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Title says it all. :D

1/9/2012 #1
can i join?
1/9/2012 #2

(AN: Alright, let's start!)

1/10/2012 #3
Shadow Minamino

( AN: Gotcha! So the setting is... Right after we all met up in the park and the situation was explained to Kina and RJ. So the day after then? )

1/10/2012 #4

(AN: Sure! ^^)

1/10/2012 #5
Sophie Scorpio Star

((.... YOU GUYS NEVER TOLD ME WHAT HAPPENED T_T Kaito please tell me you saved the logs -))

1/10/2012 #6
Shadow Minamino

* Fred is walking down the street, stomach growling insatiably *

Fred: Ugh... man, explaining all that stuff yesterday made me hungry... however that's possible. Wonder if anyone's up to grab some food?

1/10/2012 #7

(AN: All that happened was Fred explaining Personas and stuff to me and RJ, really. xD The rest has been omitted.)

Myst: Hi Fred!

1/10/2012 . Edited 1/10/2012 #8
Shadow Minamino

Fred: Huh? Oh, hey Myst. Didn't expect to see you here. I'm just on the prowl for a decent place ta eat, want to come with? Maybe we can get Soph in on this too, discuss some stuff about the recent murder that happened * drops his voice to a whisper * along with the stuff I told you yesterday.

1/10/2012 #9

Myst: *cheerily* Sure! Let's go find her~ *whispers as well* I'm actually planning to question people about Alisha later on. I'll be subtle though, no worries. I'm not about to spill information myself.

1/10/2012 #10
Sophie Scorpio Star

*Runs towards Fred and Myst with a guitar case on her back*

Sophie: Freddy! Mystie! Hey you two! *Hugs Freddy* How are you guys?

1/10/2012 #11

Myst: Awesome~

1/10/2012 #12
Shadow Minamino

Fred: *Deadpan* I found her. * Hugs Sophie back * And we're good. Just about to go get some food, wanna come?

1/10/2012 #13
Sophie Scorpio Star

Sophie: Of course! *Smiles*

1/10/2012 #14

Myst: *snickers* Actually, she found you.

1/10/2012 #15
Shadow Minamino

Fred: Looks like we have a little miss smartarse joining the case. * Chuckles *

Alright, let's go grab some food then. Any clue where at? Maybe somewhere not too crowded...

1/10/2012 #16
Sophie Scorpio Star

Sophie: Somewhere with sushi!

1/10/2012 #17

(AN: Alright, tell me what we're doing and I'll jump in. :D)

1/10/2012 #18

(AN: Well, we're all going to get some food. But previously on Persona the RP: I overheard a conversation about the murder of my friend, and I wanted to meet up with Fred and Sophie again at the park to get more information. RJ overhears us. The two of us learn about the murder, and Personas. We timeskipped to the next day, and me, Fred and Sophie are going to go get something to eat.)

1/10/2012 #19

(AN: Alright then, I'll come in as a new kid then. xD)

1/10/2012 #20
Shadow Minamino

( AN: You've hardly missed anything. Basically, Me and Soph investigate a murder in Oak Park, get personas, meet Kina and RJ, explain to them about the kidnappings, midnight channel, and murder, and now the three of us are going out to get lunch. Boom, instant summary. xD Just pop in wherever, really.

... Oh, Kina ninja'd me.)

Fred: *Lightly pushes Sophie * Do you always have Sushi on the brain? Whatever. Let's just go somewhere to eat, I'm starving...

1/10/2012 #21

(AN: Okay! ^^)

Myst: I want to try something new.

1/10/2012 . Edited 1/10/2012 #22
Sophie Scorpio Star

Sophie: Well I've told you I think of only three things! But I guess we could try somewhere else..... Oh I know a small cafe near here! They let me play there once!

1/10/2012 #23

Myst: *giggles* No, I meant I want to try new food.

1/10/2012 #24
Shadow Minamino

Fred: New food, huh? Well... like what? This town has plenty of options...

1/10/2012 #25

Myst: Like...steak! I've never tried that before!

1/10/2012 #26
Sophie Scorpio Star

Sophie: ... PORTUGUESE FOOD! You two will come with me! We will go to Kaito's house and I will cook you guys Portuguese food!

1/10/2012 #27

Myst: Or Portuguese food! ^^

1/10/2012 #28
Shadow Minamino

Fred: ... My house? Alright, sure. Let's go.

1/10/2012 . Edited 1/10/2012 #29
Sophie Scorpio Star

Sophie: We need to make a quick stop by the market first. There is a lot of stuff that we need!

1/10/2012 #30
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