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Brave Soul RMS

Alrighty, ladies and gents of Lolli's Forums! So you know we usually RP in script form? Well, that gets kinda boring after a while, don't it? Your ol' pal Brave here had an idea last night that'll remedy this little situation! Prose form RP! It's the same as what we've been doing, only it's like we're all writing one story together. RP actions must be in paragraph form as if we're writing and control of another's character is allowed, but you must keep them in character! It's like an RP and writing practice all in one. I ask that all participating make up an OC and a team (throwing one together is just fine. If you want to make a better one, contact Brave or Fred for help) so that we make this as fun as possible. Now then: the setting!

In the wake of the Battle Frontier's move to Johto, the League needed a way to keep Trainers headed up to the Battle Zone. They quickly realized that, other than the strong Pokemon and the Resort Area, the thing that attracted droves of Trainers the most was, of course, battling. So, they built a massive park and an outdoor stadium dubbed The Sandlot in the area where the Frontier used to be. Trainers were free to register and explore the island with competitors being allowed to rent a Villa. Registered trainers fight in groups of 3 to 5 and move up the ranks as a team until the very end where they split up and the tournament becomes a free-for-all. Until then, teams will stay together for the 3 and a half month long stretch of the tournament making friends and enemies alike.

Now make an OC/Avatar and jump into the fray!

5/16/2012 #1
Brave Soul RMS

(Okay, so for the purposes of the practice element of this RP, no OC forms. We have to learn the new characters and write them as in-character as possible while also working on our story telling so describe it up, people! I'll start!)


"Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the Battle Zone!"

A cloud of sound rose up composed of the ecstatic and expectant voices of human and Pokemon alike. Their sheer number was staggering on its own! thought the tall pepper-haired announcer, Edwin Dark. And to hear such a massive call for approval? That exact reaction was what sportscasters like him lived for. It could only mean a good fight was just over the horizon. The calm before the storm that was a massive Pokemon Battle Tournament was also so exhilarating.

It'd been a few years since the Sinnoh Battle Frontier relocated to the west of Olivine City in the Johto region. Since then, traffic to the volcanic island north of Sinnoh had plummeted; there was barely a human to be found outside of the Resort Area and most of them were Coordinators. A handful of gutsy Trainers would venture to the Battle Zone once in a while to train or search for rare and powerful Pokemon not found anywhere else but these Trainers were mostly Sinnoh natives; what the island needed was the former influx of people and Pokemon from oversees to really get things jumping again. So the Sinnoh League got together and hatched a simple yet oh-so effective plan: a massive, three-and-a-half month long battle tournament and festival. What better way to breathe life into a tourist spot than to set it ablaze with the fires of competition and the lights of celebration?

Sure, thought Edwin, the tournament was mostly just to raise revenue from tourism but it went without saying that the turnout was more than satisfactory. He looked out at the jam-packed central battlefield of a titanic multi-roomed battle stadium built where the Frontier facilities once stood and grinned into his microphone.

"LET'S GET READY TO RUUUUUUUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!!!!" Another shout louder than the last met his words. His blood surged and he laughed heartily. "Now that's what I like to hear! It's good to see this place so lively once again, folks, let me tell you! I've been all around the world but never in all my years have I seen so many people and Pokemon so excited and gathered in once place after so long! Only the Kanjoh League surpasses the scale of this tournament in terms of sheer attendance alone!"

He turned with a flourish and a twirl of his mic and the Jumbotron behind came to life. Its screen read "Olympia" in bright red and white letters with the familiar Pokeball emblem that symbolized the League emblazoned behind them. "Over 5,900 trainers showed up for this, folks, and only the best of the best can even think about registering. This tournament will be televised all over the globe so you'd best put on your best performances for the crowds! Now then, will all those looking to join in on the fun line up in an orderly fashion in front of center stage? It's time to begin the screening process!"

At this, the Jumbotron displayed the faces of prominent and powerful Trainers known the world over: Brock of Pewter City, Gold of New Bark Town, Norman from Petalburg, Sabrina from Saffron, and a handful of others showed up alongside lesser known figures of the Pokemon Battle Circuit. Most prominent were two well-known faces in Sinnoh: Caitlin, former Frontier Brain of the Battle Castle and Cynthia, the current Sinnoh League Champion.

"These nice people," said Edwin over the din of the crowd, "have agreed to be your proctors for the entrance exam! Win or lose, it's all up to them to decide who gets in and who doesn't. I don't think I have to tell you all to bring your best." A smirk crept into his voice. He was looking forward to seeing the men and women separated from the children, so to speak.

Among the countless faces lining up before center stage, one young man kept a straight face despite the overcharged atmosphere. He was tall and lanky with light brown skin and a thin layer of trimmed beard and mustache. Despite the warm balmy air courtesy of Stark Mountain, he wore a black coat zipped up to just under his collarbone with a white shirt underneath. He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and smiled at his faithful partner and first Pokemon, a hulking eight-foot-tall Feraligatr who took up an entire empty circle of space for himself.

"So they bring out an all-star line-up to weed out the weak ones," he noted nonchalantly. "No big deal for us, right, Richter?"

"Gatoooooooooor!" the crocodilian monster roared excitedly. Those around him scattered like roaches before a light. The young man, known as RJ by the nametag on his coat, grinned and high fived his Pokemon.

"Now that's what I like to hear!"

5/17/2012 . Edited 5/17/2012 #2

"Of course it's not a big deal, a simple bug-catcher could tell your no good for this tournament," someone quipped causing the lanky kid to turn around a smirk at the stranger.

"Well if it isn't the least tan citizen of Hoenn. Decided to finally come out of those island caves," RJ retorted before him and the stranger clasped hands in a strong union, "Eh Ricki?" Making eye contact with his old friend he noticed he hadn't changed much. Though more or less the same height as him, Ricki was much skinnier, though it was hidden behind baggy jeans, and a green plaid button-up over a grey t-shirt.

"Well someone had to come make sure cocky brats like you don't show up and think they can run the place, right buddy?" the shaggy haired red head looked over to his giant mudfish

"Swaaaa," The beast stated before likewise greating the giant gator with a playful tussle.

"I can tell you if i did run the place, there'd be a policy on stopping assholes like you showing up Rick," RJ states keeping a careful eye on the roughhousing water behemoths. "I see the chops are still in order"

"As they ever will" proudly states Ricki, handgrooming his facial hairs.

5/17/2012 #3

"Guys, can you tell your dumb brutes to stop? They're bothering Basilisk," grumbled a scowling young girl. The aforementioned Serperior beside her, sure enough, didn't seem to be in the greatest of moods, his red eyes blazing as he hissed at the two tussling water types. "He can feel the vibrations and it's pissing him off," she stated in a matter-of-fact voice, crossing her arms. Turning to the serpent, she added, "Basil, no. Down." He raised his head and turned it away from his trainer haughtily, but complied nonetheless, laying back down and coiling up.

Her attention wandered to the crowd of trainers before either of them could reply, their presence forgotten, and her scowl deepened. It seemed as if she were searching for someone, but after several moments, she finally gave up, letting out a huff. "Maybe he was too chicken to show up," she said aloud to herself. "Yeah, that has to be it. I'm clearly stronger than he is and he knows that I'll kick his ass the moment he..." She trailed off, her face evidently reddening - despite her light brown skin - when she remembered she wasn't alone.

Basilisk snickered and was rewarded with a light smack to the head.

"Uhh...Hi!" the girl said, forcing a grin. "I' name is Dia...Which is short for something, but you don't have to know what because you're strangers and my mom said not to talk to them...but I don't think you're rapists or anything! Actually, I'm not even supposed to be here but whatever..."

5/18/2012 #4
Brave Soul RMS

Ricki and RJ gave the girl and her agitated Serperior puzzled looks. Then Ricki laughed her off and RJ scratched his head thoughtfully. "Dia? I'm RJ and this is Richter." Richter bent down and bumped the girl with his snout earning himself a glare from Basilisk. RJ fearlessly reached out to the ten foot cobra Pokemon and stroked his scaly head. To Dia's surprise, Basilisk hissed in content and lowered his guard, but only slightly.

"He usually hates people," said Dia, impressed.

"Their species usually does, I know," RJ replied, "but you just have to let them know you're not a threat and they're cool."

"Hm..." The girl stepped away slightly and kept her gaze on the crowd.

"Y'know, you don't have to be so shy. We don't bite," RJ said. He added with a laugh, "Well, me and Ricki don't but I can't speak for Richter."

