're still here?


11/13/2011 #41

Oh the irony of this scene. xD

11/13/2011 #42

Anymore scenes?! :D

11/13/2011 #43



*Roman is walking into the Gold Rank dorms with his entire entourage: Pernel, bodyguard, and two fellow female Gold rankers on each arm*

Roman: Pernel, I wish to have a small get-together tonight with some of mis amigos.

Pernel: Yes, Master Roman.

*Roman looks around the common room to see Amanda yelling at Bishop*

Amanda: *to Bishop* You know, you're so lazy! I just can't stand it!

Bishop: *ignores her*

Amanda: Hello?! I'm talking to you?!

*Roman approaches them*

Roman: Hola... *smirks*

Amanda: *rolls her eyes*

Bishop: *briefly glances at Roman*

Roman: I see there is trouble. Am I correct?

Bishop: No. At least not the way I see it...Amanda is obviously jealous, but it doesn't really matter to me... *puts his headphones back on*

Amanda: I'm not jealous! It's just not fair that he's ranked eight when he's so lazy! That's why not a lot of people like him.

Roman: Well to be honest, no one really likes you either, chica. *smirks*

Amanda: *frowns*

Roman: *lets out a laugh* Adios!

11/13/2011 #44

I think they're both annoying, to be honest...xD

11/13/2011 #45

Why so?

I mean, yeah, I feel the same way. xD

11/13/2011 #46

Amanda and Bishop's 'rivalry' seems entirely one-sided. xD One-sided rivalries aren't as fun.

11/13/2011 #47

True that.

Amanda's pretty much the Unknown Rival to Bishop.

11/13/2011 #48

Ah, the Unknown Rival...xD

11/13/2011 #49

You think Seb might do a possible Bishop/Amanda pairing?

11/13/2011 #50

Maybe. xD

11/13/2011 #51

Here it is...


Girl: I've always sort of viewed Roy in an odd way. Nothing sticks out, but for some reason, he still stands out.

Kat: It's called sexual magnetism. Mechanically, he's not like super hot. He looks like a hobo half the damn time, but he's got that swagger and that smirk...Dear Arceus, that smirk. He knows you know how good he is...

Girl: Kat, I think you're drooling...

Kat: *clears her throat* Anyway, take Vance West for example. He's hot, but if you're in bed with him, he'd spend the entire time congratulating himself about how good he is at bed. And then he'd go nuts at you for getting pregnant...

11/16/2011 #52


I expected a deeper reason...xD

11/16/2011 #53

Well, there is a deeper reason according to Sebastian, but Kat isn't going to just spill out her true feelings to a random friend.

11/16/2011 #54

Well, at least there is a deeper reason. xD

11/16/2011 #55

There has to be a deeper reason.

If it were just for the above, it would be a shallow pairing.

More news: Sebastian said that he's very interested in Piper's character.

11/16/2011 #56

That's why I'm glad that there is one. I HATE shallow pairings with a passion.

And ooh, why is that? :D

11/16/2011 . Edited 11/16/2011 #57

I like shallow pairings only if they lead to a deeper pairing.

He thinks she fits in well as one of Roy's major friends. :D

11/16/2011 #58

Oh yeah definitely. xD

She's crazy, and Roy...isn't. XD

11/16/2011 #59

Yeah, he wants to give Roy the 'crazy friends' treatment by surrounding him with Dave, Piper, and some OC named Herbert 'Herb' who has yet to be debuted...

11/16/2011 #60
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