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Do you have any scenes for this? :D

12/3/2011 . Edited 12/3/2011 #31

Well, yes.

Unfortunately though, I have to go to work and won't be home 'til 9... DX

Catch ya later!

12/3/2011 #32

have the older students shown more, like malcolm and nate, and though i hate him, Blake

12/3/2011 #33

I'll get started on those scenes. :D

12/4/2011 #34

Yay. :D

12/4/2011 #35



*Rietta and Shane are sitting in Caz's room*

Caz: I've noticed that you two don't exactly get along. Why is that?

Rietta: Sir, he has been picking on me since the first day I got here!

Caz: Is this true?

Shane: *noncholantly* Yes. I told you the truth, can I go now?

Caz: Just a second. Is there a reason that you've been picking on Henrietta?

Rietta: It's because my grades are better than his and because I'm friends with Logan and Jett.

Shane: No, actually, it's because you're ugly. I mean, come on, Caz. Look at her! It would be a crime not to pick on her. And she assaulted me!

Rietta: You deserved it...

Shane: Well your parents didn't deserve to bring such a disgusting creature into the world. I feel bad for them.

Caz: Have you two ever gotten to know each other?

Shane: I know all I need to know about Muk-Face, thank you very much. It's a shame that she's actually the most civilized of her friends, but then again, Martin was raised by a dirty hippy and Mitchell's motherless-

Rietta: Shut up!

Caz: Shane, it would be wise to treat everyone with respect.

Shane: And why is that?

Caz: Well, you never know what could happen. One day, you and Henrietta over here could be related.

Shane: *scoffs* If anyone in my family, ever decided to pollute our prestegious bloodline by mixing with a Mackenzie, I would personally disown them, even if it was my own son.

Caz: Ah, but what if you had a daughter.

Shane: Impossible. No female has been born into the Clarke family for centuries, if ever. Our genes only allow us to have sons, thank goodness.

Rietta: *rolls her eyes*

Caz: I need some carrots...

12/4/2011 #36

LOL Next Gen reference! XD (Also BRB)

12/4/2011 #37

I'm going to bring Beauty, Beast, and Charming in more frequently too and actually have them interact with the main characters.

12/4/2011 #38

Yay. :D

12/4/2011 #39



*Logan, Jett, and Rietta are at lunch*

Jett: I bet if I really try, I could have like a psychic vision...

Logan: What?

Jett: It runs in my family. Maybe I have it too? *closes his eyes and starts humming*

Rietta: Ugh, this is so stupid...

Logan: Are you getting anything?

Rietta: Of course he isn't...He's just being a clown as usual...

Jett: Wait, I'm seeing something...It's becoming clearer.

Logan: What is it?

Rietta: Seriously, Logan? If you honestly believe-

Jett: I see it! I see...a nerd...getting her head put into a toilet if she doesn't shut her mouth. *opens his eyes and starts snickering*

Rietta: *frowns*

*Logan awes at Nina Richardson as she passes by*

Logan: Isn't she like...the most awesome thing on the planet? Last night, I had a dream where we rode off into the sunset on a big skateboard...

*Jett and Rietta start snickering*

Logan: *frowns* You two suck...

2/5/2012 #40

Next? :D

2/5/2012 #41

Sure :D

2/5/2012 #42
Brave Soul RMS

Logan... What? xd

2/5/2012 #43

Part 2



*Logan, Jett, and Ethan are in their room*

Rietta: *walks in and screams in horror as she looks at the mess*

Logan/Jett/Ethan: What?

Rietta: *looks around at the mess*

*There are empty soda cans, bags of chips, all sorts of clothes, cans of Pokemon food, dirty magazines, video games, skateboard parts, cans of hair gel, and several other disgusting items scattered throughout the room*

Rietta: You three cannot live like this! *looks at the floor* Is this a half-eaten hamburger?!

Ethan: I was going to finish it later...But now I'm suddenly hungry again. *takes the burger from her and continues eating it*

Rietta: Gross! You know, you probably have a tapeworm. *picks up something off the floor* A water balloon?

Jett: Hey, that's mine...

Logan: And it's not a water-balloon.

Rietta: Then what is it?

Logan:'s... *whispers something in her ear*

Rietta: *screams and throws it across the room*

Jett: *laughing*

Rietta: You are disgusting! You all are! And guess what we're doing today?

Logan: We are going to the battling house.

Rietta: You three can do that tomorrow because today, we're going to clean up this-

*A shadowy figure runs through the floor*

Rietta: What was that?! Was it Mawile?

Logan: Mawile's over there. *points to the dresser*

Mawile: *waves at Rietta*

Rietta: Then what the hell was that?!

Ethan: We don't know...

Logan: We just don't antagonize him. He does his thing, we do our thing...

2/5/2012 #44

That IS disgusting...XD

2/5/2012 #45
Brave Soul RMS

...Ahahahahahaha xDDD

2/5/2012 #46

Even I don't know what that thing was. xD

Had to be a Pokemon though. LOL

2/5/2012 #47

Rietta's reaction to the whole thing was hilarious XD

2/5/2012 #48
Brave Soul RMS

One of them should catch it xD

2/5/2012 #49

Logan: Mawile's over there. *points to the dresser*

Mawile: *waves at Rietta*

Rietta: Then what the hell was that?!

Ethan: We don't know...

Logan: We just don't antagonize him. He does his thing, we do our thing...

^ xD

2/5/2012 #50

Yeah, that was possibly my second favourite part of the scene, after the part with the "water balloon" xD

2/5/2012 #51

Wait, you understood the "water balloon"? xD

2/5/2012 #52

I'm guessing it's a condom? xD

2/5/2012 #53

Shh! You can't say "condom" on the forums! xDD

2/5/2012 #54

Oooh xD Sorry.

2/5/2012 #55
Brave Soul RMS

Of course you can! :DDD

Watch. Condom.

2/5/2012 #56



*The first years are working on poffins in Crum's class in groups of three. Unfortunately, Logan-Jett-Rietta and Shane-Rolen-Tinett can't focus on their assignment because they're too busy arguing with the opposite group*

Shane: Dirty tree-hugger!

Logan: Male Barbie!

Rolen: Grease hair!

Jett: Metro Douche!

Rietta: Guys, focus!

Tinett: ...

Crum: That is enough! I know how to handle this. Rietta switch with Shane.

Everyone (except Tinett): WHAT?!

Crum: You heard me.

*Rietta and Shane head to the others' table and stop when they pass each other*

Shane: Good luck, Muk-Face. *stomps on her foot* Whoops...

*Shane joins Logan and Jett as Rietta wobbles over to Rolen and Tinett*

Rietta: ...Hey...

Tinett: ...

Rolen: *looking at himself in his mirror*

Rietta: Ugh...

2/5/2012 #57

...How does that make things better?! XD

2/5/2012 #58

It does for Rietta-Rolen-Tinett because the other two will just ignore her and they can all finish the assignment in peace.

Logan-Jett-Shane won't work so well.

But if you take Shane out of any of these equations then it'll be easy for everyone to finish. xD

2/5/2012 #59

He should just do the assignment alone...xD

2/5/2012 #60
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