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Summary: Normal, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Rock, Ground, Flying, Poison, Bug, Fighting, Psychic, Dark, Ghost, Ice, Steel, and Dragon. Seventeen houses each ruled by a lord, all of them in competition to be the strongest of the strongest and rule over the others.

Summary2: Rigel Ivory, son of Lord Ramon Ivory of the Normal and great-grandson of "Reswell the Demon Dragon Slayer" begins his coming of age story.

Summary3: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

Twelve lands ruled by twelve descendants of the original zodiacs and a war is about to break out!

4/2/2012 . Edited 9/30/2012 #1

Sounds cool :D

4/2/2012 #2

It's a Gray and Grey Morality, but do you want to know who the initial antagonists are? :D

4/2/2012 #3

Sure ^^

4/2/2012 #4

The House of Fire, led by Lord Andros.

and his five daughters:

Abigail - Age 25

Arianah - Age 20

Astoria - Age 15

Ambrielle - Age 7

Alayna - Age 1

4/2/2012 #5

Hehe, all A's XD

4/2/2012 #6

It's actually a tradition in the story for the children to have the same letter at the beginning of their name as their 'higher ranking' parent. Just like with Rigel and his family. :D

The main House of Fire Family and their brief personalities (They're ALL blondes xD):

Andros: A cold, detached man normally. He has a fiery temper when pushed and he has huge ambitions. He has a long list of accomplishments which people will frequently mention. He's pretty callous towards all his daughters, but if anyone else gives them shit, there's hell to pay.

Serafina: Andros's wife and the girls' mother. She's caring and protective, but extremely strict and prone to punishing the girls. She is one of the nicer family members though.

Abigail: The oldest who is about to be married off. She is her father's favorite and takes after his cold, detached personality, but she doesn't lose her temper as often. Aloof Big sister to the max basically. Nickname: "Abby" or "Gail"

Arianah: The second oldest who's the most popular of ALL her siblings amongst the commoners for her beauty and her charismatic, lively, fiery personality. Helps that she's the nicest of the girls. Nickname: "Ari"

Astoria: The middle child and the 'main' fire girl for the story. She's a budding femme fatale with a short temper. She suffers from Middle Child Syndrome and has the (hated by her) nickname "Gap-Toothed Tori" for an incident when she was younger where a Ponyta kicked out her two front baby teeth and the permanent ones came in gapped. Nickname: "Tori"

Ambrielle: The second youngest. As a seven-year old, she's a Royal Brat to the max, she spends most of her time throwing temper tantrums when things don't go her way. Nickname: "Brie"

Alayna: The youngest. Since she's one, she's just learning how to walk and talk and stuff. Nickname: "Lay-Lay"

Segel: Serafina's twin brother, the girls' uncle, and Andros's life-long best friend and his number two. He's actually a kind man in contrast to his brother-in-law and is pretty religious, worshipping the legendary fire types devoutly and encouraging others to do the same.

Sven: Segel's son and the girls's cousin. He's fifteen like Astoria and frequently accompanies her on her adventures. Picture Rolen with blond hair and you got Sven. He's a case of Even the Guys wants him and is a major Casanova. Mostly sleeps with girls, but he's not picky about getting down with guys either. Definitely one of the most popular of the family.

4/2/2012 #7

I like Arianah the best ^^

4/2/2012 #8

Just like everyone else in the story! xD

4/2/2012 #9

Alayna's my second favourite, just cuz she's a baby XD

4/2/2012 #10

I like her nickname. It's adorable! :3

4/2/2012 #11

Yep~ Imma call her that from now on :3

4/2/2012 #12

What'd you think of, "Gap-Toothed Tori?" xD

4/2/2012 . Edited 4/2/2012 #13

She seems unpleasant...XD

4/2/2012 #14

Well, she's pretty overlooked. Everyone likes her sisters better. Her older sisters by the people and their father and the younger ones are babies. She's smacked in the middle, so she lashes out.

Doesn't help that she's teased about her gap-teeth. xD

4/2/2012 #15

I see. XD That explains it.

4/2/2012 #16

What did you think about Sven? He's a bit nicer than Rolen though...and more horny...xD

4/2/2012 #17

Hehe...Even the Guys Want Him...

4/2/2012 #18

He's a major Bishonen, that's why. xD

4/2/2012 #19

Oh, and two of the Steel characters (one being the Steel lord) in the main steel house are sociopaths...making them worse than the Fire family...xD

4/2/2012 #20

Oh Arceus...XD

4/2/2012 #21

But at least it's not Dark or Poison or Ghost or Dragons in that role though...xD

4/2/2012 #22

True XD

4/2/2012 #23

The Dragon Lords are pompous asses though. xD

And the Poison Lords...don't look healthy...

4/2/2012 #24

Don't look healthy...? xD

4/2/2012 #25

They live in a toxic environment. Their skin is like...gray...

People try to get them to leave and go somewhere safer, but they've adapted and refuse to leave their homelands.

4/2/2012 #26


4/2/2012 #27

There might be some Rigel x Astoria...

4/2/2012 #28

Well, tell me more about Rigel XD

4/2/2012 #29

Rigel is a bit of a Blood Knight due to the fact that he wants to make his own legacy for himself and not just live off of his great-grandfather's. He fights for glory...which causes him to be a bit of a Glory hound. He has some arrogance as well that gets the best of him at times. Like medieval-Logan, he tries to be honorable as a warrior/knight, but finds it hard to resist temptations. He loves normal types (as he feels that they aren't mega flashy. Just simple and to the point, much like himself) and is out to prove that they can be extraordinary.

4/2/2012 #30
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