"Speak for yourself, I don't deal with brats," Ricki called over his shoulder. Mankip nuzzled up against his hip gurgling mournfully. "I know buddy," Ricki mumbled. "You're not dumb. You're the smartest Swampert EVER!"

Amuse and slightly confused, Dia tilted her head smirking. "Is he always like this?" Richter answered with a low hiss.

"So what's this about you looking for someone?" RJ asked. "If you don't mind me asking, that is."

5/18/2012 #5

"My rival. He' a mini version of you - kind of, not really - but he's as skinny as your friend and he has a mini 'fro. If you see him, tell me, 'kay? His name is Declan," she explained. At the mention of the name, Basilisk raised his head and let out an angry hiss. "I know, Basil. Dec's an asshole, blah blah blah, he doesn't deserve any form of mercy and he won't be getting any. Not this time!" To emphasize her point, she pumped her fist into the air. Her starter stared at her for a moment as if she were a madwoman, then slithered over to RJ. "You're so mean," she mumbled, then stuck her tongue out at him. "You're just mad cuz I used Rex instead of you in our last battle!"

5/18/2012 #6
Brave Soul RMS

"Rivals, huh? Doesn't sound like the friendly kind Ricki and I have." Dia opened her mouth to speak but before she could, security guards and tournament organizers patrolled by corralling the crowd and changing it from a haphazard jumble of bodies into a set of eight neatly organized rows. Ricki, Dia, and RJ found themselves in the same one, the third row from the left in front of a handsome well-dressed man in a blue fedora. At his side was a stately and stoic Lucario awaiting orders from his partner. The man smiled pleasantly and took in a breath of fresh air then spoke into the microphone. His voice was smooth and deep and garnered more than a few swoons from the female population.

"Hello, everyone! My name is Riley and this is my partner, Lucario." The Lucario put its paws together in prayer pose and bowed respectfully to the line of trainers. "We'll be your proctors for Group 3 so I'd ask you all to give it everything you've got! Put on a good show!" Riley and Lucario bowed, the human more showily than the Pokemon, and retreated to Field One directly north of the main stage. The organizers herded the Trainers in Group 3 to the entrance and left them to their devices. Thirty minutes until the battle exam, they told the test group. RJ hid his excitement and looked towards the cloudless sky.

"It's a good day," he said. He stretched out and cracked his back. "We got a half hour so we should probably make preparations; shift team members and all that."

"There's a PC in the stadium lobby," Ricki informed them. "We should be able to get the Pokemon we need from that."

"Well, I got Richter," said RJ. "I'll just pick up the others I need later." Dia's jaw dropped in indignation.

"You mean you only brought your Feraligatr?!" she asked, dumbfounded.

5/18/2012 #7

"Weirdo," she finally said, regaining her composure. "I already have all my Pokemon with me. I always stick with one team. They work really together, surprisingly, considering how anti-social Basilisk here is." The Serperior glared at her, but she didn't seem all that bothered by it. Tapping her chin thoughtfully, she then added, "Our proctors are really cool, don't you think? That Riley guy is hot and he has a Lucario, too! No wonder all those girls started fangirling!"

Basilisk hissed. Dia simply nodded, seeming to understand what he was getting at. "Don't worry, Basil! I'm sure you'll find a decent girlfriend here! Just don't go making eggs with her, we can't get too friendly with the enemies!" ...Or not, because her only response was a gentle whack of his tail.

5/18/2012 #8
Shadow Minamino

" Well, this conversation certainly took a turn for the interesting. " Said a voice from behind the trio, slightly chuckling to himself. As the three turned around, a black haired boy clad in a grey fleece, dark blue T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers greeted them with a silly grin while nonchalantly licking a cone of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Standing slightly behind the teen were a Zoroark and a Roserade, the Zoroark licking some chocolate ice cream while the Roserade stoicly stood, observing the rest of the competition. The teen only kept his grin on as he addressed the three.

" Hope you don't mind if I eavesdrop a bit, but the rest of the competition is boring. I'm just waiting for the battles to start. Thought I might as well mingle a bit. But where are my manners? The name's Frederic. Fred for short. These are my partners, Youko and Mask. " He said, gesturing to the Zoroark and Roserade respectively. " Had a tough time deciding who to bring out for the prelims, but I narrowed it down eventually. Figure I'll rotate them out as time goes on. " Fred then looked down at the ground, slightly kicking a rock with his foot.

" It's a bit awe inspiring though, being around all these big names. Not sure what to think of it all. " He said with another lick of his ice cream.

5/18/2012 #9
Brave Soul RMS

RJ jumped into Richter's arms with a yelp. "Jeez! Where'd you come from, man?!"

"I overheard, like I said, and decided to come and introduce myself," Fred said with a shrug. He smirked at the other young man, inwardly laughing at how ridiculous he looked being carried by his Feraligatr bridal style. "Sorry for, uh, scaring you."

"It's cool. Anybody who can mess with RJ is cool with me. Name's Ricki."

"Nice to meet you."

Setting RJ down, Richter bent down to Youko and Mask's eyelevel and breathed hot air into their faces. Youko grinned wolfishly and dropped to all fours before taking on Richter's form in a flash of dark purple and breathing right back in the crocodile's face. Mask giggled at the mimicry and bowed to introduce himself.


Ricki petted his sideburns and said, "So, yeah, about our Pokemon. I do the same thing, really. Just me and six Pokemon. I barely have more than that and that's the way I like it."

"I have around 10 or 12, I think," RJ mused.

"Trainers, make your way into the stadium!" called a security guard grinning a little too widely. "Time to see which one of ya can make the cut around here!" The Sneasel perched on his shoulder joined him in muffled snickering and leering at the line. Richter hissed at the pair and they gave a frightened start before slinking away, smiles replaced by scowls. Group 3 poured into the stadium stands and Dia looked back at the guard shivering.

"Creeper..." she muttered. "It's like he gets off on watching people lose."

"Maybe he just likes to taunt them?" RJ wondered aloud. "Either way, he did give off some weirdo vibes. Steer clear of 'im."

Ricki and RJ took seats in the second row and recalled their large Pokemon to make room for the others. Dia did the same and, after a moment of looking around awkwardly for a place to sit, took a seat directly below the bows. "I'm not sitting here because I like you. It's just that I barely know anyone else."

Ricki laughed. "You barely know us."

"I know!" said Dia, reddening. "But --"

"Aww, she's embarrassed," teased Fred, now without his Pokemon as well.

"Ladies and gentleman!" Edwin Dark screamed over the loudspeakers. "Stadium One's entrance exam will begin with the trainers from Group 1 vs none other than Saffron City's own Sabrina! The Mistress of the Mind came here to battle and that's just what she'll do!" All eyes immediately focused on the exact center of the battlefield below rendering Edwin's reminder that all entrance exam battles were to be one-on-one or two-on-two at the Gym Leader's discretion all but unheard. Still as a statue, Sabrina was flanked by Alazakam, her signature Pokemon to her right, and a Gallade on her left hopping from foot to foot and punching the air. A bored Espeon lay curled at her feet and on her arm was perched a Murkrow holding a shiny purple stone in its beak. Sabrina flipped her midnight blue hair with her free left arm and cast her gaze up at the stands. Edwin handed her the microphone and she politely accepted.

"I look forward to our match, Group 1," she said, her voice silky and refined. "Your sheer numbers are indeed daunting but rest assured my team and I will not fall so easily." Her lip twitched up in a smirk. "I believe the phrase is 'Bring it on'."

"Challenge accepted!" Ricki shouted. Sabrina looked up and him and chuckled.

"You're not even fighting her," Dia pointed out.

"Says you. I'll find her after this and we'll have a real match!" the redhead declared.

"Ah, jeez," sighed RJ.

The first trainer from Group 1, a blonde girl decked out in denim no older than 13, took the field to kick things off. She and Sabrina shook hands and retreated to their corners where Sabrina sent out her hyped up Gallade. The girl responded by kissing an Ultra Ball and sending out a wicked looking Luxray at least twice its owner's size.

"Round 1!" shouted Edwin. "Proctor Sabrina vs Challenger Andie! Battle start!"

