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Louhearst has existed long before Logan Martin ever arrived. In this thread we'll go into the past and take a look at some of the people and Pokemon who attended the academy in the past.

Enjoy. :D

2/2/2012 #1
Yay! Mystie loves flashbacks´Ż×
2/2/2012 #2

Yep, there will be funny ones/awesome ones/heartbreaking ones/monstrous ones.

So enjoy. :D

2/2/2012 #3
Yay x2! :D ...Hey, can you post that Zaria scene you mentioned, in the other thread?
2/2/2012 #4

First Scene!

Picture Day at the Vellas!


*Mora Vella is desperately trying to straighten Iris's unruly hair*

Mora: Laurina, come here...

*Laurina strolls in the room, dressed to perfection*

Mora: There's my little angel. As beautiful as she can be.

Laurina: Thank you, Mother. *smiles* I love picture day!

Mora: Pretty soon, Iris here will be just as beautiful.

Iris: But what if I'm beautiful just the way I am, Mother? I don't believe that I should have to change my appearance to do that.

Mora: You have to look presentable, darling.

Iris: Well, if it makes you happy, then I will do so.

*William Vella drags Zaria into the room by her arm*

Zaria: I HATE TAKING PICTURES!!! *starts throwing things*

Mora: You don't have a choice in the matter, Zaria, so behave! Set a good example for your younger sisters!

William: *sighs* It'll all be over soon, Princess. Besides, you look beautiful.

Zaria: *grumbles*

Iris: Hello, Zaria. *smiles*

Zaria: Don't talk to me, freak...

William: Mora, are you finished?

Mora: Just about. These things cannot be rushed, dear. Iris has a head like a brillow...

William: *looks at his daughters* I see you allowed them to pick out their dresses. Zaria chose her black one, Iris chose her green one, and Laurina chose her pink one. *sarcastically* So surprising...

2/2/2012 #5
I can relate to Zaria in this scene xD I HATE taking pictures as well xD
2/2/2012 #6

Do you hate it enough to throw temper tantrums and start breaking expensive items? xD

2/2/2012 #7
Brave Soul RMS



2/2/2012 #8

Oh hey, you guys will also meet Stanley Clarke III, Samuel's father.

He hates it when people are "uncivilized"...xD

2/2/2012 #9

so what are all the Clarke words? Uncivilized, Inelegant, whatever Shane says, and whatever Seth says .__. ?

2/2/2012 #10

Seth doesn't have a word yet, but...

Stanley - Uncivilized

Samuel - Inelegant

Shane - He eventually starts using Undignified

2/2/2012 #11

Jake Mitchell at Louhearst. :D

Talking about...Zaria?


*Second year Jake Mitchell is walking on Louhearst's campus at the start of the year*

Jake: Alright, Magneton...Ready to have a good year?

Magneton: -zzzt-

Jake: I'll take that as a yes.

*Jake is suddenly approached by his friend and roommate, Terry*

Terry: Jake!

Jake: Terry!

*Jake and Terry high-five*

Terry: Have you seen Zaria yet?!

Jake: Ugh...Thank goodness...

Terry: Dude, she's grown...if you know what I mean.

Jake: I don't care how big her chest is because inside it lies a heart as black as coal.

Terry: Poetry Class?

Jake: Yeah, man. My mom made me...

2/3/2012 #12

Suuuuureeee she did XD

2/3/2012 #13

Two more parts to this one actually. Here's part 2.

Part 2


*Zaria is sitting down on a bench, surrounded by annoying admirers when Samuel and Owen walk by*

Zaria: Boys!!!

*Samuel and Owen approach her*

Samuel: *rudely* What, Vella?

Zaria: That's no way to treat a close friend. *grins* How's my favorite firsties?

Owen: We would be better if it weren't for that asshole, Mitchell.

Samuel: Tell me about it...Mr. White Knight himself.

Zaria: Hey, listen, I have a job for you two.

Owen: What is it...

*A few hours later*

*Jake is studying with a few friends when Owen and Samuel approach*

Owen: Which one of you is Suzy?

*A auburn-haired girl looks at him*

Suzy: Me.

Samuel: Cal wants to meet you in the woods behind school... *smirks*

*Samuel and Owen walk off*

Suzy: *gets her stuff*

Jake: Wait, I'll go with you. It's no telling what those two are up to.

Suzy: But I've been trying to get a date with Cal for months.

Jake: Well if he's there, I'll leave.

Suzy: Alright, let's go.

2/3/2012 . Edited 2/3/2012 #14

Cal? Suzy? Paul?

2/3/2012 #15

Eventual victims of Zaria Vella...

2/3/2012 #16


2/3/2012 #17

Actually, Paul was a typo.


2/3/2012 #18

Cal and Paul don't resemble each other very much...xD They both have an 'a' and 'l', but that's it.

