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Myst: ...Okay then. She sure is fast.

1/10/2012 #61
Shadow Minamino

Fred: ...Very. I'm suprised I can keep up with her myself. Still, can't let this food go ta waste. We can eat and talk.

1/10/2012 #62

Myst: Did you find out anything about the murder?

1/10/2012 #63
Shadow Minamino

Fred: Not much. Turns out the residents of the town don't know too much about it either. Really, I'm just looking out for the next rainy night. Maybe the Midnight Channel will give me a clue... what about you?

1/10/2012 #64

Myst: Like I said before, I'm going to question some people...But...Why would she even end up as a murder victim anyway? Who would even do that to her?

1/10/2012 #65
Shadow Minamino

Fred: *Polishes off his first plate of meat * Hell if I know. It seems like a random thing... maybe she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

1/10/2012 #66

Myst: ...Maybe.

1/10/2012 #67
Shadow Minamino

Fred: *Sigh* Well, we're not gonna find anything out by just sitting around and speculating... Where did your friend normally like to hang out?

1/10/2012 #68

Myst: ...Oak Park...

1/10/2012 #69
Shadow Minamino

Fred: Really? Just the park?


Well we were just there yesterday, so it seems to be a complete roundabout right now.... I really hate not having any leads.

1/10/2012 #70

Myst: Well, that's her main hangout spot. She also likes going to the movies a lot. But hey, I'm sure we can find some leads sooner or later.

1/10/2012 #71
Shadow Minamino

Fred: Right, right. So the movies and Oak Park then. I'll keep that in mind. And yeah, I tend to operate by not worrying so much about stuff. Cause the more you worry, the worse it gets and all that jazz. Either way.

* Gets up from his seat *

You wanna go investigating now? Not like there's much else ta do... Life can be so boring sometimes.

1/10/2012 #72

Myst: Sounds good to me. Let's go!

1/10/2012 #73
Shadow Minamino

Fred: Alright. Just give me a few minutes to put all this stuff away.

* A few minutes later, after all the leftover food is in the fridge *

I can clean up the rest later. Gotta say, moving away from my parents ta come to Oak Park wasn't all that bad a decision. Much less nagging. So anyway, where to first?

1/10/2012 #74

Myst: Oak Park.

1/10/2012 #75
Shadow Minamino

Fred: Right-o. So we hit the park and see if we can dig up any clues? A buncha regular Scooby-Doo's, we are...

1/10/2012 #76

Myst: Pretty much, yeah. Let's go!

1/10/2012 #77
Shadow Minamino

Fred: Right! To the Park! Who knows, maybe we'll actually find something today... and if not, it's still quite the nice day out. ^.^

1/10/2012 #78

Myst: Should we call RJ?

1/10/2012 #79

Lor: *heading for Oak Park*

1/10/2012 #80
Shadow Minamino

Fred: Sure. The more the merrier, after all.

1/10/2012 #81

Myst: Alright! *starts dialling RJ's number*

1/10/2012 #82
Brave Soul RMS

RJ: *picks up phone* Yeah? Alright, I'll be there soon.

1/10/2012 . Edited 1/10/2012 #83

Myst: He's on his way! :D

1/10/2012 . Edited 1/10/2012 #84
Brave Soul RMS

(Timeskip to park)

RJ: We going in after him yet?

1/10/2012 #85

(If you're talking about Jake then no. xD We cut out the part with Jake and he was pretty much the reason we moved it here. He lost his temper yesterday due to not getting a Persona.)

1/10/2012 #86
Brave Soul RMS

RJ: *is corrected* Oh... Right. Need more sleep...

1/10/2012 #87

Myst: It's cool. Being a high schooler must be tough! But anyway, we need to start our investigation. We really need some leads right now...*trails off when she notices a group of boys about her age*

1/10/2012 #88
Shadow Minamino

Fred: Yeah, some leads would be nice... any ideas? * Notices Myst looking at the guys * Oh? Gonna ask them for info, or is... something else on your mind? * Stifles a chuckle. *

1/10/2012 #89

Myst: Oh...Um. The former!

1/10/2012 #90
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