(A/N: Okay, whoever takes this next one, make sure Andie makes it through, got it? And make the fight a good one. You can go 1v1 or 2v2)

5/18/2012 . Edited by Shadow Minamino, 5/19/2012 #10

With the affirmation from Dark, Sabrina lifted her arm, sending forward her Gallade. Taking the upper hand advantage Gallade instantly disappeared before the crowds eyes. Amongst the shock and awe of the murmuring crowd, Dark couldn't help but feel giddy as his career was finally heading way.

"Well it seems our fair Mistress Sabrina is using her patented "telepathic orders" routine. Yes folks it is a legal play as many smart psychic types or humans with psychic connections are able to issue commands without vocals. While some may argue the entertainment value, i think it makes up for it in suspense! Let's keep a sharp eye folks and- OH, there it goes!" Dark shouted turning all eyes back on the battlefield. The previously unseen Gallade was still as the Luxray poured thousands of watts of electricity out of it's body. "Seems like even a teleport can escape the sharp eyes of a Luxray, nor the area of effect electrical attack known as Shock Wave! How will Sabrina turn this around, as that Gallade will be severely slower with the paralysis affliction?"

As if on cue Gallade charged forward and seemed ready to ram the electrical lion before a white flash erupted around the stadium. "I'm not sure if everyone is aware of what is happening, but the Psi-fighter Gallade seemed to make a mock charge at the Luxray before blinding him with a strong Flash attack. With it's hyper sense of vision, that Luxray will NOT be looking at anything for the rest of this battle! Let's see the aftermath, now that the flare is dimming."

Once again following along with the announcer, all the adjusted eyes returned their gaze back to the arena before a loud cheering took place and Dark let out an boom laugh as the Luxray stood tall over a unconscious Gallade. "I don't believe it! The pokemon reputed for having the best pair of eyes, seems to stand up to the name, taking down it's opponent when it should have CLEARLY been blinded! Lucky for Sabrina, as per league rules, all preliminary matches are 2 v 2, growing in number until the qualified participants have their full roster of 6. Allison seems to know the toll on her Luxray and is calling it back. Sabrina sends out her Espeon this time, though it doesn't seem to excited to be doing anything aside from a catnap. And Now Andie's second choice seems to be a... (Next xD)

5/18/2012 . Edited by Shadow Minamino, 5/19/2012 #11
Shadow Minamino

Mienshao. While Sabrina had sent out the psychic type Espeon, Andie had decided to screw the type disadvantage and sent out a Mienshao. As soon as the fighting type hit the field however, Espeon unleashed a devastating Psybeam attack towards the Martial Arts pokemon, obviously taking full advantage of the surprise telepathic orders.

Fortunately for Mienshao, it used it's quick reflexes and speed to barely dodge the beam, twisting around it as Mienshao sped towards the purple cat pokemon, nailing it in it's forehead with a Payback attack and sending the Espeon flying. Luckily for Sabrina, the myth that all cats landed on their feet was true, as Espeon recovered from the hit and it's eyes flashed. Suddenly, bits of grass had appeared under Mienshao as the fighting type lost it's balance and fell to the ground, it's legs caught within Grass Knot.

" Oh, I don't believe what I'm seeing folks! After a devastating Payback from Andie's Mienshao, Sabrina and her Espeon have tripped up the Unovian fighting type and - Oh! A psychic attack while it's down! That's sure to hit Mienshao where it hurts! " While Dark was speaking, Espeon had slammed Mienshao into a wall using a powerful Psychic. Would the fighting type be able to overcome the attack and get back up?

... Apparently not, seeing how the pokemon was knocked unconscious. Withdrawing the fighting type and sending out her Luxray, Andie grit her teeth. It was now down to a 1v1, with both pokemon weakened severely. Seemed like payback had done more on Espeon than it looked like at first. Then again, the psychic Eeveelution was hardly known for it's physical defenses.

The proud Luxray standing tall once again, it's eyes seeming cleared up from Flash, Andie wasted no time in commanding Luxray to use Crunch. As Luxray bounded towards the Espeon jaws wide, Espeon merely shot a Psybeam straight into Luxray's gaping mouth, dealing a critical hit and knocking the pokemon backwards, where Espeon only continued the relentless assault and hit Luxray with a Shadow Ball while downed, knocking it out for the count. Even with Allison's strong start, Sabrina wasn't a gym leader for nothing, after all.

Now all that was left was the proctor's judgement...

5/18/2012 . Edited 5/19/2012 #12
Brave Soul RMS

Espeon strutted over to Sabrina and stuck her head out expectantly. Sabrina gave the Sun Pokemon a light pat on the head. Espeon flicked her forked tail proudly and resumed her catnap. On her side of the field, Andie was murmuring words of thanks to her Pokemon for having fought so well, congratulating Luxray on giving 110% and consoling Mienshao. She recalled the two, visibly uncomfortable under Sabrina's blank stare, and swallowed a lump in her throat. The stadium went quiet as a graveyard as it waited for Sabrina's judgement.

"You pass," the psychic said simply. The stadium exploded into cheers for Andie. The girl's face went from disbelieving to relieved to ecstatic in quick succession. Knowing that the cheers and Edwin's hearty voice would drown her out, Sabrina approached Andie to impart some advice. "You fought admirably in both rounds though you did lose your focus in the second after Mienshao was taken down. Work on that. Your Pokemon can sense your uneasiness and their performance is hampered by it."

Andie nodded and gratefully took Sabrina's hands in hers. "Thank you, thank you!" she squealed. "I'll take that advice to heart. I won't waste this chance, I swear it!"

"You better not." Her words were cold but despite them, Sabrina smiled.

Up in the stands, the motley crew of Trainers were all perplexed as to Sabrina's decision. "She let her though? But she totally failed the second round," said Ricki.

"She did exceptionally in the first," Fred noted perceptively. "Maybe it was based on that?" He shrugged. "Who knows?"

"I don't really think that's fair, though," Dia muttered. "It should either be win or lose your spot. The Gym Leaders shouldn't choose."

"Maybe it's the same as giving badges?" theorized RJ.

"Oh, I think I know what you mean. Sometimes Leaders give badges based on a Trainer's other qualities instead of whether they won or not, right? It is their choice to give a badge after all," said Fred. RJ nodded.

"Exactly. Sabrina's a pro and a psychic so whatever she saw in that girl must've been good otherwise she'd be outta here." The other three muttered in agreement and refocused on the battlefield as Sabrina returned to her side.

"Next challenger!" she shouted to Edwin. The graying man nodded and pointed to the LCD screen behind the challenger's side of the field.

(A/N: Intro one of your other characters or skip until someone important fights. And work in some character interaction, guys xD)

5/18/2012 #13

"No way..." Dia whispered as the next challenger emerged, a dark-skinned boy not much older than her in a baggy hoodie. "So, he showed up after all..." A sort of grimace adorned her face as she leaned forward in her seat, eyes glued to the scene playing out on the field. The boy shook hands with Sabrina, but he was obviously distracted, searching through the crowd much like she had done before. Dia wondered if he was looking for her, then shook off the ridiculous thought, but pulled her hat down over her face as a precaution nonetheless.

"Another kid, huh?" Sabrina scoffed. The boy didn't seem to care for the stealth insult, instead radiating impatience as he waited for her to make her move, which she did without hesitation when she realized he wouldn't be replying. Her Alakazam, levitating in the air with his legs crossed, took up his position in front of his trainer.

A pokéball spun through the air, bursting open in a flash of light. The field shook as a mighty Ursaring landed, letting out a ferocious roar that sent the audience into a brief panicked frenzy. Dia shuddered at the mental image of blood staining those claws. She herself had a Nidoking, a species considered fairly scary, but she knew that Rex was a gentle giant. That snarling Ursaring definitely didn't give the same vibes.

"Shit..." RJ breathed. "That thing is huge..."

"Everything's worse with bears," Dia chimed in.

Sabrina maintained her cool as she waited for the audience to calm down. In fact, she was smirking confidently, as if the huge grizzly in front of her wasn't a threat at all. "A female bear with young," she noted. "No wonder she is so aggressive."

"Just start the battle," the boy told Edwin.

"Ah yes...Proctor Sabrina vs. Challenger Declan! Battle start!"

(AN: Freddie, your turn. I have a lot planned for Dec-Dec *evil grin*, so make sure he gets in too. Oh yeah, guys, don't confuse this Declan for my other Declan. This is Declan the Douche, who is actually quite similar to his real life counterpart. I love my other, nice, non-Panda Declan to death.)

