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...Herbert...? XD

11/16/2011 #61

Herb for short. xD

11/16/2011 #62


So, other than Kat X Roy, any possible pairings? :D

11/16/2011 #63

Sebastian hasn't really discussed it with me.

But I see why since Chanel (gold-digger), Roman (Casanova), and Vance (asshole) can't exactly click with romantic partners unless it's a true connection.

But possibly Piper x Dave or Piper x Herb, I know that much.

11/16/2011 #64

Is there ANYTHING you can tell us about Herb? XD

11/16/2011 #65

I don't know much.

He's a bit uptight according to Sebastian, so maybe he's planning to do an Uptight Loves Wild with Herb/Piper?

11/16/2011 #66

Savvy Guy Energetic Girl. :D

And is Herb a grass type specialist? *shot* XD

11/16/2011 #67

Not sure. He could be or that could just be his nickname. xD

11/16/2011 #68

Tell Seb to give us more info on this Herb dude!! D:

11/16/2011 #69

Don't worry Kina, I will ORDER him to do so. :D

11/16/2011 #70

Yay! :D

11/16/2011 #71

Here's a scene.


*Roy and Dave are sitting down at lunch in a discussion about cars*

Dave: You fixed those girls cars up pretty nicely.

Roy: Thanks, Dave. I-

Dave:'s nothing like the Cro-batmobile.

Roy: Well, hopefully...I can one day have skills that will help me build a car as awesome as the Cro-batmobile.

Dave: Hey, I have faith in you, buddy. Besides, you did an awesome job. Everyone's already talking about it.

Roy: Really?

Dave: Yep...

*A girl approaches their table*

Dave: *whispers* Hot girl at three o'clock. Well actually, it's three-thirty...

Girl: Are you the guy whose good with cars?

Roy: Yep.

Dave: *puts an arm around him* That's Roy. * flirtatiously* I'm his friend... *grins*

Girl: *rolls her eyes* Shut up, dork.

Dave: Alrighty then...

Girl: Roy...Hart, right? You're the guy Kat De Luca's always drooling over?

Roy: She drools over me?

Girl: All the time! And now I see why. Maybe you can come help me with my car later...

Roy: Sure.

Dave: Yeah! We'll both be there, hot stuff. *grins*

Girl: *walks off*

Dave: You see that? She's all over me, man.

Roy: *lets out a laugh* Well, you're pretty irresistible, Dave.

Dave: I know. It's a curse...

1/3/2012 #72

Dave was hilarious in this scene. xD

1/3/2012 #73

Dave: *puts an arm around him* That's Roy. * flirtatiously* I'm his friend... *grins*

Girl: *rolls her eyes* Shut up, dork.

Dave: Alrighty then...

^ xD

1/3/2012 #74

Poor Dave...xD

1/3/2012 #75

Do you have time for another one?

1/3/2012 #76

I think so. :D

1/3/2012 #77



*Roy is relaxing after training for an upcoming battle against Vance*

Dave: You know if you win, we may not be roommates anymore!

Roy: Don't worry, Dave, we'll still hang out.

Chanel: *filing her nails* I don't care about Roy winning as much as I care about Vance losing.

*Everyone nods in agreement*

Roy: But Dave has a point. If I do move up enough points, I have to move in with the blue rankers.

Kat: *rolls her eyes*

Roy: *frowns* So...if there's anything you guys want to tell me...? *looks at Kat*

Kat: Roy, I love...

Roy: ...

Kat: ...the fact that there's a possibility that you're moving to a different building. *smirks*

*Vance approaches them*

Vance: 'Sup, grease mankey.

Roy: *stands up* What did you call me?

Vance: Are you deaf? I called you a grease mankey.

*A few more guys come up behind Vance in support when Admiral Oran rolls by in his wheelchair*

Admiral: Woah, four against one? That ain't a fair fight.

Roy: *sarcastically* That's kind of the point of four against one, Admiral.

Admiral: *to Vance and co* Scram!

*Vance and his group walk off*

Dave: *from behind Roy in his 'tough' voice* Yeah, that's right! Walk away...

1/3/2012 #78

Oran Berry is awesome! :D

Roy: *frowns* So...if there's anything you guys want to tell me...? *looks at Kat*

Kat: Roy, I love...

