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Her life isn't easy though.

First, she can't inherit anything because she's not legit. Everyone knows she's illegitimate, so she's pretty much an outcast.

Then again, Logan even mentions that some people still spit at him because his mother was a witch. He doesn't let it get to him though.

4/2/2012 #31

Awww D:

Poor What's-her-name.

I think she needs The Power of Friendship...Or maybe love. :3

4/2/2012 #32

Roux loves her like her own as well, so she's got a loving family. :D

And yeah, the Power of Friendship or Love would definitely help out.

4/2/2012 #33

Yay! Roux's awesome ^_^

Oh yeah, pairings? :D

4/2/2012 #34

The pairings are basically the same with the original kids.

However, as the children of all the originals grow up, we'll see some pairings between them.

4/2/2012 #35

Tell me more about the children's pairings :D

4/2/2012 #36

Not much to go on as of yet...xD

There's definitely Carly x Seth (not that they have a choice in a society like this, but they like each other anyway, so it works).

4/2/2012 #37


4/2/2012 #38

Oh, and the LE Soul Destroyers. There's pairings among them as well.

Also, Xavier gets an even more "Grovyle-like" role in this one.

4/2/2012 #39

....HELL YES!!!!


4/2/2012 #40

Well, like Grovyle, Xavier's introduced in a similar manner as he was in PMD...

4/2/2012 #41

As a so-called "villain"?

4/2/2012 #42

Yes, a "thief".

4/2/2012 #43

Grovyle-like characters are always so awesome~

Should we make a new thread for the RPG now? :O I mean, two people is generally enough; the only person we really need is Brave, as Fred doesn't RP much, and Ricki and Kelly are rarely on.

4/2/2012 #44

Should we RP immediately? xD I mean, I'm down for it, but shouldn't we have some more details first?

4/2/2012 #45

What details do we need? XD

4/2/2012 #46

Like where to begin? xD

4/2/2012 #47

Logan getting his mission?

4/2/2012 #48

That'll work.

Only problem is that our characters are too far from each other to interact...

4/2/2012 #49

Hmm...Rietta goes to Shane's kingdom for some reason? XD Like maybe an errand or something?

4/2/2012 #50

Got it actually.

I didn't tell you in our PMs that Logan, Jett, and Ethan regularly teach at the academy. She can meet them there on an errand.

4/2/2012 #51

Alright-y! ^^

Anything else?

4/2/2012 #52

I have to run some errands soon, so yeah, I'll probably have to keep RPing from the phone. xD

4/2/2012 #53

It's alright~ x3

4/2/2012 #54


4/5/2012 #55

Yes!! :D

4/5/2012 #56
Shadow Minamino

Mmkay. ^^

4/5/2012 #57

Warning, it's violent.

4/5/2012 #58

I don't mind. ^_^ Post away.

4/5/2012 #59



*Shane is in a large golden tub when he hears footsteps*

Shane: I was expecting you...

*An assassin with a knife slowly walks towards him with a grin on her face*

Shane: *simply stares at her*

Assassin: Do not worry. I will put you out of your misery soon enough. *waves the knife around*

Shane: May I get dressed first. I believe that it is inappropriate for a king to be without clothes when someone assassinates him.

Assassin: Perhaps I should cut your tongue out first?

Shane: *scoffs* You would probably mess it up. Just like the poison...

Assassin: *eyes widen*

Shane: Are you surprised that I knew it was you? Honestly, you make an awful assassin. *gets out of the tub*

Assassin: *raises her knife*

*A hand suddenly grabs the knife from behind and shoves it deep into the assassin's chest*

Assassin: *looks at the blood coming out from her wound as Jewel holds the knife to her throat*

Shane: *grins and nods*

Jewel: *slits the assassin's throat*

*The assassin falls over, blood staining the golden floors*

Jewel: *to Shane* You are an awful person...

Shane: ...

Jewel: As am I... *smiles*

*Shane and Jewel start kissing passionately...ignoring the dead body and the blood all over the place*

4/5/2012 #60
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