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It's nice how they all hated him at first but after the events of First Gen...xD

4/21/2012 #121

Shane's role is extremely vital in Y4 to the point on where it could potentially shake the events of the entire series up.

Future Gen is best-case scenario. Alternate Universe where Monsiadem wins is worse-case scenario.

4/21/2012 #122

Yeeeeahhhh...The bad future is a total Crapsack World...

4/21/2012 #123

That's because Monsiadem is the worst of them all.

I mean yeah, Zaria/Magnus/Mira/Kestrel/Citrus are all horrible monsters, but Monsiadem knows full well what they do and allows them to go around causing pain and suffering.

4/21/2012 #124

Plus, he's the Big Bad anyway xD

This is all his plan, they're just his minions.

4/21/2012 #125

Speaking of the SDs, check out that Y2 scene! :D

It's pretty awesome.

4/21/2012 #126

Horace IS awesome :D

4/21/2012 #127

In the distant future, there's a new city.

Louhearst City - Named after the brave people and Pokemon who fought in the Battle of Mt. Coronet.

4/25/2012 #128

Awesome! 8D

4/25/2012 #129

It's a HUGE city.

So huge that it even has it's own (mini) Pokemon league.

4/25/2012 #130

...That does sound big o.o

4/25/2012 #131

Well, the league was all Grey's idea.

4/25/2012 #132

Really? :O

That makes Grey awesomer XD

4/25/2012 #133

They also have a pretty badass Police Force (ironically started by ZK).

4/25/2012 #134

Really? :O

4/25/2012 #135

Shocking isn't it? xD

Rietta lives on the outskirts of town with her youngest grandson.

4/25/2012 #136

Just her youngest grandson?

4/25/2012 #137

Well, her grandson, her Pokemon, and her grandson's Pokemon.

The rest of her grandchildren are adults.

4/25/2012 #138

What happened to his parents?

4/25/2012 #139

They're still around.

He just stays with Rietta to keep her company and be moody. xD

4/25/2012 #140

Oh xD

4/25/2012 #141

There's still a lot of Jerkasses. xD

Especially in as big a city as that one.

4/25/2012 #142

Ah, Jerkasses XD

You can't help but hate them, but love them at the same time...Depending on the Jerkass. XD

4/25/2012 #143

How about...scenes? :D

4/25/2012 #144


4/25/2012 #145



*Rietta and her grandson are walking through the museum*

Rietta: You always walk around with that scowl on your face. Why don't you smile ever once in a while?

Shawn: I smile all the time...

Rietta: You remind me of someone...

Shawn: Who?

Rietta: *thinks for a moment* I don't exactly remember...Anyway, let's see what else they have here.

Shawn: Ugh, Grandma, we've been here a hundred times.

Rietta: You need to learn your history. It could save you one day.

Shawn: Whatever...

*Shawn walks over to a clear case*

Shawn: Hey, Grandma, what's this?

Rietta: *inspects the case* I don't believe it...

Shawn: What is it?

Rietta: It's my old purple hairband that my sister gave me! Wow, they keep every relic here. Your grandfather - on your father's side - stole this from me one time and locked me in a closet. *let's out a chuckle* Good times...

4/25/2012 #146

Awww. Good memories. XD

Funny how she can't remember that Shawn reminds her of HERSELF, though xD

4/25/2012 #147

Next? :D

4/25/2012 #148

Part 2


*Rietta and Shawn are still at the museum*

???: SHAWN!!!

*The two are approached by Rus and his grandson, Duke*

Rietta: Hello, you two. *smiles*

Rus: *hugs Rietta* It is good to see you after all this time!

Rietta: Rus, you live down the street from me.

Rus: Huh? When did that happen?

Rietta: Seven years ago. You came over for dinner just last Sunday.

Rus: I did...? Oh yeah, now I remember! Your cooking was excellent, though nothing compares to Floressa's exquisite meals.

Rietta: *shudders as she remembers all the times she's tasted Roux's food*

Duke: Grandpa's off his medicine, Miss Rietta.

Rietta: He's never been on it.

Rus: This is true. *chuckles*

Shawn: Hey, Grandma, me and Duke are going to the snack machine. Back in a bit.

Rietta: *nods*

*Shawn and Duke make their way to the snack machine*

Rus: Where is the bathroom?

Rietta: By the sign that says 'bathroom'.

Rus: Ah... *heads to the restroom*

*Rietta makes her way to the back of the museum and notices a teenage girl staring at a mural of Logan and his friends*

4/26/2012 #149


And Rus is so silly xD

4/26/2012 #150
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