So yeah, weird XD

2/3/2012 #19

I'll go ahead and finish these before you have to go to bed. :D

2/3/2012 #20

Yay :D

I'm planning to stay up till my brother arrives, though I don't whether I'll be able to, so yeah. Good idea. XD

2/3/2012 #21

Part 3


*Owen and Samuel are walking into the first year hall*

Owen: I wonder why Zaria had us tell that girl to go to the woods?

Samuel: Who cares? Zaria Vella is just...uncouth...

Owen: What?

Samuel: No, that doesn't sound right. Damn, I need a better word.

Owen: Okay, whatever you're talking about.

*Iris suddenly walks down the hallway covered in what appears to be honey*

Iris: Hello! *smiles*

*Samuel and Owen laugh*

Owen: What happened to you?!

Iris: Oh, yes, a few of the third years decided to pour some honey on me.

Samuel: Too bad they forgot to add the bees. *to Owen* I'll see you in a bit. I have to call my father. *Samuel departs*

Owen: Vella, you have got to stop letting people do this crap to you.

Iris: I thought it was pretty fun to be honest.

Owen: Well at least take those clothes off and clean up.

Iris: Oh, okay. *grabs the hem of her shirt*

Owen: *stops her* No! I meant, go to your room and do it!

Iris: Oh...Alright then. Good day...

*Iris happily skips off*

---- Meanwhile ---

*Jake and Suzy arrive at the woods and see Zaria making out with a dirty blond boy*

Zaria: See, Cal, I told you it wouldn't be that bad. *grins*

Cal: Well, I guess. *notices Suzy* Shit...

*Suzy runs away in tears*

Cal: Suzy, wait! *chases after her*

Zaria: *laughing madly*

Jake: You're a real piece of work, Zaria.

Zaria: Fuck you, Jake! You're just jealous!

Jake: *gives her the middle finger and walks away*

2/3/2012 #22

Poor Suzy...D:

But aww, younger Iris is adorable XD

2/3/2012 #23

hmm, seems seth would have something starting with "In-" and then HIS child would have an "Un-" word

2/3/2012 #24

Part 4

Sink or Swim!


*A young girl is sitting down away from the lake while other kids and their Pokemon are playing*

Zaria: *approaches* Hey, Allison. Can I ask you something?

Allison: ...

Zaria: For the past two weeks, when everyone has been coming to the lake, you've been just sitting here and leaving your Pokemon at school. What's wrong?

Allison: ...L-Leave me alone.

Zaria: Are you afraid that you don't look as good in a bikini as I do? Well, don't worry, no girl does. *smirks*

Allison: ...

Zaria: Or is it that you can't swim...?

Allison: *looks down*

Zaria: *frowns* Say something, you stupid bitch! Answer me!

*Samuel and Owen walk up behind Zaria*

Samuel: What's the problem? *grins*

Zaria: Boys, you're just in time. Allison here is afraid to go in the water.

Owen: *grins* Let's help her out then.

*Samuel and Owen pick up the girl and Zaria leads them towards the lake*

Allison: Put me down! *starts kicking wildly*

*Samuel and Owen put her down when they reach the edge*

Zaria: *pushes her in anyway and starts laughing*

Owen: Damn it, we weren't going to actually put her in there!

Zaria: Whoops... *walks off*

*Allison starts flailing around in the water*

Owen: Dude-

Samuel: *takes off running*

*Iris suddenly runs up and dives into the water to retrieve Allison*

Iris: *gets her back to the land* There, you're okay now. *smiles*

Owen: *bumps into Jake as he attempt to flees*

Jake: What the hell happened here?!

Owen: Um... *takes off running*

2/4/2012 #25
Iris is such a sweetie...But Zaria is a nasty witch. Poor Allison...
2/4/2012 #26

Those boys are fraidy cats though. xP

2/4/2012 #27
Yeah, they are. Derp-heads!
2/4/2012 #28


Owen tries to ask Iris out, but...she doesn't quite get it. xD


*Owen is talking to Iris*

Owen: I'm trying to make this clear. Are you listening?

Iris: Of course.

Owen: Good. Now, I want to be your boyfriend.

Iris: But you are already a boy and you are my friend.

Owen: *facepalms* I mean, we should date.

Iris: Date?

Owen: You know, like holding hands, hugging-

Iris: I hold hands and hug my Pokemon all the time.

Owen: Kissing?

Iris: Sure. I kiss my Pokemon all the time.

Owen: Really?

Iris: Of course.

Owen: you kiss them like this? *gives her a quick peck on the lips*

Iris: Sure.

Owen: Oh...then how about like this?

*Owen gives Iris a French kiss*

Iris: *eyes widen*

Owen: *pulls back and grin*

Iris: No, definitely not like that...Wow!

Owen: *grins* Wanna do it again?

Iris: *nods*

2/7/2012 #29

Aww XD

Iris is so...strange but that's already obvious XD

2/7/2012 #30
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