5/19/2012 #14
Shadow Minamino

Immediately after Dark announced the start of the battle, Declan's aggressive Ursaring wasted no time charging towards Sabrina's Alakazam, his claws glowing with dark energy as Declan commanding the bear to use Night Slash on the psychic pokemon. Despite the ferocious bear pokemon charging towards Alakazam, both Sabrina and her pokemon kept cool as Alakazam simply teleported behind the giant bear and knocked it to the ground with a powerful Psychic.

However, the Ursaring barely looked phazed at all. In fact, the psychic attack just seems to have made it angrier as the mother bear ler off another ferocious roar and charged at the Alakazam on all fours, intent on a Take down attack. As Alakazam only levitated upwards to avoid the attack, Declan let off a cruel smirk, and with a cry of the word " Now! ", the Ursaring jumped upwards in mid Take-Down and caught the pokemon by suprise, it's jaws coming down on the mustached psychic with a devastating crunch attack, apparently dealing severe damage to the Alakazam as the bear threw it down onto the ground.

Declan and his Ursaring weren't done yet though, as while Alakazam was downed, Ursaring only followed up Crunch with a powerful Slash, which only caused more damage to the already unconcious pokemon and sent it careening into a wall.

Smirking, Declan let out a laugh. " Is that all the great Sabrina has? Just stop this stupid battle and give me my rightful place in the tournament already. " Declan said as his Ursaring towered over the unconcious and beaten Alakazam.

5/19/2012 #15

"Unbelievable!" yelled Edwin. "Sabrina's signature pokémon – the mighty Alakazam – has been taken down in a matter of minutes! It seems like Challenger Declan exploited Alakazam's frailness and weakness to dark type moves, but it still shouldn't have been taken down that fast. Seems like we have a prodigy here, folks! A prodigy that definitely doesn't hold back, it seems!"

The audience's reaction was mixed. Some battle enthusiasts were cheering him on, which inflated the boy's already seemingly massive ego. He was exuding an aura of cockiness and even the booing by the majority didn't seem to daunt him.

"Damn! What is up with that kid?" said RJ, eyes wide. Ricki watched the scene, arms crossed, without commenting.

Dia, however, immediately stood up, much to the annoyance of the people sitting behind her. Ignoring them and cupping her hands around her mouth, she shouted at Declan, "That was uncalled for!"

His smirk dropped off his face almost immediately, much to RJ and Fred's shock. After all, strong cuss words thrown at him by the audience didn't faze him, but this little girl's words did. Tension crackled in the air as the two young teens stood there, staring at each other, before Edwin cleared his throat. Declan looked away and quietly recalled his Ursaring, and Dia sat back down.

"Don't do that again," Fred scolded her. She nodded, folding her hands on her lap and keeping her eyes downcast.

"Impressive," Sabrina said coolly. "Cruel, but impressive. My Alakazam has been with me from the start and you took him down with ease. You certainly have skill." Declan, surprisingly, accepted the compliment with a brisk nod.

"She's a little shaken," RJ noted. "She hides it well, but you can see it in her eyes."

"After something like that, anyone would be. That Declan kid went overboard." Fred turned to Dia and asked, "Is he always like this?"

"No," she said. "I don't know. Something's wrong with him...He's a jerk, a kinda manipulative one, but he was never this cruel in battle...At least, not when he battled me..."

"Let's resume this battle, shall we?" declared Edwin. "Proctor Sabrina, Challenger Declan, please release your next Pokémon!"

In explosions of light, a Mr. Mime and a Milotic appeared on the field. The spectators gasped in awe at the sight of the sea serpent, their anger and shock at Ursaring's display of cruelty seeming to evaporate into the air. She greeted them with an elegant cry and uncoiled herself, preparing for battle.

"A Milotic?" Ricki snickered, unimpressed. "How...feminine...Doesn't look like the kind of pokémon someone like that would have."

"He's had that Milotic – Shayna - since he was eleven," Dia said, her voice quiet and carrying a hint of nostalgia. "Before he became an asshole. He's gotta have some soft spot for her at this point."

To start off the battle, Mr. Mime immediately erected a glass wall in front of himself. Declan frowned, clearly annoyed by the fact that Light Screen would only draw out the battle. When Mr. Mime started to crackle with electricity, the teen immediately ordered, "Twister!"

Shayna aimed her tail at Mr. Mime and her tailfins spun like a fan, creating a light purple tornado which she then hurled, at the exact same time that Mr. Mime unleashed a bolt of lightning. The tornado trapped his attack with ease and began to spark with yellow as it drew closer to him, fast. He braced himself behind his wall, which took the brunt of it, but the damage he himself took from not only his attack but the Milotic's was still fairly heavy.

"Look at that! Declan reacted quickly and efficiently, ordering a normally weak dragon type move to absorb the Thunderbolt and throw it back at Mr. Mime! Mr. Mime, naturally, is a powerful pokémon specially, so had that Thunderbolt hit, Milotic would've been in a lot of pain!" said Edwin into his mic, enthused. "And Milotic herself has high special attack. A Twister attack from one, even with its low base power, is nothing to scoff at. Sabrina was right in ordering her Mr. Mime to use Light Screen in the beginning of the battle, but how long will it last? I believe this is a stall war, folks! The question is, which one will outlast the other?"

The battle continued to rage as Edwin spoke. Sabrina didn't seem all that fazed, unsurprisingly; her cool demeanor seemed to be genuine again, having pulled herself back together after her Alakazam's brutal loss to the Ursaring. She extended her hand forward, completely in sync with her Mr. Mime as he launched a mass of multicolored energy and then another. Declan was caught off guard by the psychic assault, watching with wide eyes as his Milotic was struck. She let out a shriek of pain.

"Psyshock! Sabrina is aware that Milotic's physical defense is below average, so she exploited that weakness by still taking advantage of her Mr. Mime's high special attack! Amazing!" Although the people around her were cheering, Dia was visibly concerned for the Milotic for some reason...

5/19/2012 #16
Brave Soul RMS

Aware of the dangers behind a Psyshock attack, Declan fearfully shouted at his Milotic to use Recover. Sabrina was not about to have that. Not after what happened to Alakazam. "Mr. Mime," she said coolly, belaying the indignation just under the surface.

"Mime mime!" Mr. Mime warped out of his spot and reappeared with a loud *POP!* right in Milotic's face. The red and white Psychic-type placed his hands next to Milotic's head and his eyes glowed a sinister blue sending jumbled brain waves into the sea serpent's mind. Milotic shuddered and kept still for a moment then threw her head back with a wail of agony and began writhing, thrashing her 20-foot long body around.

"What did you do to her?!" Declan demanded more than a little concerned. Edwin took the liberty of answering.

"If I'm right, folks, I think Mr. Mime just used a VERY powerful Confuse Ray on Milotic. She can't seem to tell up from down, left from right, or anything!" Sabrina smirked.

"Thank you, Mr. Mime," she cooed.

"Miiiime," the psychic giggled.

Unable to leave the Trainer's Box, a frantic Declan was shouting to his Milotic to calm down. Milotic couldn't hear him over the swirling torrent of chaos in her mind and, in an attempt to silence it, bashed her head against the ground. "Stop, please!" Declan shouted but Milotic kept on with. it. Mr. Mime took it upon himself to end the fight. He rushed in and punched Milotic in the neck to infuse her with a Toxic attack and began puling electricity out of the air for the finishing blow. Declan gazed at Milotic desperately thinking of a way to snap her out of it.

"Recover!" he commanded. Miraculously, the order reached Milotic; she stopped harming herself and stood upright as her body glowed and her self-inflicted wounds healed themselves. Breathing a sigh of relief, Declan followed up with a command for Hydro Pump as Milotic snapped out of her confusion but Mr. Mime was faster. He teleported himself between Declan and Milotic and stuck his tongue out at the teenager the way a child would.

"Thunder," said Sabrina.

The entire arena dropped several degrees in temperature and muted. A split second passed. A massive thunderclap rocked the stadium like a blow to the head from God; lightning fell from the sky and hammered Milotic into the ground. The sea serpent screeched in immeasurable pain and fell to the ground immediately, unconscious and unmoving save for the occasional twitch and spark of residual energy. Edwin was struck speechless.

"I... Don't believe it," he breathed barely audible even over the loudspeakers. "I've never seen a Thunder attack THAT powerful before. Milotic couldn't have possibly --" The announcer ate his words when Milotic shakily rose her head, battered and half-awake, but still able to fight. "Dear Arceus!" he shouted.

"What?!" breathed Sabrina.

