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The info is all in this thread:

Now, let's begin.

4/2/2012 #1

Logan: *to Jett and Ethan* Awake! Today is one of our days to teach the young soldiers at the academy.

*Jett and Ethan stir up*

4/2/2012 #2

(AN: Alright-y! Yay~)

Rietta: *outside the academy* Ah...Fond memories of this academy...

4/2/2012 . Edited 4/2/2012 #3

*Logan grabs his sword*

Ethan: *eating on some bread*

Jett: *struggling to wake up*

Logan: *to Jett* You have been spending too much time in those brothels. *laughs* Make haste. We need to depart soon.

4/2/2012 #4

Rietta: *mutters to herself* According to Ariana, I must deliver these scrolls to the dean. *looks through her bag* Everything seems to be in order...*sighs and enters the academy*

4/2/2012 #5

*Logan and co. arrive at the academy*

Ethan: How are you feeling?

Jett: *groans* I never want to lie with anyone again... *sees Rietta from the back* However, that lass looks like a wild one from the back. I wonder if she looks as good in the front?

4/2/2012 #6

Rietta: You're quite loud, you know. *turns around and glares at Jett* And the way you speak of ladies is quite lecherous, too. It reflects poorly on your character...*eyes suddenly widen and she lets out a laugh* Oh, it's you. You haven't changed a bit, Jett. *to Logan and Ethan* And you two. It's been a long time...

4/2/2012 #7

Boys: Henrietta!

*Logan and Ethan hug her*

Jett: *shoves both of them off and hugs Rietta...but doesn't let go*

4/2/2012 #8

Rietta: *shoves Jett off and smiles at them* How have you three been?

4/2/2012 #9

Logan: Excellent.

Jett: my case.

Ethan: *mumbles something through his stuffed mouth*

(AN: EDIT - Errands! Ugh! Ciao! :D)

4/2/2012 . Edited 4/2/2012 #10

(AN: See ya!)

4/2/2012 #11

King Joseph: Boy!

*Asher walk into the throne room*

Asher: Yes father?

King Joseph: I am sending you on an errand. You are to take this message to King Clarke to the North.

Asher: Yes father *bows and takes the scroll*

King Joseph: And you will go alone. You may take a blade and armor from the armory but nothing else.

Asher: Yes father... *walks downstairs and takes a old looking sword and old chain-mail underneath a dirty tunic*

???: Asher!

Asher: *turns around to see his mother* Yes mother?

Asher's Mother (plot point, not the queen, also can't remember her name): I know King Joseph is sending you away, but take care *hugs him and in a hush tone* Anorith seems to have "gone out" he is a little past the gates and he seems to have "stolen" some bread from the kitchens. *gives him a quick kiss*

Asher: *smiles* Thank you mother *turns and heads*

4/2/2012 #12
Logan: We're about to instruct the children. Would you like to watch, Henrietta?
4/3/2012 #13

Rietta: Of course.

4/3/2012 #14
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: *stumbles in looking groggy and mumbling*

June: I told you drinking that much mead in one go is bad for your health but you never take heed of my advice...

Grey: Woman, not now.

4/3/2012 #15

Rietta: *mock curtsies and tries to stifle her snickers, but fails* Hello, Greyson. You do not look too good.

4/3/2012 #16
Logan: Jett, you and Ethan instruct the archers today. I shall deal with the swordmen.
4/3/2012 #17

Rietta: Alright, lead the way.

4/3/2012 #18
Brave Soul RMS

Grey: *mutters* Good morrow to you, too, fair scholar. Now please leave.

June: *smacks his head* Bad.

Grey: Ugh... Logan, shall I go with you?

4/3/2012 #19

Rietta: I'm afraid I cannot. I have errands to run, but before that, I shall watch them instruct the children. You may have to deal with me longer if you go with us. *smirks*

Astro: I see you are not in a good mood, Greyson.

4/3/2012 #20

Logan: *to Grey* Come. But pull yourself together. I do not want you setting a bad example...

4/3/2012 #21

Rietta: Let us go then.

4/3/2012 #22

*Everyone heads into the training yard*

Jett: All those who are in archery today, take your posts to the east!

Logan: Swordmen to the north of the yard!

--- Meanwhile ---

*Shane is in his room*

Laurina: *enters* I will choose the knights that will send the news to the Desert Princess.

Shane: *scoffs* Mother, I am the king. I am capable of choosing the knights myself. *scoffs once more* Especially considering my judgement would be much better than a mere woman's...

Laurina: *slaps him upside the head*

Shane: *rubs his head* Then again, I trust your judgement...

Laurina: *grins*

4/3/2012 #23

Rietta: *goes to the sidelines to watch*

4/3/2012 #24

*The archers start shooting targets and the swordmen begin practicing battling*

Jett: *sends a girl from the archer group over to Logan*

Logan: Yes?

Girl: I am having some trouble.

Logan: Hmm... *hands her a sword* Perhaps, you may be better with this? Try it...

4/3/2012 #25

Astro: This is fairly interesting to watch. Maybe you should have trained with a sword, or perhaps a bow and arrows, in your academy days, Lady.

Rietta: I suppose...

4/3/2012 #26

Messenger: *approaches Logan and whispers something*

Logan: The king? Very, well, we'll leave immediately. Everyone keep up your training!

Jett: The king wishes to see us?

Logan: It seems so.

Ethan: Let us make haste.

4/3/2012 #27

Asher: *looking around near the edge of the forest*

???: Ririi!

Asher: *Looks down and sees Anorith scuttle towards him with a sack on his bag* Hey there buddy. *pats him and takes the sack* Now i dressed so bandits wouldn't think much of robbing me, but hide on my back just in case. My cloak will hide you.

Anorith: Riii... *climbs onto Asher's back and holds thanks to his claws*

Asher: Alright, shouldn't be more than a days walk north to reach King Shane.

*heads on to the northern trail*

4/3/2012 #28

Rietta: Oh...I suppose the Alakazam and myself can watch over the training until you three return...

Astro: I do not know about her, but you can rely on me!

4/4/2012 #29

Jett: Are we permitted to leave a woman in charge?

Logan: She's a highly skilled strategist. The children are in good hands. I do not think anyone will give her trouble.

4/4/2012 . Edited 4/4/2012 #30
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