Roy: ...

Kat: ...the fact that there's a possibility that you're moving to a different building. *smirks*

^ LOL My favourite part.

1/3/2012 #79

Kat's a troll. xD

1/3/2012 #80

Well, she was loosely based off my troll character Aliyah. xD

1/3/2012 #81

Scene from Sebastian!



*Chanel and Vance are in Vance's room in their underwear and a bottle of spray-tan*

Chanel: *standing with her arms out* Hit me, Vance.

*Vance starts spray tanning Chanel*

Vance: Turn around.

Chanel: *turns around*

Vance: *sprays the tan on her back and back legs*

Chanel: Alright, that's enough.

Vance: Good, my turn.

*Vance tosses the bottle of spray tan to Chanel*

Chanel: *begins spraying the tan on Vance*

Vance: Make sure you get my pecks.

Chanel: *rolls her eyes*

3/7/2012 #82

Vance: Make sure you get my pecks.

^ XD

3/7/2012 #83
Shadow Minamino

... Spray tan? Jeez. xD

3/7/2012 #84



*Roy and Dave are walking outside the school while in the middle of a conversation*

Roy: Seriously?

Dave: It's possible, but I'm not a hundred percent sure. Some studies do show that people who start off doing yoga from a young age end up being tall.

Roy: Looks like you should've done more yoga. *grins*

Dave: I resent that! Besides, I'm still growing! I bet that in a few-

*Dave suddenly runs into something and goes crashing to the ground*

Dave: Hey, watch-

Roy: *quickly puts a hand over Dave's mouth*

*Dave looks up to see a large and husky young man dressed in dark clothes staring down at them*

Dave: Uh-uh, sorry about that. I-I need to watch w-where I'm going. Shame on me. When I get home, I'm going to kick my own ass to save you the trouble.

Young Man: ...

Roy: You...must be new here. I'm Roy and this is my friend, Dave. You are?

Young Man: Herb...

Roy: Nice to meet you Herb.

Dave: So, is Herb short for Herbert?

Herb: *gets eye-level with Dave* Just...Herb...

Dave: *gulps* Got it...

4/28/2012 #85

Awwww! Herb is so adorable in a "I can kill you" way :D

4/28/2012 #86

Yeah, they eventually become close with him. :D

Next scene? It's a funny one! xD

4/28/2012 #87

Yeah! :D

4/28/2012 #88



*Roy and Piper walk into Pokemon Anatomy class and sit down next to each other*

Roy: *swallows some ice out of his cup and places in on his desk*

Piper: Hey, Roy, there's something I've been meaning to ask you.

Roy: What is it?

Piper: Why are you always chomping on ice?

Roy: *as he's chomping on the ice* It calms my nerves.

Piper: Your nerves? What stresses you out? Huh?! Huh?! Huh?! Is it grapes?! Do you know what I do when I'm stressed? I slap myself.

Roy: You slap yourself?

Piper: *smiles* Yep!

*Herb comes in and takes a seat at the empty desk on the other side of Roy*

Roy: *glances at Herb*

Herb: *looks at Roy with indifference*

Roy: *quickly turns away*

*Class gets underway and the teacher eventually gets into his lecture*

Teacher: And, so the markings on Arbok's abdomen... *stops when he notices Kat filing her nails* Kat?

Kat: Yes?

Teacher: Could you possibly wait until after the lecture to file your nails?

Kat: Depends. Are you almost done?

*Dave runs into the room*

Teacher: Ah, hello David.

Dave: I need Roy Hart! It' emergency Pokemon Science Club meeting.

Roy: *hides his head in his book* Uh, he's not here!

Teacher: Nice try, Mr. Hart. You may go with David to your meeting.

Roy: *grabs his stuff and stands up*

Kat: Aww, he's such a cute dork. *makes a kissy face at Roy before making the 'loser' sign with her fingers*

*Everyone laughs*

Roy: *drops some ice down Kat's back as he walks by her desk*

Kat: *jumps up*

Roy: *snickers* Whoops!

*Roy and Dave leave the room*

Piper: *looks over at Herb and smiles cheerfully* Hi! *waves*

Herb: Um... *waves back*

4/28/2012 #89

Piper X Herb would make a cute couple...xD

4/28/2012 #90
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