"Mime?! Mr Mime!" Edwin turned to a clearly stunned Declan frozen in place and stammered. "I... Wha... That's quite the show of determination, folks! Let's give Milotic a round of applause!" The spectators did just that. But rather than continue the fight, Declan rushed onto the battlefield and called for his surrender. Gingerly, he took Milotic's head in his arms and have her a big hug.

"Thank you, but please stop. You can't fight anymore," he whispered so that nobody could hear. Milotic let out a mournful peal. "I can still fight," she wanted to say. Declan shook his head. "Go to sleep." He called Milotic back to her ball and found himself mere inches away from Sabrina.

"You pass," she said loud enough for Edwin to hear and relay to the crowd, who gave a mixed response of cheers, murmurs, and boos. "Brutal and cruel though you might be, you obviously love your Pokemon. Your Milotic is proof enough of that." The boy kept silent, head bowed. He nodded and Sabrina dismissed him and he took off running, presumably to the Pokemon center to get Milotic fixed up.

"God damn...." said Ricki, his first words since the battle started.

"Couldn't have said that better myself," RJ answered. "Don't think even Nova could have pulled off a Thunder that strong."

"Well, after that brutal display by Ursaring, I guess not even Sabrina is above getting even. At least she held back a bit, though," said Fred.

"True," Ricki began slowly, "but what was with that kid halfway through the match? He walks in all "Oh, look out! We got a badass ova here!" and turns into a scared little boy once Milotic took damage."

"Like I said, Milotic was his first Pokemon. He loves it and can't bear to see it hurt," Dia explained. "But he's still a jerk despite that. Milotic is the only thing he's ever nice to." Sensing the touchiness of the subject, the boys quickly veered it away towards something better.

"So, there's still about 700 trainers left in Sabrina's block," Ricki said.

"Yeah, I wonder how she'll battle them all," Fred thought. "700 is a lot for anyone."

"Halfway through, they'll probably go into a knockout round sort of thing where the Trainers fight among themselves," RJ guessed.

"Sounds prudent," Dia grunted.

"Next challenger," Sabrina said. The remaining 735 trainers in Sabrina's block were called down one by one or two by two at her leisure to battle for their spots. When Sabrina announced she had to go get her Pokemon fixed up at the Center after 200 more battles, an impressive feat in and of itself, the Group 1 trainers were told to battle among themselves to see who'd win their spot just as RJ predicted. Edwin and Sabrina would be the judges. Sabrina took her spot as proctor back at the 100-trainer remaining mark and in the end, only 300 of the original 737 trainers were allowed to go through.

Block 2 proceeded after Sabrina in the midafternoon, proctored by Norman of Petalburg Gym. The veteran trainer won most of his matches within minutes -- seconds, even -- but sent on most of the winners and a few of the spirited or sportsmanlike losers. Norman's proceedings went without much of note happening, at least until one challenger took the field looking confident where others looked fearful or cocky.

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Shadow Minamino

" So you're Norman, right? Trashed most of these guys pretty easily, but it's time for me to stop your little streak. " Said a teen roughly around Fred's age, a mop of curly brunette hair on top of his head, blue eyes staring straight at Norman, an aura of confidence around the boy.

Fred expressed a slight amount of shock at seeing the familiar face down there on the field, but quickly hid it after a few seconds. " I don't believe it. Who would of thought him of all people would have taken up training? Last I remember, he wanted to be a doctor. Used to say that Pokemon Training was a waste of effort. " Fred said under his breath, obviously suprised at the sudden turn of events as the boy down there continued.

" The name is Max. As in, you're going to need some Max Revives when I'm through with you. Because trust me, you won't win. " Max said, running a suntanned hand through his hair as he took out a pokeball.

Fred only sighed at the other person's words. Looks like he had the same cocky attittude as ever... still thinking people were beneath him. Yep. Max was definitely still the old school jackass. To him at least.

Norman laughed as he threw out a pokeball, revealing his signature Slaking. " Your cockiness is going to bite you in the ass one day. I'll be glad to humble you a bit. " Max only grinned, throwing out a pokeball containing a powerful Haxorus, who roared at the lazy sloth pokemon, itching to battle.

" Challenger Max vs Proctor Norman! Begin! "Shouted Dark.

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5/19/2012 #18

"Dragon Claw!" yelled Max. Haxorus charged at Slaking, claws blazing with light, and slashed down at the beast, who let out a bellow that was more annoyed than pained. Norman didn't go on the offensive immediately, instead commanding his pokémon to use Taunt.

"An unusual way to start the battle," Edwin commented. "What kind of tricks does Norman have up his sleeve?" Max frowned, the reason of which confused Fred, as the Haxorus wasn't even harmed in any way. Norman was smirking even when his Slaking plopped down on the ground and lazily started picking his nose.

"Brick Break!" Haxorus spun, swinging his glowing fist at his opponent. Or attempting to anyway. Before the attack could make contact, Slaking flung a lump of something gooey and yellowish directly at his face. Ricki burst out laughing when he realized what it was and Dia scrunched her face in disgust with an exclamation of, "Gross!"

Yawning, Slaking got back up to his feet. Max barely had time to react before Norman ordered, "Return!" Haxorus was completely vulnerable, still flailing to remove the snot from his face, when Slaking started punching and clawing and biting at him, fuelled by his love for his trainer. The dragon-type roared in pain with each hit and gradually started fighting back, Brick Break after Brick Break battering the sloth.

By the time the two separated from their tussle, they were both breathing heavily, Haxorus worse for wear. Slaking, once again losing his will to fight, resumed his resting, which Max used as his opportunity to get his payback. "Outrage!"

Haxorus glowed red as he began to attack his opponent in a similar fashion as the Slaking with his Return attack, except more relentlessly. Even when Slaking got up again to fight back, Haxorus wouldn't give him a chance to, continuing to beat on him with the true power of the dragon type. The audience watched in awe as the battle for dominance continued to draw on, with Haxorus finally ending his assault, dazed and stumbling. Slaking wasn't down for the count just yet, but all those powerful attacks had taken a large toll on him. He could barely even stand up and he didn't try to.

"With Haxorus in a daze and Slaking's ability Truant activating, it seems like only luck will determine the final outcome!" Edwin said into the mike, voice booming. "Of course, this being a 2v2 battle, the loser will still have a chance to come out on top!"

5/19/2012 #19

Slaking seemed to just keep a vacant stare o his face while Haxorus seemed to stumble around. However time for Haxorus seemd ready to end as Slaking started getting ready and moving once again.

"Now Slaking hit charge up a Focus Punch to take him out," Norman said calming, smirking inside to knock this kid down a peg.

"Come on Haxorus, snap out of it!" trembled the teen as his dragon continued floundering about in a nonsensical state.

"Look at him," smirked Dia "He thinks he's such a hotshot but once the going gets tough he becomes a little girl!" emphasizing her statement by putting her hands on her hips. RJ and Ricki both just stared at her before she realized her statement and quickly cursed at herself. Fred just calmly watched and waiting, seeming to know something is up.

With the Slaking done charging he let out a huge roar and charged at the reptile but the boy only smirked. "Now, Endure and then reversal!" Norman seemed shocked as the dragon instantly set up to block the hit before rebounding the attack and taking out his Slaking.

"Wow, just wow folks!" Dark exclaimed feigning disbelief to match the crowd. "It seems Haxorus had long ago snapped from his confusion and simply faked it to trick Norman into using his strongest attack!" As both trainers returned their pokemon Norman seemed to mutter something under his breath while Max just grinned and played up his single victory to the crowd, waving his hands and motioning his victory over the power ape. With his self absorbance over, Max turned back to the match to see a Vigoroth standing in front of Norman, raging and ready. Keeping his grin, he sent out a Wartortle that seemed to work the crowd much like his master.

"Vigoroth hit it with-"

"Not so fast! Fake Out!" Max shouted, stunning Norman much like the aqua turtle surprised the hyper monkey. "Now Hit-and-Run Aqua Jet," followed up Max while the showboaty turtle speed around with his shell, slamming into the still stunned primate and then back to his own side of the field.

"This is interesting folks," Dark voiced over the action, "Seems the speed isn't a problem for this turtle as he's already got some damage on Norman's Vigoroth the instant the battle started! Let's keep out eyes peeled for how the action unfolds folks!"

5/19/2012 #20

"Aqua Jet Skull Bash combo!" Wartortle surrounded himself with water and tucked his head in, then rushed at Vigoroth.

