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That's the Vella illness affecting her. xD

2/7/2012 #31

Any more? :D

2/7/2012 #32

One more. Aria meets the twins. Do you have enough time? xD

2/7/2012 #33

Ja :D

2/7/2012 #34

Scene! xD


*First year Aria Mackenzie is wandering in the courtyard when she bumps into fourth year Coco Martin*

Aria: Excuse me. I didn't mean to bump into you.

Coco: Oh, it's alright. *smiles* Are you looking for the auditorium?

Aria: Yes.

Coco: Just walk in the building, keep going straight, and make a left at the end.

Aria: Thank you!

Coco: No problem. If you need anything else, feel free to ask me.

*An hour or two later*

*Aria approaches Riri*

Aria: Hey!

Riri: Um...hey?

Aria: Why did you change clothes?

Riri: What are you talking about?

Aria: Um, nothing I guess. Say, can you help me find Room 347?

Riri: Get a map, firstie...I'm not a damn tour guide. *walks off*

Aria: Okay, then...

*An hour or two later*

*Coco approaches Aria*

Coco: There you are. Did you find everything okay? *smiles*

Aria: *confused* Um, yeah...You changed clothes again?

Coco: No, I didn't.

Aria: Well, are you okay? You seemed a bit...angry earlier.

Coco: Of course, I'm okay. *smiles* Let me introduce you to some of my friends...

Aria: Okay...

2/7/2012 #35

LOL Twin confusion! xD

Wittle Aria is adorable :3

2/7/2012 #36

She's probably thinking: "This girl is bi-polar!"

2/7/2012 #37


TBH, I'd probably think the same...Either that, or I would've figured it out XD

2/7/2012 #38

Here's a funny quick one. xD


*First year Owen and Samuel are talking about Iris*

Owen: Ugh, isn't Iris Vella just a hippy weirdo? She never combs her hair and I bet she doesn't shave her legs or her armpits. She'll definitely never get a boyfriend.

Samuel: Agreed.

Owen: You agree, Growlithe?

Owen's Growlithe: *nods in agreement* Whatever, you say, master.

Three years later

*Fourth-year Owen is talking to himself while his Arcanine listens*

Owen: *lovestruck* Isn't Iris Vella the most beautiful woman on the planet? *sighs*

Arcanine: *to himself* She'll definitely never get a boyfriend, huh? *laughs*

2/14/2012 #39

LOL Owen sounds like such a girl! XD

2/14/2012 #40

I know, right? xD

It's funny how a few years can totally change someone's perspective of another person.

2/14/2012 #41

True that xD

2/14/2012 #42

It's kind of sad though. In that first part, he's with Samuel and his Pokemon.

In the second part, he's just with his Pokemon.

Kind of shows how they are no longer friends by that point.

2/14/2012 #43

Well, I guess it just shows that Owen grew up. Obviously he wasn't the nicest guy when he hung out with Sammy...

2/14/2012 #44

Who wants some history lessons?

3/21/2012 #45


3/21/2012 #46

I mean, ancient history lessons. xD

3/21/2012 #47
Brave Soul RMS

History lesson?

3/21/2012 #48

Well, it's Louhearst, so everything's fun XD Including history.

3/21/2012 #49

Okay. :D

Do you guys know why there's only a handful of Vellas left?

3/21/2012 #50

Nope. Why?

3/21/2012 #51

Because they've all slaughtered themselves throughout history.

You think Zaria Vella is the first 'Zaria' of the Vellas? There have been many that were just as bad as her or worse...

3/21/2012 #52



3/21/2012 #53

Saul Vella's oldest great-grandson, King Trev Vella is one example.

The fact that he was a king made it even worse.

3/21/2012 #54


3/21/2012 #55

One thing he did was massacre almost the entire 'Bloom' family (the surviving members had to change their original name after the massacre to protect themselves) because one of the daughters contradicted his intelligence.

3/21/2012 #56
Brave Soul RMS

So they offed themselves?

3/21/2012 #57

Whoa. Rietta's ancestors. o.o

3/21/2012 #58

What's worse is that Trev Vella looked a lot like Logan and the girl who offended him resembled...guess? xD

3/21/2012 #59

Rietta~! x3

3/21/2012 #60
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