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Basically, just little scenes for future stories that have yet to be posted. May also throw in some for things that are already up.

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3/18/2012 #2
Sophie Scorpio Star


3/18/2012 #3

So, so far it's the one about the university student and the one about a group of trainers at camp dealing with a Mega Corp.

3/18/2012 #4

That's cool ^^ Do you have any scenes for either?

3/18/2012 #5

Both. Pick one to go first and I'll post the other second.

3/18/2012 #6

The story with Owl!

3/18/2012 #7

Here's one...


*Owl is at Austin's Battling Club trying to buy a soda from the machine outside when he is approached by a few members of Infinity*

Infinity Member 1: Hey!

Owl: *looks up*

Infinity Member 2: You're the guy who beat Guy's Mamoswine, right?

Owl: Oh, yeah. Guy's a good trainer and it was an awesome battle. I really just got lucky and-

Infinity Member 1: You're right! You did just get lucky.

Owl: Hey, man, it was just a battle. Nothing serious.

Infinity Member 3: Oh, it's very serious.

Infinity Member 2: Are we sure this is the kid? I mean, this skinny geek beat Mamoswine.

Owl: *frowns*

*Guy appears in front of them*

Guy: So how about it, kid? A rematch right now...

*The Infinity members start closing in on Owl*

Owl: *quickly darts into the club with the Infinity members chasing after him*

Guy: *pushes Owl, causes him to fall in the center of the battling area of the club*

*The club members help Owl to his feet and Austin steps in front of them*

Guy: We just want another battle with the kid!

Austin: You want him, you have to go through me...

3/18/2012 #8

Austin seems awesome :o

3/18/2012 #9

See how Infinity are majorly Stop Having Fun Guys...especially Guy. xD

3/18/2012 #10


3/18/2012 #11

Tawni's worse though. Her first appearance is actually right after that scene.

3/18/2012 #12

Well, she IS the leader...o.o

3/18/2012 #13

The scene for the other story is...well a bit more grim...

3/18/2012 #14

Post it...

3/18/2012 #15

Scene from the League Camp story.


*CEO Elias Knight II is in a meeting with his top executives when his son enters*

Eli: Hey, Pop! *roughly slams the door*

CEO Elias: Don't you "Hey Pop!" me you little punk! What are you doing here?!

Eli: *sarcastically* Love you too. *plops down on the couch across the room from the meeting table*

CEO Elias: *to his executives* I always hated his mother.

Eli: *simply yawns, obviously not caring at all about the insult towards his mother*

CEO Elias: *clears his throat* As I was saying, the idea is to put up Safari Zones in the company's name around Kanto and Johto and horde as many Pokemon in them as possible and charge trainers to come in and capture them.

Vice-President Fauller: Excellent idea. With the zones up, there would be less Pokemon in the wild and trainers will have to pay us if they want any hope of attaining Pokemon.

CEO Elias: Exactly. Though, we'll face a major issue with rangers and other trainers sticking their noses in. Mr. Pey, any suggestions?

Mr. Pey: Well...we could...hire the group of...well, mercenaries wouldn't be a proper word, but that's the only name I can think of them. They're a group of lowlife scums in Unova. I'm sure you've all heard of them.

Eli: *now interested* Mezeebo the Clown is one of them! Man, he is awesome! I heard he killed a guy for not laughing at one of his jokes.

CEO Elias: Hmm, well, they could be useful as enforcers...Elias, come here!

*Eli walks over to his father and stands beside his chair*

Eli: What is it?

CEO Elias: I nearly forgot, I have a mission for you and that whore of yours.

Eli: Alright, Dad, give me the details.

CEO Elias: There's a small inn owned by three sisters on a piece of land outside of Vermilion City that I've been trying to acquire. They're late on the money that they owe the bank, so now is the perfect opportunity to try and snatch it up. *hands him a document* I need you two to get that sign at any cost.

Eli: *smirks* Okay, I can do that. What's in it for me?

CEO Elias: *angrily* Tell me what you want.

Eli: That new Aggron that's been in the training chambers. It's an absolute monster. I want it on my team.

CEO Elias: Deal. Now, get out, you little punk!

Eli: *smirks* Already gone...

3/18/2012 #16


That was...interesting.

3/18/2012 #17

Eli's dad is a major jerk towards him. He openly insulted his mother and Monica.

But, Eli doesn't care about any of that as long as he gets what he wants. Don't know if that's good or bad.

3/18/2012 #18


3/18/2012 #19

Eli: Hey, Pop! *roughly slams the door*

CEO Elias: Don't you "Hey Pop!" me you little punk! What are you doing here?!

Eli: *sarcastically* Love you too. *plops down on the couch across the room from the meeting table*

^ xD

3/18/2012 #20

Eli: *now interested* Mezeebo the Clown is one of them! Man, he is awesome! I heard he killed a guy for not laughing at one of his jokes.

^ O___O

Note to self: Always laugh at a clown's jokes, whether they're funny or not.

3/18/2012 #21

Monster Clown trope in full effect!

3/18/2012 #22



*Owl walks into the smoothie shop and up to the counter*

Britt: Welcome to Super Smoothie, how may I help... *looks up* What are you doing here?

Owl: Came to get a smoothie. Nice to see you too, big sis. *looks around* So, this is where you work?

Britt: Obviously.

Owl: Nice uniform.

Britt: Just tell me what you want...

Owl: I'll have...

*Wigglytuff walks up next to Britt*

Wigglytuff: *greets Owl* Wigglytuff!

Owl: Who is this? *smiles*

Britt: This is my co-worker, Wigglytuff. Wigglytuff, this is my little brother.

Owl: Nice to meet you.

Wigglytuff: Wigglytuff!

Britt: Owl, buy something or get out.

Owl: Fine. I'll have a strawberry blitz.

Britt: One strawberry blitz coming up...

Wigglytuff: Wigglytuff!!!

3/19/2012 #23

...*tackeglomps Wigglytuff*

3/19/2012 #24

You see why he's always employee of the month? He's much friendlier than his co-worker. xD

3/19/2012 #25

And adorable~

3/19/2012 #26

Another one? :D

3/19/2012 #27

Ja :D

3/19/2012 #28



*Owl and Millie are walking on campus with people staring at them and whispering*

Owl: Why's everyone staring at us?

Millie: Not us. You.

Owl: Me?

Millie: Yeah.

Owl: Why?

Millie: You beat Guy of Infinity. A few of the upperclassmen here told me that's a pretty big deal.

Owl: It's not like he's undefeated in battle.

Millie: True. But, no one's ever beaten his Mamoswine in a one-on-one battle with both Pokemon fresh. You're the first person to do so and then you joined Austin's crew.

Owl: Wow. I can't believe this. I mean, I was a nobody in high school and now...

Millie: Now you're Mr. Popular. Enjoy it.

Owl: Eh, popularity's overrated. *grins*

Millie: Agreed. Anyway, I better get going. Maybe, I'll see you soon?

Owl: How soon?

Millie: Well, I was kind of hoping...tonight? At the cafe?

Owl: Yeah. I'm done for that.

Millie: Cool. *smiles* Later.

Owl: *smiles* Later.

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