At the speed Wartortle was going, Norman had very little time to react, but he managed a command through gritted teeth, "Counter!" Vigoroth started to pulsate a red light seconds before he was hit. Water exploded around them as Wartortle rammed his head into Vigoroth's stomach, but was then flung back as Counter activated. The turtle cried out in pain as he flew through the air, but with a command of Rapid Spin, tucked himself into his shell and started to spin towards Vigoroth.

"Gyro Ball," said Max, flicking his curls out of his face cockily. Judging by the expression on his face, Fred mused, he was absolutely sure that victory was in order. Wartortle's Rapid Spin evolved into a full on Gyro Ball attack that sent Vigoroth to the ground, and he followed up by pinning the struggling Sloth to the ground with a powerful Brick Break to the gut. "Let's end this! Scald, point blank!"

"Not so fast! Vigoroth, Uproar!" Norman said coolly, regaining his composure. Vigoroth complied and began to screech and hoot, sound waves emanating from him. Wartortle clamped his hands over his furry ears and stumbled back as Vigoroth continued his noisy assault for several more moments. "Now Chip Away!"

The crowd watched in awe as Dark put in, "Ah, I see where this is going. Wartortle's Skull Bash boosted his defense, but Chip Away is a move that ignores such boosts. Speaking of boosts, Chip Away is a normal type move, meaning its power doubles when a normal type such as Vigoroth uses it"

Vigoroth's claws slashed into Wartortle, drawing long cuts along its vulnerable flesh as it struggled to get away. Max could only watch helplessly, racking his mind for a strategy, as his pokémon continued to get beaten up. Then, his smirk returned, clearly having come up with an idea...

5/19/2012 . Edited 5/19/2012 #21
Brave Soul RMS

"Rapid Spin to escape! Surf!"

Wartortle responded faster than Vigoroth could anticipate and retreated into its shell turned as its opponents claws went for head. At the last second, Wartortle turned and Vigoroth's arm went into one of his arm holes allowing him to grasp the claw as if its life depended on it. Norman was unimpressed. He threw a hand out at Vigoroth and called for a ThunderPunch but as the ape was charging, Wartortle attacked. A truly staggering volume of water erupted out from the openings in its shell and threw Vigoroth back towards its side of the field. Wartortle wasted no time in flooding its side of the field with water by spinning and spraying as much as possible.

"Vigoroth, quickly! Swords Dance!" The ape threw itself into a frenzy and gouged dirt from the ground then rushed at Wartortle fists charged with another ThunderPunch. Max clenched a fist in victory and roared at Wartortle,

"Here we go, boy! End it!" Wartortle stopped mid spin and emerged from his shell with his hands raised to the sky. The Turtle Pokemon glowed blue and all at once, the water surrounding it rose to meet his commands and formed a water spout around the Pokemon's lower body that lifted him into the air. The crowed roared its thunderous approval and Vigoroth stopped in his tracks, stunned and slack jawed and wasn't able to move out of the way when Wartortle turned his water spout into a mighty tidal wave. The deluge crashed onto Vigoroth head on and delivered the weakened Pokemon to Norman's feet. Vigoroth attempted to lift his arm and attack but was unconscious before he could think of a move. Norman smiled.

"Spectacular!" he said. Vigoroth returned to his ball in a flash of red and Norman walked to the middle of the swamped battlefield to shake Max's hand. "Truly a spectacular battle. You pulled off that move with aplomb!" Max grinned a truly dazzling white grin and scratched Wartortle behind the ears.

"We pulled it off with aplomb!" he said insistently. Couldn't have even thought of pullin' that off without Wartortle."

"War war!" the blue turtle cried happily nipping at Max's fingers.

"Well, needless to say, you pass your exam. I hope to see you go far in this tournament, young man."

"Count on it!"

"Niiiice," Dia said.

"Hope I get paired with that guy," Ricki thought aloud.

"You both have weird battle styles so that'd be a fight to see!" RJ said enthusiastically. "Here's hoping you get matched with 'im." Fred, however, remained silent. He crossed his arms and sighed in disappointment.

"Great," he muttered. "I'd hoped I wouldn't run into him here. Ah, well."

"You know him from somewhere," Dia said more than she asked. "Guessing it's like me and Declan?"

"A little," Fred said with another sigh. He watched Max wave to the crowd alongside Norman before walking away into the prep room. "But he's no big deal." Dia and RJ exchanged a knowing glance. The way Fred was acting went directly against his words.

"Ladies and gentleman, I think I speak for all of us when I say that was one hell of a battle! Probably the best one yet! Oh, but I shouldn't smell the flower before it blooms. We've still got a ton of matches left today! Next challenger, take the stage!"

(Speed it up. It's our turn, guys! :D)

5/19/2012 #22

After Max's battle few others managed to trump Norman, until he had to heal his pokemon, much like Sabrina. The majority of the passing trainers managed to emerge in the battles before Norman's return. All the while the four contestants got ready for their block before one of them headed off first.

"Well with Norman's strong offense we seemed to have slimmed the tournament quite a bit! Now that everyone had a good lunch, let's heat up these battles with our next proctor, Riley!" Edwin spoke, exciting the crowd for the next battle. Most of the cheering thereafter came from the many fangirls, watching this tournament purely for this man. A quick smile and wave seemed to get the crowd even louder before Edwin chimed in once again. "Now with Sabrina and Norman we had some strong offenses in both the physical and non-physical, do you mind me asking, and the crowd, what are you hoping to bring to the table?" holding the microphone up to the blue-suited man.

"Rather than tell, let's just show the people instead," Riley calmly stated as he noticed his first challenger already coming out of the tunnel.

"I couldn't have put it better myself! Now let's welcome the first trainer of the bracket, Challenger Ray!" Dark screamed. Before he could say much more Lucario was already standing in front of Riley while Hitmonchan emerged in front of the red-haired opponent, both fighters ready for action. "Well i guess these two both speak with there fists! Let's get the battle going!"

5/19/2012 #23

"Nasty Plot," Riley instructed to start off the battle.

Lucario grinned devilishly as his brain started to fill with nasty thoughts, and judging by the way he was inspecting Hitmonchan, said thoughts were clearly centered on ways to brutally defeat his adversary. Hitmonchan instantly charged at Lucario with his fist flaming the moment the order was given, but his attack was dodged easily and elegantly, much to his agitation.

"Now Aura Sphere!"

"Mach Punch!"

A concentrated mass of aura formed in Lucario's paws, but Hitmonchan delivered a firm, swift punch directly to the face seconds before the sphere was launched. It slammed into Hitmonchan's stomach, causing him to skid back from the impact and wince in pain. Riley wasted no time in issuing his next command, which was to use Psychic. Hitmonchan was surrounded by the strong telekinetic force before he could react, and Lucario began to contort his body in obviously painful ways. The sight sent a ripple of awe through the audience.

Ricki didn't seem too fazed by it however. "Revenge," he said calmly. An orange aura enveloped Hitmonchan, fighting for dominance with the blue. The moment Lucario flung him back, Hitmonchan regained his footing and charged with vengeance. The power of his chi strengthening his strikes, as well as the sheer nature of Revenge, made his attack all the more powerful. Lucario took heavy damage from the attack, but managed to keep standing through it all.

"Look at that, folks!" said Dark. "Challenger Ray used Proctor Riley's strategy against him! Because of that psychic assault, Revenge's power was doubled! STAB, as well as Lucario's crippling weakness to his own type, only made things that much worse for the poor Anubis pokémon!"

"You okay, buddy?" Riley asked his Lucario, who gave a brisk nod and a grunt in response. "Alright. Seems like we'll have to finish this one off quickly then."

"Not if we finish you off first," Ricki said, grinning. "Hitmonchan, Mach Punch!"

"Not so fast! Lucario, ExtremeSpeed!"

Hitmonchan swung his fist at Lucario, who dodged the speedy attack with his own. Lucario sprinted around the arena, waiting for his opportunity to strike, while Hitmonchan kept his guard up, examing his surroundings for the blur of black and blue. When he wasn't looking, Lucario took the chance to slam into him and pin him down, charging up an Aura Sphere and launching it at point blank.

"I could've sworn I saw an orange light," RJ mumbled.

"You too...?" asked Dia.

Lucario leapt out of the way safely just as a cloud of dust erupted from the impact. Ricki squinted into it, seeking out his Hitmonchan and hoping it wasn't down for the count yet. As the haze cleared away...

