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(AN: Basically this takes place on a random day in Y1. No one's dead yet, yadda, yadda. Let's begin!)

Logan: Hey, Jett!

Jett: What?

Logan: We overslept! We're late for Tallow's!

Jett: Ugh, let's go.

12/6/2011 #1

Rietta: *mumbles* Ugh, those two idiots must have overslept again...

12/6/2011 . Edited 12/6/2011 #2

Tallow: *peers around the classroom* Where are Martin and Mitchell?

Shane: Dead, hopefully...

*Shane's friends snicker*

12/6/2011 #3

Rietta: *glares at him*

12/6/2011 #4
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: *snoring in the back of the class*

Cecil: He's not waking up, June. Sleeps like a Snorlax in a food coma.

June: *keeps poking him* But he's going to miss the lesson!

Mike: Like Tallow cares.

Grey: *takes June's finger and sandwiches it between his folded arms to keep her from poking him* No.

12/6/2011 #5

Tallow: *sighs* Mackenzie, go look for them.

12/6/2011 #6

Rietta: Yes, Professor...*gets up*

Petra: *to June, Cecil and Mike* Just leave him alone.

12/6/2011 . Edited 12/6/2011 #7

Tallow: Alright, class. Today, we are discussing the history of a man known by the name of Saul Vella.

Shane: *arches an eyebrow*

Tallow: Now, does anyone know what Vella was infamous for?

--- Meanwhile ---

*Logan and Jett are running down the halls*

12/6/2011 #8
Brave Soul RMS

June: *hand shoots up*

12/6/2011 #9

Rietta: *deadpan* So you two finally decided to get your asses out of bed, huh?

12/6/2011 #10

Tallow: Hawthorne, go ahead and tell us.

--- Meanwhile ---

Jett: *to Rietta* Well that pretty face would be a sight for sore eyes, but only if there was a smile on it. *grins*

Logan: How late are we?

12/6/2011 #11

Rietta: *cracks a smile at Jett's comment* *to Logan* About twenty minutes late...

12/6/2011 #12
Brave Soul RMS

June: Saul Vella was known as the infamous Conqueror of Kanto. At the age of nineteen, he took control of the entire region spanning the whole of Mt. Silver up to and including the Provinces of the Kingdom of Saffron. His conquest was not a typical one; he carved a swath of destruction and blood, both Pokemon and Human, down the entire region and ruled it with a truly fierce iron grip for what would later be known as the Terrible Twenty Years. Exaggerated, as the Terrible Twenty Years were only around fifteen or sixteen.

(A/N: Totally winged that xD)

12/6/2011 #13

Tallow: Correct. Now, there are descendants of Saul Vella in this very day and age. Does anyone know of any?

--- Meanwhile ---

Logan: Then let's hurry up and go.

(AN: Nice job, Brave. xD)

12/6/2011 . Edited 12/6/2011 #14

Rietta: *starts walking back to class*

12/6/2011 #15
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: I think Shane's one of 'em. Whenever they talk about his parents on the news, they say his mom's last name was Vella before she got married.

Cecil: So... Shane's royalty?

Mike: *under his breath* A royal pain in the ass.

12/6/2011 #16

Logan: I bet he's not going over anything important.

Jett: Totally.

*Both follow Rietta back to class*

---- Meanwhile ----

Tallow: Ah, Mr. Clarke is indeed an example.

Shane: You hear that, peasants! I'm royalty! Bow down, losers! *laughs*

*Shane's friends laugh*

12/6/2011 . Edited 12/6/2011 #17

Rietta: *goes back to her seat*

12/6/2011 #18
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: *deadpan* Being related to one of the biggest tyrants in history ain't really somethin' to be proud of.

Cecil: Whoa. Channeling some serious Rietta there, bro.

12/6/2011 #19

*Logan and Jett go to their seats*

Tallow: Nice of you two to join us. Detention.

*Logan and Jett groan*

Tallow: Back to our discussion. Now, have any of you heard about the legend of the Vella Curse?

Shane: *scoffs* It's a total myth.

12/6/2011 #20

Rietta: *glares at Cecil*

12/6/2011 #21
Brave Soul RMS

Mike: Vella Curse?

Grey: *shrugs*

12/6/2011 #22
Shadow Minamino

James: I've heard a little about it from... places, but all I know is that it has something to do with insanity or something.

( OOC: Err.... hope you don't mind if I just drop in here. ^.^; )

12/6/2011 #23

Rietta: Apparently, the descendants of Saul Vella were cursed with mental illness for his actions.

12/6/2011 #24

Tallow: And that is a lesson for another day. I want you all to write a one-page essay about Saul Vella for homework tonight. You're free to have the rest of class to yourselves. *sits down at his desk and cracks open a book*

12/6/2011 #25

Petra: Yes! Social time! *to Grey and the others* What are you guys doing after class?

12/6/2011 #26
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: Not much but I'm probably going down to Viridian City later. June and Anna are dragging me along to go shopping.

Mike: Isn't Anna your Gardevoir?

Grey: Yeah, why?

Mike: Didn't know Pokemon liked to shop.

Grey: The humanoids do, kinda. The others really don't care outside of food and stuff. What about you guys?

12/6/2011 #27

Jett: *to Logan and Rietta* You two wanna catch a movie?

Logan: Why not? Rietta?

12/6/2011 #28

Petra: I have no plans...*sighs dramatically* Maybe I'll just go shopping with you guys.

Rietta: Sure.

12/6/2011 . Edited 12/6/2011 #29

Logan: Well since we picked the last movie, it's only fair we let Rietta pick.

Jett: I guess you're right. Nothing lame though...

12/6/2011 #30
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