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Rietta: Do not doubt me just because I'm a woman, Jett. Logan is correct. Now go. You do not wish to keep the king waiting, do you?

4/4/2012 #31

Ethan: We need to head for the castle.

Logan: Right...

Jett: *hands Rietta his sword* Just in case anyone gets out of line...

4/4/2012 #32

Rietta: *smiles* Thank you, Jett.

4/4/2012 #33

*Mawile runs towards Logan*

Logan: News?

Mawile: *shakes her head*

Logan: Well, since you're here now, you can keep Henrietta company until we return...

Mawile: *nods and smiles*

Logan: *to Jett and Ethan* Come...

*Logan, Jett, and Ethan leave*

4/4/2012 #34

Astro: Tis been a while...Mawile! *snickers*

Rietta: *shakes her head* That was horrible...*to Mawile* Greetings. Astro has a point. It really has been a while.

4/4/2012 #35

Mawile: It has. I was a lot young the last time we met.

4/4/2012 #36

Astro: How have you been?

4/4/2012 #37

Mawile: Lovely. I have been spending time with the witch to learn how to control my powers.

4/4/2012 #38

Astro: *nods* Wonderful. Everything has been going well back home. Lady Henrietta's father is looking for a suitable spouse for her, you know. Her sister, Ariana, refuses to get married for some reason, at least for now. As for me, I have been looking for some excitement. Living in a wealthy town is comfortable, but can get incredibly boring after a while...

4/4/2012 #39

Mawile: Has Lady Henrietta been searching for excitement as well?

4/4/2012 #40

Astro: I do not know. She is content with the way things are at the moment, but sometimes she seems almost longing...

4/4/2012 #41

Mawile: Ah, that reminds me very much of Sir Logan and Sir Jett whenever they are stuck at home for a large amount of time.

4/4/2012 #42

Astro: Ah. Those two. Lady Henrietta is happy, seeing them again. She does not have many friends back home.

4/4/2012 #43

Mawile: Why is that?

4/4/2012 #44

Astro: She is just a shy person by nature; however, she hides it with pride and arrogance, so not many people like her. At least, the women of the town don't. The men are incredibly nice to her, if only because of her wealth. Marrying her would increase their social standing, after all.

4/4/2012 #45

Mawile: I see. I believe both of our masters have their problems. After all, it is human nature.

4/4/2012 #46

Rietta: I wonder why the king called for them...

Astro: *nods* Not just human nature. Pokemon also have their problems.

4/4/2012 #47

Shane: That is all. Deliver the message to the Desert Princess.

Logan: Understood, your majesty...


Mawile: What was the errand that your master was on?

4/4/2012 #48

Astro: She must deliver a bunch of scrolls to the dean. Lady Ariana also sent her to deliver a message to someone. I do not recall hearing about him before, however. Perhaps he's a lover or something. *chuckles*

4/4/2012 #49

Mawile: Ah...

*Logan and Jett return*

Logan: We are departing tomorrow. Come, Mawile, we need to get prepared for our trip.

4/4/2012 #50

Rietta: *curious* What trip?

4/4/2012 #51

Logan: To the Desert Kingdom to give a message to Princess Julie.

(AN: Gotta jet! Later!)

4/4/2012 #52

(AN: Later!)

Astro: That's it! *grins broadly*

Rietta: *stares at him strangely*

Astro: Please, Sir Logan. May we go with you?

Rietta: We? Whoever said that I-

Astro: *glares at her*

Rietta: *clears her throat* It doesn't really matter to me, though. I haven't been to the Desert Kingdom in ages anyway.

4/4/2012 . Edited 4/4/2012 #53

Jett: Is it allowed?

Logan: There's very real danger involved. We would have to have Lord Mackenzie's graces.

4/5/2012 #54

Rietta: Oh, I'm sure Father will not mind...

Astro: Really? Because I am not so sure about that...

4/5/2012 #55

Logan: Why do you want to come anyway?

4/5/2012 #56

Astro:Some excitement would be nice, for once.

4/5/2012 #57

Logan: Nevertheless, we still have to talk to Lord Mackenzie before we can give you an answer. But if he were to approve, I would be glad to have an old friend by my side again.

4/5/2012 #58

Rietta: *simply nods*

Astro: Oh, but we must finish our errands first, Lady Henrietta...

4/5/2012 #59

Logan: But understand, we have a mission to complete, so if you are to come along, you must be able to fend for yourself should the occasion call for it.

4/5/2012 #60
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