A battered and bruised but grinning Hitmonchan got back up on his feet, blazing with a familiar orange glow. Lucario's eyes widened, disbelief coloring his face, while his trainer simply smiled in pleasant surprise. "Lucario, Extreme-" But Hitmonchan was already propelling himself towards Lucario, fist outstretched. A well-aimed punch plowed into Lucario's abdomen and he let out a gasp of pain, which drew out into a howl as he was struck again and again. The final strike sent him slamming into the wall, which he finally slumped against in defeat.

"Amazing," boomed Dark. "Simply amazing! That is one tough Hitmonchan, wouldn't you say?!" RJ and Fred clapped respectfully as the audience cheered, while Dia rubbed her ears in annoyance.

"Does that man ever shut up?" she mumbled. RJ shrugged.

5/19/2012 #24
Brave Soul RMS

"He's a sportscaster," RJ said chuckling.

"Being loud is in the job description," Fred followed up.

"You think smart," Riley said, impressed. "Not too many people can take Lucario like that."

"I predicted you'd lead with him," Ricki said proudly. "Alvarez was the clear choice for that fight." Riley chuckled and adjusted his fedora.

"Good, you can think ahead. But can you counter this?" Riley took a Pokeball from his inside pocket and rolled it between his fingers before flicking it into the arena. There was a loud thud and the ground shook as a half ton of organic steel touched down kicking up a sizable dust cloud. Standing proudly before the spectators and its opponent was a shiny stately Metagross, eyes blazing with uncharacteristic emotion.

"Meta...." it rumbled.

"No way," Ricki breathed, awed. He grinned and shouted to Riley, "This is the first time I've ever seen a Metagross in person!"

"Really now? Then let's make a good first impression." Riley bore his eyes into Ricki's own and hardened his expression into a battle-ready mask. "BULLET PUNCH!" Not a single soul saw Metagross close the gap between it and Alvarez the Hitmonchan but everyone present groaned as one when the hit struck. One second it was mere feet from Riley dutifully awaiting orders; the next, Alvarez was being plowed into the stadium wall behind Ricki and leaving a Hitmonchan-shaped dent in the wall. Metagross calmly removed its hundreds-of-pounds heavy leg from the Fighting-type's abdomen and commanded the rust red glow to leave it so he could wipe off the Hitmonchan's spittle from its leg. Alvarez slumped against Metagross and the Iron Leg Pokemon set him on the ground amongst broken pieces of the wall, levitated, and floated back to its master. Everyone, even Edwin Dark, was stunned speechless.

"Oh, my God..." was all the normally exuberant man could think to say.

"I... Didn't even.... What?" Fred breathed.

"I suddenly don't like my chances of getting in," said a fearfully wide-eyed RJ. Dia, silent up until then, swore as loud as possible inciting a ripple of murmurs to surge through the crowd.

"How are we going to beat this guy?!" she screeched. "I mean, shit! Sabrina wasn't this brutal! Not even Norman was!"

"Aww, man. Ricki, I hope you have a plan set up..." RJ muttered. "Otherwise you're a dead man."

Down on the field, Ricki walked up to his unconscious Alvarez and cradled the fighting Pokemon's head in his arms. Alvarez was still breathing but he took one hell of a hit. It'd take quite a long rest to let him shake that off. "Some first impression," he said loud enough for Riley to hear as he recalled Alvarez. "Gotta say, that actually kind of shook me up a bit."

"Are you scared?" Riley asked.


"Good. Fear is good." Ricki raised an eyebrow at him. "It lets you know that the situation is serious and that you'd better shape up. Fight or flight, as one would say. Which will you do?" Ricki reclaimed his place at the Trainer's Box and took out a Pokeball in response.

"I choose fight!" he shouted as he lobbed the ball in overhand. A waterfall of light touched down and morphed into the purple form of Ricki's Gengar. The Shadow Pokemon grinned maliciously and waved its tongue at an impassive Metagross. Daemon frowned. Taunting the opponent was only fun when they responded. "Daemon, this guy took out Alvarez. Let's get some payback."

"Gengar!" the ghost laughed. It floated a few inches off the ground and bobbed back and forth, cackling. "Gen gen! Gengaaaar..."


"What're they saying?" Fred asked.

"You expect one of us to be able to speak Pokemon --" Dia began only for RJ to cut her off.

"Daemon said "Alvarez is a good friend of mine. You'll pay." Metagross said "Whatever"." Fred and Dia stared at him, stunned. "I have a Psychic-type," he explained with a shrug. "Plus, it's a little obvious. And Ricki and I have been friends so long, we can guess what the others' Pokemon is saying."

"Daemon, open up with Shadow Ball!" Ricki cried. His ghost Pokemon slammed its stubby hands together and pulled them apart, an arc of inky black energy bridging them and creating a swelling ball of dark energy.

"Light Screen." Metagross quickly threw up a golden cube of light around himself which faded a second later. Just in time, as Daemon launched the Shadow Ball the second Riley issued the command. Metagross barely felt the impact. "Retaliate. Zen Headbutt."

"META!!!" The stoic machine Pokemon's warcry startled everyone. It pulled in its legs and locked them in their joints so it could levitate and focused its considerable mental power into the midpoint of the silver X on its face. Metagross rocketed at Daemon who was able to easily dodge the psychic attack by flipping over Metagross.

"Gen gen!" he taunted.

"Too slow," Fred said and unknowingly translated. "Metagross can't hit him unless it's with Bullet Punch."

"Don't be so sure..." said RJ.

"What?" Dia and Fred chorused.

"Daemon, good!" said Ricki, obviously shaken. Metagross now had a resistance to special attacks, Daemon's main method of attacking, and Daemon couldn't afford to get in close and use Sucker Punch or else he'd risk an instant knockout. "Just keep dodging! He can't hit you!" Then Riley gave an order that froze his stomach over.

"Metagross, Agility." The Psychic/Steel type Pokemon's crimson red eyes glowed purple for a fraction of a second and suddenly, he was rocketing around the field at a much faster pace. Daemon's expression turned to one that could only be accurately translated as "Oh, SHIT!" and desperately tried to speed up and outpace Metagross but the living machine kept hot on his tail.

"Daemon, Shadow Ball!" Ricki screamed frantically.

"Meteor Mash! All four limbs!" Daemon charged another Shadow Ball and volleyed it right in Metagross' face. He smiled when the machine Pokemon winced a bit -- a sure sign of a drop in special defense -- but his too-wide grin was wiped off his face when he was struck in it by four limbs glowing with a silver light comparable to a shooting star. Metagross forced Daemon straight into the ground and an explosion of dust greeted his landing. The metal beast leapt up out of the cloud and levitated over Riley, landing gently beside its master. The dust cleared, revealing a badly injured Daemon in the center of a crater taking up a third of the battlefield. His gaseous form was slipping as he faded into a purple nebula. Ricki's words left him but the crowd found no shortage of them, singing Riley's praises as a Trainer and lauding the "badassery" (as one spectator near Ricki's associates in the stands put it) of Metagross.

"Gengar is unable to battle! Metagross wins!" Dark declared now back to his old self. "Now we await Riley's judgement!"

5/19/2012 #25

The stadium went silent as everyone even Edwin went silent. Ricki returned Daemon and spoke a few words of encouragement at the pokeball before likewise turning to Riley. Riley meanwhile, seemed deep in thought before walking over to the defeated trainer. The footsteps echoed throughout the stadium before whispers that all strained to hear passed between the two trainers. Ricki nodded and the two seemed to shake hands before the ginger walked back into the tunnel and too the stands. Cheering was instantly heard as Riley put a thumbs up, signifying the passing of the trainer. By the time Ricki had his team healed and walked back to the stands several other fights had started and ended, but his friends had been looking more for him than at the battles.

"Dude, what happened?" RJ asked being the first to notice his friends reappearance.

"I lost, but i won, that was obvious," calmly stated the ginger before drinking a beverage he seemed to procure in his absence.

"We know that stupid, we wanna know why he talked to YOU, he hasn't done that with anyone else," the little girl complained, eyes on the battle watching a Kecleon get torrented by pounds of pressured water.

"Oh he asked me out," Sipping another drink while the other three turned their other heads in disbelief. "Oh yeah RJ, you owe me 20 bucks."

5/19/2012 #26
Brave Soul RMS

Fred was the first to ask. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"I don't believe it," RJ said, mildly surprised. "Riley's gay."

