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Astro: *sighs*

Rietta: Cool, we can order a pizza...and cake...

5/5/2012 #271

Logan: Maybe, it's really a party. Maybe it's not a trap...


Shane: *to his friends* It's so obviously a trap! *laughs*

5/5/2012 #272
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: You eat anymore cake, you're gonna blow up like a Qwilfish.

June: *facepalm* Tactless...

5/5/2012 #273

Astro: I don't believe for a second that it's a real party, but no one ever listens to the wise old Kadabra...Well, I'm actually younger than Rietta but still...

Rietta: *flicks Grey in the forehead* Jerk!

5/5/2012 #274

Jett: Do we need dates for the party?

Logan: Dunno. Are they required?

Jett: *shrugs*

5/5/2012 #275

Rietta: Well...Maybe we should have them...Just in case...*glances at Jett, then looks at the ground*

Astro: Let's just go watch that movie...

5/5/2012 #276
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: Ow! Okay, okay, bad move.

June: Curious, though. Do we need dates for this?

Grey: Rolen said somethin' about it but I ain't too sure if we need one.

June: Maybe I'll ask Cecil.

Grey: And leave me dateless? *mock hurt* June!

June: You can always find another date, can't you?

Anna: There is much doubt as to that, Ms. June.

Grey: Thanks for the vote of confidence, An...

5/5/2012 #277

Logan: I'm sure we don't have to have dates...

Jett: We probably don't, but I can't go to a party dateless. That would make me look like a loser.

5/6/2012 #278

Rietta: I don't think it would be that hard for the both of you to find dates...

5/6/2012 #279

Jett: Rietta, you can just go with me. It's less awkward if you're with a friend.

5/6/2012 #280

Rietta: Oh...Yeah, sure...

Astro: And you, Logan?

5/6/2012 #281

Jett: Logan should ask Nina.

5/6/2012 #282

Astro: *snickers* Does he have the courage for that?

5/6/2012 #283

Logan: *frowns*

Jett: No worries. I'll just ask for you.

5/6/2012 #284

Rietta: Is that really a good idea?

5/6/2012 #285

Jett: Of course. I am a master of tact!

Logan: ...

5/6/2012 #286
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: If it's a matter of tact, maybe Rietta should go instead...

June: That does sound like the best idea.

5/6/2012 #287

Rietta: ...

Astro: Oh, Jett, you kill me! *laughing heartily*

5/6/2012 #288

Jett: Rietta has tact? *snickers*

Logan: Yeah...I'd rather just ask her myself...

5/6/2012 #289

Astro: I second Jett's question. Logan, that's probably the best course of action.

5/6/2012 #290
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: Meh...

5/6/2012 #291

Jett: Well take Grey as your wingman. Oh and take Astro as your wingpoke. It'll help.

5/6/2012 #292

Astro: Wingpoke? I am honoured! And what's up with you, Grey?

Rietta: He's probably just upset because he doesn't have a date...

5/6/2012 #293
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: Shut up...

5/6/2012 #294

Astro: Uh...Any girls you have your eyes on, Grey?

5/6/2012 #295

Jett: Yeah, Grey, who do you want? Hey, take ZK. You'll have a happy ending... *snickers*

5/6/2012 #296

Astro: Good idea! *to Logan* Come on, you still need to ask Nina out~

5/6/2012 . Edited 5/6/2012 #297

Logan: Rietta, your Kadabra isn't going to embarrass me is he?

5/6/2012 #298

Rietta: No, Logan. Don't worry...

5/6/2012 #299
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: Pfft! Yeah, ZK. That'll go over well. Meh, whatevs. Let's go...

5/6/2012 #300
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