"WHAT?!" Dia screeched.

"...I repeat. What the hell are you talking about?"

Ricki explained, "A few years back, RJ and I decided to make a bet on Riley's sexuality. I said he's totally gay. RJ said he's straight. I won." RJ grumbled and produced a twenty from his wallet and gave it to Ricki.

"Son of a bitch. You always have that weird luck with these things." Ricki took the money smirking and sat beside a lamenting Dia.

"Luck got shit to do with it."

"Why...?" Dia moaned. "He's so hot..."

"Next challenger! Will Frederico please report to the battlefield?!" Dark called. "Frederico to the battlefield!" Fred rose nonchalantly and headed towards the stairs.

"I don't believe you," he said over his shoulder. "I'm gonna ask him myself."

"Do what you want but the answer's the same!" Ricki called back.

"I swear to God, you're lying somehow and just wanted to money to buy something crazy again," RJ said.

"No comment."

"WHY?!" Dia screamed.

5/19/2012 #27
Shadow Minamino

" Took long enough... and it's Fred! Frederico's too freaking formal..." Fred muttered as he made his way down to the trainer's box as Riley stood across the field from him, a pokeball clutched in his hand. " Hey, before we start this, I need to ask. Are you really gay? " the blue fleeced teen asked the fedora wearing man. " By the way. I'm loving your fedora. Really rocking it. "

Riley laughed at the question for a few moments before replying. " Haha, hell no. This Fedora is a chick magnet. I only told that ginger kid that I was in order to help him win a bet. But enough chatter, it's time to battle! " Riley called out, sending out a Machamp.

Fred only grinned as he clutched a pokeball in his hand and threw it out. " Machamp, huh? Alright Mask, it's time to shine! "

From the pokeball emerged Roserade, who humbly bowed to Machamp and got into a fighting stance, ready for battle.

" Alright! Challenger Fred vs Proctor Riley! Begin! " Shouted Dark.

Wasting no Time, Fred calmly spoke to his Roserade in a steady tone. " Alright Mask. Let's start this off with a Spikestorm. "

Roserade only let off a sly smirk as he flung his arms to the side, with two layers of caltrop-like stone spikes being launched towards Machamp. Normally used as an entry hazard and to impede enemy movement, there was no reason that it was unable to be used as an offensive manuver too.

5/19/2012 #28

"Run through and Fire Punch it," commanded the veteran as his Superpower Pokemon charged through the entry traps sustaining minimal scratch damage and connected his fist to the grass type.

"Thought that would have slowed him down a bit," Fred stated noticing Mask seemed to take heavy damage. "Sleep Powder to counter." The teen said as Machamp ran headfirst into a cloud of blue powder that had been shot out of Roserade's arms and fell asleep almost instantly, dropping to the ground.

" Alright, now while he's asleep. Get some distance with Energy Ball! " Fred shouted as Roserade created a green ball of energy and flung it towards Machamp, who was hit and knocked back towards Riley. However, the impact from the attack quickly woke up the sleeping pokemon as it scrambled to it's feet, awaiting a command.

" Don't let it get to you Machamp! Weaken it with Stone Edge!" Riley shouted as Machamp punched the ground, catching the sharp edged stones that flew out from impact as the bodybuilder-like pokemon hurled them at Roserade.

" Roserade, jump and trip up Machamp with Grass Knot!" Fred told his Roserade, who was able to jump over the stones and was currently in the air as he waved his arm, making a tangle of grass an weeds appear at Machamp's feet... or at least where his feet should have been. The disadvantage of calling out moves was that your opponent could hear them too. And Fred was not expecting Riley to command Machamp to jump into the air, hurling itself at Roserade with a fist ablaze. And with Roserade in the air and practically defenseless, there wasn't too much he could do to stop it. So, he decided to do as much damage as possible.

" Crap... Roserade, form a Sludge Bomb!" Fred said as Mask quickly formed a Sludge Bomb and slammed it into Machamp's chest right when Fire punch connected, knocking Roserade out of the air and unconcious, while Machamp landed on his feet before falling over unconscious from poison.

"Damn... this guy is tougher than he looks. A double KO is better than nothing though... Good work Mask." The teen said,smiling at his pokemon as he recalled his plant. "Now let's finish this up!" he said throwing his next pokeball onto the field.

5/19/2012 . Edited by Shadow Minamino, 5/20/2012 #29
Brave Soul RMS

The crowd roared for the umpteenth time that day as Fred's next Pokemon took form. A mighty Dragonite, eight feet tall at the least, floated down and gracefully flared her wings out to wrap around Fred's shoulder. She gave a graceful feminine cry of "baroo..." and nuzzled Fred's cheek, who reciprocated with a light kiss on the Dragon Pokemon's snout.

"A Dragonite!" bellowed Dark. "Such a rare specimen! So graceful, so beautiful, so loving towards her Trainer!" The crowed cooed and "awwed" at the display of affection. Fred blushed a little but took it all in stride. "And so deadly!" Dark followed up. "Docile though they may be, a Dragonite is monster you do not want to anger!"

"A Dragonite!" RJ echoed Edwin as Riley summoned an Ursaring. "Damn, where'd he get that?!"

"Dragon's Den, most likely," Dia said, awed at the sight of the majestic dragon. "If he's ever been to Johto, that is. Other than that, I dunno..."

"A Metagross and a Dragonite. We're getting to see some really rare Pokemon out here," said Ricki. He turned to RJ and asked, "Hey, you still got Ed with you, right?"

RJ answered with a proud "Of course I do! But Edison's taking a bit of a breather nowadays. Can't force him to fight all the time."

"Who's Ed?" Dia asked but her question went unanswered when Riley's cry of "Ice Punch!" cut across her. The raging bear rushed Fred's Dragonite and threw two sub-zero fists at her abdomen and head. Mira proved to be much more agile than her bulky build would suggest swiftly ducking under the strikes and hitting Ursaring in the gut with her horn. She lifted the winded Hibernation Pokemon up and threw him away like a Heracross would its foe then took to the skies with a burst of wind that tussled Fred's dark hair. The young man smiled at his Pokemon who returned the gesture in kind and began to do figure eights above Ursaring, taunting him.

"Barooo!" she cried happily.

"Looks like someone's happy to be out of their Pokeball, ladies and gentlemen! Just look at her!"

"A Dragonite," Riley mused. "This may prove to be a little challenging. To be honest, I've only ever faced one before."

"Then I've the advantage," Fred noted with a good natured smile. "Mira? Would you be so kind as to Dragon Dance for me?"

"Baroo!" Mira increased the speed of her figure eights, adding a few flips and corkscrews into her routine all while building up a bright purple aura about her. She let out another cry and dive bombed Ursaringwith surprising speed and the Normal-type was only just barely able to grab the beast's shoulders and hold her back. But Mira was having none of that; she opened her mouth and from it erupted a torrent of searing flame. Ursaring screamed and let go of Mira who was able to fly back up at a right angle and come back down in a perfect execution of an Aerial Ace attack. Ursaring fell face first, tripped over the edge of the crater from Daemon and Metagross' battle, and tumbled into it. Mira hovered over him and launched a purple-and-gray orb of pure dragonic energy from her jaws into the crater. A huge explosion followed tossing Ursaring into the air like a ragdoll where he fell unceremoniously into unconsciousness.

"Ursaring is unable to battle! Dragonite wins!" Chants of "Mira! Mira! Mira!" came from the spectators enamored with Fred's Dragonite. Mira touched down and took in the praise but seemingly kept it from going to her head. "I don't believe it! Ursaring goes down without so much as a thought from Dragonite! That assault was fierce!" Riley swore in astonishment, completely out of character, but regained his composure in a snap.

"Well, needless to say you passed that!" he said bearing no enmity towards Fred for the outcome of that battle. "Good luck in the tournament, friend. And you, Mira." He bowed low to the Dragonite and, feeling whimsical, she bowed back and licked Riley's cheek. Mira then flew over to Fred and scooped him up in her thick, powerful arms and ferried him back up to his seat in the stands. Fred waved down to Riley and sat down next to RJ who, like everyone else in proximity of the Dragon Pokemon, was staring at it in wonder.

"Dude," he said.



"I know."

"She's so cute!" Dia squealed as she rubbed the dragon's nose.

"Yeah, she gets that a lot," laughed Fred. "So, wonder whose turn it is now."

5/20/2012 . Edited 5/20/2012 #30
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